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“She lives so close to me, so i miss her more.”


 The video of Soo Hyuk protecting Mi Mo from Seul Ah’s mob went viral and Hae Joon wasn’t pleased at all after watching it. He recalled his conversation with Ah Ni and she was apologetic for telling him that she was eager to find out whether he was different from her or not. The truth is, she really wanted to see if he was different from Soo Hyuk who would go through hell for a woman. That was the moment Hae Joon became aware of the burden Soo Hyuk was carrying on his shoulders after writing the whole truth to clear Mi Mo’s name.

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Soo Hyuk found Mi Mo sitting on the bench and witnessed her tears. She started heading towards him, but she would prevent herself from proceeding any further. As soon as she stepped back Soo Hyuk received the signals of her internal struggle and decided to leave while Mi Mo started losing herself in tears anew. Hae Joon witnessed the moment and Soo Hyuk returned to his apartment devastated.

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Hae Joon was driving while recalling his conversation with Yeon Soo who had asked him what would happen if Mi Mo would be the one to start changing her mind instead of Soo Hyuk taking her away from him. He stepped out of his car to soothe the tension within and he eventually started drinking while recalling the scene between Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk.


Mi Mo was wandering in the streets and ended up visiting Da Jung. Mi Mo was hating her heart for feeling that way and she’d wish it wouldn’t feel anymore. Da Jung became aware that Mi Mo had finally found out what her heart wanted. Mi Mo being unable to figure out what she should do, Da Jung urged her to prevent herself from hating her heart way too much because it was having a hard time as well.

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Soo Hyuk was losing himself in his own thoughts inside his room, but soon enough he witnessed Hae Joon who was nearby. Hae Joon wanted to call Mi Mo, but he was unable to do so. Soo Hyuk decided to meet him and Hae Joon grabbed him from the jacket pointing out how much he was suffering from everything going on. Soo Hyuk was apologetic and laid emphasis on the fact that he couldn’t control his feelings. Hae Joon punched him and urged him to disappear.

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Mi Mo was feverish and she was coughing, but once she got up from the bed she noticed all the medicine Soo Hyuk had bought for her and recalled the moment.


The next morning Min Woo could notice that his father wasn’t feeling well since last night he had sensed his bleakness. Soo Hyuk reassured him that everything was fine, but Min Woo asked him if he wasn’t being treated well at work. All Soo Hyuk needed was his son’s love and Min Woo urged him to face everything bothering him without running away.

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The next morning Mi Mo left her apartment and met Min Woo, but once she realized what these parcels were hiding on the inside she took them with her in order to prevent Min Woo from seeing Seul Ah’s mob’s threats against his father.

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Seul Ah’s agency wasn’t cooperating with Masspunch and some of its reporters were (in)directly accusing Soo Hyuk for everything going on, but without mentioning his name as they were staring at him. He decided to leave in order to let them keep talking about him behind his back. However, the more he keeps rebelling the more the Masspunch chief likes him as he reminds him of his good old self!


Hyun Ki tried to encourage Soo Hyuk. Even though Hyun Ki was enjoying being a reporter in the past, it was all about money at the present. Soo Hyuk pointed out that he doesn’t love his job anymore. In addition, things were tough at Masspunch since the magazine had been sued multiple times from Seul Ah’s agency.


Mi Mo wasn’t at her finest while witnessing the threatening pieces of trash Seul Ah’s mob had created, but her secretary wasn’t really helpful and Mi Mo pushed her away in her own way! Later on that night, Hae Joon was waiting for Mi Mo to leave work.

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Hyun Ki and Soo Hyuk were drinking and Soo Hyuk pointed out that he wanted to quit his job after realizing the weight of a reporter’s responsibilities through the hardships Mi Mo had to go through. Hyun Ki could easily notice that someone had punched him and Soo Hyuk informed him that it was a friend’s doing after he broke his heart. Soo Hyuk wished that Hae Joon would have hit him more than once and he was breaking apart as he was missing Mi Mo no matter how close to him she was living. Being unable to be with her or know how she was feeling every moment of the day was devastating him even more and he was wondering how he could get rid of that feeling. Hyun Ki pointed out that it wasn’t not something he could accomplish unless it disappeared on its own.

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Soo Hyuk was laying back on his sofa while Hae Joon was holding Mi Mo’s hand. Awkwardness had started making its appearance and it kept being there until they arrived outside of her door. Yeon Soo’s words kept echoing in his mind as he was walking all alone and he decided to make a brave step ahead.


Cupid visited Dong Mi anew and informed her that he was the one who sent her Jung Woo after becoming a full-time employee! He couldn’t reveal anything about Jung Woo because it would go against the rules and he would have to pay the consequences. Whether Jung Woo is a decent guy or an asshole is up to her to find out. Cupid was there to beg her to give him 10/10 in case someone called her to evaluate his service!

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The next morning Dong Mi was all excited at work since she was already getting ready for her forthcoming date, but her colleagues were neither pleased with her makeup nor with the hoodie she had bought!

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Ae Ran’s employees had bet on whether she would live with Dong Bae or not and she wasn’t pleased at all! She met Dong Bae and informed him that she needed sincerity and actions instead of words in order to start trusting him.

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Tae Yong was painting Da Jung’s eyes with himself inside them. It would be his present to his mother once she would return back home.


Dong Mi had taken off her glasses, but the only weird thing Jung Woo could find was the fact that every part of her face was looking beautiful and he pleasantly surprised Dong Mi!

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Da Jung had left the hospital behind and she was with her friends and Tae Yong inside Mi Mo’s car. A plan was in the making and the three Angels would take Tae Yong with them in order for him to eat and Da Jung would head towards her apartment!

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Da Jung found the whole living room filled with roses, petals, candles and a card in which Gun Hak was laying emphasis on the fact that she was still a woman to him. She was losing herself in tears and Gun Hak took her in his embrace.

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The three Angels and Tae Yong were eating altogether and all of them were hoping that everything would be fine between Da Jung and Gun Hak. He showed them his drawing and explained that he was always in his mother’s sight and that was the reason why he drew himself inside her eyes. Mi Mo recalled Soo Hyuk’s words that she was his priority in every decision he made.

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Da Jung pointed out that she didn’t need Gun Hak’s pity and she couldn’t believe that his intentions were different because up to recently he wanted her to divorce him. Gun Hak reassured her that it wasn’t out of pity despite the fact that he couldn’t possibly tell what was fueling his urge to be by her side, but he couldn’t leave her all alone at that point. He informed her that he had torn apart the divorce papers and he wouldn’t like her to ask him to leave since he had nowhere to go. He would like to spend some meaningful together while making every moment count.

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Mi Mo received a phone call from Hae Joon and went to meet him right away. He was feeling embarrassed to hand her over a bouquet of flowers and placed a ring box on the table. Mi Mo couldn’t hold back her tears and he thought that she was very touched, but she could only be apologetic since she couldn’t accept it. She was pretty certain that she was hurting him, but Hae Joon didn’t want to hear anything else and decided to leave while Mi Mo was losing herself in tears.

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Mi Mo was drinking with Ae Ran who urged her to tell Hae Joon that she was in love with someone else, but it wouldn’t be easy for her since she would hurt him. Mi Mo was the one to had liked him first and she was also the one willing to leave him behind, but Ae Ran pointed out that she couldn’t be both a good and a bad person in that occasion. Ae Ran informed her that she hated people who didn’t want to be seen as a bad person while waiting until the other one would break up with them. No matter what decision she will make, Mi Mo’s going to break Hae Joon’s heart anyway, so breaking up with him would help him forget about her faster just like it happened with her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her through a message and she forgot about him in a short period of time. She reminded her once again that being a bad person is necessary sometimes and urged her to remain true to her feelings and act accordingly.

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Soo Hyuk saved Mi Mo from a drunkard and she couldn’t hold back her tears as Soo Hyuk was always appearing in her life and playing his own part. She’d prefer it if he could just leave her alone and Soo Hyuk pointed out that all he ever wanted was to make her smile. He was apologetic and urged her to stop crying because of him.

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Soo Hyuk kept recalling his recent conversation with Mi Mo, but also the moment Hae Joon told him to disappear. He asked Min Woo if he would like visit his grandparents in the US and once his son became aware that everything going on was unbearable for his father he agreed right away and hugged him.

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Mi Mo was waiting for Hae Joon at the apartment lobby in order to talk to him, but he urged her to leave since he didn’t intend to appear. He recalled one of his conversations with Yeon Soo on how lonely she was while being with him whether they were married or not and how she tried to keep her pride by walking away. She had also pointed out that the ideal woman of Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon was quite unrealistic since a woman who’d been through a lot couldn’t be overly pure and definitely not naive.

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Soo Hyuk resigned since the burden of his job had become too heavy on his shoulders, especially after he had lost his interest in it and things had become more serious than he would ever expect them to be. His resignation would also help the Masspunch chief get out of many troubles even though he tried to prevent Soo Hyuk from resigning.


Hyun Ki became aware that Soo Hyuk didn’t intend to return and he couldn’t hide his tears even though he tried to do so. However, Soo Hyuk informed him that he could see him any time he wanted to!


Since Hae Joon wouldn’t see Mi Mo she “invaded” his office and started talking to him as his patient. Hae Joon prevented her from saying anything else since he wanted to talk first. He told her to stop seeing each other since he no longer liked her because she didn’t have eyes only for him. He didn’t want to stop her because her heart wasn’t with him and put an end to their relationship. Mi Mo laid emphasis on the fact that she had met the man of her dreams inside the hospital a few months ago. Even though it was love at first sight back then, he was no longer the one she was searching for. She acknowledged that she wasn’t being good to him, but if she had feelings for someone else she couldn’t stay with him and asked Hae Joon if she was doing the right thing, but she never received an answer.

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She hoped that Hae Joon knew that her feelings had always been sincere towards him and she was apologetic. She returned the ring box and urged him to think of her in any negative way he wanted to until he eventually forget her. Hae Joon pointed out that he would be unable to spit on such a wonderful woman and he was disheartened that he couldn’t be the man standing by her side. What was even sadder was the fact that, while breaking up with him, she was the most attractive Mi Mo his eyes had ever witnessed. He will neither remember her as the ex-Angels member who was singing out of tune nor as the woman who was craving for the perfect love, but as the woman who left his side after uttering that she didn’t like him anymore. Mi Mo couldn’t hold back her tears and Hae Joon urged her to leave since he couldn’t bear to see her cry.

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Dong Bae visited Ae Ran and his hilarious confession started taking place! He showed her that he knows and loves each and every side of her and no matter how she may look like in the future his feelings won’t change for her and his love will always be with her. After telling her that he intends to keep her as the one and only woman in his life he asked her to live with him!

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One of Mi Mo’s clients was enraged because she was paying lots of money on child expenses and she was accusing Mi Mo that it was her fault because she had introduced him to that man. Mi Mo pointed out that she wouldn’t mind anything if she loved a man if he was worth her love and caring.


Mi Mo told Da Jung that she hadn’t seen Soo Hyuk for some time now. Once Da Jung pointed out how odd it was that she hadn’t ran into him even though they were living nearby Mi Mo left Brave Wedding in order to find him after she was informed that Soo Hyuk had resigned. Hyun Ki pointed out that it wasn’t because of her, but because he wanted to leave.

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She couldn’t reach him on the phone, she even rushed to his apartment and went at the bench they usually meet, but he was nowhere to be found. Once again, she was recalling his words that the way she feels will always be his priority in life.

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The next morning Mi Mo was working on a group meeting, but Soo Hyuk appeared right in front of her while she was waiting for the elevator! He asked his goldfish if she had been well and once she started falling Soo Hyuk held her in his arms!

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~ Thoughts ~


The more the episodes pass by the more i hate Hae Joon, he’s probably the most spineless and pathetic second lead i’ve witnessed recently. He certainly deserves the “forever alone” title and i can’t see why a woman would ever like such an iceberg equivalent of a human being, especially after she gets to know him a bit better.


The bench scene between Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk in the beginning was highly representative of how they were feeling at that very moment. She wanted to head towards him, but she prevented herself since she was still with Hae Joon and the same applies to Soo Hyuk. He wanted to reach Mi Mo, but since she wasn’t willing to take the brave step ahead he wasn’t willing to go against her feelings either since he always takes them into consideration before proceeding with anything else.


Mi Mo cried a lot throughout the 11th episode and each and every tear was shattering me to pieces. Jang Na Ra may look utterly beautiful even when she cries and she makes you wanna hug her right away and never let go, but the most important factor has to be witnessing her characters being happy! Throughout her conversations with friends, especially with Da Jung and Ae Ran, Mi Mo was progressing towards the most desired direction that was no other than putting a proper end to her “relationship” with Hae Joon in order to let her heart finally breathe the same air as Soo Hyuk’s.


Da Jung urged Mi Mo to prevent herself from accusing her heart way too much since it was hurting along with her and Ae Ran pointed out that she shouldn’t wait for Hae Joon to breakup with her in order for Mi Mo to be at ease and pretend as if she wasn’t unfair. Sometimes, being the “bad” person is the only way out of something that can’t progress anymore since nurturing the overall negativity with dishonest and forced feelings would eventually make things even worse. Mi Mo didn’t have any further feelings for him and Hae Joon was unable to shroud her with love.


Soo Hyuk was overly sincere towards Hae Joon, he was apologetic for everything, but he also pointed out that he couldn’t control his feelings. Hae Joon’s denial to accept the fact that Mi Mo’s heart had flown far away from him was fueling his rage towards Soo Hyuk, it was something that reached a climax the moment Hae Joon punched him and urged him to disappear from their lives. It’s not like anything would change and it was nothing more than yet another hopeless attempt to keep his comatose “relationship” alive yet immobilized.


Just like Mi Mo’s conversations with Ae Ran and Da Jung were insightful, the same applied to Soo Hyuk’s interactions with Hyuk Ki and Min Woo. Soo Hyuk’s son was his father’s tower of strength while everything was breaking apart around him. Min Woo didn’t only urge Soo Hyuk to remain true to himself by any means necessary and never surrender, but once things had become unbearable for his father he accepted his decision to find some peace of mind in the US and took him in his embrace.


Through his conversations with Hyun Ki and the scenes at Masspunch, Soo Hyuk made clear that the job of the reporter was more than he could handle at that very moment. It was neither the relaxing job he thought it would be nor he could withstand that position after seeing things through Mi Mo’s point of view and becoming a scapegoat for telling nothing more or less than the truth itself. The lesser the pragmatic distance was between Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo the further away she was being from him at that point. It was something that was depriving him even from the sincere happiness of simply being there for her in her time of need. Soo Hyuk would never be able to chase away that feeling unless it disappeared on its own.


The more Hae Joon was trying to approach Mi Mo the greater the unfathomable chasm was appearing between them. It was in the awkwardness every time he tried to hold her hand, it was carved on her uneasy smiles and it was there the moment Mi Mo tried to reveal the whole truth and put an end to everything they “shared,” but Hae Joon didn’t want to hear to anything she had to say. After all, he’s not used to listening to others and as the emotional villain he is, his “superhero” moniker would be the Receiver!


I could only laugh the moment he thought that Mi Mo was touched by his marriage “proposal” and most and above all, did he really think that such an indifferent proposal would make Mi Mo blossom like a flower anew while her feelings for him had already withered? And did he really think that he would maintain his one-sided “relationship” by simply avoiding Mi Mo? We’re talking about zero emotional literacy and a vast delusive ego. I really wonder if his ears are a form of exterior decorating or something.


Even when she visited him at his office he wasn’t eager to listen to her, not before he would utter whatever he had to say. Even after all these conversation with Yeon Soo and Ah Ni, but also through the direct vibes he was receiving but was willingly failing at deciphering, Hae Joon remained self-centered during the moment of their breakup whereas Mi Mo opened up her heart with utter sincerity through her minimal yet meaningful retrospect of their “relationship” and her current feelings.


Finding her most attractive after breaking up with him was quite deranged and even the “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” couldn’t apply to him. It almost feels like he finds some sort of completion after a woman breaks up with him and to his eyes it feels as if she was unable to meet his expectations, which was never the case, but being unable to see her cry felt kind of sincere.


Yoo In Na’s airing time lessens as episodes pass by, but i want to witness more of Dong Mi’s happiness, not just Jung Woo’s seemingly honest compliments! Ae Ran’s relationship with Dong Bae starts deepening once again and i have to admit that as much as i hated that pink coat which looked like his bathrobe that’s how much i loved his confession! It was hilarious, but also meaningful as well and my laughter was followed by humble feels. I can only look forward to how this couple will progress as they have found themselves inside the calm after the storm.


The scene when Da Jung returned back home may had been a bit more pompous that it should with all these rose petals, but the overall ambiance was worth all the feels and the symbolism that she was a woman in full bloom! I hope that it was only the beginning of happier days to come and Da Jung will gradually open up to Gun Hak while he will be trying to approach her in a sincere way while leaving behind all these solitary moments of the recent years; mutually. This ship is so fragile but too strong and i intend to go down with it in case something goes wrong.


After breaking up with Hae Joon, Mi Mo’s world was being filled with Soo Hyuk in his absence, but he was nowhere to be found. Just like one day he suddenly disappeared from her life, he reappeared anew and Mi Mo found herself in his arms in one of their renowned corridor interactions! Alright, i am more than ready to dive into the 12th episode’s world and the low ratings can’t prevent me from doing so, i just hope that the drama won’t start walking upon a disappointing pathway as the warnings i received indicate!


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    Now, it was a very romantic gesture of Gun Hak but I honestly felt it was over the top. I believe you used the word pompous, and I feel the same, even though I’m sure that wasn’t his intention. They haven’t really reconciled yet. The last conversation he had with her was that she wanted him to leave when she returned, and he’s been pushing divorce on her for quite some time. Of course she would think he’s pitying her. I mean, it was nice, but he could have started with a conversation, and share his honest feelings rather than all those roses, or even a nicely prepared meal would have sufficed and shown his heart. Yes, romance is important in a marriage but communication is key. They need to focus on communication and express their feelings in a respectful manner. His past frustrations always seemed to come out so aggressive.

    But… at least this gesture showed her that he does care and I hope time will heal their relationship. I really want them to work out, but I agree with you, it’s so very delicate. They both need to heal from their past wounds and slowly rebuild their relationship step by step. But if the ship goes down, I’m coming down with it as well.

    Great recap and episode review. I always like hearing your thoughts. You do a very good job at touching on pretty much everything from the episode, leaving no stone left unturned.

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