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Love That Makes You Cry Episode 10 / Series Finale

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau Ep 10 Synopsis :  Oto is forced to return to Hokkaido.

Recap – Summary :

Ibuki is the first to arrive to the hospital, where he learns that Oto is in intensive care.

Ren returns home after having failed to meet Oto, and Haruta tells him that Konatsu has been making progress lately and she doesn’t get affected when she hears helicopters; Ren thanks him, when Kiho calls him and informs him of Oto’s accident.

Everyone gathers in the hospital waiting for updates, when the girl Oto helped arrives and ask whatever happened to her; Ibuki wants to know if they caught the criminal that did this to her, but when the girl gets defensive about him and mentions how they need Oto to testify that it was an accident, Ibuki yells that Oto is unconscious and then leaves.

Ren comforts the girl who thinks it’s her fault that Oto had an accident, but Ren tells her that this is the kind of person Oto is- she wouldn’t just walk by.

While picking Oto’s stuff, Ibuki accidentally finds two letters in her bag- one from her mother, and one addressed to her mother. Ibuki reads her mother’s letter, and contemplates whether he should read what Oto wrote, as she might have written her true feelings towards what she feels about him and Ren. Kiho tells him that he doesn’t need to, as Oto chose him as her lover, and he should just pray for her to become better, while Ren overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile Haruta and Konatsu work hard together in order to deliver the school play outfits.

The next day, Oto wakes up and Ibuki and Kiho rush to her side asking her if she feels alright; Oto confirms that she’s fine, but she wants to know what happened to the young man who was being chased around. Kiho replies that Ren will take care of it, as he went to help both the girl and him.

The young man and the girl thank Ren for his efforts in helping them, and ask him to deliver a gratitude gift to Oto- Ren tells them that he will give them her address, so they can deliver it to her themselves.

Oto returns to her apartment, with Ibuki accompanying her, and comments how the humidity there is still the same. Ibuki is hesitant, but finally tells Oto that his father decided on arranged-marriage for him, and they should probably break up. He tells Oto that he doesn’t love her anymore, while Oto apologizes to him for forcing him to act in such way, since she knows that he’s lying for her sake- Ibuki insists that it’s his decision and she shouldn’t feel bad about it.

He wishes to have dinner someday again with her, and then he exits the apartment looking at peace with his decision. A little later, Oto receives a call from her hometown and is surprised by it.

Haruta and Konatsu talk after the play, and note how kids’ behavior is sincere and genuine; Konatsu finds the chance to tell Haruta that he should always be honest with her as well, and Haruta is moved by her words but before he’s seen crying, he puts on his outfit-face. He hugs Konatsu and tells her  that he has loved her for a long time- she is happy at his words, and after she unmasks him, they kiss.

After a month has passed, Konatsu asks Ren if he had any news from Oto and urges him to check up on her.

Ibuki manages to change his father’s mind about a business plan and tells him that things are gonna be handled like this in a few years from now on when he becomes president, as his father seems to approve his new mindset.

Kiho gets a marriage proposal from her friend in a bizarre way but she accepts it happily.

Ren visits the place Oto works and one from her colleagues, informs him that Oto resigned recently and returned to Hokkaido, since the old man who took care of her as a kid, passed away and his wife can’t cope on her own.

While moving out, Oto’s thoughts through her letter to her mother are revealed- she discusses her unexpected life in Tokyo, and how much of an eye opener living alone has been for her, along with mundane everyday events. She tells her mom that she finally fell in love, and experienced all those things, she had already described in her letter, she wishes she would; she finally eats Ren’s canned peach, and requests from her mom to keep her feelings locked away as a beautiful memory.

Ren rushes to Oto’s apartment after work but finds that she had already moved out; he immediately calls her and asks to her to meet in the restaurant near her place, at Monday. He wants to know her answer and tells her that he will wait for her, but Oto hangs up on him.

Ren travels to Hokkaido and waits for Oto at the restaurant as he promised he would; after a few moments, Oto arrives there too.

Ren apologizes for being selfish but he wanted to see her and thanks her for coming; he remarks how weird it felt to see her room empty since she once said she loved that room. Oto replies that she hated that room as everything about it was uncomfortable. Ren is taken aback by her reply and switches the subject to her work that she treasured, but Oto remarks that she was happy to resign as it was a bad working environment and never got a raise in all the years there- in fact, nothing good ever happened to her while she was staying in Tokyo. Ren tries to argue that good things happened too, but Oto quickly shoots him down.

Despite her cold attitude, Ren is happy that they will get a chance to eat together after so long and tries to remember what they ordered all those years ago; Oto reminds him of what they had ordered and Ren chuckles as he recalls that back then, she had asked him if she could really get lost in a huge furniture store in Tokyo- Oto pretends she never asked such a question, but she admits she found herself lost once in Roppongi Hills.

They then start discussing about how easy is to be exposed as country bumpkins looking at tall buildings in awe, in a way that dogs do; upon talking about dogs, Oto asks Ren how Sasuke is doing, and Ren tells her he’s fine and in fact, he somehow came to resemble her, something that gets a laugh out from Oto. Ren says thenext time he visits Hokkaido, he will bring him with him so she can see him.

Oto is silent at his words, and Ren wonders if he’s truly bothering her but she admits that she’s happy actually; she confesses that her auntie told her to stay in Tokyo and not come back to Hokkaido, but she couldn’t leave her on her own. On top of that, she feels like she couldn’t face Ibuki again after everything she put him through- she finally admits to Ren that she loves him and always has, but for all those reasons, she has resolved to never return back to Tokyo. She then, asks him to send her Sasuke’s photos so she can be at ease now that she’s back where she started from.

Their order arrives, and both Ren and Oto are surprised to find that there was a mix, and they actually got accidentally what they had ordered all those years ago- Oto wonders if such unimportant luck exists as Ren says they can now split up the food properly.

While Ren is splitting the food, he stops and tells Oto his thoughts; she’s not back where she started, as she came a long way all those years. Seeing her working so hard and giving her the best without ever giving up, left a mark in his heart. He tells her that he loves her too, and he won’t give up on her; he will be visiting Hokkaido every chance he gets, and with a little luck they can realize their plan of visiting Inawashiro Lake and eat his grandpa’s daikon. Oto is moved by his words, and she silently agrees- after they eat, they head back to Ren’s truck where they both joke with each other as both of their heads are covered in snow. They kiss and Oto instructs Ren to skip the shortcut so they can enjoy more time before they part and meet again.



Reflection Corner :


Sorry Youth! (lol) Music Corner :

‘ Aoi Teshima – Ashita e no Tegami ‘ [Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau – Theme Song]


“Are you doing well?” –  YES

“Have you found love?” –  YEEES

“Will my dream come true someday?” – YEEEEEEES!

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100002

So, after all the hurdles, difficulties, obstacles and bumps along the road, love was rewarded!  And that love, wasn’t only the romantic kind, but love for life and for being alive; for trying to do the best you can, armed with belief and faith that will help you march on your way to become the best version of yourself that can you be.

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100003

“As someone who did their best, who lived by doing their best, it may not be visible in the naked eye but such things leave a mark on the heart. On your heart, on the hearts of those you’ve met..on my heart.”

I can’t stretch how much I liked that Ren focused on that front in his ending speech; he fell in love with Oto because she took the wheel of her life with determination and constantly gave her best effort despite shortcomings or limitations. Damn it Ren, that was some speech! (also yaas to the letter-callback in  “love being something that leaves a mark from one heart to another”, the whole episode was really a parallel to the premiere)

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100004

“On a bus running through the city late at night, sitting on the third seat from the back, are a mover and a care worker. “You’re working hard – You are too. ” Many people live in this town. Sometimes I wonder, is this world something beautiful, or is it frightening? Maybe it’s all mixed together. That’s why you won’t find nice things, unless you look for them. There was a person who taught me that.”

And that is the same reason, that Oto fell in love with Ren; he had a goal in mind and resolved to working hard to achieve it, always treating others with kindness despite feeling severe loneliness in a sea of an overcrowded city he wasn’t used to.

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100005

But, sometimes you just need to find that one person that gets you in such an innate level that will make you reveal what is deep inside of you. That is what Oto’s mother wished for her, and it all came full circle in the end; everything began with that letter, and everything got into the right tracks again because of that letter. (it was also the catalyst of Ibuki’s decision to let go of Oto and for things to be set in motion again)

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100009

Oto going back to Hokkaido made sense, since she couldn’t leave her auntie behind; I felt her “negative” attitude towards Ren (I was like giiiirl, you don’t stand a chance, you will be found out that you’re still head over heels for him.. SEE YOU WERE FOUND OUT!) was a bit mean, but I can understand why she acted that way. She wouldn’t want to open the door of her feelings back, especially since there was the factor of distance this time, but well- Ren always have had a way of bringing her feelings to the surface, so her admitting “defeat” was coming from miles!

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100011

Their last scene together running around in snow, exchanging a kiss in the truck and skipping the shortcut so they could spend more time together before they parted, was amazing; they finally earned that moment between them where they didn’t have to feel guilt or remorse for the surrounding circumstances. They were just cherishing the time they were given, much like two people in love. Quite the befitting conclusion!


Ibuki you a hero bro! <3

Ibuki you a hero bro! <3

Can we talk about how Ibuki achieved legendary status in the finale? He could have very well stayed with Oto, but reading her mother’s letter made him truly realize that, he had the choice of letting her go and giving her the bliss that her mother wanted her to have.

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100014

His “I don’t love you anymore” to Oto broke my heart, because it was “It’s because I love you so much that I’m letting you go” –  but, that was the beginning of finding a way to set his heart in the right place again, that continued further with him switching directions on how to handle things at work; and persuading his father to change the way he had been operating so far at the same time.

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100017

Kiho also got her blissful moment with her boyfriend’s weird proposal (lmao at her drinking her beverage immediately after she saw that haha!) as well as Haruta and Konatsu who healed themselves by opening up to each other and decide to move forward together. (how great that Haruta’s honesty moment came through wearing that costume that makes you think about childhood and the sincerity of that, loved that touch!)

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100019

Everyone got their share of happiness in the end, everyone completed their journey in a fulfilling way. While very much obviously the focus was on Ren and Oto and how their love changed each other, I feel like ItsuKoi’s main theme was about hope. Hope that, when you do your best, when you work hard with a noble outlook towards life, good things will come your way.

My favorite moment in the series, has got to be in episode 3 : On their way back after work, Ren tells Oto that he’s rooting for her and encourages her  to do her best, the same way he will; Oto accepts his encouragement and returns it back to him. And that’s it, that’s the main message of the show- whatever it is that you’re doing, embrace it and give it your best shot.

I feel like Sakamoto wanted to pay homage to all the “common people” that go on about their daily lives, fighting to stay on the path they chose. KEEP AT IT GUYS!

What else do I have to add? Right, the soundtrack – the score was simplistic but beautiful, most notably consisted of a few piano pieces (track 10-お母さんの手紙 is probably my favorite)  that added to the hopeful-melancholic atmosphere of the series which was also accompanied by the natural cinematography. Great job on both aspects!

(itsukoi school photo you all!)

(itsukoi school photo you all!)

So, to the writer, the actors, (note- Arimura haters TO DA LEFT, she was amazing in this role! and yes, she has entered my fav-list as of now…still need to watch Flying Colors though lol) the staff, everyone that contributed to this wonderful drama, thank you! It was a great journey with a very honorable lesson! It might have not touched the great-ratings-wall (well, relatively) but it certainly touched my heart.

Farewell but not goodbye ItsuKoi, I will remember you every time I smash a candy with my teeth and yell REN-STYYYYYLE!

Overall Grade (objectively) – 9,78/10

Unchained Melody OTP Grade (so so objectively) – 9,977777/10

itsuka kono koi love that makes you cry dramajjang ep 10 0100021

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to Sanashi *

[*special thanksx2 to the awesome Sanashi, who, apart from her diligent effort into subbing the show, kept me company in some reaaaally cold nights, exchanging views, tears and heartache about this drama. Thanks bud! ; p ]

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  1. Leepid
    March 26, 2016 at 7:07 pm — Reply


    and i need the full soundtrack album but im broke asf ;_;

    anyway, thank you dramajjang for your reviews! otsukaresamadeshita <3

    • March 26, 2016 at 7:42 pm — Reply


      You’re welcome, I enjoyed recapping it a lot! ; )

  2. Y
    March 26, 2016 at 7:24 pm — Reply

    Your insight about this series as hope really is spot on. Thank you for the recaps. I loved this series.

    • March 26, 2016 at 7:44 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome! : )

  3. fuzzy
    March 31, 2016 at 3:36 pm — Reply

    A wonderful drama, indeed. I loved the ending. It was nothing grand but it felt soooo right and special. I think I’m now a fan of Sakamoto Yuji heh. Jdoramas sure are refreshing. I mean it had a time-skip(2, even), lots of nobility(noble idiocy but imo without idiocy), and a final ep accident. But it never felt contrived to me. So I guess my favorite shot was the one where the camera showed the family restaurant from the outside. Oto and Ren were just there with the other customers. As you said, it was like paying homage to common people. Such an ordinary scene felt so magical to me. And yay for the sismances, bromances, make-shift families, and character growths! That soundtrack is amazing btw.

    And thanks for your recaps. It wouldn’t have been as amazing without these.

    • March 31, 2016 at 5:55 pm — Reply

      It was a simplistic, slice-of-life drama; but it was one of those, that stays with you. Its message might have not been groundbreaking, but I believe it hits home for most of us!
      I loved that shot as well- just two common people in love enjoying their meal. (mah babies! <3)

      Thank you so much for your generous words, comments such as these keep me running! ; )

  4. renoto
    April 16, 2016 at 1:51 pm — Reply

    I love this drama and this soundtrack.please anyone have link to download the OST?? I’m searching the ost especially instrumental music/piano.. I don’t know the title

    • Soendoro Soedjono
      July 9, 2016 at 6:12 am — Reply

      Ashita e no tegami

  5. bluelysia
    May 1, 2016 at 6:25 pm — Reply

    Omg I need more Itsu Koi just to see more cute moments between Ren and Oto.. I love this drama too much T.T my heart becomes warm and fuzzy and its story deeply touch my heart..
    Oto and ren chemistry is so good as well T.T
    thank you dramajjang for recapping this ^^
    *cross finger for Itsu Koi SP*

    • May 1, 2016 at 6:35 pm — Reply

      Yeah, they were wonderful together, as the whole drama was.

      You’re very welcome!

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