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Love That Makes You Cry Episode 7

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau Ep 7 Synopsis : Oto finds out what caused Ren to change, and attempts to help him.

Recap – Summary :

Oto is taken aback by Ibuki’s proposal and he quickly understands that- he says that it might have been out of the blue, but she’d like for her to consider it. Oto tells him she will, and then informs him that she met Ren the other day, and he was in a bad place; Ibuki tells her that he doesn’t mind if she wants to help him.

The next day,  Shizue asks Oto to find Ren and asks him to visit, even if only to take care of the flowers that have started to wither. Oto meets Jouji  who tells her that Ren changed since his grandfather’s death, who became a resentful man after the big quake five years ago, blaming Ren for his shortcomings.

Oto visits Ren and relays Shizue’s message to him; Ren replies that he won’t return and Shizue shouldn’t worry about him anymore. Oto doesn’t leave and tries to provoke Ren with various remarks to get him to keep talking but in the end, after criticizing his new work Ren gets angry and orders her out.

Oto tells him that his grandpa must have loved him very much, even in the end but Ren shows her his grandpa’s pajamas and how he died in them in the train toilet, full of hate and alone, and she shouldn’t be talking about things she doesn’t know.

Later an excited Konatsu shows Ren the fashion school she wants to attend, and promises she will pay him back- she then gets scared when she hears a plane but Ren reassures her that everything’s fine.

After Konatsu goes to her room, Haruta tells Ren that he shouldn’t feel guilty about what happened to her five years ago, as he was the one to tell her to follow him in his grandpa’s house, but Ren doesn’t want to hear it.

Ibuki visits his father, who asks him to consider marriage, as his single status doesn’t help in his position anymore- Ibuki says he has someone he wants to marry, and his father tells him to bring her along the next time so he can meet her.

Kihoko asks Oto why she would help Ren, and Oto replies that she’s worried about him- Kihoko wonders if that mean she’s still in love with him but she declares herself drunk and stops herself from saying more.

Oto’s friend is rehired and the manager tells her that it was because of Ibuki’s connection, who has climbed up the ladder after making up with his father; Ibuki’s brother visits him and accuses him of becoming their father’s lapdog and he will now follow his methods of tearing down companies.

Ren’s boss  complains about the traffic line, and when Ren goes to check what’s going on, he sees that the delay was caused by an old man in a wheelchair- he helps him cross the street, and after a while he meets the kid that has forgotten a volume of the manga he had put a family photo inside.

He follows him to give it back, but the kid pushes Ren down the stairs; Ren isn’t seriously injured, and gives the volume back to the kid and orders him to leave before anyone else sees them- on his way back, he encounters a few moving company workers and watches them from afar.

Ibuki meets with Oto in her apartment and tells her that his father wants to meet her; Oto can’t reply to him yet, and part of it is because she likes where she is right now with her life; she couldn’t give up her work or apartment just like this. Ibuki understands but isn’t happy with the situation and before he leaves, he notes how she shouldn’t have told him that she would meet Ren, and he wished she would have done that without informing him.

The next day, Oto visits Ren and gives him back his grandpa’s pajamas she had taken from before to wash them clean- she tells him that she found a few receipts in the pockets and proceeds to read them to him.

Oto thinks that through the products his grandpa bought in his last days, he must have had a few happy moments, as Ren understands that his grandpa didn’t die with hate in his heart and he breaks down crying.

He later orders a kid who’s ready to work for the company, to leave and never come back and tells Haruta that he will quit this job, as he can’t do it anymore- Haruta says he will follow him on that.

The next day, Ren rides the bus and greets Oto, who understands he’s heading to Shizue after she notices he carries garden-tools.

Shizue is happy to see Ren, and tells him that he shouldn’t feel guilty for his grandpa dying, and should go on to live his life properly.

Ren takes care of the garden and Oto helps him, awarding him with a candy for his hard work as he looks upon her happy to be back there.



Reflection Corner :


Ren saved Oto six years ago, and now it was her turn to return the favor;  I found her stubborn nature a bit funny in the beginning (excuse me, xcuse me, hey SCUSE MEEE!) but Oto wasn’t gonna let Ren drown in a pool of pity, and she made her intention clear from the very start.

It does make sense for Ren to ride the angst train after envisioning his grandpa deteriorating physically and emotionally, but just as Shizue pointed out that doesn’t mean one has to stop living because they feel guilty for that, still living. His grandpa, despite his shortcomings, tried to enjoy his last moments and that revelation pushed Ren in the right side of the tracks, and let his heart heal.

dude are you chewing a candy or you trying to break your teeth?!

dude are you chewing a candy or you trying to break your teeth?!

I looooooved the ending scene between my OTP (I’m not denying it anymore! like yes, I used to ship everything but right now I’m hardcore Ren/Oto man, not gonna lie lol) – you could see that while Oto was happy to see Ren back, she wasn’t sure if he was back-back; her giving him the towel to dry his hands which he indirectly denied in typical Ren-fashion-doing-it-my-own, and then offering him the candy to eat which he SMASHED with his teeth (srsly, that sound was like he was chewing an ice-cube!), she couldn’t help but chuckle at his goofy nature coming back. Her smile was like “yes, now he’s back to his old self!”


And Ren’s look, well, that spoke volumes- he was glad to be back, he was glad that she brought him back. [apart from the whole symbolism of the flowers withering and then coming back to life! If they don’t end up together, I will flip fucking chairs, for real!]

But obviously, it’s not gonna be so easy, is it? Ibuki, I feel so bad for him; he can sense that Oto is slipping away but he’s holding on to his hope that the past years with Oto were actually honest;  in a sense they were, because Oto didn’t lead him on but I don’t think their interests lie in the same place anymore.

And that has nothing to do with Ren- I mean, it does (he is her soulmate, lbr) but Oto likes her independency and she’s proud of how far she had come; settling down right now, out of the blue, would be like throwing away all her efforts, from her perspective.


Well, at least Sasuke is still happy, right? Onwards to episode 8 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to sanashi @ DA

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  1. March 11, 2016 at 12:46 pm — Reply

    Yay. You guys are back 🙂

    • March 11, 2016 at 2:50 pm — Reply

      Well, not completely- we did mess up in some previous posts where we disabled permanently the comments, haha but yep- we’re 75% back! ; p

  2. March 11, 2016 at 2:24 pm — Reply

    I was pretty happy with this episode, given that ma boy is back! Hehe.
    Its funny how much I relate to Oto with regards to her privacy. I wouldn’t like it if somebody changed anything in my room without asking me. So Ibuki gets some negative points this time. 😉
    Hope to see more of our OTP next episode!

    • March 11, 2016 at 2:51 pm — Reply


      He did get a bit of negative points but he quickly retreated when he understood he shouldn’t have done that, so he’s fine in my book! ; p

      I hope so too; those two are driving me crazy; there are only a handful of episodes left, WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET TOGETHER GODDAMMIT

  3. bee
    March 13, 2016 at 6:57 am — Reply

    These people make me wonder how many of us living on earth compromise when it comes to relationship and how many are truly honest with our feelings…

    Ren-Kiho; Oto-Ibuki despite each person being genuinely nice and genuinely care for their partner (or former one), I can’t help seeing these two couples as a result of ‘compromise’ (well, Konatsu-Haruta too for that matter).

    The only honest outcome would be WHEN (I won’t say “if”) Ren-Oto get together … GODDAMMIT.

    I mean, in real life I can understand compromise is a very natural thing to do when there are loads of things (people consider) larger than romantic relationship but at least in a drama series, I’d like it if OUR OTP ‘GET TOGETHER GODDAMMIT’! …

    Anyway, stay awesome, girl 😉

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