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“The locals here believe that,
If you take a stone from here,
You’ll get to return to this beach.”


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Min Ji and Ja Ae recognized Shi Jin who stood by Mo Yeon’s foulard and informed everyone that he would be in charge of their security. After introducing himself it was Dae Young’s turn to inform everyone on the remaining details. Shi Jin gave Mo Yeon her foulard while both of them remained silent.

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The soldiers greeted Mo Yeon’s team while dancing and singing and placed around the women’s necks flower necklaces! Sang Hyun and Chi Hoon started having their own fun by following the soldiers’ example! Gi Beom went to reintroduce himself to Mo Yeon and Min Ji since everything had changed in his life and he prove that his ankle had been totally healed!

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Sang Hyun was trying to convince Jae Ae to escape with him since he couldn’t accept the fact that all of them were getting punished along with Mo Yeon! Of course, he couldn’t convince her and kept unveiling his childish side by trying to break her camp bed!


Chi Hoon was taking pictures and Woo Geun urged him to delete them since their identity should remain a secret. Mo Yeon had personal experience on the mystery surrounding people like them and urged Chi Hoon to comply to the soldier’s order.


Mo Yeon was wondering whether Shi Jin didn’t see her or simply ignored her and the truth was that he was well aware of her presence!

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Dae Young received a parcel from Myung Joo. Some of the items were for his fellow soldiers and there was a letter for Dae Young informing him that soon enough Myung Joo would arrive there as well.

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Myung Joo reported her intentions to her father who became aware of the fact that she intended to do things her own way! He reminded her that he had always preferred Shi Jin as his son-in-law while at the same time her attitude was bringing more troubles in Dae Young’s life. Myung Joo reminded him that he didn’t have the right to treat Dae Young that way just because he was his superior and she laid emphasis on the fact that Dae Young had stayed in the army because he was a real soldier. This was one of the reasons why she fell in love with him and she would never let him go. The next time her father will interfere in her personal life he won’t only lose her as a lieutenant, but also as a daughter.

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Mo Yeon was talking to Ji Soo over the phone and she couldn’t believe that she had crossed paths with Shi Jin at that place. Mo Yeon pointed out that it was uncomfortable being around him and soon enough their conversation reached the end due to bad signal.


Mo Yeon noticed some children playing around and tried to prevent them from eating something they found on the ground. She gave a chocolate to one of the children, but it was something that made all of them want some and Shi Jin pointed out that she shouldn’t give anything unless she had to offer something to each and every one of them.

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Shi Jin sent the kids to the camp since a party was waiting for them and he pretended to Mo Yeon that he had told them he’d shoot if they didn’t leave! Mo Yeon stepped on something and Shi Jin pretended that it was a land mine. She was totally scared and Shi Jin kept teasing her! He stepped on the “land mine” in order to die in her place ,but due to all the quirky tension they found themselves on the ground with Mo Yeon being on top of him. She couldn’t believe that he was joking all along the way and she wasn’t in the mood for anything!

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Dae Young could easily notice that something was wrong and even Shi Jin was surprised at himself for making her cry so fast! He was apologetic, but once the national anthem started echoing he had to pledge allegiance to the Korean flag and urged Mo Yeon to do the same while informing her how glad he was to see her again!

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The tent in which the volunteer team would sleep had been prepared, but Mo Yeon couldn’t sleep that easily. The next morning, Mo Yeon and Min Ji couldn’t take their eyes off the shirtless soldiers and Ja Ae could only agree with Mo Yeon’s thoughts on moving there permanently if something like that was a 24-hour privilege! Shi Jin appeared but Mo Yeon urged him to get out of her sight in order to keep staring at them! Shi Jin simply put an end to their jogging and he wanted to find out her full schedule!

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Mo Yeon would have to take blood from the soldiers and all of them were eager to partake even though it could be a painful experience! Shi Jin would be the first one to give blood since Mo Yeon wanted him to set the example as their captain! They kept teasing one another while Shi Jin was pretending to be afraid of the overall procedure, but once she was unable to find a vein he was the one to do it without fear, but with passion!

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An explosion put an end to the overall bright mood. The UN truck’s cargo wasn’t as innocent as it appeared to be and the survivor tried to fight back, but Shi Jin disarmed and handed him over to the local police.

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Shi Jin and Dae Young returned back safe and Mo Yeon wanted to know the Wi-Fi password, but it wasn’t something Dae Young could give her because of security reasons. Shi Jin would take her with him in order for her to visit an internet café.

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Mo Yeon would resign from the hospital in order to open her own clinic, but Shi Jin was already aware of what had happened at the hospital since her whole team was talking about it. She pointed out that she never dated the chairman and she found the Navagio beach road sign quite intriguing!

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He took her to a place where she could use the internet and Ye Hwa appeared since she was the store’s co-owner. She could easily tell that Mo Yeon was one of the doctors who had arrived recently and Shi Jin pointed out that Ye Hwa was a Peacemaker Emergency Aid nurse with the store being her side-job. He knew these things about her because Daniel had talked to him about his overseas Korean wife.

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Shi Jin left Mo Yeon there to use the internet and he reported the truck incident to Byung Soo. The local police officer ended up dead after handing over the culprit to the one behind the weapon smuggling incident. Byung Soo pointed out that the name of that organization was Merchants of Death and urged Shi Jin to keep his distance from them. Avoiding trouble and danger before returning to Korea was of major importance amd gave Shi Jin the notice on Dae Young’s urgent transfer.

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Dae Young started recalling the past. General Yoon had decided to eat with him back in the days and once everyone left he urged him to stay away from his daughter’s future while hoping that he would never have to order him to do it.

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Dae Young was packing his belongings and he read the letter Myung Joo had sent him anew.


Mo Yeon could use the internet, but she could easily notice that Shi Jin wasn’t at his finest. He revealed what was going on with Dae Young, but he also pointed out that it was an unfair order. Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that Shi Jin was thinking that way because he always obeys orders. Shi Jin laid emphasis on the fact that it wasn’t a superior’s but a father’s order. She wanted to find out how Myung Joo and Dae Young met in the first place.

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They had met during a march and he kept helping his fellow soldiers whenever needed. She could easily tell that he’d eventually injure himself but he didn’t intend to step back from coming in first. He wanted to get a vacation in order to ruin his ex-girlfriend’s marriage and that was when everything began since he went to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding with Myung Joo by his side!

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Shi Jin wanted to take Do Yeon to Navagio beach and if she wanted to know the rest of the story she would simply have to follow him! Myung Joo wanted to help him ruin the wedding in a pompous way and she changed her clothes inside Dae Young’s clothes, making things a bit awkward for him! She had one condition for helping him, she wanted Dae Young to inform Shi Jin, the perfect match for her according to her father, that he was dating her!

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Mo Yeon wanted to know Shi Jin’s point of view concerning Myung Joo’s father’s intentions, but he didn’t reveal anything! They would reach Navagio beach by boat and while they were on their way Mo Yeon was overly excited and Shi Jin actually pleased witnessing her that way.

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Once they arrived Mo Yeon didn’t need Shi Jin’s hand to get out of the boat, but since she liked that place Shi Jin pointed out that they could return anytime. He gave her a stone since locals have it that if someone takes a stone from Navagio beach he/she will get to return there at some point. Shi Jin reminded her how enchanted he was by her and wondered how she had been all this time and if she was still sexy inside the operating room. She reminded that she didn’t volunteer out of her good heart, but it was someone else’s power that forced her to be there where she was. She had left behind the operating room since surgeries weren’t helping her achieve her goals and once she’d return to Korean she’d climb back up to where she was.

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Sang Hyun had cooked for everyone, but in fact he was the one who kept eating and eating! Chi Hoon was talking to Hee Eun over the phone and he got startled by a child who needed some food, but eventually passed out.

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Mo Yeon examined the child and after recalling the scene with the children and along with Chi Hoon and Shi Jin’s help she could tell that it was anemia due to malnutrition accompanied by lead poisoning. Mo Yeon was thankful towards Shi Jin, but she didn’t want him to interfere in the medical team’s work. He pointed out that she was a completely different from the humanitarian Mo Yeon he had met. She told him that the child’s condition was rare in Korea, but Shi Jin reminded her that it was as common as a common cold in Urk. Mo Yeon laid emphasis on the fact that not every doctor was like Albert Schweitzer and he completed her sentence by saying that things were like that because some doctors were appearing on the TV.

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An emergency situation occurred and the soldiers positioned themselves in order to secure the area since an Arab VIP patient would arrive. Mo Yeon was reading the VIP patient’s records and they were neither revealing too much nor they were reflecting the truth. When it comes to VIP patients, their medical records get usually falsified because medical history is a weakness to them.


One of the Arab VIP’s men wanted Mo Yeon to use the medicine the man’s doctor had prescribed and even then, his condition kept deteriorating. Operating on him was essential, but his security guard had a different opinion since they would have to wait for the man’s doctor to arrive in an hour’s time. Mo Yeon kept insisting that the man would have passed away by then if they wouldn’t let her operate on him and that’s when the security guard took off his gun. Shi Jin received orders to stay out of the overall incident and if the patient died all the blame would be put on Mo Yeon would didn’t operate on him. Once Shi Jin was informed that Mo Yeon could save the man’s life he turned off his radio and urged her to save him. Shi Jin and his men would protect Mo Yeon, the medical team and the operation at all costs and against the orders.

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~ Thoughts ~


At the dawn of Descendants of the Sun’s second airing week things have started becoming more specific even though the overall direction the drama will start walking upon keeps hiding behind a barrier of mist. I like this approach since it prevents me from trying to guess what will happen from the drama’s midway point and on. In fact, i can expect and eventually accept anything as long as it’s going to be well-presented and meaningful! So far, so good and i have to admit that i like the film-like overall production of Descendants of the Sun!


The third episode was just a glimpse of our volunteer team’s acclimation process in a new environment. It was an irreversible condition due to the chairman’s unjust and vulgar display of power simply because he who wields power he can enforce it towards the one below him in the world he live in. Another example has to be Myung Joo’s father and his ongoing quest to keep Dae Young and his daughter apart through an excessive yet civilized for now misuse of power.


I love how Shi Jin keeps teasing her while trying to construct the way leading towards her heart. He’s often straight forward when it comes to his feelings for her, but also concerning his realization on how much she had changed. The recognition she received through the medical TV program and her ongoing interactions with VIP patients had turned her brain into a hot air balloon and she eventually forgot about the humanitarian values she was preserving. The injustice she kept facing throughout the years transformed her into a medical public figure who wouldn’t care any less about entering the operating room again.


No matter how skillful she was as a surgeon and no matter how many lives she had saved through all these endless hours inside the operating room she didn’t give her what she deserved. Eventually, she lost faith in everything she believed in and started pacing with the world’s flow for personal gain. They say that “if the truth hurts, prepare for pain” and Shi Jin kept eliciting all the changes in Mo Yeon’s personality in an attempt to remind her who she used to be simply because she was at a place where she would need her good old self the most. On the other hand, Shi Jin hadn’t changed, he’s still enamored by Mo Yeon’s presence in his life and even though they had parted ways too soon during the second episode she hadn’t stopped wandering in the corridors of his mind.


Her arrival intensified the overall vibes and his quirky push and pull tactic keeps progressing in a way that keeps bringing Mo Yeon closer to him while maintaining a distance between them. It’s a sense of distance that gets diminished every time Shi Jin invades her atmosphere like a comet in order for us to sense the magnetic fields between them! Shi Jin obeying orders is an integral part of life as a soldier and as a captain of his team, but he can differentiate between orders coming from a superior and abuse of power when the rank is just a facade in order for everything to progress as planned.


Just like i can’t wait to see how Mo Yeon and Shi Jin’s relationship will progress, the same applies to Myung Joo and Dae Young. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s one of these occasions when i can equally ship two couples with different characteristics in the same drama! I’ve already bought my stocks and shares in the stock market of feels and i hope that i won’t get disappointed in the end! The best relationships come to life when you least expect them to happen and i like both the way Mo Yeon and Shi Jin got attracted to one another in the first place (no matter what happened eventually) and the way Myung Joo and Dae Young’s chemistry started blooming out of nowhere the moment he wanted to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend and Myung Joo offered to help him!


Things may had been difficult ever since her father found out that they were dating, but you can sense in Dae Young’s stare the amount of love he holds deep inside for Myung Joo! He doesn’t want to overburden her with everything going on in the background while she’s pretty much aware of what’s really going on. I love the fact that she’s decisive and combative when it comes to her feelings and i am eager to find out what will happen now that her father didn’t pay attention to her warning.


The scene at Navagio (Ναυάγιο, meaning shipwreck) beach when Shi Jin gave Mo Yeon the stone brought to mind some Yong Pal vibes when it comes to returning to one place after something very specific happens there for the first time. It was fun witnessing all these Greek road signs, the first one is about a monastery and the second one refers to the Navagio beach at Zakynthos (Ζάκυνθος) island. However, the real story behind Navagio beach’s shipwreck is less bewitching than Shi Jin thought it would be! That ship was involved in cigarette smuggling and something went wrong between the captain/crew and the ones accompanying the illegal cargo and they started heading towards the beach we know today as Navagio beach. Due to a storm the ship found itself in shallow waters and it couldn’t leave, but it eventually became an integral part of the natural landscape and a tourist attraction.


Alright, if the first two episodes made a grandiose entrance with 14.3% and 15.5% respectively, they are nothing compared to the 23.4% grandeur of the 3rd one! I can’t wait to find out how the storyline will progress during the 4th episode since Shi Jin’s decision to disobey orders will cause him major problems whereas at the same time Dae Young’s transfer will make things even more difficult both for him and Myung Joo!

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