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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 3 Recap


Come Back Mister Ep 3 Synopsis : Hong Nan and Hae Joon finally meet again, and find themselves in a very peculiar situation.

Recap – Summary :

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Maya informs Young-Soo that while the heaven-computer made a tiny mistake in his appearance, and his physical form is identical to Lee Hae Joon, the illegitimate son of Sunjin President; Young-Soo is unhappy to hear that (he will file a complain when he returns!) but tells Maya he will keep a low profile and avoid being mistaken for him.

Sang Sik overhears the conversation and informs Jae Kook that Hae Joon is already in Sunjin territory but he keeps his identity a secret. Jae Kook who is apparently connected with Suk Chul, promises he will fight Hae Joon with every method.

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Hong Nan tells Yi Yeon that Gi Tak called her before he died, and tries to persuade her with the words Gi Tak repeated himself, before they parted ways that night; Yi Yeon seems to believe Hong Nan to be his sister, but mentions how Gi Tak put her on a difficult spot by beating up that model. Hong Nan replies that Gi Tak never beat that model, and it was all a trap- but he died before he could prove anything.

Seung Jae tells Hong Nan that Gi Tak beating that model was the end of the beginning for “the family” as their head Boss suffered a heart attack, and it became easier for Suk Chul to get his hands on the restaurant, but Hong Nan is quick to correct his words, as Gi Tak honored his promise to live by the law.

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Young Soo follows Da Hye on her way home, and is happy to see Han Na, but she passes him by as she sees him a stranger now- Han Na did pick up on him following her mom though, and informs her of the apparent stalker.

Young Soo’s father joins them, and he releases the dog, Kang Ja, to scare away Young Soo, but Kang Ja recognizes him and instead he licks him!

Young Soo tries to reason with them that he’s not a stalker, but Han Na is quick to shoot down his arguments (something that makes him proud within!) but he finds an excuse that he’s a loan shark that Young Soo got a huge loan to buy the house, and tells them that if he’s not paid immediately, he will make his way in; and he does so.

comebackaj0300001 comebackaj0300015 comebackaj0300016 comebackaj0300017

Young Soo is getting nostalgic, remembering past events that took place in the house before his thoughts are interrupted by an angry Da Hye who is sure that her husband paid everything on his own without any help- Young Soo lies (something he doesn’t like a bit) and says that this wasn’t the case at all.

He asks to pay his respects, and when he enters his old room he breaks down, as Han Na (who believes he’s crying because he won’t get paid!) and Da Hye watch him.

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Hong Nan visits the old Boss, Jin Goo, and after some clever convincing she’s allowed to see him in his hospital room; she recounts the moments they met and how Jin Goo wanted to settle down with his wife stepping away from the job, as the fact that Suk Chul was under his care back then too. Hong Nan urges Jin Goo to wake up as he needs to plant potatoes with his wife, while Jin Goo seems to respond a bit.

Meanwhile, Young Soo is eating like crazy, (the memorial rice too!) and that prompts his dad to make a comparison of his late son with him; Young Soo asks Da Hye if they received the life insurance money yet, but Da Hye says they haven’t yet, because Young Soo’s death was ruled a suicide; she says that her daughter doesn’t know of it, but it’s revealed that Han Na does actually know, as her classmates were discussing about it.

Da Hye later finds Young Soo’s dad who has brought back some of his son’s stuff back, along with old books that Han Na wants to read; Da Hye tells them it’s time to get rid of them as they are all useless, while a dejected Young Soo looks at the scene from afar.

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Hong Nan is drinking alone and is in no mood to play around as she makes it clear to some men trying to “flirt” with her; she thinks to the conversation with Yi Yeon earlier, where Yi Yeon revealed that she was asked to do a nude photoshoot and she actually considered it, because at this rate her son might be taken away from her, since she will have no money to raise him up. She tells Hong Nan that she has nothing left to lose and she will trust her; she gives her the paparazzi photos and orders her not to say a word to Seung Jae.

Young Soo is drinking alone a little further, complaining about his dad “sitting down to do his business” as he had caught him earlier in the bathroom, as Hong Nan makes her way to his table and tells him that he shouldn’t complain for trivial things such as this, since life passes by quickly. After they’re ready to pay, they realize their wallets are empty, and Hong Nan tells Young Soo to run away (the waitress does find an abundance of dollars later in the table though!)

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They part ways, but they soon meet again in the hotel elevator- Hong Nan looks annoyed by that, but Young Soo assures her he’s not following her but he stays there too. In fact, he thinks that she looks familiar and he gets closer to her, as Young Soo thinks he sees his real self in her eyes.

Hong Nan is apparently charmed by Young Soo’s charm, and wonders if the woman form has taken her insides also apart from the outside, but later recites the words “I am a man” repeatedly until she gives in and kisses Young Soo- that moment is a revelation, as both of them “see” each other in their true forms, and they rejoice in the fact that they found each other again.

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Young Soo is quick to show his new form’s best traits as  Hong Nan wonders what good had he done in his past life to receive such a gift!

After a few sauna and abs jokes, Hong Nan asks Young Soo what is he’s gonna do with his daughter, and he mentions how he’s gonna have to clear his name on his own, so she won’t have to suffer anymore. He notes how he has noticed a side-effect taking place, when he sometimes talks against his will, as Hong Nan thinks the fact she kissed Young Soo against her will, might be the side-effect of hers.

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Meanwhile, Han Na has trouble coping with her father’s death, holding onto his cellphone, as Da Hye thinks of a few harsh words she had exchanged with Young Soo while cleaning.

Hae Joon (the original) informs the Chairman that his flight got delayed but he will be on his way soon- Secretary Wang relays the message to Chairman Cha, despite both of them believing that Hae Joon is already in the store and he’s lying to them in order to evaluate the store better.

Han Na visits the new Big Wolf, and demands the necklace of her father is returned but she’s being kicked out- she encounters Jegil and explains the situation to him, and he promises to get it back for her.

Young Soo arrives at Sunjin, determined to find proof to prove he didn’t kill himself, and he’s being greeted as the president when he enters; he soon finds out through Maya, that he’s being confused with Hae Joon.

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Hae Joon (the original) meanwhile, hitchhikes a helicopter in order to travel to Seoul but Maya manages to meddle in there too, leading Hae Joon to an unknown destination.

Young Soo tries to hide but Sang Sik finds him, and apologizes to him for not knowing who was up until now- that is, the store manager. Young Soo grabs the opportunity as Sang Sik shows him around, and when Da Hye sees him there, Young Soo has Sang Sik announce to everyone that he is Hae Joon, the store manager, much to everyone’s surprise.

Yi Yeon visits the store and comes across the man who was supposedly her lover and asks him why he did that to her; people gather around as Hong Nan passes by Yi Yeon and squeezes her hand to reaffirm her, that she’s there for her.

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Da Hye asks “Hae Joon” what is he up to, and who is he really; he tells her that it is true he’s the new store manager, and he knew Young Soo from old times, and the fact still remains that Young Soo owes him money. Da Hye wants to see a proof of that, but he brushes aside her comment, telling her she should keep working in the store, to repay the debt back to him.

Hong Nan manages to get Yi Yeon’s “old lover” phone for a few seconds, enough for her to memorize the last number he called- Seung Jae asks her what is her plan, and Hong Nan reveals to him that she’s suspecting Suk Chul and Jae Kook worked together to bring Yi Yeon down.

comebackaj0300048 comebackaj0300049 comebackaj0300050 comebackaj0300051

Jae Kook arrives and asks his men to remove Yi Yeon from the store, as Han Na asks him if he’s the president; Jae Kook tries to ignore Han Na, but she stands firm, and asks for his help to prove her father was innocent, citing the last buy her father did, was a necklace for her mother- surely that meant he wasn’t planning on committing suicide.

comebackaj0300052 comebackaj0300053 comebackaj0300054 comebackaj0300055

Ji Hoo asks Han Na to calm down but she keeps asking Jae Kook’s help who shoves her aside, in front of Young Soo’s eyes, who can barely contain his anger at his nasty behavior.

Meanwhile, Hae Joon (the original) finds himself all alone in an isolated island, after the helicopter he hopped crashed in the sea.


Reflection Corner :


Finally, Gi Tak and Young Soo meet after a few days of torturous wandering around! I’ve gotta admit, I was happy to see the two ajusshi-s in their true form, even though I do get my necessary dose from their inner monologues!


That scene was a bit confusing though- does Gi Tak/Hong Nan’s body responds on its own terms? It seems like that was the case, as she couldn’t control her actions, despite her mind saying the opposite of what she ended up doing.

I don’t think there’s gonna be a romance between those two, I think that’s a given, but I do wonder what was the purpose of showing us that, hmmm.


The scenes that followed that though- they were hilarious! I love how their dynamic hasn’t changed, and they cracked jokes about Young Soo’s new body, like having no care in the world! (“Iced chocolate abs”, whoever came up with that, good job pal! )


Generally this episode, while having some heart wrenching scenes, most notably with Han Na and Young Soo crying at his room, it was very humorous, with some great one liners,  meta (dad watching Six Flying Dragons) and old school references! (Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana alluded to Godfather)


Jae Kook is the common target of both Hong Nan and Hae Joon then, so onwards to episode 4 and let’s see how our combo pair will co-operate with each other to bring him down!

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    My most fave scenes of this ep is when (Rain’s) Young-soo relived the moments when he was alive and then cried over his own death before his own picture. Another one is when Yi-yeon arrived at her ex-husband’s dept store, she was trembling and (Hong-nan) Gi-tak walked pass trough her knowingly and held her hands briefly which was enough to give her strength and courage to face the day. I tearfully fist pumped so hard. The thing about Hong-nan is I personally see duality: that she’s Yi-yeon’s female comrade/bestfriend and that she IS the in-love Gi-tak, which is awesome.

    The awesomEST thing though, how you guys can watch so many drama series AND write about them AND still have a life, do you sleep, like AT ALL?? kekee,, 😀

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