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Love That Makes You Cry Episode 9

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau Ep 9 Synopsis : Oto makes a difficult but important decision for her future.

Recap – Summary :

Ibuki returns, and while he’s surprised to see Ren in Oto’s apartment, he immediately tries to make small talk; the situation remains awkward though, until Ren tries to speak to him but Ibuki is fast to turn him down. Ren understands he’s unwelcome and he leaves.

Back at Shizue’s place, Ren asks Haruta if Konatsu is alright, and Haruta replies that they have been bowling together the whole evening.

Ibuki rings the door, and apologizes to Ren for his previous behavior; he mentions that he’s not worried about him and Oto as they are heading to marriage, but he’s willing to give something to Ren to compensate him. Before Ren is able to respond, Konatsu who has been listening to what is going on all along, asks Ibuki to leave, stating that Ren’s love is not for sale. Ibuki leaves frustrated; later, Ren is staring at Oto’s drawing, and Oto is reading her mother’s letter again.

The next day, the manager of the elderly home is way too polite with Oto, and her colleagues tell her that this is, because the rumour of her marrying Ibuki has already spread, and congratulate her on her upcoming marriage.
Ren talks with Konatsu’s mother on the phone, who asks him to help her pick daikon since it was his grandpa’s seeds, but Ren is unsure whether he can go. Kiho visits Ren much to his surprise who hasn’t seen her for a while.

Meanwhile, Haruta urges Konatsu to change direction in what she wants to do, and he will help her; Konatsu remarks that his way of helping her comes off as fake, since he tells things about being Ren’s second and such, and never reveals everything about himself. Surprisingly after two silly remarks, Haruta opens up about how his parents were cheating on each other and he ran away from home when he was a teenager; Konatsu is focused on his words, but Haruta quickly makes light of the situation again.

Ren asks Kiho if she has been well, and Kiho replies that she has been; he would have known however, had he called her once all those years. Ren apologizes, and Kiho chuckles at him for being his usual self. She tells him that a lot has happened all those 5 years, such as Oto having a boyfriend; she studies for Ren’s expression and asks him if he still loves her. Ren replies that he does, and he told her but she now has someone. Kiho reminds him that Oto went out of her way to bring him back, insinuating that she still loves him and he should not stop pursuing her.

Later, Ren texts Oto he wants to see her, but she replies that she can’t see him yet; he texts her again stating he wants to hear her voice and Oto calls him. He apologizes for asking a selfish thing, but he wanted to hear her without needing anything in particular. Oto tells him that she doesn’t mind, and Ren mentions about thinking of visiting his home to help pick daikon from his grandpa’s seeds; he asks Oto to join him but Oto replies that it might be difficult to get time off. Ren understands her situation, and after Oto says that she has to sleep, they tell each other goodnight, both going back to their thoughts.

The next day while he’s at work, Ibuki meets a senior lawyer from his old days, who thanks him about writing an article that helped them win a few medical cases; he goes on about how everyone admired him, until the senior is surprised to find out that Ibuki is now working for the cases he was fighting for.

Later, his father scolds him for not being up to the task for that case, and tells him to hurry up and get married to “that woman”, since that might motivate him more; he reveals that he was hard on Oto but she didn’t flinch, concluding that she might not even care about her sake or pride and that is good for him. Ibuki is at loss for words, and later he collapses alone in the office halls, mockingly laughing at his current situation.

Haruta walks with Konatsu who thinks they’re going bowling, but Haruta takes her to see the school performance she was interested in going once; Konatsu is touched by the performance and tells Haruta how come he always sees through her. Haruta remarks on her honest demeanor and how hard it is to find people like her. Konatsu replies that it’s okay for him to be honest too, and cry at times if he feels like it, but Haruta says that he has never cried. Konatsu passes him the handkerchief and takes his hand, as Haruta is surprised a bit but accepts her gesture.

Ibuki finds Oto before she leaves her work and ask her to go for a walk together; he talks about how he liked his old self more, something he was reminded by his meeting earlier with the lawyer he used to know from old days. He admits he liked the person he used to be much more than who he is now, but he can’t turn back now; he tells Oto the truth of his current job and promises her not to let that take his smile of his face when he’s around her. He concludes that he doesn’t mind if he’s not her first or second love, but they can build a future together if she accepts him.

Later, Oto wanders the streets alone when she sees Ren from afar helping a little kid find his mother, and keeps looking at him disappear in the crowd with tears in her eyes.

The next day, Ren’s boss asks him if he’s gonna stay at his home in Aizu, but Ren replies that he will be staying at a neighbor’s, since he has no home to speak of there anymore. His boss says that a home is something created from memories and encourages him to make memories related to new homes from now on. At that time, Ren receives a text from Oto who wants to meet him tomorrow after work, and Jouji asks him if they’re going to Aizu together; Ren replies that they’re most likely not, and Jouji remarks how if they ride a boat together in lake Inawashiro, the legend says they will stay together forever.

Kiho visits Oto and asks her about what she’s gonna do with Ren now she knows his feelings; Oto says she will meet him tomorrow in order to break it off properly much to Kiho’s dismay who doesn’t understand why she would do that, when she loves him. Oto remarks that the timing isn’t right, and she has already been two years with Ibuki and doesn’t want to hurt him; Kiho argues that Ren will be hurt, but Oto replies that because it is Ren he will understand.

The next day, Oto prepares to meet Ren but before she heads out she’s seen writing something in the notepad she picked from her work that is similar to the one her mother wrote her- she encloses the letter in her desk and exits her apartment.
On her way, she sees a girl standing out of the crowd visibly shaken and asks her if she’s okay; the girl reveals to her that she just landed in Tokyo and someone stole her bag. Oto tells her to head to the closest police station, and as they walk the girl gives Oto two lucky bracelets to wear with her loved one, as a thanks for her help.

They track down the thief, only to find out he’s a homeless young man who has been hungry for too long and only took out the food from her bag; the girl tells him that he should have just asked her and she would have given him food but before they talk more, the crowd is after him and the young man runs away, with Oto and the girl following him.

Ren waits for Oto, and after a while he calls her to leave her a message, asking her if anything came up and had to run late; he then goes on about how clearly he remembers the day they met, and talks about the particular moment they were returning to Tokyo just before the sunrise. Upon seeing her smiling, he wished that she would always be happy but before he’s able to finish his sentence, the message finishes, while Oto is caught up in the commotion and is being pushed down the stairs.

Ibuki gets notified about Oto being in the intensive care in the hospital, while Ren takes a photo of a flower blooming on the sideways.


Reflection Corner :


“Do you really want to hurt meeee, do you really want to make me cryyyyy?”

EHH ITSUKOI, do you really want to make us cry? I mean, obviously you do (title and all that) but if you DARE off Oto, it will be poop!

Before I explain why it will be poop, let me first give my special shoutouts to :

yo just popped up here to drink and deliver truths!

yo just popped up here to drink and deliver truths!

1  . DRUNK KIHO MAKES MORE SENSE THAN ANYONE. Period. I felt like Itsukoi became so meta (yet again! after Oto’s line to Shizue a few episodes back) with Kiho hitting her glass on the floor asking “WHY would you break it off with Ren when you’re clearly in love with him?!!”

“There’s a difference between being kind and being too kind- love is unfair; it rejects the odd number. It’s inevitable.”

The fact that Kiho acted like a matchmaker between Oto and Ren made me laugh, I mean how the times have changed! But she was really great this episode, trying to “fix” things between two people she came to care for a lot. (thank you Sakamoto for not giving us cattyass fights for no reason!)


2  . Finally, Haruta got a bit more focus and I will admit that I liked it; now his weird behavior makes sense and why he has always Konatsu’s back. It made sense, what he said; Konatsu might act on the extreme side at times, but she’s upfront and honest and I can see how he would like that quality of hers. Yeah, I sort of dig it now!


3  . Oh Ibuki, you lost your way pal; the upside of that, is, he realized it before it was too late. Like I’ve said in a previous post, he just tries to hang on to everything tightly in fear of losing it all, but acting like that, will have the opposite effect. His moment of honesty with Oto was nice, and I can (sorta) see why Oto resolved to choosing him. (but come on, we all know that by the time she would see Ren all her resolve would go outta the window!)


And  now, let me explain why it will be shit if Oto dies, and this is not a case of “wanting my OTP to get together in the end no matter what!!!111” :::


First and most importantly,  Oto’s way of leading a noble life has to be rewarded.

“I was thinking at the time, may this person please find happiness. You always live your days to the fullest,  believing in tomorrow. This may be a hopeless world, but it doesn’t mean none of us have hope. When I look at you, that’s how I feel.”

Secondly, the recurring theme of the series, is how Ren and Oto always find their way back to each other, despite circumstances, despite years passing, despite everything.


In this episode, the discussion about Ren’s homeplace and how he wants to visit it together with Oto came up again; the last time that was brought up, was back in episode 4, where we had a switch of roles, since it was Oto that told him she’d like to see it one day (and in episode 5, she reiterated that wish of hers to Ibuki)

See a pattern here? They’re never on the same page, but they both want the same thing. (the lake, thematically, extends to their love for one another)

There’s no way Sakamoto would bring all that up again in the finishing stages of the drama, just to have Oto die before she tells Ren that she loves him. You want to tell me that Oto’s last moment with Ren was drawing his perfectly handsome face, him telling her he loves her and before she’s able to reply properly to that, she dies? NO.FUCKING.WAY.  (the only alarming thing that is giving me seconds thoughts is that she’s the same age as her mother when she died but still, doesn’t mean that history has to repeat itself!)


Unless Sakamoto opts for a nonsensical shock value ending, I trust him to honor the narrative-promise; and that is,  Ren and Oto ending up together. At the very least, have a last moment of thanking each other for the love they felt in between them before moving on.

So yes, I’m pretty hopeful about the ending- I mean let’s be real guys, Ren and Oto have UNCHAINED MELODY written all over them, so like the beautiful lyrics say “Godspeeeeeed your loooooove toooo meeeeeeee” <—Sakamoto,  I PUT MY FAITH IN YOU.

Onwards to episode 10 then, bring the finale on!


Disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to sanashi @ DA.

p.s I haven’t been on twitter for a few days now, in order to steer clear from spoilers (which is a miracle, I always embrace spoilers loool) about Yamaneko & ItsuKoi finale. If you have sent me any messages, this is the reason I haven’t gotten back to you guys; I will get online soon and reply to everyone. ; )

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  1. mik
    March 22, 2016 at 6:53 pm — Reply

    I love your analysis about Ren and Oto and I agree that they should end up together. I hope the ending will be happy too and Oto won’t die.

    • March 22, 2016 at 6:56 pm — Reply

      Thank you, I hope so too; heck, I don’t even mind them not ending up together (I DO!) as long as Oto is alive. She can run her own candy store and be happy but SHE CAN’T DIE.

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