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Watashi Wo Hanasanaide Episode 5

Never Let Me Go Ep 5 Synopsis : Miwa takes a trip downtown in order to search for her “roots”, as Kyoko and Tomo come unexpectedly closer.

Recap – Summary :

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In the present, Kyoko says how she realized that the only one that needed her was Miwa, and while she might have done mean things to her in the past, she was also capable of being nice to her – meanwhile, Tomo asked Tama-chan if his request for Kyoko to be his carer went through, but she replied that it might take some time.

Kyoko back in her apartment, takes out an apology-card, saying that just like Miwa would do sometimes mean things, so would she.

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Back in the cottage-time, Kyoko narrates how she decided to date Kousuke, something that helped her open up a bit to the others, as he was always trying to cheer her up- the time he had to leave to become a carer came soon though, and she was left alone again.

Miwa tells Kyoko that she was surprised to see her checking out female adult magazines herself, but Kyoko explained that she was trying to find her “roots”- since in their case, they were created by a donated cell, she thought that maybe there was a chance she’d find it somewhere there. Their conversation is interrupted by an elated Aguri who tells Miwa that Jouji saw her “roots” in a store downtown, and they should all go meet her. Miwa is surprised to hear that, and tells Aguri she will answer her tomorrow.

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She asks Kyoko what she would do in her shoes, as Kyoko is unsure; Miwa asks her why she has been trying to find her roots then, as Kyoko explains that she only wanted to know, not meet them. She thinks that meeting her roots wouldn’t change anything, and she would probably wouldn’t go as Miwa is unhappy to hear that, and leaves the room.

The next day, Tomo encourages Miwa to talk to Kyoko, and she eventually tells Kyoko that she will go meet her roots and she want to go together; Kyoko happily accepts and Jouji borrows the car from Minegishi to go downtown.

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They stop to eat at a restaurant, where Jouji asks Miwa if the rumour about giving Yoko institute students who can prove they’re in love, an extension of time before they become carers; Miwa confirms the rumour is true and tells them that she will ask around to see if the application is open for others, not just Yoko students.

Later, Kyoko asks Miwa why she confirmed the rumour since it’s not true, and Miwa states that she didn’t want to foul their mood.

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After wandering around a bit, they manage to finally find the woman who Miwa is supposed to come from- Miwa approaches her and asks her direction so she can buy a bottle of water and notices that the woman is left-handed unlike her who’s right-handed. She thanks her and returns back to others, as she says that this woman wasn’t her “roots” afterall.

Jouji says they have a bit of time before they head back, and Tomo shows Kyoko a map with Nozomigasaki, and asks Kyoko and Miwa to go with him- Miwa is not in a good mood and speaks harshly to Kyoko due to her disappointment.

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Kyoko decides to go to Nozomigasaki alone, but Tomo eventually accompanies her; Tomo tries to apologize to Kyoko in behalf of Miwa, as Kyoko says she doesn’t mind it much anymore, but it is has become a bit tiresome for her- something Tomo agrees with.

After they land on Nozomigasaki, they’re ecstatic to see the sea from afar, but as they approach the place they find it has become a dumpster for all sort of garbage. Kyoko remarks that it was at least beautiful from afar, while Tomo gives her a letter he received some time ago from Tatsuko-sensei.

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Tatsuko writes that Yoko might actually have been looking out for its students, and there’s a secret related to the drawings, that might be good for her ultimately; Tomo thinks that the rumour about the couple being in love is true, and that will be proven by an artwork submitted by the couple, but Kyoko doesn’t believe it; she wonders if Tatsuko’s condition has become worse in order to write things like this.

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Tomo asks Kyoko if she has lost her hope then, as Kyoko says she prefers not to have hope, in order not to be disappointed; upon hearing her words, Tomo runs around entering any store he comes across, as he tries desperately to find the CD he gave Kyoko once. Kyoko tells him that this is futile, until they hear the particular track in one of the stores.

Tomo asks the shop owner to buy the CD, and when the owner sees their “credit card”, he understands who they truly are, and gives them the CD for free, as a thanks for their services.

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While they wait for their train to arrive, Tomo tells Kyoko that having a dream doesn’t mean it’s gonna come true, but it means that simply having one, makes one happy; Kyoko is moved by his words and sheds a few tears, as Tomo apologizes, thinking he said something cruel to her. Kyoko ends up confessing that she likes him, before she tries to fix her wording.

Both of them eventually return and join the others, as Jouji scolds them for being late; Miwa gives Kyoko an apology card for her rash behavior before, and tells her she can use it if she ever needs to.

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On their way back, Miwa falls asleep on Kyoko’s shoulder, as she locks fingers with Tomo, with Aguri watching them from the car-mirror.

Kyoko in the present, narrates that just as Miwa was capable of doing bad things, she would sometimes do the same- after placing Miwa’s card back in her box, she takes Manami’s lighter in her hands, and says that it was “then” that everything started crumbling for all of them.



Reflection Corner :


Tomo, did you hear Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” before your simple yet meaningful speech to Kyoko or what? lol

I liked him this episode, he finally started thinking for himself and was the one to hold the hope-torch when everything seemed lost. He was right in what he said though; not having a single dream is like losing your reason for a possible journey, and that is quite sad.


The fact he was running around trying to find the cd, might have seemed foolish but it’s from the foolish things that the greatest rewards sometimes come, and what do you know? Kyoko got her cd back again!


It was ironic that Kyoko did the “bad” thing after Miwa had shown her (limited edition!) kind face to her; but it seems like everyone’s realizing that their time is limited and they will have to take small steps towards what they truly want before they fade away. I’ve got to say it’s hard to feel sympathy for Miwa, since she doesn’t love Tomo, while Kyoko does love him buuuut..they should come forth with their feelings before holding hands escalate to something else!


Miwa had her Miwa-ish moments this episode, but she wasn’t downright cruel as other times, and she came to understand that Kyoko won’t always stand around and take her ugly behavior, so giving that apology-card in the end, was a sign of progress.

Is that “prove your love” rumour true, then? I doubt it if we see how miserable everyone is in the present- and what about that lighter Kyoko was holding in the end? Wasn’t that the lighter Manami used last epi to light her cigarette? Craaaap, I don’t even wanna know how this is gonna turn out..well I do, so onwards to episode 6 then! (the BGM continues to be hauntingly beautiful btw!)


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimienaimono @ LJ

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