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Descendants of the Sun Episode 4 Recap

“Soldiers always live under a shroud.
When you die in a nameless land for the sake of your country
The place of your death becomes your grave
And your uniform becomes your shroud.”


Once Mo Yeon reassured Shi Jin that she could save the patient he disobeyed his orders. Shi Jin intended to protect the patient and the medical team at all costs and he and his men secured them by any means necessary. In the meantime, there was turmoil in the political, military and hospital circles on the complications that would arise in case something went very wrong.

Shi Jin kept ignoring his superior’s calls even though he would face the consequences. Mo Yeon decided to proceed with the surgery and even though the situation was tough inside the operating room Mo Yeon maintained her patience and managed to save him. Even though his personal doctor thought that everything went well during the operation nothing was over since the patient hadn’t woken up yet.

Even though the operation was a success and an armed conflict was avoided, Shi Jin would still have to take responsibility for disobeying orders and causing a diplomatic incident. General Yoon ordered Dae Young to keep Shi Jin under detention despite the fact that he was proud of his decision. The overall ambiance was overburdened, but Shi Jin could only pace with the overall flow.

The rest of the medical team were eating while a guard was keeping an eye on them, but things became a bit awkward the moment Min Ji and Ja Ae were wondering whether they had forgotten a gauze inside the patient’s body or not!

Shi Jin would be under detention inside the supply room and Byung Soo wanted to talk to him in private. The conversation began with a kick and Shi Jin was informed that he had just ruined his career, but even though he was apologetic for all the trouble he had caused he didn’t have any regrets when it comes to the decisions he made. However, he was intending to take full responsibility for everything.

Mo Yeon was concerned about Shi Jin, but she couldn’t see him for now. The patient hadn’t woken up yet, but she was confident that he would regain consciousness very soon. Byung Soo pointed out that she wouldn’t have a problem in opening her own clinic whereas Shi Jin had ruined his career. In case the patient never wakes up, Mo Yeon found out that prison would be Shi Jin’s next destination.

Dae Young would had been in charge of the overall team in Shi Jin’s absence, but his transfer hadn’t been cancelled. They got informed that Shi Jin would take full responsibility and that they shouldn’t complicate things even more in case they got questioned in the future.

Dae Young was still seeing Shi Jin as his superior officer and praised the decisions he made. He would still have to return to Korea since it was an order and once he reported back to Shi Jin they saluted one another.

Mo Yeon would have ten minutes to talk to Shi Jin from the other side of the wall. She was apologetic even though Shi Jin would never want her to do so. She was still worried since the patient hadn’t woken up, but Shi Jin’s quirky attitude was there as he pointed out that Mo Yeon should only care about him and nobody else. Shi Jin laid emphasis on the fact that she really looked sexy inside the operating room and he pointed out that he did what he did because beautiful women, children and the elderly are always his priority when it comes to protecting others.

During the incident a beauty and an old man were there, so he had to follow his own rules. Mo Yeon was losing herself in tears while Shi Jin was praising her skills, but he was also trying to brighten her mood by pointing out that everything was fine until he started missing her! She couldn’t believe that he was still making jokes, but it was helping him through these tough moments. She gave him a mosquito coil and even though the supply room was filled with them he was thankful.

The patient eventually woke up and everyone was relieved! Mubarat left by helicopter and his main security guard nodded in agreement towards Mo Yeon who was satisfied that everything went well. Dae Young got informed by Woo Geun on the latest events whereas Gi Beom was sad that Dae Young was leaving that way! However, Dae Young was still caring a6bout him and he had left for Gi Beom everything he needed to study in order to pass the GED exam!

Myeong Joo found out that Dae Young was returning to Korea while obeying orders and she couldn’t accept it. She was breaking apart while urging him to come back as soon as possible and while he was leaving she wrist-grabbed him and he took her in his embrace. She wanted to know the meaning behind that hug and he pointed out that he wanted her to be safe. She would like him to be brighter towards her and take responsibility for his hugging actions, but Dae Young didn’t look back.

Back in the days, Myeong Joo had found out that Dae Young didn’t want to get revenge against his ex-girlfriend, but he wanted her to be happy without any regrets. His presence made things a bit awkward for the bride, but once Myeong Joo appeared and introduced herself Dae Young held her hand and informed his ex-girlfriend that he would never miss her thanks to Myeong Joo and urged her to live a happy life.

At the end of the day, Dae Young was feeling relieved and Myeong Joo wanted him to fulfill his own part of their promise and inform Shi Jin that Dae Young was dating her. After he did, everyone at the camp was believing that Dae Young and Myeong Joo had slept together even though he had only said that they were dating! She couldn’t believe that the rumors kept spreading whereas Dae Young was kind of enjoying everything going on! The moment he urged her to turn the rumors into reality he felt her bag’s wrath!

Commander Yoon got informed on Dae Young’s transportation’s further details and he received a phone call from the Blue House. The Arab League wanted them to treat the overall incident as if it never happened and Shi Jin’s fate would be left on commander Yoon’s hands. The incident’s files would get deleted, but even though Shi Jin would be set free he would still have to go through the disciplinary committee.


Gi Beom had prepared a special meal for Shi Jin who praised everyone’s efforts and urged them to brighten up since he was intending to treat them to barbecue in the near future! Mo Yeon arrived, but she wanted to let Shi Jin enjoy his meal first.

However, he wanted to talk to her right away and Mo Yeon was thankful towards Shi Jin for putting his trust in her. She admitted she was a bit scared whereas Shi Jin wasn’t since he was used to such situations! He pointed out that he never really meant it when he said that some doctors should only appear on TV programs and she eventually agreed since he was insisting! Mo Yeon wanted to find out if the security guards would have shot her had Shi Jin and his men not been there, but she neither wanted nor received an answer!

Mubarat’s men picked them up and once they met him he was thankful towards them for saving his life. Mo Yeon urged him to rest for a while in order to stay away from stressful elements whereas Shi Jin pointed out that dictators live for too long because war is easy while peace isn’t. Even though Mubarat was more on Shi Jin’s side he decided to take into consideration Mo Yeon’s words and gave both of them his own special business cards that would save their lives as long as an Arab was nearby! Shi Jin wanted to use his own to see if it works and he exchanged it for the security guard’s car just for the day! Mo Yeon couldn’t believe he had used it that way, but all he was caring about was going on a date with her before returning to their base!

Mo Yeon urged Shi Jin to stay away from her own card and she was already regretting not taking a photo with Mubarat, something that would have helped her in case she wanted to open a clinic at a place where many Arabs lived! She pointed out that she became a doctor because she was a good student and since she would make lots of money she decided to follow that pathway in life. Chasing after money than being chased by money was always more appealing to her eyes. She would like to open a clinic in Gangnam and she didn’t deny that she wasn’t a materialistic person! She admitted that she had changed a lot while he was absent because many things had happened, but she could easily notice that Shi Jin hadn’t changed. He laid emphasis on the fact that he was more beautiful at the present and he kept complimenting her!

Shi Jin received a phone call and he had to leave, making Mo Yeon think that his dating style hadn’t changed either since they had to part ways before the date was over! She still wanted to go with him since it wasn’t prohibited and she found out that Shi Jin had to attend a funeral. One of his United Nations comrades had fallen, but also another man who was involved in weapon black market was nearby and he used to be one of Shi Jin’s comrades as well.

Shi Jin didn’t want to talk about it, but he pointed out indirectly that something like that could happen to him as well.

The next morning the soldiers were training and Mo Yeon found out that Shi Jin was in front of the disciplinary committee. His punishment would be a 3-month salary reduction and he would no longer be a candidate for the squadron leader position.

Myeong Joo tripped him and informed him that she would get her star before Shi Jin. He was already aware that she must had known that Dae Young had already returned to Korea and Shi Jin started teasing her. Once he noticed Mo Yeon he ran after her.

Mo Yeon was complaining at Byung Soo since Shi Jin didn’t deserve to take all of the responsibilities on his shoulders. She got informed that there was nothing she could do for the punishment Shi Jin received after disobeying military orders. Shortly after, Shi Jin appeared, apologized and took her out of there!

Shi Jin pointed out that she had nothing to do with his decisions and unveiled a part of the story behind his gunshot wound. One of his superiors had laid emphasis on the fact that once a soldier dies in a nameless land for his country’s sake then the place he died becomes his grave and his uniform turns into his shroud. Shi Jin had taken a bullet for that man back in the days and informed Mo Yeon that his decisions always take into consideration his comrades’ honor, but without this changing the fact that he violated the military law. He told Mo Yeon that she should never get involved in the military procedures, but she was apologetic for being concerned about him and decided to leave on her own without being able to hold back her tears.

On his way back, Shi Jin received a phone call from Dae Young who was curious if he had seen Myeong Joo, but Shi Jin wasn’t considering their meeting that important after the punishment he received! Dae Young could easily tell that Shi Jin paid a big price for the sake of a woman and he still wanted to find out if he had met Myeong Joon, but Shi Jin ended the phone call after informing him that he was paying a big price for a woman’s sake simply because international calls are expensive!

Late at night Shi Jin returned to the camp and found some wine! Mo Yeon arrived and things were awkward once she met Shi Jin, but he urged her to stay with him since he wanted to be with her. He gave her the bottle of wine and she didn’t need a glass to drink some! He wanted to drink even though he wasn’t allowed to do so, but Mo Yeon’s presence as a witness changed his plans! She was apologetic for complaining at Byung Soo and Shi Jin wanted to apologize as well, but he never did so directly! He was boasting about how fast he was, but Mo Yeon had already seen him coming out of a car!

She liked him in his army service uniform and pointed out that girls always fantasize about men in uniforms. Shi Jin could only agree since it was the reason why he became a soldier! Mo Yeon was enjoying her wine and Shi Jin wanted to drink wine and watch a movie with her. Mo Yeon thought that it would had been the perfect date for her and he found out that she didn’t watch the movie during their first incomplete date, but she didn’t inform him on the real reasons behind it. Mo Yeon kept drinking and Shi Jin found a way to drink, through a kiss!


~ Thoughts ~


We’re only during 2016’s first quarter and Descendants of the Sun has only one competitor; itself! The ratings can only go upwards and i am really curious to find out the highest peak it will reach! The drama’s 4th episode surpassed the 3rd one’s 23.4% and the next personal standard it set was 24.1%. I had already started missing Kim Ji Won and i was so glad witnessing her grandiose re-entrance during this episode! In fact, i am highly enjoying the two couples’ overall presentation, the one that is in the making and the one we witness through the flashbacks and the slight yet highly memorable and tense interactions at the present.


Shi Jin is a player, he’s got the looks and the lines, but also the temperament and the attitude. However, what differentiates him from other drama players around is the fact that he has eyes only for Mo Yeon. It’s true that he would act the same way if another woman had become his target, but he’s focused on his feelings and her aura and that’s what makes him very consistent and specific at the end of the day. Despite being a soldier following rules, he also has his own beliefs and priorities and every time he preserves them against the orders he receives he’s always ready to face the consequences of his actions under the military law. Even though he can’t be overly honest towards Mo Yeon he gradually delivers all the necessary vibes so that he can be a bit more honest than he would be towards any other out of his military life.


Shi Jin values human life in a different way from Mo Yeon. He could take a life in order to save one or more lives, but he would also give his own life in order to save one of his comrades. He’s well aware that the end could be just one step away and he had been there before the moment he had taken a bullet for his captain. He also honors his fallen comrades’ memory in everything he stands for as a soldier, but also as the person underneath the uniform even when he’s wearing it. He put his position and future promotion on the line to protect Mo Yeon and the medical team’s lives while they were trying to save someone else’s life. He’s still the same Shi Jin we met since the very beginning of the drama and even Mo Yeon could read through the lines.


The one who changed under the burden of the circumstances was Mo Yeon. She remains sharp, righteous and concerned, but she has set aside her excessive humanitarian side after all of her efforts didn’t prosper. Since the world was vicious she sacrificed a part of herself and changed in order to excel in a different way. She’s well aware of who she was and who she is at the present, but Shi Jin gradually awakens the person she used to be through their interactions in his own complimenting and playful way. Even their quarrels possess their own dynamics and even though there may be tension between them it doesn’t only set the boundaries none of them should trespass on their way towards one another, it also proves the magnetic vibes between them. They are one of these “we can’t be together, but we can’t be apart either” occasions that progress step by step and if their conversation with a wall in between was beautiful then the kiss was majestic even though we witnessed it from the far distance (for now).


The bromance between Shi Jin and Dae Young is immense. They complement one another pretty well in terms of humor but also when things get awry. The hug scene between Dae Young and Myeong Joo was kind of rare dare i say! She was the one who progressed with the wrist-grab and then Dae Young took the lead and took her in his embrace! I love the way they complete one another even though it’s heartbreaking at the present! Her longing and his restrains are a powerful combo and i am eager to find out how things will progress while the flashbacks will keep shedding more light on their background horizon! If i told you that i ship both couples equally, would you believe me?


Alright, now i can say that i can invade the world of the 5th episode and see how everything will start unveiling after the kiss. I hope that i will get the chance to witness the scene through a wide variety of angles or else i will lose myself in oceans of wine!


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