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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 6 Recap

Come Back Mister Ep 6 Synopsis : Hae Joon and Hong Nan prepare for the upcoming fashion show while they plan to expose Jae Kook.

Recap – Summary :

Da Hye replies to Hae Joon, that she indeed might not have known completely her husband and that is what angers her the most; Hae Joon is upset at her words, and on his way home he sees her sitting on a bus stop. He stops to give her something, but before she thanks him he tells her it’s garbage to throw away!

Yi Yeon is making her appearance on the press conference for her upcoming series and is soon joined by Hong Nan who earlier picked up her son; all goes well, until Joo Yeon appears and is revealed that she got the lead role afterall. Yi Yeon is embarrassed and wants to leave but Joo Yeon holds her back, claiming they have to smile in front of the photographers. Yi Yeon wants to leave and accidentally shoves her to the side, something that angers some people in the crowd who start throwing her stuff.
Hong Nan calms down Yi Yeon’s son, and tells him that this is a scene from a movie and her mother is being attacked by the villains; but he doesn’t have to worry, as she will be the one to save her (with the code name Lightning Girl!) She makes her entrance in a flashy-flying way, and nods to Yi Yeon to take her lead.

Back in the car, Yi Yeon’s son is happy with his mother for acting so well, and while the crowd is booing nearby, Yi Yeon manages to stays strong in front of him, with Hong Nan’s help.

Hae Joon receives a call to get back the tape that might have footage to clear his name, but it is revealed that it was already destroyed before it got restored.

Meanwhile, Da Hye finds Mr Baek, the man who gave her the “Rice cake” to give Young Soo that funeral day, and tells him that her husband had sent a package back to his mother; she asks him what is going on, but he claims he knows nothing and orders her to leave.

Hong Nan finds Director Goo, who’s on a meeting with Suk Chul; he talks about how Yi Yeon was never his first choice, as Suk Chul praises him for choosing Joo Yeon, and tells him that Yi Yeon will soon be out completely, as her contract with his agency might be terminated.
When Goo leaves, Jae Kook arrives and is angry with Suk Chul for fooling Yi Yeon, as he’s the only one allowed to do that; he kicks him and tells him not to mess with his plans again, as Joo Yeon looks terrified at his actions, while Hong Nan can barely contain her anger, looking at the scene from the next room.
Hae Joon finds himself in Sunjin, where Da Hye is crying in Young Soo’s locker room, when his cellphone alarm notifies about their upcoming date in the obstetrician, while Yi Yeon breaks down in her room, as Hong Nan listens to her outside the door.

The next day, Hong Nan and Hae Joon meet in the store; she wants to take Jae Kook down once and for all but Hae Joon doesn’t think it will be that easy. Their conversation is cut short, when they notice that Da Hye is having troubles with a couple, who demands a knee-down apology for her for accusing them of stealing; Hae Joon comes to Da Hye’s help after the man is calling for Da Hye’s husband but before he’s able to reveal his identity, Hong Nan kisses him and takes him away. Ji Hoon handles the situation and the case is solved when the couple is revealed to have actually stolen clothes and accessories.

Hae Joon is upset that Ji Hoon got another chance of appearing good in front of his wife, but Hong Nan says that she couldn’t have let him expose his identity and go back to Heaven. She tells him she will meet him later in his home where they will drink their troubles away with soju.

Ji Hoon comforts Da Hye about the customer incident- she asks him if she knows anything about Mr Baek’s connection with Young Soo but it’s the first time he hears of it. They later check the footage to confirm that Young Soo sent a package that day to Baek’s mother.
Hae Joon bumps into his father who came to meet Da Hye but left after the incident, and they share a moment when his father offers him kimbap and remembers that he packed it when Young Soo had his first date with Da Hye.

Ji Hoon asks Da Hye to trust him and it will be easier for him to talk to Baek and figure out what is going on.

Hae Joon introduces Hong Nan to Chairman Cha, and he’s forced to cover for them and their kiss scene earlier, stating it was a trailer scene as a promotion for the upcoming fashion show, where Hong Nan will be the main model. The Chairman tells him to handle everything about the show, as Hae Joon isn’t happy with that, thinking that his busy schedule will allow time to Ji Hoon to get closer with his wife. Hong Nan on the other hand, thinks that it is a chance to draw Jae Kook out and help Yi Yeon as well.

Hae Joon sees Da Hye returning from her lunch with Ji Hoon, and is having another jealousy fit, telling her she should stop relying on him, and since this is a lonely world she should survive independently!

Hong Nan gets Yi Yeon out of her funk, by asking her advise on how she could steal a man’s heart, and Yi Yeon shows her all her tricks.

Later, Hong Nan meets with Hae Joon to “train” for the fashion show, learning how to walk properly and keep a composed stance.

Hae Joon asks Da Hye to help him with the fashion show but she ends up helping Hong Nan indirectly; she tries a dress herself, and both Hae Joon and Ji Hoon marvel at her beauty before Hae Joon gets jealous again and tells her that she should try something else because the dress is too short for her.

Hong Nan gets a reporter who works for a programme that talks about stars that have been dumped by their agencies to talk to Yi Yeon but she refuses the offer; Hong Nan asks her how long is she gonna hide the truth but Yi Yeon tells her that doesn’t want to be pitied and she can’t understand the difficulty of her situation.

Hae Joon talks with the model that works for Jae Kook and was in a scandal with Yi Yeon once and signs him for the event, as he prepares to expose him along with Hong Nan, who shows him (and fails!) all the tricks she learned from Yi Yeon.

Hong Nan is having issues with the leather pants though and Hae Joon tries to help her in the custom dressing room in his office; their noises and movements lead others to think they’re doing “other stuff” and Da Hye misunderstands the situation and runs away.

Hae Joon chases after her and tries to explain her what happened, and they find themselves in the elevator alone- Hae Joon babbles about stuff that doesn’t make sense, and Da Hye thinks back to the first day she met with Young Soo, when he was having a similar moment.

She then tells Hae Joon that he’s weird, in the sense the he can change moods quickly, as Hae Joon says that he resembles with Young Soo in that front. Da Hye asks him about what was Young Soo like with him, a question Hae Joon returns back. She says that her husband was clumsy and silly, but he was honorable; that leads her to reveal to Hae Joon about how she tracked down Baek about the package and the rice cake, but it seems like he had no idea.

Hae Joon is happy with that development, and hugs Da Hye, as he’s sure somebody will come to pick it up soon.
Soon enough, his theory comes right, but Hae Joon finds the guy that went back to pick it, is no other than Ji Hoon.


Reflection corner :


I have to admit, that I was a bit tired in the first half of the episode, as I think that the repetition between Da Hye+Yi Yeon being saved constantly by Jae Hoon+ Hong Nan is getting a bit too much; especially when there is only focus on the melo-part.

But I was glad that the second half of the episode felt much better and composed. Yes, the ajusshis came back to fix the mess so it’s obvious there’s gonna be “constant saving” but it’s much better to watch an equal amount of humour and a touch of drama, rather than focus only the on the latter front.


Hong Nan keeps slaying and Oh Yeon Seo is owning that role! Her spectacular Matrix save, along with her “sexy mannerisms” keep giving me life! She’s completely focused on taking down Jae Kook (the tiger!) and hopefully the plan she has cooked with Hae Joon will come to fruition.


Hae Joon also had his hilarious moments this episode, but I can’t feel much about the rest of his story, mostly because I can’t seem to connect to Da Hye; I find her presence a bit flat for some reason. I liked her outburst the last episode when she told Hae Joon to shut up as she’s had enough, but she reverted back to her passive-self this episode again. I can get how she must be devastated from the tragedy that hit her, but sure she can’t keep bowing to others over and over again when they throw crap at her.


Did anyone else go “oh?” when Hong Nan insinuated that she might have a man she likes (in an effort to get Yi Yeon to teach her “the sexy strategy”) and Seung Jae went like ehhhh? I’m still here for that!


Onwards to episode 7 then, there’s a fashion show to catch!

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