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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 10 / Series Finale

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko Ep 10 Synopsis : Yamaneko is ready to finally battle Yuuki Tenmei.

Recap – Summary :

Sakura and the rest of the police want to aid Tenmei’s bodyguards in their search for Yamaneko but they are being told to stay away. Sakura informs Inui, who finds out that Public Safety was set up by Tenmei’s approval and wants to search more.

Sekimoto and Yamaneko set up a “radio program” in order to answer to questions they have written themselves as Yuina points out, until they get the signal to initiate their mission.

While Sakura is camped outside Tenmei’s mansion, Yamaneko and Sekimoto manage to trick her by deploying two old men wearing WildCat masks and while she and the police are distracted by them, Yamaneko and Sekimoto enter the villa.

They quickly fight away the men guarding the inside entrance, and Sekimoto orders Yamaneko to retrieve the hidden treasure while he will be the one to kill Yuuki- meanwhile, Inui checks the Public Safety logs from when Sekimoto was assigned and uncovers something unexpected.

Yamaneko makes his way to the hidden treasure room, where Hideo is waiting for him; Yamaneko proposes they have a smoke before they fight each other. Hideo accepts and asks him how long has he known that he has been the Chameleon; Yamaneko replies that he has known from the beginning, since his WildCat articles due to a certain translation he had used for the Bushido passages, that only the old goverment had issued decades ago.

Hideo argues that since he knew, he must have let him loose in hopes that he would turn around eventually and that way he would prove to Tenmei that he was wrong in not believing in others; Yamaneko mockingly replies that it was just a way to kill time before they go at each other. After both landing hits on each other, Hideo has the upper hand and is ready to shoot Yamaneko, before Yamaneko reminds him that he never fights battles that he can’t win.

Yamaneko gives the signal to Mao for releasing that high pitch sound that buys Yamaneko enough time to disarm Hideo and shoot him on the side.

Hideo is surprised that Mao is still alive and Yamaneko reveals that Anri managed to get them out of the bar in time, and Mao hacked in his hotel television and messed with the footage so he would think they’re dead. Hideo tells Yamaneko to finish him off, but Yamaneko notes how he’s different than he is- he won’t take a life.

Hideo remarks how he wishes they had met sooner before he became an assassin and how that would be fun. Yamaneko seems to agree before he hops into the secret room, while Sakura arrives shortly after and gets an ambulance for Hideo. He admits that he tricked her all along as Sakura replies that she never has a good eye for men anyway.

Yamaneko makes his way into the secret room but in the final door there’s iris authentication needed; Mao has difficulties breaking that down, as she notes that the whole system runs on artificial intelligence and she can’t get it to co-operate it from there. Yamaneko is trapped in that room as oxygen is running out while Yuuki’s voice is heard that Sekimoto won’t be able to help him now.

Mao tells Rikako she needs to head to the security room and hack directly from there- Rikako helps her disarm the guards with Hosoda’s tranquilizer gun, and Mao eventually unlocks the door for Yamaneko, releasing him from the trap.

Inui arrives at Tenmei’s house where Sakura shows him the locked floor-door; Inui says there has to be a security room and they should head there, while Sakura asks him what he managed to uncover related to Sekimoto.

Yamaneko enters the hidden treasure room and finds Yuuki awaiting him there; Yuuki gives him a katana blade so they can battle against each other- Yamaneko manages to land a blow in his mask and it’s revealed to be Sekimoto.

Yamaneko is shocked as Mao and Rikako are, while Inui tells Sakura that Sekimoto was never the man he claimed to be.

Yamaneko can’t believe that Sekimoto is Yuuki, but Sekimoto reveals to him that he isn’t Yuuki; Yuuki died ten years ago, but his brain was transplanted into a computer and in a way he “lives on” through intelligence.

Yamaneko is angry at Sekimoto for betraying him as they had made a promise to change this country; Sekimoto argues that this country doesn’t need change, but perseverance. Yamaneko’s dream of reforming the country is nothing but an illusion that was orchestrated by Yuuki. Sekimoto says that all the money Yamaneko got from the corrupted organizations and politicians were according to Yuuki’s plan, and he was his puppet all along.

Sekimoto urges Yamaneko to join him as he joined Yuuki and stabilize the country together; Yamaneko rejects him and tries to fight him back but is getting beaten up again and again. Sekimoto tells him that his principle of wanting to see others smile was his desire living vicariously through others, and now that he knows the truth, he should give that up and take a different approach.

Yamaneko in his frustration stabs Sekimoto on impulse- before Sekimoto collapses, he asks Yamaneko what is his core. Yamaneko thinks that everything was in vain and takes the katana ready to kill himself until Mao stops him.

Mao tells Yamaneko that his efforts were not in vain, and she was able to smile because of him; he managed to get through her with his bizarre but straightforward attitude and she changed due to his constant efforts. She pleads with him not to give up and reach out to her, when the police arrive. She breaks down thanking him for being there for her, as Yamaneko seems to lay down the sword.

Inui and Sakura try to find Yamaneko in the treasure room but he has vanished along with Sekimoto’s body.

After one year, Sakura and Inui talk for the last time in the theft department as it is being disbanded; they comment on how Yamaneko hasn’t appeared at all after that incident, along with Sekimoto and Hideo who escaped from the hospital; Sakura tells Inui that she’s being transferred to the countryside while Inui will return to the HQ to keep pursuing Yamaneko. Before they bid their goodbyes, Inui tells Sakura to become a proper police woman.

Mao gets released from the juvenile center, and heads to one of the WildCat bars- she sends a text to Rikako that she’s there already and Rikako texts her back she’s on her way there.

While Mao is waiting, she hears a familiar tone-deaf voice coming from one of the rooms; she looks at the direction the voice comes from, and she smiles at the sight of the one she sees behind the door.


Reflection Corner :

Sorry Youth! Music Corner :

KAT-TUN – UNLOCK [Kaito Yamaneko – Theme Song]


kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000055

Now, that was some ending!

I had already stated in my previous post, how Mao was the last flash in Yamaneko’s mind after Hideo shot him and how Yamaneko should honor the promise he made to her, about protecting her until she can smile again. Well, not only that happened, (thank you writers!) but now it was Mao that brought Yamaneko back! (thank you again writersx2!)

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000056

“What you did was not in vain! I can smile because you were there- and not just me. Everyone has smiled because of you. You faced me straightforwardly and you hit me in earnest. Don’t tell me there is no point in living. Don’t ever tell me such a thing!”

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000058

I freaking loved this moment and not only because both Kame and Hirose were again brilliant. (a scene that took us back to the epic premiere!) After Sekimoto’s hard truths and Yamaneko retaliating with anger and killing him, he went back to being that broken boy he used to be, without a purpose or meaning in life; much like, Mao was in the beginning.

“Please. Reach out. Reach out to my voice! You told me before, “You are not alone. You have someone who is there for you.” You are not alone, because we’re there for you. I was able to change, because you were there for me. I was able to change! So..thank you. Thank you.”

Mao’s words came from her heart (Rikako was like “I’M A PROUD MAMA!” upon hearing Mao’s epic speech) and resonated within Yamaneko’s heart, who finally let go of his hate for Yuuki and himself; he can now start from the beginning, and he won’t be alone as his faithful companion(s) will be with him.

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000054

My second favorite moment of the finale, was Hideo and Yamaneko having a smoke and discussing their differences like old acquaintances, before they went into attacking mode. Hideo’s “I’ve never had so much difficulty before” wasn’t only referring to Yamaneko being a handful in the fight, but also how Yamaneko did manage to shake him.

You can’t tell me that such an excellent Hitman-level assassin couldn’t have offed Yamaneko when he had so many chances! (when Yamaneko himself, gave him so many chances.) The point was, that his subconscious prevented him from going full-killing mode, because deep down he came to care for him; and the irony is, that while Hideo rejected Yamaneko’s trust in him, in reality he validated it. It’s true what he said, had they met earlier they would have been true friends for life. Timing’s a bitch though, ain’t it?

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000060

a proper samurai battle with some Yamaneko leather!

Sekimoto pal, like, I was confused. He clearly valued Yamaneko as he could have killed him but what was the point in telling him all that? Was he trying to get a reaction out of him, to demoralize him, like huh? I suppose he wanted to rile Yamaneko up in order to join forces, but surely he would know that Yamaneko would never join him. He didn’t seem fazed much when Yamaneko stabbed him, almost like he wanted it to, in a way. Also, is he dead? He vanished like thin air, what on earth lol.

But you know what the biggest twist of the episode was?

INUI CRACKING A SMILE! Has this ever happened before, lmao what a treat! He might have been a hard ass but his police-heart was in the right place, much like Sakura’s was; despite their initial differences, they both came to respect each other, and their last interaction was short but warm.

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000066

I wouldn’t have had the ending shot any other way- Mao having her juvenile badge, returning to the old bar, waiting for Rikako-mama and in the end smiling like “you little shiz you’re still here and you’re STILL TONE DEAF! <3” MY WILDCAT TEAM WILL GO ON, what an elite group!

I’ve gotta admit, the ending blew me away; correction, the whole series blew me away. When I first set out to watch Yamaneko, I expected a light-hearted show, with a few touching moments amidst the humor and the Robin-Hood atmosphere.

But, Yamaneko was so much more than that- it’s a compelling drama that does a great job of combining thrills, humour, action, all those working alongside the theme of believing in others and eventually learning how to believe in yourself. Give a little trust (and love), it will all come back, huh?

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000001

The magnificent intro, the silly meta moments, the puns, the tone-deaf segments, the old bar setting, the stupid jokes, the togetherness of the WildCat team, I’m gonna miss all of them dearly.

It was a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C (in WildCat style!) series, with a wonderful cast (if I loved Kame before, I now worship him! He was beaming as Yamaneko, not that any of the others fell short, they were all amazing) that will stay with me for a very long time. Any chance for a movie? I’d love that, but either way I’m all set.

kaito yamaneko dramajjang ep1000067

Farewell but not goodbye Yamaneko, I will remember you every time I come across someone wetting their pants. ; p

Overall Grade (objectively) – 9,78 / 10

WildCat Team Grade9,95777 / 10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkaisubs

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  1. Susu
    March 31, 2016 at 8:26 pm — Reply

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the drama!!! Just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it!!!! Yamaneko was such a funny and cool and crazy character!! I hoped that this drama would be good after Second love dissapointed me a bit (not Kame! but the plot and Fukada Kyoko were horrible) and Yamaneko surpassed my hopes/expectations!!!!

    • March 31, 2016 at 8:43 pm — Reply


      I think Yamaneko surpassed everyone’s expectations, it was that good!

  2. asha
    March 13, 2018 at 9:15 pm — Reply

    Gosh I need someone to talk about this drama >< plz reply if you could see this so I talk ABOUUUUUUUT IT :))))

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