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Watashi Wo Hanasanaide Episode 6

Never Let Me Go Ep 6 Synopsis : Things get out of hand for Manami’s movement group, and she makes an effort to see Kyoko one last time before it’s too late.

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Kyoko reminisces with Tama-chan about Manami in the place she passed away; Tama wonders if Manami was happy, as Kyoko says that she wouldn’t know, while thinking that of all the “tasks” Manami left her, she hadn’t completed a single one. She recounts the last time she saw Manami, who told her to be happy.

Back in the present, Miwa wakes up in the car and asks Kyoko how Nozomigazaki was, and bother her and Tomo shrug it off as nothing precious, and it didn’t “bring back” anything as it was supposed to.

Tomo spends the next days practicting in football much more than he used to, while Kyoko thinks that he probably wants to forget about the moment they had.

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Meanwhile, Manami’s movement group is in trouble as a member fought with a policeman- the leader says that they will soon be after them, which prompts Manami to run away to meet Kyoko.

Miwa tells Kyoko that she feels like Tomo is distancing himself from her, as he’s always practicing and sleeping early because he’s tired. Aguri interrupts them, and asks Miwa to relay her message to Yoko Institue about the extension; Miwa pretends she will, and then tells Kyoko how they could have believed such a ridiculous rumour- Kyoko figures out that Tomo hasn’t told her anything, and thinks that it’s still possible he might have feelings for her.

The next day, Manami visits Kyoko who is happy to see her, but wonders if everything is alright- Manami states that she only wanted to see her because she had missed her. Kyoko tells her about the letter Tatsuko sensei sent to Tomo, and Manami is unsure whether a rumour like this could be true; she asks her if she will apply  with Tomo then, but Kyoko replies that he’s dating Miwa, something that surprises Manami.

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In the meantime, Miwa follows Tomo and finds out that he’s actually drawing in a notebook instead of practicing football.

Before they bid goodbye to each other, Kyoko reveals to Manami that she told Tomo how she truly felt, but she can’t help but feel that she’s trying to steal him away; Manami tells her that she should be free to pursue her happiness citing a few lines from an article of the Constitution. She hugs Kyoko, and tells her to find happiness and she’s glad that they met.

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Miwa shows Kyoko the notebook that Tomo has been drawing in before she sees a pack of cigarettes- Kyoko tells her that Manami visited her, but she didn’t have time to see anyone else but her; Miwa asks to smoke one but she notices the CD besides the pack, and pretends like she doesn’t need to afterall, and leaves the room.

She then searches Tomo’s stuff to find Tatsuko’s letter and thinks that Tomo and Kyoko might be granted that extension. Meanwhile, Manami’s group is trying to run away from the police but she’s the only one to manage to escape.

The next day, Miwa talks with Aguri about the extension rumour, and Aguri says that she should also try with Tomo- Miwa replies that Tomo is distant lately, and Aguri tells her about the moment Tomo and Kyoko shared, and how Kyoko has also been letting another man at times in her room.

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Tomo tells Kyoko they should talk, and asks her to meet later in a small warehouse behind the cottage.

Manami, after her escape, manages to have her voice heard in a public small gathering, where she reveals her origins- she tells people, that she grew up exactly like them, until one day she was told that she should give away her organs to people that need them. She wonders why they were allowed to have feelings if they question why they can’t have the trivial things everyone else can experience, and before she’s taken away by the police, she takes her knife out, declaring that they should have been conditioned not to feel anything if that is the life they have to lead.

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Tomo waits for Kyoko but Miwa arrives first, and asks him about the extension- Tomo reveals to her that he wants to try with Kyoko, while Miwa says that this is not possible, since Kyoko has supposedly offering herself to any man who has been asking her.

After Kyoko enters the warehouse, Tomo asks her if that rumour is true, while Miwa goes on about how cruel she has been to Tomo, letting him think about an extension when she can’t truly love anyone; Kyoko is silent for a few moments, and then she says that she had heard enough. Tomo tries to stop her, but she says that she will have to go on her own from now on.

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On her way out, she encounters the police, who ask her if she had any relations to Manami. Kyoko says that they were friends, and she’s informed that Manami died in the square- after she returns to her room, Kyoko breaks down crying and the next day she decides to change cottages. Miwa finds out and asks Tomo to stop her, but he remains apathetic at her words.

Back in the present, Kyoko says that she’s unsure whether Manami was happy, but she used her life for her own sake. Tama-chan asks her if she will consider becoming Tomo’s carer.



Reflection Corner :


DON’T CRY KYOOOOKO (I can’t with Ayase crying, I’ve said it before she’s one of my 3 ultimate biases and when she cries I just ; ______;)

Oh boy, do they plan to nominate this episode for tear-jerking category because everything went to hell-and pretty quickly at that!


First and foremost, Manami the warrior of light(er!) chose to go on her own terms after giving a speech equivalent of the Spartan King Leonidas! Her words were spot-on; what is the fffffing point of living and not “living”? (aka basically existing) Being able to walk freely and pursue your happiness without hurting others, shouldn’t come with a price. (and certainly not with your “angelic” organs!)


I thought the scene where she ran away until the first light and was able to see the sun clear in the sky, was very telling- it was like she had experienced something trivial and something others take for granted,  after she had to fight for her life. It shouldn’t be like this, and surrendering would only mean that she was gonna get torn apart, so it was the only viable option for her. Farewell bold Manami, you shall not be forgotten.

Did I say Miwa was sorta kind in the previous episode? I did huh, well…it’s a good thing that I wait for a few moments before I start writing my recaps, because the post would be full of @$&$@CG&^, like Cid in Final Fantasy VII? Yeah.


So Miwa’s limited edition kind-face went to the trash can and it will possibly stay there as a permanent visitor. I have said that I can’t hate her (more like feel sorry for her) because it’s her insecurities and her lack of self-confidence that guide her actions but dear lord, this episode she was horribly selfish to the very core. I can’t even claim that she loves Kyoko, (well in the present things have changed but yeah) because all she does is hurt her.

I mean, Kyoko said “ENOUGH” after the latest Miwa show! Imagine that, Kyoko herself, said that.  Because, well,  enough is enough! So this was the catalyst for Kyoko cloaking herself in her present fortified layer. Yeah, I can’t blame her; Miwa betrayed her and Tomo..oh boy, he’s making one step forward and then is being pushed around and can’t think for himself! (I guess #05 was too good to be true for everyone!)


I’m not sure if either Miwa or Tomo can properly mend things, like  “oh Kyoko sorry I stabbed you in your heart, let me apply some band aid on that…hmm, it doesn’t really work though!”

I suppose a decade of getting your distance and thinking things more clearly did wonder for all of them, since Miwa and Tomo seek Kyoko’s attention right now (and indirectly her forgiveness), buuuuut.



Man, this drama hurts. I don’t think it can get any more depressing though, so onwards to episode 7!

disclaimer – this post was written by a sleepy kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimienaimono @ LJ 

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