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Descendants of the Sun Episode 8 Recap

“I am not sure how long it has been since we last worked at the same site.
I guess it takes an earthquake to make that happen.”


No matter how hard Shi Jin had tried Mo Yeon wouldn’t leave his mind and if she ever thought that these words would never come out of his mouth then she should start reconsidering since he was serious about everything he had uttered. Shi Jin would head towards the corps command to make a report and Mo Yeon would follow him there in order to make a phone call.

Mo Yeon delivered the manager’s last words to his wife on how hard he had worked for his family and how glad he was for being able to stare at the sky through the ruins. He had admitted that they weren’t seeing each other that much since he was working all the time and they were staring at one another through pictures. It was saddening to know that his wife would have to keep staring at him through pictures for the rest of her life. Mo Yeon informed the manager’s wife on the pension procedure and pointed out that her late husband wouldn’t like her to live alone for the rest of her life. She could barely hold back her tears while Shi Jin was witnessing the whole moment.

Ja Ae praised Sang Hyun’s hard work and brought him a beverage! He was holding the wedding ring of a patient who had went through surgery and Ja Ae placed it around his neck until he would take off the cast.

Daniel wasn’t living up to Ye Hwa’s promise to the reporters who had donated blood since he didn’t want to do the interview, but he was willing to dedicate his good looks to her in order to make her his wife! She went to bring him some food and Min Ji who was passing by wanted to find out more information about him. Chi Hoon kept praising Daniel’s skills and his rich background and Sang Hyun tried unsuccessfully to ruin the whole picture in Min Ji’s eyes!

Mo Yeon was losing herself in tears and urged Shi Jin to prevent himself from staring at her. She wanted him to take her to a quiet place and Shi Jin pointed out that these could be a man’s words! He would like her to pretend as if they were at a quiet place and a smile brightened her face for a while until tears started flowing anew. He couldn’t wipe them away since she hadn’t answered his question, but he urged her to stare at the beautiful night sky.

She was so astonished it made her think that the stars should be ashamed for being unaware of the hell they were going through down on earth. Mo Yeon laid emphasis on the fact that Shi Jin had already eased her burden and she was thankful towards him for coming back to her. She could easily tell that had Shi Jin not been there she would have ran away, but he urged her to take him with her in case she does! Her smile returned and Mo Yeon nodded positively, but soon enough she lost herself anew in the infinity of the night sky.

Argus wasn’t pleased with the fact that Young Soo didn’t have the diamonds in his possession and a part of his wrath came to the surface. Natural disasters are the second best occasion for people like him to make money, the first one being war, and he didn’t want to miss that opportunity. Young Soo would have only one day to bring him the diamonds!

Kang Min Jae was still trapped under the ruins and he was getting dehydrated. He was thinking of giving up and accepting his fate, but then he recalled that he had managed to stay alive thanks to the manager giving him his helmet. Young Soo was pleased with the way everything was progressing, but Dae Young ordered the driver to pull out the heavy machinery since the soldiers would have to start searching for survivors. Young Soo was enraged and they had to take him away anew. The soldiers would never give up since anything that’s impossible they make it possible! Chi Hoon followed them as a part of the rescue team’s medical part and he found Min Jae. A new earthquake stormed the land of Uruk and Chi Hoon tried to pull him out of there but a falling rock hurt his hand and he had to pull back for now. On his way out, he was scared to death, but he managed to inform another soldier that he had found a survivor.

Dae Young would head back inside and Gi Beom with Myeong Joo would be in charge of letting him know when he should return. She could easily notice that his hand had been hurt and she treated his wound.

Min Jae kept crying out for help and Dae Young was nearby. Shi Jin would go there as well and all he needed from Mo Yeon for now was her medical kit. Mo Yeon was becoming more specific on the medication and Shi Jin pointed out that he had graduated from the military academy as the top student of his class and that his English were fine, but Mo Yeon simply urged him to inform her on the survivor’s vitals the moment he’d reach him! Once he’d come back he promised to talk to her in English!

Min Jae was eager to get out of there and once Shi Jin informed Mo Yeon on his vitals she gave him all the necessary instructions. She was concerned that he didn’t know how to do it, but he reassured her that he had been trained and he was successful! Shi Jin sent Dae Young back and he would stay there with the patient until they’d be able to leave the ruins.

Min Jae found out that this was the third day he was under the ruins and he got informed that many people had passed away, but also many had been saved; like him. Min Jae was feeling uneasy and it was because he was allergic to the medicine he had received, but the medicine to counter the medication’s reactions wasn’t inside the kit and Dae Young would bring it. Young Soo was using the heavy machinery to open a way into the power plant and Shi Jin and Min Jae were in danger. Shi Jin protected him with his body and Mo Yeon was concerned the moment they lost contact with him. Dae Young was enraged and Woo Geun put Young Soo under detention. Myeong Joo warned Dae Young on how dangerous it would be heading back in there but he couldn’t neglect his duty and his friend’s life.

Shi Jin was unconscious but Min Jae’s cries for help brought him back to reality! Shi Jin was hurt a bit but his priority would always be the survivor. They had been trapped and Min Jae had started losing hope, but Shi Jin reassured him that everything would be fine! He pointed out that he liked Mo Yeon who had rejected him thrice so far, but he didn’t intend to give up! Mo Yeon was still worried and Myeong Joo noticed that she was tying her shoelaces. It was all because she wanted to be ready whenever she would have to run. She was recalling the moment Shi Jin had tied her shoelaces while hoping that he would be safe at the present. Shi Jin was well aware that she must had been worried about him and while thinking that he could had been dead she may had been regretting having said “no” when he had asked her out. Mo Yeon wasn’t the only one worrying, he was also worried about her. As expected, Shi Jin wrote his own diagnosis on Min Jae’s arm in case he’d be the only one to survive.

Min Jae’s condition had started deteriorating but Shi Jin reassured him anew that everything would be fine since he was trusting his comrades! Dae Young opened up a way out and brought the medication Min Jae needed. The moment they came out Chi Hoon was still in distress while Mo Yeon was recalling the moment she had first seen a written diagnosis on Gi Beom’s hand. Min Jae was glad he was alive and witnessing Mo Yeon’s beautiful face was a boost, but Shi Jin wasn’t pleased with the fact that he kept calling him “ajussi!”

Shi Jin got on a stretcher since he had been hurt. He would like to know Myeong Joo’s thoughts since he was the one who had saved Dae Young! The only thing he had already acquired was the fact that she was a bit nicer towards him. Mo Yeon would treat Shi Jin’s wound and she urged him to stop wrist-grabbing her! Young Soo appeared and his nerve-shaking attitude made Dae Young punch him. Of course, Shi Jin overly enjoyed it!


Mo Yeon was maintaining her silence while treating his wounds and Shi Jin kept nurturing his playfully complaining attitude! Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that he was making jokes after nearly dying underneath the ruins and she pointed out how frightened she was even at the thought of it. Shi Jin laid emphasis on how much he believed in her and that she wouldn’t let him pass away and Mo Yeon wondered if he was always risking his life that way. Shi Jin told her how good he was at his work and remaining alive was also a part of it. Byung Soo had arrived and he wanted Shi Jin to meet him, but Mo Yeon would never let her patient leave his bed in that condition! Byung Soo went at the medicube and informed both of them that any member of the medical team who’d like to leave Uruk would be able to do so in a few days.

Young Soo was causing a commotion about the punch and he was intending to do anything necessary to punish all of them until they’d leave the army! Byung Soo protected his soldiers by redirecting the threats, but Shi Jin, Dae Young and Woo Geun ended up running a hundred laps. Myeong Joo wanted Dae Young to have punched him in a much fiercer way since a hundred laps were too much for that punch! Shi Jin left the other two on their own the moment he saw Mo Yeon with the excuse that he needed to see his doctor!

Mo Yeon wasn’t pleased with the fact that he wasn’t following her medical advice and especially since he was being punished without having done anything wrong, but it was an order! She pointed out how rigid and unreasonable people in the military were, but all she cared about was Shi Jin staying alive and gave him his medication. Shi Jin was thankful towards her, but he wanted to find out if her name was among the ones who would return to Korea. She pointed out that it was her chance to abandon him and he let her head towards the meeting.

Mo Yeon informed everyone that they could leave, but if they decided to stay she didn’t know when their next chance would be. Ja Ae and Min Ji offered their plane seats to two of the patients. After feeling bad for wanting to leave, the rest of them raised their hands except for Sang Hyun who decided to stay, but his seat would have to remain empty since his soul would sit there!

Chi Hoon was absent from the meeting. He was still devastated while staring at Min Jae who was disappointed at him for abandoning him. Mo Yeon was proud of him and informed him that she had put him on the list since Hee Eun was about to give birth.

Min Jae was asking around about the manager and one of the employees pointed towards the list of the deceased. His emotional breakdown the moment he found out the truth and that he had stayed alive thanks to the manager’s helmet was devastating Chi Hoon even more.

Shi Jin informed everyone on the latest report and that there were no more missing people at the power plant. He thanked everyone for their efforts, but the only thing Young Soo was caring about was his own benefit. The siren interrupted him and Shi Jin continued his speech informing everyone that the siren’s sound was to honor the deceased. Every time anyone of them would hear the siren’s sound they would have to silently pray for the souls of everyone who lost their lives. honoring the victims was essential.

The medical team was discussing the differences between patients passing away inside a hospital and the overall dissonance that follows a natural disaster. Sang Hyun wanted to buy a new car and he needed Ja Ae’s opinion since they had been through a lot together! Everyone was cheering for them to start dating, but soon enough the mobile network started working. Gi Beom went there to inform them, but they were already aware of it and they had already started diving into their cellphones! Mo Yeon’s mother was doing just fine, Sang Hyun’s friends hadn’t asked him how he was doing and Min Ji’s ex-boyfriend was getting married!

Mo Yeon informed Ji Soo that she would stay in Uruk in order for some patients to return to Korea. Ji Soo kept urging Mo Yeon to stop acting in a humanitarian way and return with the next flight since she was the most important person to her! Mo Yeon reassured her that she wasn’t in danger and Ji Soon informed Mo Yeon that Hee Eun was losing her mind because Chi Hoon wouldn’t answer her calls. He was losing himself in tears while Hee Eun was calling him on the phone.

Daniel was fixing some equipment and both Min Ji and Ja Ae were dripping honey by simply staring at him! Daniel informed them that he could fix pretty much everything except for a woman’s mind! They were so ecstatic, but once Sang Hyun noticed what was going on he ran towards them to put an end to their blissful interactions!

Dae Young being at the same place with Myeong Joo required an earthquake to make it happen and Shi Jin pointed out that they should have a baby in Uruk! Myeong Joo entered the room and informed Shi Jin that her father wanted to talk to him, but she referred to him as commander Yoon’s son-in-law and then she noticed Dae Young! Myeong Joo ended the phone call and awkwardness was reigning supreme inside the room with Dae Young thinking that he couldn’t trust anyone in the world and Shi Jin putting the blame on Myeong Joo and eventually leaving since he had to meet his doctor because his heart was aching! Myeong Joo noticed how jealous Dae Young was and she was willing to reward him with her her heart.

Daniel was testing the microphone and he had fixed everything. Mo Yeon was enthusiastic with his skills and Daniel pointed out that music was an essential part of the way he was treating his patients. Mo Yeon would like to choose the music and left her cellphone there. Everyone’s mood was brightening up! Sang Hyun brought a beverage to Ja Ae and maintained eye contact while making her feel a bit awkward!

Myeong Joo pointed out how romantic it was being alone in there with Dae Young while there was music. She couldn’t believe that he was standing still and she approached him waiting for him to kiss her, but he stepped backwards and after saluting her he left.


Shi Jin joined Daniel and he was curious which the next song would be! Instead, everyone started listening to the message Mo Yeon had recorded while she was at the edge of the cliff! She was eagerly waiting for Shi Jin to appear and save her. She wasn’t sure if she would make it until then, but he would be the first one finding out that she had passed away. Since she thought that she was going to die she was regretting not confessing her feelings to the wonderful man that had kissed her. Mo Yeon ran into the room while Shi Jin’s smile was just a glimpse of how happy he was at that moment!

~ Thoughts ~


The 8th episode rated 28.8% which was the drama’s highest peak up to that moment while approaching the 30% barrier in a menacing way. The day after the earthquake brought hell on earth was unfolding throughout the 7th episode and the 8th one started from that day’s nighttime and presented the second day after the natural disaster had occurred. We got to witness our characters’ internal world to a wider extent, not only when it comes to their love life, but also in the way they kept being affected by the dramatic turn of events in Uruk.


The beginning of the episode was dedicated to Shi Jin and Mo Yeon. Shi Jin’s confession was left unanswered at that point, but the ice had already started melting on Mo Yeon’s behalf. Informing the late manager’s wife on her husband’s last words and wishes was heartrending. She may had been able to remain calm throughout the phone call, but not breaking apart after a while was beyond her powers.


Shi Jin was witnessing the development of Mo Yeon’s emotional world from her self-forced professionalism over the phone to her never-ending tears out there and he would never leave her on her own in her hour of need. Both his humorous and affectionate aspects were there and he managed to bring a smile upon her face, but she also started becoming more sincere on how Shi Jin was affecting her life along with the fact that even his presence was a decisive strengthening factor that kept encouraging her all along the way.


The second day after the earthquake had occurred made everyone focus on finding the last survivors at the power plant. The aftershock and Young Soo’s nerve-wracking decisions (I wish he could just vanish from the drama, one way or another) made our rescuing team’s efforts a bit more difficult and life-threatening, but everyone lived up to any expectations from Chi Hoon trying to get Min Jae out of there but getting hurt and losing the world underneath his feet for running away and being unable to help him to Shi Jin putting his life on the line to protect and encourage Min Jae and from Dae Young’s efforts to rescue Shi Jin and Min Jae at all costs to Mo Yeon’s devastation and alertness the moment they lost contact with Shi Jin.


Mo Yeon’s concerns after she witnessed Shi Jin alive but wounded before her very eyes came to the surface with a minimal approach because the thought of not seeing him again was still tormenting her mind and she couldn’t believe that he was still making jokes under these circumstances. Her caring attitude didn’t surrender while she was treating his wounds and she made him aware of how concerned she was. It was also there the moment she prevented him from leaving the medicube when Byung Soo wanted to see him and the moment she saw him running and laid emphasis on his health and his unfair punishment in that condition.


Mo Yeon and the medical team had found themselves with an important decision they would have to make. They could either stay in Uruk for the time being or return to Korea and go back to their normal lives. Even though she hadn’t offered an answer to Shi Jin on whether her name was on the list or not and despite the fact that it would be her only chance to set Shi Jin aside from her life I think that Mo Yeon had already made up her mind to stay in Uruk. Even if she hadn’t, Ja Ae and Min Ji’s decisions to offer their seats to patients who needed to head back to Korea more than them along with her own growing feelings for Shi Jin played their own part.


I really love the Shi Jin, Dae Young and Myeong Joo quirky “triangle” when it comes to their humorous and teasing approaches! It appears so natural and it’s all part of the chemistry between the cast! The potential son-in-all, the forlorn son-in-law and the future bride are just wonderful together and they brighten Descendants of the Sun’s world! And the music part of the story created some beautifully awkward scenes for our four leading figures! Myeong Joo was longing for more affectionate moments with Dae Young who found himself in the awkward position to step back and restrain himself from the loving temptation that was standing right before his very eyes.

Mo Yeon’s quirky confession while she was the edge of the cliff was both hilarious and heartrending while she was trying to compromise with a possible forthcoming death while at the same time she was regretting not unveiling her feelings for Shi Jin and hoping that he will get there on time to save her or be the first one to find out that she had passed away! Shi Jin’s smirk and blissful relief the moment he found out how she was feeling about him and Mo Yeon’s utter embarrassment were simply wonderful! Alright, the time to enter the world of the 9th episode has arrived and the more Young Soo will suffer the better it will be, he’s one of the most slimy figures in dramas lately!


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