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Kaito Yamaneko Episode 6

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko Ep 6 Synopsis :  Hideo manages to gain access to Ouroboros but things don’t go exactly as planned. Yamaneko uncovers more things related to Tenmei.

Recap – Summary :

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Kenichiro declares he will track down Ouroboros as he won’t tolerate antisocial forces now that he’s the governor.

Yamaneko and the rest are playing kick can and Hideo is tricked to lose while Yamaneko announces that this means he will have to be their “slave” for a week; on his way back he bumps into Inui who taunts him before he leaves, as he seems to have been tracking Yamaneko down.

In the Wildcat agency, the team is watching Kenichiro’s video about Ouroboros as Rikako notes that his popularity has been increasing more and more; Hideo is being asked to do all sorts of favors from the rest who have fun teasing him, as Shugo joins them and informs Yamaneko that he has been in charge of hunting down Ouroboros.

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Nakaoka Taichi meets with Kenichiro and offers to give him his help but Kenichiro denies it; when he’s ready to depart, he’s being attacked by Ouroboros members and later he persuades Yamaneko to help him find out who’s behind them.

The next day, Sakura gives information to Hideo about Ouroboros- they want to create chaos enforcing their view, and have managed to acquire more than 100 members through an anonymous bulletin board. Sakura returns to the police station and Inui tells her that she might actually have been right about Hideo and Yamaneko having a connection, but Sakura is sure that it was a misunderstanding.

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Mao contacts Ourobors through the bulletin board and Yamaneko orders Hideo to infiltrate them; Hideo is relucstant but he ends up joining them, and his application is accepted; he wanders around the building with the rest of Yamaneko team guiding him (and have fun at the same time!) and he finds out a ledger that contains people names, who are being marked with blue color for being hurt or MIA and red color for those they have killed. Akamatsu is marked with blue color but Hideo’s investigation is interrupted as Ouroboros calls for its members to gather in the conference room.

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Akamatsu calls Yamaneko, who asks her what her true goal is, as she has been aligning with opposite forces; she reveals to him that her sister was held in the same place he was once, and Tenmei had her killed. She wants to take her revenge on him before she’s eliminated herself and reveals some important info to him.

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Yamaneko having learned that Kenichiro was aided by Shugo in order to become Governor, he confronts him but Shugo replies that now is the time to trust him, and their interests are similar but their conversation is interrupted when Shugo receives a call that Akamatsu was kidnapped by Ouroboros in the airport.

Hideo gets captured alongside Akamatsu before he’s able to help her while Inui tells Sakura, that he has been hunting down Wildcat, as the result of him revealing that a construction company was bribing politicians led to the president and his wife’s suicide, leaving behind a 6 yrs old son. If Yamaneko hadn’t interefered, the police would have caught them themselves and the media wouldn’t have made such a fuss.

Hideo and Akamatsu are taken to a warehouse, where a member of Kyoubukai has been dead for a while, as Hideo confirms that Ouroboros do murder afterall; Akamatsu manages to break free and helps Hideo but before they escape she’s shot and he is hit on the head.

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The police arrive shortly, and find Hideo unconscious on the floor, with a gun on his hand, lying next to the dead Kyoubukai member.

He’s taken to the hospital where he recovers, but Inui forces Sakura to get out as he wants to question Hideo himself.

In the Wildcat Agency, Rikako says that Hideo is being suspected of murdering the Kyoubukai member. Yamaneko states that he can’t help him now; Mao replies they should try to rescue him as they are truly a team, while Rikako notes that Hideo might have uncovered Ouroboros’ identity and that will be useful for him, as Yamaneko decides to comply afterall.

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He visits Kenichiro and strikes a deal with him to get rid Ouroboros through Hideo who knows their identity, in exchange of getting him to meet Tenmei at some point; Kenichiro is reluctant, but tells Yamaneko he will help him.

Inui accuses Hideo of being Yamaneko’s accomplice but is interrupted from the nurse who brought him food; he gives Hideo 5 minutes to eat, as Hideo discovers through the message-video that Mao came up with and Yamaneko teased him with in the “slave-week”, a key under the vase to unlock himself.

Rikako, returns to the WildCat van complaining about her nurse outfit, and then asks Yamaneko how will Hideo escape with so many guards around; Yamaneko implies he has a plan, and soon enough Ouroboros members get inside the hospital to find Hideo and cause ruckus.

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Hideo finds the chance to escape through the roof but Inui manages to follow him; Yamaneko fights with Inui and urges Hideo to run away, as Inui seemingly immobilizes Yamaneko and yells to his face that he’s a criminal; before he’s able to take his mask off, Yamaneko sprays him and says that he knows his reason for being after him and it has to do with the kid he has taken under his care after his parents killed themselves- he declares that he had to reveal his parents’ wrongdoings, and he was collateral damage.

Inui says that he ruined a kid’s life and could have let the police handle it, but Yamaneko says that they were close to the police and they wouldn’t do anything if he hadn’t revealed it to the public; he tells Inui that he was right when he marked him a criminal as Inui asks him the same thing he did when he bumped into him in the park, and Yamaneko replies in the same fashion.

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Later, the kid Inui has adopted visits him as he promises him that he will catch Yamaneko, while Hideo thanks everyone for helping him. Mao tells him that they’re comrades as Yamaneko mocks them for their sensitivity.

He asks Hideo about Ouroboros’ true identity but Hideo says that he couldn’t find anything- Rikako tells Yamaneko to stop acting as he did know that Hideo had found nothing and then asks him about his Ouroboros-plan, as Yamaneko looks dubious.

Shugo blames Kenichiro about being associated with Ouroboros but Kenichiro replies he isn’t, and then shows him a threatening message from them.


Reflection Corner :


Team Yamaneko looking for each other again! It was in #04 that Mao got in trouble and everyone was there for her, and now it was Hideo’s time to feel the togetherness of his comrades.

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I found the scene where he shed a tear after Yamaneko saved him very touching, even if it lasted a few seconds; it was like he felt the solidarity coming from everyone orchestrating his escape and it was great to see. MY FELLOWSHIP OT4 ! (and Yamaneko, srsly give it up that you “ignore” your teammates unless there’s something waiting for you, EVERYONE SEES RIGHT THROUGH YOU AT THIS POINT lool)

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Also, points to Mao for asking Yamaneko to help Hideo, not only about Hideo, but for himself too- for his own sake and soul. She truly believes that he is worth saving, and even if Yamaneko paints himself as  “criminal” I hope that he will start to believing that there is redemption for him afterall; his comrades certainly do.


So Inui’s motive for being obsessed with hunting down Yamaneko was revealed- it’s a bit nonsensical but I guess I can sort of understand where he’s coming from, since when there’s a kid involved, emotions kick in rather than logic. It seemed like his confrontation with Yamaneko ended up with him comprehending Yamaneko’s reasoning but the last scene was indicative of not backing down afterall.

Is Akamatsu still alive? I would be inclined to believe so, especially since her motive (this episode had a lot of motive-reveals lol) came on the surface, having a personal agenda against Tenmei because of her sister’s death, so she will (logically) have to play a further part helping Yamaneko get closer to his goal of meeting him.

So Ouroboros is linked to Tenmei afterall (brilliant plan by Yamaneko who killed two birds with one stone!) and I suppose it’s time for Chameleon, Tenmei’s hitman to make an appearance soon, what with him being mentioned every other episode, so I’m looking forward to that.

Onwards to episode 7 then!


p.s yay for the ~Nobuta~ special cameo!


p.s 2 how can they come up with those hilarious team-games, lol. I couldn’t stop laughing at the video-messages. Never change Yamaneko, NEVER CHANGE.


p.s 3 so Sakura having her fantasies about settling down with Hideo has become quite the gag reel of the drama huh? haha, I don’t mind it, especially if I get to witness comedy-Nanao!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to youkaisubs @ LJ

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    i got teary-eyed when hideo cried telling yamaneko, “i have mountain of things to say but when i saw your face i couldn’t help but cry”… ohhh, very touching scene. i love how kaito yamaneko make me laugh and make me cry at the same time. i’ll never get tired of saying that this drama is BRILLIANT.

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