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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 8 Recap

Come Back Mister Ep 8 Synopsis : Hae Joon gets a taste of the punishment Maya warned him he would, if he didn’t abide by the rules.

Recap – Summary :

After her encounter with Hae Joon, Da Hye washes her face and goes on with her day as usual, while Hong Nan asks Hae Joon how his mission went- he replies it was sort of successful and then asks her back about her own; Hong Nan says that Yoo Hyuk’s confession-recordings should be online soon.

Jae Kook listens the audio recordings of Yoo Hyuk confessing of pretending to be Yi Yeon’s lover, and wonders if Hong Nan and Hae Joon worked together for that.

In Gi Tak’s apartment, Hong Nan is proud to have come up with such a great plan to expose Yoo Hyuk, but Yi Yeon pretends she didn’t need her help. Hong Nan is still going on about her marvellous plan with Jegil and Seung Jae backing her up, until she realizes that she hasn’t free Yoo Hyuk yet; she frees him and offers him food, while Seung Jae receives a call from Suk Chul and Jegil urges him to pick sides soon.

Hong Nan asks Seung Jae if he’s alright, but he tells her to worry about herself; she sits him down and treats his wounds, reciting the words that she told him once about not getting into a fight again; she tells him that if he has serious trouble with Suk Chul because of her, she should hand her over to him and put his survival first.

Later, Hong Nan meets Hae Joon who can’t understand why his wife was angry with him for revealing the truth, same as Hong Nan who wonders why Yi Yeon wouldn’t be happy with his actions, concluding that despite coming back as a woman, he still doesn’t get them.

Hae Joon visits his old home, and tells the truth to his father about what happened to Young Soo- his father is relieved to know that his son wouldn’t throw his life away like that, while Da Hye explains the situation in a delicate way to Han-Na who doesn’t take it as good. She takes it out on Hae Joon for overworking her father, as Hae Joon can do nothing but watch his family cry around his memorial spot.

Meanwhile, Suk Chul is suspicious of Seung Jae as he covers for both Yoo Hyuk and Hong Nan, wondering if Hong Nan is really his sister as he says she is.

Yi Yeon and Hong Nan visit Gi Tak’s grave- Yi Yeon thanks Gi Tak for sending her his sister, and Hong Nan is unhappy she can’t listen her words clearly; at that time Jegil arrives with a beef soup specifically for his long-lost boss. Seung Jae joins them soon after, informing them that Yoo Hyuk went his own way, and they all pay their respects to Gi Tak’s spot as Hong Nan tastes the soup and “nags” about the taste.

Hae Joon stands outside SunJin’s building and asks Maya why uncovering the truth of his death doesn’t make much of a difference- Maya replies that the fact that he died remains, and that can’t get easier. She then asks him to return to Heaven now that his mission is complete but Hae Joon says he has stuff to do still- he sees Da Hye visiting the store at night, and thinks she’s meeting with Ji Hoon.

He follows her and finds her paying her respects to Young Soo inside an old carriage in the warehouse; she “speaks” to Young Soo and apologizes to him for only thinking that she was the one suffering, while she now knows that he had a lot of difficulties to handle as well. Hae Joon listens to her with tears in his eyes, as Da Hye wonders if she should have been more honest with Young Soo while they were married, since she only thought she would have to act good and hide her loneliness, and if that would have made things between them better. She states how she has to let go of him and move on.

Hae Joon is angry at her last words, and asks her about what she said; Da Hye is surprised to find him there and replies that he knows nothing of what happened in her life something that aggravates Hae Joon further, who nearly pushes her, asking her if he was the flaw in her life. Suddenly  time stops and Young Soo gets transferred to a world where Da Hye is married to Ji Hoon and Han Na is their daughter.

He screams that’s not true, and Maya appears in front of him, reminding him of the warning she gave him once; if he keeps that behavior up, his existence will be erased completely of the world, so he should be very careful from now on.

The time resumes again, and Da Hye tells Hae Joon to mind his business before she walks away.

Yi Yeon invites Hong Nan to stay the night with her in Gi Tak’s apartment, saying that she can sleep there anytime since it is her brother’s afterall. While Yi Yeon goes to take a shower, Hong Nan does everything she can not to picture her there but her thoughts are interrupted by Hae Joon’s call who wants to talk to her about Da Hye.

He tells her about how scary it was to see Da Hye and Ji Hoon in the alternate reality, and then wonders why Da Hye never told him clearly about feeling lonely- Yi Yeon join the discussion, and says that she might have told him but he didn’t listen enough. He has no right to meddle with her life right now, as he merely clings to her, almost like an obsession; Hong Nan disagrees that not being able to let go of a person is sometimes out of a person’s will, while Hae Joon now wonders if Da Hye ever loved him. Yi Yeon urges Hong Nan never to fall for a lame guy like Hae Joon before she makes her way to the apartment.

Hae Joon says he needs to seduce Da Hye but Maya pops up and tells him that this is an act of revenge and is forbidden; Hae Joon replies that he doesn’t plan to seduce her in order to break her heart, but to have a better understanding of her feelings, as Hong Nan backs him up, making Maya wondering if they have a case and complaining about having to do a lot of work because of them.

Jae Kook tells Secretary Wang that Yi Yeon scandal going back to him was all Hae Joon’s doing and he wants to destroy the Cha family; Wang asks him if that rumour is unfounded then, and Jae Kook insinuates that he had to do it so he could bring Young Chan at his father’s wish- upon hearing those words, Chairman Cha speaks for himself, and curses Jae Kook for his actions, and how he’s responsible for his state.

Da Hye discusses with Young Soo’s dad, how they can pay the loan Young Soo took, and since her salary is not enough, she suggests selling the house; Young Soo’s dad agrees as the house is big anyway, and Da Hye is thankful to him for his help all those years.

Hong Nan has trouble sleeping next to Yi Yeon, who proves to move a lot in her sleep, while Hae Joon finds himself waking up in the dog’s house, the next morning.

He returns to his old house and is having breakfast like nothing ever changed, much to everyone’s surprise; Da Hye threatens she will call the police for breaking and entering but wants to know how he knew the passcode first. Hae Joon mumbles to himself that he shouldn’t have gotten drunk last night to behave like this, and replies to Da Hye that Young Soo have him the code and told him to visit anytime he wanted. Young Soo’ father is not convinced and tells Da Hye to call the police, but before she’s able to do that, both her and Hae Joon are summoned to the Jae Kook’s office.

Jae Kook tells Da Hye that Young Soo’s name was cleared as Baek admitted his wrongdoings, but her husband’s fall was an unfortunate event that had nothing to do with SunJin.  Hae Joon argues that Young Soo died from hemorrhage that was caused by overextertion but Jae Kook replies that they can’t prove that now. However, since Young Soo died in the company area, the company will compensate her for that and asks her to sign that deal- Hae Joon advises Da Hye not to sign it.

Yi Yeon visits Jae Kook’s house to see her son and Chairman Cha tells her that she should give the full custody to his family, since Young Chan is the SunJin heir, and she can’t raise him up on her own.

Da Hye doesn’t sign the contract Jae Kook gave her, saying it’s not enough before she storms off, followed by Hae Joon. Jae Kook tells Ji Hoon to get Da Hye to sign the deal to end Young Soo’s death matter once and for all.

Hae Joon tells Da Hye that she should look to get as much money as she can from the company since they drove Young Soo to death, and Da Hye admits that she knows that, as she has many things she needs to take care of- but, she feels like she would exchange Young Soo’s life for that money. Hae Joon disagrees, and tells her that this money belong to Young Soo for working so hard, and he would want her to receive it. Da Hye is unsure, but promises Hae Joon she will pay back the loan to him even if she has to sell the house.

Yi Yeon checks the offer Chairman Cha gives her about being able to join any agency she wants and be a shareholder, but turns it down; she says she wants to raise Young Chan on her own, and show him how good is to accomplish things on your own and appreciate your freedom.

Hong Nan waits for her outside, and asks her how everything went- Yi Yeon says she might have turned down a once in a lifetime offer but she had to do it.

Jae Kook arrives at the time, and asks her to have tea together; she tells Yi Yeon that Yoo Hyuk will deny it was his voice and they can come up with a headline that involves them being in good terms. Otherwise, he will release Gi Tak’s photos with her, and cite him as her secret lover.

Yi Yeon tells him that he shouldn’t be bringing up dead people in his affairs, and Jae Kook reminds her that it was her fault that Gi Tak died, since she always ran up to him when she had problems. Yi Yeon wonders if that is why he ran DNA tests on Young Chan once, moking him for not recognizing his own son. Jae Kook gets angry at her words, but before he’s able to lay a hand on her, Hong Nan intervenes and tells him that if he dares do that again, she will be the one to kill him. She urges him to release the Gi Tak photos, and show the world what kind of loser he is, before she takes Yi Yeon to leave.

Ji Hoon meets with Da Hye and tells her that whatever decision she will make about receiving or not the money, he will support her and wants her to be happy; Da Hye recites his words about never properly breaking up, and tells him that he chose his ambition over her. She urges him not to worry about her anymore, as it wasn’t his choice back then that forced  her to choose Young Soo, but it was hers and bids him goodbye.

Ji Hoon asks her if she can forgive him and give him another chance, but Da Hye walks away.

Yi Yeon takes Young Chan to his new house- Gi Tak’s apartment, that is. She tells Hong Nan how things might have been different if she had properly ran away from Jae Kook years ago and return to Gi Tak, but Hong Nan replies that she needs to be tough for her son now, and focus on raising him up well; Yi Yeon says that this is what she plans to do.

Back in the apartment, Hong Nan confirms that Jae Kook released the first story about him being okay with Yi Yeon and wonders what kind of fake industry that is; she wishes that Yi Yeon would stop getting herself involved in that, but her line of thinking is interrupted as Yi Yeon walks around with her robe. Yi Yeon replies that acting is the only thing she can do, and she will keep on doing that.

The next day, they both visit Joo Yeon and with Hong Nan’s persuasive thug-method, they ask her to find a spot for Yi Yeon in one of her projects, since she was the one to take her original spot with Jae Kook’s help.

Hae Joon finds out that Da Hye was serious about selling the house, and drives away two interested buyers;  when Da Hye returns home she finds Hae Joon there with Han Na’s approval, as she doesn’t want to sell the house. Hae Joon states that he has a right to this house as a creditor, but Da Hye is not having it.

She takes him outside to talk and asks him what is his real goal; Hae Joon simply says that he doesn’t want to see the house sold, and is planning to stay there for some time, so he can help her overcome her loneliness.



Reflection Corner :


Oh Hong Nan, (and Hong Nan’s gang!) I love you more and more each episode. I’ve said this before, but I’m in for the long haul when it comes to Hong Nan’s story much more than Hae Joon’s one (though I have started to warm up to his more than before as of late) only because Hong Nan understands completely the reasons she came back and is focused on doing her job 100%.

“How precious things are, when you work hard to acquire them. How thankful freedom is. How the world is filled with simple and beautiful things.”


The thug-family is a joy to watch; love to see Yi Yeon holding her own and earning her place there with Jegil and Seung Chae, and giving a simplistic, yet meaningful speech to Chairman Cha about how important is to work for things and having the satisfaction all for yourself after you have achieved what you set out to do.


Speaking of Seung Chae, poor guy; he’s totally falling for Hong Nan and her tough yet truthful antics. He’s like trying to escape her but Hong Nan is having none of it, sitting him down and treating his wounds, telling him all those sort of things about protecting himself first; poor guy! That one is not gonna end well, is it? Lol

Hae Joon reverted back to his random outbursts once again, and Maya was serious (for once!) in reprimanding him; he didn’t come back to act like this around Da Hye, and he needs to keep his feelings in check and not let them run around in rampage.


His reason for staying with Da Hye does sound a bit silly, but I can get how he wants to fix things indirectly; I’m just not sure how that will work if Da Hye falls for him? I mean, she will end up lonely again, in a way, won’t she?

Anyways, I’m interested to see how he will work that angle, so onwards to episode 9!


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