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“Thanks to someone, my clothes never stay clean;
They get soaked in the sea and they get hit by eggs and water guns.
Why do you look guilty?”


Mi Mo was sitting at the bench and Soo Hyuk’s usual seat right beside her was empty. She was missing him so much to the extent of hallucinating.

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Days were passing by and Soo Hyuk’s door had become Mi Mo’s post-it wall as he was nowhere to be found and she was missing him severely.

bscap1227bscap1223 bscap1228

One morning she received a parcel from the elementary school she used to attend back in the days. The teacher thought that the jewelry box belonged to her even though it was Soo Hyuk’s time capsule. She recalled her conversation with him when they were children and once she opened the jewelry box she found the ring Soo Hyuk had placed in there. Soo Hyuk’s indirect confession while she was pretending to be asleep couldn’t be missing from her memories. Tears started falling anew once she remembered their last interaction when she was drunk.

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Mi Mo met Hyun Ki, but he couldn’t really help her on how Soo Hyuk was feeling right before he left. Mi Mo acknowledged that her words weren’t the finest during their last interaction and Hyun Ki pointed that she wasn’t the only one to have hurt him, but it wasn’ comforting enough. Before leaving, Soo Hyuk had asked Hyun Ki for a favor, but he couldn’t talk to her about it at that point.


Mi Mo rang Soo Hyuk’s doorbell anew, but there was no answer and she gathered all of her post-it stickers.


One of Mi Mo’s clients wanted her to find for her a man who would discuss everything with her in order to solve all of their problems while talking things out, something her husband never did! Of course, Mi Mo advised her to visit a couples consultant!

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Work has started piling up at Brave Wedding even though one month ago everything was pointing towards the direction that the company would close down. Mi Mo’s secretary was glad that everything was fine at the present and she complimented Mi Mo for having solved everything quickly!


Da Jung and Mi Mo brought to life Brave Wedding’s 200th couple and later on Gun Hak visited Da Jung to consult him.

bscap1252bscap1251 bscap1253 bscap1254bscap1255

She informed him that they couldn’t accept clients who were still married. Gun Hak was curious if he would be able to meet the woman of his dreams at Brave Wedding after getting a divorce from her and he laid emphasis on the fact that he would like to meet Baek Da Jung. He thought she would be glad seeing him there, but since he didn’t receive the vibes he was longing for he reassured her that he would try harder.


Mi Mo fed her goldfishes and once her secretary informed her on their 3-seconds memory span she pointed out that Mi Mo was a goldfish as well! Da Jung noticed that not everything was fine and she would be listener even though she couldn’t drink for now!


Da Jung pointed out that the romantic Mi Mo she knew would have already gone to the US to meet Soo Hyuk, but it wasn’t easy for Mi Mo after telling him to get lost. The only thing Da Jung could do for Mi Mo was to make somek for her, but she couldn’t drink it because it was reminded her of Soo Hyuk and she kept drinking soju. Mi Mo was wondering why Da Jung kept pushing Gun Hak away even though he was putting lots of effort in trying to approach her anew, but Da Jung informed her that she wasn’t emotionally ready. Mi Mo laid emphasis on the fact that she should put some effort if she didn’t want him to give up on her.

bscap1261bscap1263 bscap1262

Dong Bae went to Dong Mi’s place to see his wife and even though Dong Mi was thoughtful about his intentions he reassured her that he had been trying hard to apologize and make things right. He brought a wide variety of snacks and he was trying to convince Ae Ran to eat them while Dong Mi was between them!

bscap1265bscap1264 bscap1266 bscap1268bscap1269

Mi Mo was cooking and she recalled the scene when Soo Hyuk was there while she was cooking for Hae Joon. Shortly after, she found out that Soo Hyuk had moved out and a newly married couple had already started considering moving in.

bscap1270bscap1273 bscap1272

Hae Joon’s one and only fan appeared and started throwing eggs at Mi Mo, but none of them found their target and Mi Mo eventually disarmed her. Mi Mo was apologetic for breaking Hae Joons heart (what?!) and she put an end to that one-sided confrontation after urging the girl to cleanup before leaving, something the neurotic neighbor would make her do anyway!

bscap1276bscap1275 bscap1277

The girl had witnessed a scene in which Hae Joon was accusing Mi Mo for turning him into a loser, but he was unable to understand what he had done wrong. He would like to spit on her and eventually forget about her, but he wasn’t feeling well after punching Soo Hyuk and telling him to get lost. In fact, he wasn’t talking to Mi Mo, it was his ex-wife the one he had called on the phone.

bscap1281 bscap1278bscap1280 bscap1279

The girl informed Hae Joon that she had taken revenge on Mi Mo who had broken his heart (what?!), something that enraged Hae Joon since she never had the right to do so.


Dong Mi was enjoying her date with Jung Woo until one of his friends! He kept calling Dong Mi “noona,” but Jung Woo pointed out that she was his girlfriend. The moment he said that Jung Woo has the maturity of a 30-year-old man despite being 25 years old something cracked on the insideand Dong Mi asked him to start talking to her politely!

bscap1285bscap1284 bscap1286

Now that Ae Ran found out that he was 9 years younger than Dong Mi she urged her to forget about him if she didn’t want to be disheartened later on.


Gun Hak wanted to visit a couples’ camp with Da Jung in order for them to receive professional help and revive their love since he was pretty certain they would succeed in it. His present was couple oriented and he had bought shirts with “love forever with you” printed on them!


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Mi Mo was sitting at the bench and Hae Joon witnessed her placing her hand there where Soo Hyuk used to sit. Back home, he was recalling the moment he urged Soo Hyuk to disappear after punching him. Hae Joon called someone on the phone…

bscap1294 bscap1296bscap1295 bscap1298

…and while Mi Mo was waiting for the elevator Soo Hyuk appeared and took her in his embrace once she started falling after he asked his goldfish if everything was fine! He was curious whether she had forgotten about him or not since goldfish forget everything after three seconds!

bscap1301bscap1299 bscap1302 bscap1304bscap1305

Soo Hyuk messaged Hae Joon to inform him that he was back in Korea and last night’s phone call was to Soo Hyuk. Hae Joon had asked him to return before Mi Mo would forget about him. Hae Joon got informed that the chairman wanted to meet him.

bscap1306 bscap1308bscap1307

Mi Mo couldn’t believe that Soo Hyuk was standing in front of her and he intended to start bothering her again in order for her to remember that the guy standing in front of her were sharing a deeper relationship! They were running into one another at least three times per day and they had almost done something stupid together, but the time for him to caress her face hadn’t arrived yet.

bscap1310 bscap1311bscap1315bscap1314

There was a sense of awkwardness in the air and while Soo Hyuk was unlocking his door Mi Mo didn’t head towards him even though she wanted to. Both of them were on the opposite sides of his door without listening to their desires to see one another.

bscap1322bscap1318 bscap1317 bscap1324bscap1326

A woman asked Mi Mo where her building was and Mi Mo thought that she had seen her before, but it wasn’t at Brave Wedding. She visited Soo Hyuk’s apartment and she could easily notice that it was untouched by a woman’s hand, but she didn’t count as one since they were members of the same family. She informed him that So Eun would be returning to Korea, but Soo Hyuk didn’t receive the vibes!

bscap1331 bscap1327bscap1328 bscap1332

The chairman informed Hae Joon that Yeon Mi wasn’t his granddaughter, but his daughter! After Hae Joon scolded her she stopped eating and going to school and all the chairman wanted from him was to make his daughter eat again. He also pointed out that they had the same last name and Hae Joon recalled the first time he met Yeon Mi who wanted to find out from which Koo family he was coming from.

bscap1333 bscap1334bscap1335

Mi Mo was at work and she wanted to call her Romeo, but she held back. Shortly after a client visited her, but Mi Mo was lost in her own thoughts. During a meeting they were searching for a man who wanted to meet a woman who was probably resembling the one Mi Mo had “consulted” earlier, but Mi Mo was recalling the moment she met Soo Hyuk anew! Da Jung noticed that something was wrong and she eventually informed Mi Mo that she would head towards the hospital to keep an eye on her health.

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Dong Mi asked one of her students’ source of her pain. Of course, the boy she liked was two years younger than her! Dong Mi found out that first graders ask third graders about which tutoring academies, restaurants and books are good! The student pointed out that older girls pretend to be adults, to know, to own, to be cool, but pretending to know was the toughest one for her whereas Dong Mi added a new option, the fact that she was pretending to be younger! The girl pointed out that an older woman’s major attribute has to be her maturity and that she should be able to show that she has a clear view of the future along with the fact that she’s always prepared for the next step ahead! Once the student found out the age difference between Dong Mi and Jung Woo she compared it to herself and pointed out that it would feel as if she was dating an infant, making Dong Mi lose the world underneath her feet!

bscap1346bscap1344bscap1345 bscap1347

Soo Hyuk met Hae Joon who was apologetic for one more time, but everything that happened was beyond his powers and he was regretting the moment Hae Joon had asked him if things would get complicated.

bscap1349 bscap1350bscap1351 bscap1348

Soo Hyuk was eagerly trying to get closer to Hae Joon, but right before parting ways things got a bit tense after Hae Joon complained that his relationship started fading away the moment Soo Hyuk protected Mi Mo from Seul Ah’s mob. According to Hae Joon, everything would had been fine if Soo Hyuk had called him on the phone asking him to protect Mi Mo!

bscap1356bscap1357bscap1358 bscap1361

He took Soo Hyuk to the hospital’s playground and things got hilarious! Hae Joon was thinking that Soo Hyuk protecting Mi Mo made him appear like a knight in shiny armor and eventually ruined his relationship whereas Soo Hyuk thought that it was just a sense of timing and complained because Mi Mo and Hae Joon progressed things way too fast in the beginning without giving him the time to think! Eventually, they started throwing balls at one another and the tension climaxed in a hilarious way!

bscap1364bscap1363 bscap1362 bscap1366bscap1367 bscap1368 bscap1369bscap1370

Mi Mo was keeping an eye on Tae Yong while Da Jung was at the hospital and once she arrived she informed both of them that everything was fine! Hae Joon and Soo Hyuk kept “fighting” while the children were playing and everyone around them could possibly tell that everything was happening because of a girl! Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon ended up in a quirky “fight” with the children while Mi Mo and Da Jung were staring at them! Hae Joon protecting Soo Hyuk from the balls and the water gun ammo the way Soo Hyuk had protected Mi Mo was hilarious!

bscap1375bscap1376 bscap1377bscap1379bscap1380 bscap1385 bscap1383bscap1384

Hae Joon opened up his heart (what?!) and informed Soo Hyuk that this was the second time something like that was happening, the first one was with Soon Soo whom he liked a lot and he ended up heartbroken. Both of them promised to never complicate things again! Mi Mo was eavesdropping their conversation.

bscap1391 bscap1388bscap1390 bscap1392

Yeon Soo had been informed about what had happened earlier, but Hae Joon looked better than expected after breaking up.


Ae Ran had prepared a short contract and Dong Bae signed it right away! He pointed out that her contract had no effect and he was finding her reactions cute, but he was also eager to find out when she’d follow him back home!

bscap1398 bscap1397bscap1396 bscap1399

One of their renowned elevator moments took place and Mi Mo pointed out that Soo Hyuk’s clothes were a mess, but he laid emphasis on the fact that this is how they usually end up because of a certain person, Mi Mo! Even though she didn’t feel guilty since she hadn’t ask him to do it Soo Hyuk told that she had made him want to do it and things got a bit awkward on her behalf!

bscap1400bscap1401 bscap1402 bscap1403bscap1404

Soo Hyuk asked Mi Mo to make some food for him since it was the least he would deserve after everything he had done for her! Mi Mo was worried about Soo Hyuk and Min Woo now that Soo Hyuk had resigned, but he urged her to worry about her own life.

bscap1412 bscap1409bscap1408 bscap1411

Even though he had left without saying goodbye, Soo Hyuk pointed out that all that mattered was that he had returned after losing his way. When it comes to work and love, he intends to become serious and Mi Mo started recalling their first kiss in the beginning of the drama!


Hyun Ki called him on the phone and while Soo Hyuk was leaving he recalled one of his cutest drunkard moments with Mi Mo! Hyun Ki was afraid that Soo Hyuk would never come back and pointed out that all of the work’s burden had fallen on his shoulders! Soo Hyuk was intending to pay him back by buying him drinks for the rest of his life and Hyun Ki was glad about it!


Back when he was 21 years old, Soo Hyuk had made a mistake because he was too serious and the moment Hae Joon asked him if he needed some time to figure out what he wanted to do he made another mistake by taking things too lightly. Soo Hyuk had decided to be serious when he had to, but he would also start taking things lightly when he needed to! Hyun Ki informed him that while he was absent he had protected Mi Mo from a safe distance and Soo Hyuk could only be thankful!

bscap1417bscap1421bscap1419 bscap1420

Yeon Soo was impressed by some of Hae Joon’s characteristics that made it to the surface even though it was kind of sad that they weren’t because of her. He acknowledged that he was unaware of how lonely she was feeling, but now that he was thinking about it she should be the one he should feel the most guilty about.


Mi Mo was recalling Soo Hyuk’s thoughts on becoming serious with love and work, but her heartbeat wouldn’t let her sleep. She was walking around and noticed Hyun Ki piggybacking the drunkard Soo Hyuk! The security guard asked her if she knew him and once her reply was positive she found out that Hyun Ki had been keeping an eye on her without having negative intentions.

bscap1424bscap1427 bscap1430 bscap1429bscap1431

So Eun and Soo Hyuk’s parents had returned to Korea. They wanted him to find a job as soon as possible, but he needed more time in order to find something he would like to do. Of course, his parents would like him to get married to So Eun who would become a maternal figure to Min Woo since she was the one who had helped Soo Hyuk raise him. She was all excited about it and she was eager to move close to him! The overall ambiance was hilariously awkward with Soo Hyuk trying to remain himself to the fullest by disheartening his parents a bit.

bscap1432bscap1433 bscap1437 bscap1434bscap1435

Hyun Ki revealed the whole truth that he was protecting Mi Mo because it was Soo Hyuk’s request. Even though he had left because she had asked him to, Soo Hyuk was overly worried about her.


Soo Hyuk was at the bench and he was missing Mi Mo who wasn’t by his side at that point, but once he was about to leave she threw at him one of her heels and urged him to stop showing his back on her!

bscap1440bscap1441 bscap1442 bscap1447bscap1446

She was afraid of getting closer to him, so this was the least distance she could maintain between them since she was afraid that something bad would happen again if she kept running at a fast pace. She urged him to minimize the distance between them no matter how much time it would take. Soo Hyuk simply put an end to her heartfelt rambling with a gentle kiss while it was starting to snow!

bscap1452bscap1451 bscap1454 bscap1455bscap1456 bscap1457 bscap1458bscap1459 bscap1461 bscap1468bscap1467 bscap1469

~ Thoughts ~


The 12th episode consisted of two parts. The first half was dedicated to Mi Mo’s life in Soo Hyuk’s absence without setting aside other figures’ side stories whereas the second half started unveiling its contours the moment Hae Joon made a phone call and Soo Hyuk appeared right in front of Mi Mo after a month’s time. The second half of the episode was laying emphasis on the lessening distance between Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk while at the same time it was shedding some light upon Hae Joon’s heart (what?!) and his friendship with Soo Hyuk.


Mi Mo’s world was drastically changing while Soo Hyuk was no longer around. All of a sudden, everything was feeling so different and memories she had shared with Soo Hyuk were leaving an even more powerful impact on her, especially the moment she had told him to leave her alone and that’s what eventually happened. She was lost in utter remembrance while longing for Soo Hyuk’s return whereas at the same time she was neither herself at work nor the romantic Mi Mo who would have ran after Soo Hyuk in order to be with him at all costs.


The fear of losing him once and for all had overshadowed Mi Mo’s world and the jewelry box along with the ring were making the realization that she had always been a part of Soo Hyuk’s heart even more palpable. All the pieces of the emotional puzzle had completed the picture right in front of her, but this time it was Soo Hyuk who was out of sight. No matter how much Da Jung and Hyun Ki tried to ease her burden Mi Mo couldn’t find consolation as the overall uncertainty kept growing and growing amid thoughts, post-it stickers and memories. The bench that had become an essential crossroad where Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk were meeting beneath the surface had transformed into the epitome of loneliness and desolate longing.


Hae Joon found some sort of redemption to my eyes throughout the 12th episode, but this doesn’t mean that i have forgotten his iceberg aesthetic that pretty much explains why we haven’t seen one proper tear coming out of his eyes up to this moment! The fact that he didn’t call Mi Mo, but his ex-wife, was truly devastating. While he was breaking apart he was still failing to read through the lines and kept accusing Mi Mo while it was his own fault for turning himself into a loser by drowning his relationships one after the other in emotionless gray.


It was his indirect way of bidding Mi Mo farewell and he “did” everything she had asked him to in order for him to eventually forget about her, but without overburdening her even more. The moment he witnessed Mi Mo missing Soo Hyuk while she was at the bench it was actually the first time Hae Joon lived up to his words’ expectations. He used to say that all that mattered to him were Mi Mo’s feelings and he prove it the moment he called Soo Hyuk on the phone.


The ongoing interactions between Hae Joon and Soo Hyuk were both hilarious and insightful as they was gradually making the tension between them subside while at the same time they were bringing their friendship back to the surface amid essential amounts of truth that would forge even deeper and more sincere bonds between them. Soo Hyuk’s more playful attitude but more determined spirit along with Hae Joon’s hardheaded but eventually honest and prioritizing realizations did the talking somewhere between quirky tension and hilarious but heartfelt reconciliation.


I didn’t expect the playground “combat” to be so hilarious and turn into a bromance crescendo with Hae Joon becoming Soo Hyuk’s fortress keeping him safe from the kiddos’ bombardment while resembling the moment Soo Hyuk had protected Mi Mo! Hae Joon could finally open up his heart (what?!) to Soo Hyuk who became aware that the first time things got complicated was with Soon Soo and Mi Mo was the second “incident.” However, after they were straight forward towards one another, the promise to not find themselves in a like-minded situation for the third time sealed their friendship.


Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo’s interactions were beautiful in their own way! Mi Mo’s arch surprise was succeeded by further surprises as she was finding herself unable to progress things in a fast forward pace whereas at the same time Soo Hyuk had returned with a different air! His hand may not have found its gentle destination which was no other than Mi Mo’s face the first time they met after a month’s time, but his attitude was more decisive and straight forward.


Leaving everything and everyone behind for a while rejuvenated him, but this didn’t mean that he wasn’t concerned about Mi Mo and the hardships she would be facing in his absence. On the contrary, he was overly concerned and that’s the reason why Hyun Ki had become her guardian angel’s right hand making the world around her less harmful. Soo Hyuk had all the time he needed to think things over and through his interactions with Mi Mo, but also with Hyun Ki, we got to understand Soo Hyuk’s different approaches that led to two of his life’s greatest mistakes.


He had taken things way too seriously with Soon Soo and he had taken his feelings for Mi Mo too lightly the moment Hae Joon had asked him if he could proceed with her. He had reached a point in which he would either redefine himself while maintaining his personality or keep living passively while witnessing life passing him by. He chose the first option by deciding to reach a golden balance between the serious and lighter aspects of life and he would act accordingly depending on the occasion. He had ostracized love and he was working as a reporter because he was finding it quite relaxing and not so serious, but he had come to realize that being more serious about these distinctive and essential aspects of his life was just the beginning and he had already started delivering all the like-minded vibes towards Mi Mo.


Hand-positioning in dramas like One More Happy Ending is half the feels we’re craving for. The hands are the characters’ internal worlds’ extension and during the drama’s 12th episode they were reflecting the mutual longing of Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk for one another’s presence in their lives. One More Happy Ending weaves perfectly well like-minded scenes the way they are being seen from our characters’ distinctive yet intersecting perspective.


Gun Hak keeps taking brave steps ahead towards the most welcome direction while making clear that Da Jung would be the one and only woman in his life under any circumstances. Da Jung kept restraining herself, but her conversation with Mi Mo who urged her to aid Gun Hak’s attempts was mind-awakening and it was slightly apparent the moment she smiled when she witnessed the couple-shirts. It was something that was bringing forth happy memories since she was the one who had bought couple-shirts back in the days.


Dong Bae kept trying to get closer to Ae Ran in order to crack her tough shell a bit more and make her follow him willingly at the house that will shelter their love! She falls for his ongoing attempts, but one step at a time as he keeps reassuring her that he will keep having eyes only for her no matter what! I don’t know what will happen between Dong Mi and Jung Woo, but had both of them been sincere since the beginning they wouldn’t have found themselves inside the chasm their seemingly white lies (and ages eventually) created! I am really curious to find out how the writer will work on their 9 years difference and how things will progress for Dong Mi’s tormented love life! If someone calls her on the phone to rate cupid’s services something tells me she will give him 0/10 right away and he will feel obliged to send her the ultimate man of her dreams!


Soo Hyuk’s parents and So Eun appeared quite strong and the vibes are slightly ominous. Now that Hae Joon is out of Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s picture there has to be someone to become an obstacle since we’re four episodes before the end! Something tells me that his parents will oppose their relationship because Mi Mo was an idol with her own scandals, she runs a remarriage-centered agency and she’s a divorcée. They won’t necessarily approve of her job and her past, but i think that their major issue will be the fact that she had already been married once whereas So Eun appears like the perfect candidate to stand by their son’s side. The vibes were pointing towards the direction that they don’t intend to let Soo Hyuk do everything he wants to because everything he had done so far had disappointed them one way or another. I can look forward to such a collision, but i hope that it won’t be too nerve-wracking!


On a side note, i loved the fact that Hae Joon finally realized how lonely Yeon Soo was feeling by his side back in the days even though the conclusions he reached were deriving from his breakup with Mi Mo, but it was something that eventually made him dive into his past. He could finally read through the lines and if he starts taking into consideration others’ thoughts and feelings then i could start shipping him with Yeon Soo. Recognizing his emotional “crimes” was the first step and i am curious to find out how he will develop throughout the remaining four episodes!


The ending of the episode was majestic as it was encapsulating us inside its feel-sphere; gently. The contrast between Mi Mo, who was afraid to speed things up for the first time in her life when it comes to love but delivered all the necessary vibes for Soo Hyuk to proceed at his own pace, and Soo Hyuk, who zeroed the remaining distance between them by surpassing himself, possessed its own dynamics. Soo Hyuk’s hand finally reached her gracious face, their lips entwined in such a gentle way and the presence of snow was evoking a magical ambiance as his wish had just started breathing! 13th episode, where are you?


“They say, if you confess your love on a snowy day,
Your wish will be granted.”


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