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Descendants of the Sun Episode 6 Recap

“I have been granted the permission to become a doctor.
I faithfully vow to give my life to serve humanity.
The health and life of my patients will be my priority.
I will faithfully carry out my duties towards my patients
Regardless of their race, religion or nationality.
I will not use my knowledge ruthlessly even when i am under threat.
I hereby take this oath on my account and on behalf of my honor.”


Mo Yeon pointed out that she was finding Shi Jin very charming, but at the same time he was dangerous and his silence on everything he was doing was making things a bit more difficult. She wished she had more time to get to know him better and make things less complicated in her mind, but he was always leaving all of a sudden and she couldn’t do anything about that. She was feeling like a fool for finding herself in this complicated situation and pointed out that she couldn’t like him at that point. Mo Yeon urged Shi Jin to apologize instead of confessing his feelings and that’s what he did. After saluting her, Shi Jin decided to leave. Mo Yeon lit her candle in solitude whereas Shi Jin was losing himself in his own thoughts while staring at his dog tag with the mosquito coil Mo Yeon had given him burning nearby.

The next morning the soldiers were training and Gi Beom informed Mo Yeon that Shi Jin had already left. She thought that Shi Jin wasn’t a man who would give a second chance and her mood wasn’t the finest.

Shi Jin was glad to witness anew his photo with his parents, but his father pointed out that he should have listened to his mother in order to become a doctor or a judge since nobody appreciates soldiers. Shi Jin told him that he was both smart and athletic and he couldn’t afford to follow one of the pathways his mother wanted him to! He helped his father with his military suit and wished him to live a long and healthy life in order to take a picture with his son the day he would become a general! His father informed him that nobody becomes a general without connections and even though Shi Jin had found himself in a difficult situation the moment he disobeyed his orders his father was still proud of him since it was a part of an honorable soldier’s life. The whole family took a picture together.


Dae Young was training his team while being on one of his soldier’s shoulders! Every time someone was failing to accomplish his training mission all of them were paying the price! Dae Young informed them that they could fight him back out there, but inside the camp he was in charge of everything going on! The handsome trainee, Shi Jin, showed them how descending is done and like a new superhero he appeared upside down in front of Dae Young who became aware that Shi Jin had been missing him all this time!

They went out for drinks and Shi Jin informed Dae Young that his father’s discharge ceremony was so beautiful he almost found himself in tears the moment he received the flowers. Some soldiers Dae Young had tormented in the past appeared and once they noticed him things became awkwardly dangerous! Dae Young had promised them that they could deal with him anytime in the outside world and he informed Shi Jin on their escape route! Soon enough, both Shi Jin and Dae Young turned into Spiderman’s trainees and found themselves on the lower floor which was filled with soldiers that started chasing them! After a quirky fight erupted Shi Jin and Dae Young left the place with all of the soldiers running after them!

Eventually, they managed to hide and the danger passed them by! Shi Jin recalled that Dae Young was also harsh on him back in the days, but instead of fighting they started discussing about the wine Dae Young had left behind for Shi Jin who pointed out that he just tasted it while being with Mo Yeon! He didn’t unveil more details, but he delivered the message that things didn’t go well! Dae Young used the “little strokes fell great oaks” idiom to encourage Shi Jin, but Shi Jin pointed out that he didn’t have any right to use it since he wasn’t progressing things with Myeong Joo! Dae Young informed him that he did a stroke, but it was upon himself and Shi Jin laid emphasis on the fact that both of them were stupid, something that was becoming even stronger when they were together; like that moment!

Their hideout was next to Dae Young’s house, but once he left he received a phone call from Myeong Joo who couldn’t believe that he had answered it! He couldn’t say anything, he was just listening to her voice. She informed him that everything was fine and that she was missing him severely, but she wasn’t taking her pride into consideration because she knew how much Dae Young was loving her. Memories started coming back to the surface in Dae Young’s silence and Myeong Joo would like to hear him breathe in order to make sure that he was listening to her.

Mo Yeon was exchanging messages with Ji Soo who was eagerly waiting for her return and had some good wine for them to drink together, but Mo Yeon wasn’t drinking with other women and asked her to present a good guy for her! As for Shi Jin, Mo Yeon pointed out that he was the best and instead of asking him to apologize she should have confessed her feelings for him. Mo Yeon admitted that she was the one who missed all of the opportunities one after the other and wondered how could a man like Shi Jin ever like her. In the meantime, Shi Jin was inside a bus losing himself in his own thoughts while being over a Mo Yeon oriented advertisement.


Shi Jin was playing pool and soon enough Dae Young arrived to witness that he had forgotten how to play! They were wearing like-minded t-shirts and Shi Jin took photos of Dae Young and sent them to Myeong Joo who was melting while filling a soldier’s hand with iodine tincture!

The child Mo Yeon had treated brought her a painting in which he was depicting Mo Yeon and Shi Jin along with the children. She started recalling the moments when she was trying to inform them on hygiene and Shi Jin was translating for her, but he was always adding that if they wouldn’t do what she was telling them to she would have to shoot them! The kids were always laughing making Mo Yeon a bit thoughtful on what Shi Jin was telling them!

Shi Jin went fishing and he was feeling all alone. He called Dae Young and tried to convince him to go there as well but he wasn’t successful. He was holding the rock from Navagio beach and he was recalling his conversation with Mo Yeon when she gave it back to him in order to find out whether he’d return there or not. Mo Yeon was above Navagio beach and she was imagining how beautiful it would be if she would be able to go there anew along with Shi Jin.

Daniel arrived and Mo Yeon became aware that he had fixed the car. She was praising his skills and wanted to pay him back, but all he wanted from her was to make donations that would help children live under better conditions. Ye Hwa was nearby and she was enjoying the butterflies around her, but soon enough she noticed that the whole place was filled with butterflies and birds who were feeling uneasy.

Mo Yeon was checking the inventory one last time before leaving and Myeong Joo ruined her peace of mind by asking her if she liked Shi Jin. Myeong Joo could easily notice how much she liked Shi Jin and that was the moment she received a phone call from him! Mo Yeon was enraged but Myeong Joo kept teasing both Shi Jin and Mo Yeon at the same time, but Shi Jin countered her attack by mentioning that Dae Young was nearby enjoying his espresso! Mo Yeon’s awkwardness turned into another counter attack by putting Myeong Joo in charge of the inventory since she took away her precious time!

The soldiers took a picture of the medical team, but Mo Yeon was lost in her own world and couldn’t care less on whether she would be on the first or the second helicopter ride. She ended up being on the first one on their way towards the airport and she became aware that the view of the sea and Navagio beach from up high were strong enough reasons to make Shi Jin protect that place at all costs.


Young Soo was hiding his diamonds while Lee Yi Kyung’s character was trying to sleep. Soon enough his manager scolded him for not wearing his safety helmet and shortly after a tremendous earthquake shook the land of Uruk! Mo Yeon and a part of the medical team were witnessing everything going on from the helicopter whereas we got to see the dangers many of our figures had to face during the earthquake. Shi Jin saw the news and started heading towards the base. Commander Yoon ordered the troops to start getting ready and along with Shi Jin he gave his consent for Dae Young to get on board as well.

Mo Yeon insisted that they wouldn’t get on the plane since half the medical team was left behind and they intended to help during these difficult times after the natural disaster. Hee Eun was devastated since she didn’t know if Chi Hoon was fine but Ji Soo tried to ease her burden. The hospital president was acting oh so caring when it comes to his personnel in Uruk and commander Yoon reassured him the finest of his men would start heading there to rescue the medical team and offer their services to the people of Uruk. Shi Jin and Dae Young’s bromance was shining anew on the plane while heading towards Uruk!

Mo Yeon and those who were with her found out that the rest of the medical team was fine and from the soldiers’ side only Gi Beom had been wounded after dislocating his shoulder. All of them got informed that the power plant had collapsed and went there to witness the apocalyptic scenery amid human pain and destruction. Chaotic situations need drastic decisions and Mo Yeon informed everyone on how to use medication and what colors they should use on the patients according to their condition. Soon enough everyone was trying to do his/her best in order to save the patients’ lives. Young Soo was caring only about his diamonds and not about the workers’ lives and he couldn’t possibly tell how many were trapped under the ruins, but Woo Geun didn’t intend to listen to his heartless requests and went to help people in need.

The manager along with another worker were trapped and in danger but even then the manager was trying to encourage him while trying to make others listen to them. Chi Hoon was trying to save a patient, but Mo Yeon informed him that the patient was dead. Chi Hoon kept trying and trying as he was losing himself in tears for being unable to save him and prevented Mo Yeon from announcing the hour of death. Sang Hyun slapped him in order to bring him back to reality and reassured him that he was still the doctor many people needed there and urged him to start saving people instead of losing himself in the devastation of the moment. Eventually he announced on his own the hour of death and closed the deceased patient’s eyes.

Ji Soo was trying to reach Mo Yeon on the phone but she was unable to do so and she left her a message urging her to call her back as soon as possible. Amidst chaos and while everyone was trying his/her best to save people’s lives Mo Yeon was recalling her vows as a doctor. One of the patients noticed that Mo Yeon’s shoes were killing her and he gave her his own in order to be able to perform her duties as a doctor. So far 14 people had passed away and Gi Beom was writing it down.


Everyone noticed the helicopter nearby and the special forces started descending through the ropes. Shi Jin appeared through the dust and the night and Mo Yeon witnessed him. He was glad to find out that everyone was safe and he would be in charge of the rescue plan. Even though Gi Beom was wounded he didn’t intend to step back! He urged everyone to not get hurt in order to be able to save as many people as possible.

Myeong Joo ran towards Dae Young who was concerned but so glad seeing her well. Myeong Joo ordered him to remain safe at all costs and they saluted one another.

Shi Jin appeared and helped Mo Yeon tie her shoelaces. He was glad that she wasn’t hurt and he was regretting not saying her goodbye before leaving. Since he couldn’t be with her he urged her to be safe and Mo Yeon wished the same for him. Both of them left towards opposite directions to perform their duties.

~ Thoughts ~


And the 6th episode had even greater ratings as it reached 28.5%! This episode had so many feels, they were striking you down right when you were expecting them, but they were also there when you weren’t expecting them at all! Descendants of the Sun captivates even more with every passing episode and i am more than glad witnessing it paving the way towards the right direction even though the destination remains unclear along with the way things will progress during its second half!


I kind of love Mo Yeon’s contradictory world! In one hand she loves Shi Jin, on the other hand she keeps pushing him away and she usually reaches the first part of the sentence after having fulfilled the second one! She paces perfectly well with “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” and it wasn’t only apparent the morning after Shi Jin left, but also throughout the episode! She may not had been sincere the moment she stated that she didn’t like him, but she was honest when it comes to Shi Jin’s dual nature. He’s both charming and dangerous and its second aspect was the one that was fueling the internal conflict a bit more. The silence around him and the fact that he could leave her side any time he was receiving like-minded orders were two essential factors that were playing their own part in preventing her from taking that brave step ahead.


The interaction between Shi Jin and his father was powerful in its own way. It wasn’t a lengthy scene but it possessed all the necessary feels from the fact that soldiers aren’t that appreciated nowadays which was striking a chord to the absence of Shi Jin’s mother who was still there through her picture. The father didn’t seem austere so i guess he never forced him in the military, it must had be a conscious decision. What are we going to do with these two though? Of course i am referring to Shi Jin and Dae Young, they are one of the best bromance duets out there and even though they don’t reveal too much on what’s going on with the women they love they can read through the lines and clearly understand what they are going through!


They aren’t in the military for no reason, that sense of understanding and indirect evasion is an art and they put it to use on the battlefield of love! On top of that, the moment Shi Jin was descending and appearing upside down in front of Dae Young like a boss was hilarious! The chemistry between Jin Goo and Song Joong Ki is immense and the way they escaped from the pub was more than hilarious! Dae Young gives promises he can’t live up to, especially when he’s a more than strict instructor inside the camp! And he certainly shouldn’t use idioms like “little strokes fell great oaks!” Shi Jin lives up to its expectations whereas Dae Young’s silence is devouring him from the inside as he keeps nurturing his feelings in silence.


Even though i ship hard Mo Yeon and Shi Jin, sometimes my feels give me the impression that i adore Dae Young and Myeong Joo a bit more! Dae Young listening to her without talking but gradually breaking apart while she was ultimately happy that he finally answered her call even though he wasn’t talking to her was so powerful! Every time these flashbacks come to the surface they make me craving to see them as happy as they used to be and even more in the near future! These two play piano with my feels, especially when they use the pedal through Dae Young’s bleakness, Myeong Joo’s heartrending enthusiasm and their common memories!


Mo Yeon finally admitting what a great guy Shi Jin is and how she kept missing the opportunities one after the other was of great importance. The internal conflict had started surrendering and she was becoming more specific when it comes to her feelings, but the bus scene possessed a sense of tragic irony! Mo Yeon’s finger pointing towards Shi Jin felt like “yes, this is the ideal man and he’s getting devoured by his own thoughts while i’m missing him, isn’t my smile nice?” Even later, their thoughts were once again connected as Shi Jin was holding the rock from Navagio beach while Mo Yeon was daydreaming of how beautiful it would be for both of them to be there anew with more relaxing vibes surrounding them. They certainly bump into one each other as they pass by, even in their thoughts!


Shi Jin and Myeong Joo are a powerful combo, they always fuel one another’s flames graciously with the people they love and just like Shi Jin sent her pictures of Dae Young the same applied to Myeong Joo’s phone call the moment she had more palpable proof that Mo Yeon actually liked him! Mo Yeon’s smile on the helicopter the moment she found out that Shi Jin loved Uruk’s seascape enough to protect it by any means necessary was shattered by the earthquake! The following picture is because i love Jeon Soo Jin.


I honestly loved D-Day, but the overall presentation and the CGI felt greater and more realistic in Descendants of the Sun! It certainly felt like an earthquake to the extent of missing a real one a bit, ha! The wide variety of sincere (almost everyone) or abhorrent (the hospital director and the power plant leading figure) feelings were utterly representative of the circumstances and Onew actually made me enjoy his performance for the first time in Descendants of the Sun through his devastation!


Under the shadow of the natural disaster, commander Yoon set aside his personal feelings and could acknowledge the fact that Dae Young was among his best men and he should head towards Uruk. However, somewhere deep within i feel like he knew that he would do his best to keep Myeong Joo safe and that was making him twice as capable of going there! The moment they met anew their mutual caring was floating amid chaos, Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo are so adorable together, it’s that simple!


Mo Yeon and Shi Jin’s meeting was like-minded, affectionate in its own way but maintaining their own distance as well. It also brought to the surface the renowned scene we had become aware of before the drama started airing with Shi Jin tying her shoelaces! It may had felt cliche drama-wise, but it possessed its own soothing dynamics after Mo Yeon had witnessed hell on earth for a whole day. The real struggle will begin the moment a new day will dawn and i can’t wait to witness all of our characters in action, but also our two captivating couples through their interactions! Come forth, 7th episode!


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