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Come Back Ajusshi Episode 1 First Look


Come Back Mister follows the story of Kim Young Soo, an assistant manager of a clothes section in a big department store and Han Gi Tak, an ex-boxer and now a chef; they both happen to die at the exact same time and they find themselves in an unfamiliar position : come back to finish what they left in the middle but occupying strangers’ bodies!

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First reaction: I liked it!

I expected a show that would balance humour and drama, surrounded by supernatural elements, and it ended up being a very good mix of the above; a large portion of that, goes down to the performances of the main two leads (well, for the first episode anyways) played by Kim In Kwon and Kim Su Ro.

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The first one portrays the hard-working (to the point of collapse!) Kim Young Soo, who doesn’t miss a day of work and goes out of his way to make sure that everything is perfect, something that has caused a drift to his marriage with his wife (Lee Min Jung), as he prioritizes work over her and their daughter.

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The latter takes the role of tough, brash Han Gi Tak, a former boxer who became a chef, and is loved by his staff, as they have a sort of parent-kids relationship. His soft spot is his first love from his teen days,  Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) with whom they drifted apart after he went to jail, beating up the man who was abusing her.

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Both of them got the central focus in the first episode, and I’d say that the writing successfully fleshened them out enough to be able to feel for their regrets (especially Kim Young Soo) in the end, and anticipate how they’re gonna re-fix all the mess they left behind.

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I wasn’t planning on recapping another k-drama so soon after Remember, (mostly because I’ve got way too many jdramas on my plate right now) but I’ve got a feeling that Come Back Mister is gonna prove a surprising pleasant ride, so onwards to episode 2!

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Let us see how Kim Young Soo is gonna fare in a young man’s body (and not your regular one!) as Gi Tak will have to deal with a gender switch!

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