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Vampire Detective Episode 2 Recap

“Darkness existed wherever humans existed.
Darkness swallowed the light and started feeding on human soul.
Perhaps, the new me is no longer me.”


Case 2 – 24 hours


Gyeo Wool was in front of Gyu Min’s resting place and she swore to find out the whole truth concerning everything that happened to him. Avenging his death was a promise she would never set aside.

Yoon San woke up in a not so pleasant way while recalling the recent events. He started exercising, but Goo Hyung urged him to stop. Breakfast time had arrived, but Yoon San wasn’t in the mood for it despite reassuring Goo Hyung that everything was fine.

Later on they would visit doctor Hwang, but soon enough Goo Hyung lost the world underneath his feet the moment he found out that Gyeo Wool would start living at his uncle’s house and that she had already brought pretty much everything with her! She pointed out that she wouldn’t live there for free and it would be until she would find out what had happened to her brother. She thought that it would be dangerous living all alone by herself, but Goo Hyung thought otherwise since it would be dangerous for them living with her! She laid emphasis on how hard it was for her to proceed with her brother’s funeral without his body and if they wouldn’t help her solve everything behind her brother’s condition and death she would never leave the house.

Se Ra took a blood sample from Yoon San whose eyes were changing while she was at it, but soon enough they became normal anew. Doctor Hwang pointed out that it would take a few days until the test results would come out and Goo Hyung kept urging him for a discount. Yoon San was feeling a bit weak, but his physical condition was just perfect and doctor Hwang couldn’t explain it. Yoon San kept recalling the moment of his transformation, but he didn’t reveal anything while doctor Hwang and Goo Hyung were lost in translation.

Gyeo Wool informed Goo Hyung that a guest had arrived and he didn’t want to go back home until he found out that she was pretty! Seo Seung Hee, a news anchor, had arrived and Goo Hyung was taking good care of her and kept praising her until Gyeo Wool urged him to give it a rest. Yoon San noticed that she kept touching her pendant which was a habit of hers every time she was nervous. It was something that reminded him of Yoo Jin and even before listening to her request Yoon San had already accepted it and reassured her that it would remain a secret.

While she was at work she had found a dead body in her cabinet, but after she returned with the security guard it wasn’t there. She found a note urging her to return something within 24 hours if she didn’t want to see another dead body in her next news broadcast. The body belonged to Park Bo Eun, her junior anchor, and she didn’t call the police because she was confused at first and then she didn’t know if someone was trying to set her up. Seung Hee didn’t know what she had to return and she wanted them to help her host the next news broadcast without any problems. Due to all the uncertainty in the air, Yoon San urged her to take a break for a while but Seung Hee wanted to proceed at all costs. Yoon San noticed a drop of blood and he could see everything Seung Hee had witnessed inside her room.

His instinct warned him on someone’s presence behind the door and after Yoon San started chasing. Once Yoon San knocked him down someone else hit him in the head and left him unconscious. He started recalling beautiful moments with Yoo Jin while both of them were laying back on the grass. She was curious if they would be successful during their undercover mission and she pointed out that humans were weak because they were letting their hearts trump on their minds. Yoon San wondered why people don’t make their minds trump on their hearts and in order to do so Yoo Jin completed his flow of thoughts by stating that the only way to do so is to never give up. Yoo Jin pointed out that Yoon San was like that since he would never stop until he would see everything to the very end. She couldn’t tell that this attitude was the wisest option, but it was something that would make Yoon San stronger. She urged him to never give up and she didn’t to do so either.

Yoon San regained consciousness and he found a note indicating that Seung Hee had 18 hours left. Since there was no body, Yoon San pointed out that going to the police would be meaningless. Goo Hyung thought that it would be impossible for them to solve it, but Yoon San reminded him of their new teammate, Gyeo Wool!

She found out that the club was destroyed by a fire and Goo Hyung urged her to find out as many information as she could about Park Bo Eun. In order to proceed, she wanted a room in the house and Goo Hyung couldn’t say no!

Seung Hee was working and Yoon San was keeping an eye on her. He asked one of her colleagues if Seung Hee was getting along with Bo Eun and he showed her his police identity to find out that they were hating one another. Bo Eun had passed the anchor test whereas Seung Hee was a reporter who was being followed by not so complimenting rumors. When she was a reporter she had great chemistry with the cameraman she was working with but she ended up marrying a rich man and Kyeong Soo committed suicide while investigating a story. Yoon San was able to see the last program he had worked on and the girl informed him that Seung Hee didn’t attend his funeral and chose to work instead.

Bo Eun’s background led them to some loan sharks Gyeo Wool already knew, but Yoon San recalled that one of them was the one he had hit at the TV station before he was left unconscious. The more Gyeo Wool wanted to know about what had happened to Bo Eun the more menacing the loan sharks were becoming, but our team taught them a good lesson! Yoon San wanted to find Bo Eun’s location and what was that “something” Seung Hee had to return, but the loan shark didn’t know anything since he was just following orders. A man named Jeong Ji Woong had taken care of Bo Eun’s debt since he wanted her to do something for him.

Goo Hyung kept flirting with Se Ra whose flower was devouring him gently and Gyeo Wool couldn’t believe how cheesy he was with women! He urged her to mind her own business since beautiful women making him sound cheesy was something natural. Once Se Ra took care of her hand Goo Hyung couldn’t believe that Gyeo Wool could actually be polite towards other people!

Doctor Hwang informed Goo Hyung that there something odd about Yoon San’s blood which couldn’t practically exist in this world.

Yoon San informed Seung Hee that Ji Woong was running a facility for the homeless and runaway teenagers and she pointed out that she could never trust how everything looked on the outside when she was a reporter. She had met Ji Woong when she was working on the current affairs program since she had received a report indicating that his business was suspicious. She was intending to interview him, but Kyeong Soo committed suicide while they were covering the case. The case was cancelled and that was the moment she started working on the morning news. She hadn’t attended his funeral because of the broadcasts, but Yoon San didn’t receive answers to all of his questions. Seung Hee pointed out that the report was about homeless people disappearing, but she didn’t have the videos related to the case since Kyeong Soo was taking care of them.

Yoon San laid emphasis on the fact that Bo Eun wasn’t at the center of everything going on, but that “something” Seung Hee had to return. He could easily tell that she was hiding something from them and she hadn’t talked about Keyong Soo in the first place. Yoon San still couldn’t understand her obsession with broadcasting and he started trying to figure out the biggest threat to her career at that point.

Yoon San and Goo Hyung visited Kyeong Soo’s sister who thought that he would return after a few days of shootings, but she couldn’t contact him from a moment and on back in the days. They started searching his room and she pointed out that Kyeong Soo had many tapes because he preferred the old school way than digital cameras.

They visited detective Park who kept eating and eating, but he had looked into Kyeong Soo’s death case. There was nothing suspicious at the place he had died, but there was nothing suspicious concerning Seung Hee either. Yoon San would look deeper into the information he had brought and made detective Park point out that he reminded him of Ernest Hemingway even though he didn’t know who he was! However, he was aware of Bada (S.E.S.)! Soon enough, detective Park pointed out that, according to rumors, the homeless people were disappearing because they were being abducted in order for their organs to be sold in the black market, but there wasn’t any investigation since the police wouldn’t take these rumors into consideration. They were informed that people dressed as doctors were tricking the homeless who were entering the ambulance.

Yoon San and Goo Hyung went to the place Kyeong Soo’s body was found and Yoon San noticed a drop of blood. It was indeed a suicide and Yoon San could see that Kyeong Soo was burning something before he decided to take his own life. Yoon San was lost at everything he had witnessed and Goo Hyun reminded him that his phone was ringing.

Gyeo Wool had found a picture of Seung Hee with Kyeong Soo. Yon San showed it to her and told her that hacking did the talking. He showed her a list of items that were sold at the store Kyeong Soo used to visit. One of them was a hidden camera and Yoon San made a reference to the hidden camera footage, but she reassured him that nothing like that happened. Even though Yoon San’s words hurt her, she didn’t need an apology, all she needed was for him to find out what was that “something” she had to return.

Gyeo Wool wasn’t pleased with the fact that they had left her all alone at home, but Goo Hyung pointed out that guarding the house was essential and working like a dog was what would make her a detective. Yoon San kept thinking that Seung Hee was still hiding something while Goo Hyung kept praising her beauty. Gyeo Wool was sure that she was lying and pointed out that her beauty was overshadowing Goo Hyung’s judgement. She was certain that a video was out there and Yoon San pointed out that Ji Woong was at the center of everything.

Yoon San gave the homeless some money and after they left he pretended to be one of them. Goo Hyung informed him that the ambulance had arrived and Yoon San filled himself with soju in order to be more convincing. The fake doctors took him with them and Goo Hyung started following the ambulance. Once they arrived Goo Hyung informed Gyeo Wool on everything going on and she could acknowledge how brave Yoon San was. Goo Hyung laid emphasis on the fact that the fiercest person in the world is the one who has nothing to lose; Yoon San.

While one of the fake doctors was about to anesthetize Yoon San the roles changed and Yoon San left him unconscious on the floor. Witnessing the blood around was making him feel nauseous, but soon enough he witnessed tens of homeless people and bodies.

After chasing someone, two cars were about to take him out of the picture, but Yoon San jumped on one of them and the cars hit one another. Ji Woong, the loan shark and their men arrived, but they were unable to bring down Yoon San who took care of them in an ongoing face to face massive combat! Then, the loan shark started stabbing him, but Yoon San put an end to his attempts. It was Ji Woong’s turn to use his knife and he managed to hurt Yoon San many times, but once Yoon San was about to choke him to death Goo Hyung prevented him from doing so. Yoon San collapsed and Goo Hyung rushed to his aid in fear.

He eventually transferred him to doctor Hwang who used blood to help him and Goo Hyung spent the night by Yoon San’s side. Yoon San’s wounds had been healed and there weren’t any scars, but Yoon San couldn’t believe that he was still alive.

Seung Hee’s morning news concerning last night’s events were broadcasted and shortly after she met Yoon San at the place where Kyeong Soo passed away. He was glad that nothing happened during her broadcast, but he pointed out that she had found the church quite easily. She used to visit that place along with Kyeong Soo when they were younger in order to pray. Kyeong Soo was enamored by her presence and he was taking pictures of her while she was playing the piano.

Ten years later, they met anew as co-workers and they were getting along pretty well, but she couldn’t believe that he was intending to blackmail others in order to make money even if it was for her. She would never meet him again since she was already engaged to her current husband and she couldn’t leave everything behind in order to marry Kyeong Soo. She hoped that Kyeong Soo progressed with his own plan in order to keep her distance from him, but Yoon San reassured her that something like that never happened and he showed her the tapes Kyeong Soo was hiding inside his room.

Yoon San was able to find them after Kyeong Soo’s blood led him to them. Ji Woong had pictures of him and Seung Hee together, but Kyeong Soo didn’t have what Ji Woong was searching for and decided to take his own life by drinking poison. Ji Woong was using Bo Eun to get the tapes from Seung Hee who knew everything about it but didn’t reveal anything in order to protect Kyeong Soo’s memory. Yoon San started playing a tape of Kyeong Soo. It may had been the 10th day since they had last met, but he was seeing her through the news while missing her severely. He had decided to become a cameraman the day she passed through his camera’s lens and he promised himself that he would always set his camera on her. He was thankful towards her for becoming a part of his life anew and he laid emphasis on their promise. She shouldn’t stop broadcasting no matter what and he reminded her of how beautiful she was in front of the camera. Kyeong Soo would like her to be happy and told her that he loved her for the last time. Just like Kyeong Soo couldn’t hold back his tears in the video, the same applied to Seung Hee at the present.

She was apologetic for being unable to take the tape with her and she wanted Yoon San to take care of it, but he pointed out that she couldn’t feel Kyeong Soo’s true feelings for her. Seung Hee had decided to bury all these memories in the dark and left while Yoon San was losing himself in his own thoughts and the fact that sad memories are always more memorable whereas pleasure was a feeling that wasn’t teaching anything. For a moment, she reminded him of Yoo Jin.

Seung Hee’s broadcast was different this time and she confessed that it was feeling like a heavy burden at that point since it was reminding her of someone. She didn’t reveal Kyeong Soo’s name, but she promised him to never give up broadcasting the news no matter how hurtful it could be. Yoon San was thinking that we realize real love after it has reached the end as the most genuine lessons derive from painful experiences. Gyeo Wool had started changing her opinion about Seung Hee and Yoon San told Goo Hyung that there must had been a reason behind the fact that he was still alive.

Goo Hyung wouldn’t like Yoon San to keep overthinking, but once he started watching the video related to the ambulance he noticed the shady figure of the woman Gyu Min and Gyeo Wool had mentioned.

~ Thoughts ~


Vampire Detective’s second episode aired and it reached 1.318 which was better than the pilot episode’s ratings! While the first episode was an overall introduction to the storyline’s main core, the second one made things a bit more specific. It may had appeared as if it was laying emphasis on the second case of our team, but we  alsomanaged to get a few more post-transformation hints concerning Yoon San’s newly acquired powers. He’s something like a psychic vampire following the trails of blood through the visions he receives as the blood weaves its own story!


I like the black and white visualization of Yoon San envisioning everything that happened a while before and a while after the blood left the owner’s body. Only his eyes keep glimmering and the overall back to back scenes concerning the victim’s past and Yoon San’s current investigation blend pretty well. It almost feels like a really good video game at times, something that makes things even more intriguing, at least to my eyes! The two cases so far have been really interesting and i am really glad they follow a more concrete pathway filled with suspense and mystery. The drama manages to keep the secrets behind its cases until the right moment arrives for them to start unfolding their more specific characteristics through our team’s investigation and Yoon San’s insights.


Lee Joon’s interpretation was quite exceptional during the second episode. He was utterly representative of the many phases Yoon San was going through during his first steps as a vampire. The feeling that something wasn’t like before was omnipresent while Yoon San was recalling the last scene of the 1st episode and it was still there every time he was losing himself in like-minded thoughts. It was like he was there, but his mind was floating elsewhere in search of answers in a rather dim horizon. While Goo Hyung and doctor Hwang found out about his transformation, it’s still a secret to Yoon San who’s not fully aware of what’s going on. The gunshot wound and its aftereffects have vanished, but the Yoo Jin oriented memories are still alive and every time something reminds him of her he’s willing to dive deep into a case just like he did with Seung Hee. The fact that she kept touching her pendant while being nervous was a sign he would never neglect and right before listening to what the case was about he had already decided to solve it.


The fight choreography was pretty good and the more acrobatic moves of Yoon San i was looking forward to have started making their appearance! I don’t remember where, but in another recap/review concerning one of Lee Joon’s dramas i had stated that his face is like play dough. Depending on the scene, he molds his facial expressions with mathematical accuracy with the difference that mathematics are as cold as numbers whereas Lee Joon never fails to embed dynamic amounts of emotion into the figures he impersonates. Every time one of Lee Joon’s characters is close to a girl he loves he has that certain smile that makes him look like he had reached the gates of heaven and it was there throughout the flashback scene with Yoo Jin!


His observant and often thoughtful stare was also there, after all he’s a detective, but there was also that certain stare of uncertainty as he was unaware of what was really going on. Darker roles such as Oh Young in Rough Play and Tae Oh in Gap Dong had already proven that Lee Joon can dive in the darkness in an unerring way and he brought back to the surface like-minded vibes the moment he was about to end Ji Woong’s life once and for all. It was enough proof that Yoon San has to tame the one he has become without losing the person he used to be and i am looking forward to witnessing the footsteps towards that necessary coexistence between his past and ongoing present.


I love Lee Se Young’s character and Lee Se Young herself! Gyeo Wool is combative, quirky and has that sparkle that has already made her an essential part of the team! One the other side of the fence, Goo Hyung isn’t really a detective, but he’s Yoon San’s right hand man and guardian angel who loves women in a beyond repair way and i am glad about it! The bromance has already started revealing its very own dynamics and it’s always there every time Yoon San gets hurt, it feels as if Goo Hyung loses the world underneath his feet and he doesn’t intend to leave Yoon San’s side until he’s sure that everything’s fine. Jei is adorable as the sexy and bright Se Ra and i can’t get enough of the flirty scenes that add Goo Hyung in the game! Be it flowers or hearts, they are a pleasant addition and i can’t wait to find out what will adorn her skin during the next episodes!


Something tells me that the next case will be named Four Dragons or something and the more the episodes pass by the closer we get to Lee Chung Ah revealing her more than pretty face as Yo Na! Oh well, i can be patient since every now and then her eyes and lips make their appearance and as much as Yoon San gets fueled to see more of that shady female figure the same applies to me when it comes to Lee Chung Ah! Recently my life had been evolving around Northern Limit Line. I had already seen Kim Moo Yul in Beautiful Bride, i am watching Jin Goo in Descendants of the Sun, two episodes remain until i finish Moorim School in which Lee Hyun Woo presents one of the two male leading figures and now it’s Lee Chung Ah’s turn with Vampire Detective! I can’t wait for the 3rd episode to air, this drama gives meaning to meaningless days like Sundays!


“Sad memories are what people remember the most.
Pleasure is just a feeling.
It doesn’t teach you anything.
We only realize it after paying a great price.
We learn genuine lessons through pain.
Likewise, we realize true love after we end it.”


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