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Hye Rim’s rage the moment she read Soo Hyun’s experiment documents was only the beginning, but the more she was interacting with him the more she was leaving behind her doubts on the experiment’s continuation. Her imaginary attack towards Soo Hyun was just a glimpse of how she was feeling on the inside, but she proceeded in a diplomatic way in order to make him reveal the whole truth on his own. Instead of Soo Hyun, Ji Ho and Seung Chan were the ones to face Hye Rim’s eruptive temperament and after earning her hate they had one last chance to make things right by simply becoming her eyes and ears in her ongoing quest to force Soo Hyun’s confession.

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The BBC interview was one of the most important scenes of the episode and the drama so far. Hye Rim arrived the moment he was about to unveil his thoughts on the experiment’s second phase. Instead, he kept talking about the first phase’s outcome and he masterfully made it appear as if the last fMRI scan was the overall experiment’s ending part to Hye Rim’s ears. However, the fact that Hye Rim had picked a successful man in his mid-30s had nothing to do with the so called wealth and power factor. Soo Hyun’s subjectivity on the experiment is immense as he forces his flow of thoughts towards the direction he wants to.

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If Soo Hyun thinks he prove that true love doesn’t exist for women then he’s wandering deep in the starless night since it was only love on Hye Rim’s behalf. Had his wealth and status ever been an option then they would be secondary and tertiary aspects in the way Hye Rim was staring at him. In other words, he simply failed since he only prove that Hye Rim chose the male subject with all the necessary for him characteristics while Hye Rim’s feelings were growing just for him and not his pocket.

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I loved Hye Rim’s approach since both of them were talking in third person about themselves at first and then she transformed the overall scenery into an indirect confession on his behalf. Hye Rim was expressing all of her concerns in order to infuse a sense of healthy guilt in his mind concerning her own feelings while at the same time she was alerting him on the dangerous characteristics of the experiment both for him and herself. Setting aside the experiment’s characteristics and Soo Hyun’s current inability to be overly honest, his approach on his feelings and the collision taking place on the inside felt sincere.

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Soo Hyun’s thoughts in third person were a humble retrospect of some of the reasons why he started having feelings for Hye Rim, but he became more specific during his partially deceiving experiment-wise yet indirectly sincere first person imaginary confession. Kneeling in front of her was offering a more pragmatic aspect on Soo Hyun’s internal changes, but his flow of thoughts led to some further realizations he hadn’t taken into consideration in his notes.


Driving him mad may had appeared as his arch reason for making her the experiment’s main subject, but he may had been attracted by Hye Rim in the first place and being unable to approach her differently, he made her a part of the experiment. Something like that would never declare him innocent, but it offers a new perspective in Soo Hyun’s current feelings and the way he has developed throughout the episodes. Hye Rim indicated that the man Soo Hyun was impersonating should confess the whole truth as soon as possible before any further complications would surface; making things irreparable.


There was a push and pull flow inside Hye Rim’s universe between her feelings (and the urge to trust him) and her instinct (and the vibes she was receiving from Ji Ho and Seung Chan). Amid all that, we got to find out more about Seung Chan and Soo Hyun’s childhood relationship. Everything Soo Hyun had revealed was almost invalid with portions of truth, his own truth the way it had been imprinted on his eyes’ retina back in the days. Seung Chan had probably started playing baseball to get closer to/acknowledged by his brother and socialize with the other kids, but Soo Hyun was pushing him away in his own indirectly violent way.

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He was never treated by Soo Hyun as a younger brother and we found out that his mother was actually taking better care of Soo Hyun. More clues came to the surface the moment Soo Hyun could partially see himself in So Dam’s world, but under different circumstances. Back in the days, Soo Hyun was excelling at pretty much everything while trying to acquire his stepmother’s attention  and he was being rewarded, but it would never be enough as everything was collapsing before his very eyes every time he would see her close to Seung Chan. Soo Hyun probably wanted to monopolize his stepmother’s warmth and attention as a necessary substitute for his mother’s absence while being jealous of Seung Chan because that woman was his biological mother.

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At the present and among a wide variety of competitive behaviors, Hye Rim is a means for Soo Hyun to impose his grandeur over Seung Chan with a renowned sense of arrogance, making Seung Chan feel quite low for taking him into consideration. Seung Chan may be thinking of Soo Hyun as a cold and spiteful person who could choose the experiment over Hye Rim any time. His assumptions are more than justified and they’re based on facts, but only Soo Hyun really knows what’s going on inside his mind/heart.

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Ji Ho and Seung Chan want to atone for their emotional crimes against Hye Rim and they play their own part in progressing her plan that created uncertainty and confusion in Soo Hyun’s world. Step by step, he fell into the trap and found himself in a face to face confrontation with Hye Rim. He could easily betray that there were things he was keeping hidden from her while trying to prove Seung Chan and Ji Ho’s words wrong by stating that they were being fueled by jealousy.

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The moment Soo Hyun told Hye Rim to trust only him may had been a trap, in the past i could lean towards that direction anytime, but due to my aforementioned flow of thoughts i have to admit that he was sincere. What isn’t overly sincere is everything he reveals concerning the experiment because he can’t find a way to unveil the whole truth to Hye Rim despite her efforts to elicit an honest confession. The thing is, Hye Rim had seen the experiment documents and she knew that all three of them were a part of the experiment under Soo Hyun’s lead and that’s when she started pushing him away.

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It was disheartening to see Yoo Rim’s feelings being rejected by Ji Ho even though she was craving to partake in an experiment; just the two of them. Of course, i liked the fact that she kept ignoring him while Ji Ho’s natural take as if nothing had happened was making her boil even more. Hye Rim having utmost faith towards Soo Hyun despite all these warning was a bit nerve-wracking at times, but i have to admit that i liked her urge to believe in him despite the brave dose of noble idiocy. What truly angered me was her behavior towards Yoo Rim.

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It’s true that Hye Rim has her own struggles and in a manner of speaking, she keeps nurturing them when it comes to Soo Hyun, but taking all of her rage on her sister instead of Soo Hyun while insulting her was unacceptable. The direct attack on her sister’s looks and overall approach when it comes to a relationship was unnecessary and even more tormenting in Yoo Rim’s hour of need. If she needed a hand to pull her back to the surface, Hye Rim pushed her even deeper in all these emotional pits she was losing herself in.

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It wasn’t only about Yoo Rim, Madame Antoine’s 10th episode was laying emphasis on parental favoritism and its long-term effects. The difference between Yoo Rim, Soo Hyun, etc and So Dam is that the first ones have grown up and they have to work on their issues after they have become a part of themselves, So Dam is still a child and things are bound to drastically change with the right yet sincere approach on her impulse control disorder. So Dam’s behavior at school was different from her attention-seeking attitude at home and i wholeheartedly loved her interaction with Soo Hyun at the hospital.


His stare was filled with utter empathy and he must had been the first one in a long time to had shown her any form of interest. The fact that she sings when it’s quiet derives from a moment when she was the center of everyone’s attention while both herself and everyone around her were having fun. So Dam’s behavior at home was a desperate plea for attention while both her parents were showing more interest towards So Yul who was taking after her mother.

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On top of that, she was the eldest child of the family just like her parents were standing in the spotlight for like-minded reasons in the past and they kept nurturing their experiences through their parental approach; subconsciously. Showing unique and sincere interest based on So Dam’s strongest points, studying and singing, will pave the way for a healthier environment not only for the child, but for the whole family as well.

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Soo Hyun also became aware of Mi Ran’s thyroid cancer and she wanted him to act as if he didn’t know anything after reassuring him that she was receiving treatment. However, he’s eager to help her complete her ever-expanding bucket list in any way he can. One way or another, all of our main or secondary figures in this drama are in need of psychological support. In Mi Ran’s condition, she’s eager to live to the fullest but she’s probably afraid of being unable to wake up after undergoing surgery, hence leaving behind once and for all everything that would fill with joy her time before her departure. Hye Rim became aware of her bucket list and her interest towards Seung Chan and without revealing anything she tried to push him closer to Mi Ran.

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Soo Hyun’s jealousy was immense the moment he found out that Seung Chan and Hye Rim were playing out in the snow, he was like a dictator looking at them through the window! However, Hye Rim kept rejecting his proposals and it was the first time she wasn’t willing to be by his side when he was going to visit a patient (So Dam), but once she demanded something almost impossible he was able to fulfill her watermelon wish after having to drive for three hours! It was something that soothed her concerns and made her believe that the experiment was truly over.

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The next time your girlfriend is mad at you bring her watermelon in the heart of winter and everything will be fine. She was ready to start blindly believing in Soo Hyun’s feelings, but the moment she found out that the experiment’s second phase, that was based on three tasks, had began she erupted! Ji Ho and Seung Chan were able to witness the grandeur of her wrath and it was official; Soo Hyun hunting season had began!

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Hye Rim will pay him back in his own coin and she will demand from Soo Hyun to prove his feelings through an fMRI, but she will also work on her own experiment in an attempt to make him fall for another woman! The fact that Soo Hyun was about to delete the experiment’s files was probably proving the pathway he had chosen to walk upon (a bit too late), that’s why he was urging Hye Rim to put her trust in him. Other things i am looking forward to during the next episodes have to be Soo Hyun’s mother’s reappearance (Soo Hyun’s birthday are approaching too) as a patient and the chairman’s daughter’s sessions that will lead towards an issue related to the chairman himself. Alright, come on drama, show me what you’re made of!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
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