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“I believe that people’s feelings are the most accurate when displayed numerically.
I’m someone who believes that one’s feelings are located in the brain.”


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It’s almost an unwritten law, after crossing the midway point of a drama the next episode has to be magnificent and captivating by preserving the first half’s characteristics while revealing the second half’s contours. I have to admit that Madame Antoine’s 9th episode was successful and quite multifaceted dare i say. There were many things going on in a bit less than an hour’s time and it was the 8th episode’s natural continuation while perplexing things to a wider extent, the outcome of which we’ll witness in the forthcoming episodes!

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The 9th episode had feels, tons of feels and they were always related to our main couple, but it also possessed its own humorous vibes while at the same time the side stories of all the secondary figures were progressing. Concerning the drama’s medical part, we have two patients waiting to receive treatment. The first one is a little girl, So Dam, and the second one has to be the chairman’s daughter, but this character will occupy our interest in the future while the first one already made her entrance along with her disorder’s arch characteristics.

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Concerning So Dam, whenever she finds herself in a quiet environment she shatters tranquility by singing out loud, whenever something catches her attention she gets solely focused on that,  she soils her sheets, she’s a potential pyromaniac, she kills bugs and presents their corpses as some sort of a trophy, her parents can’t possibly tell whether she has any feelings of empathy or fear, she’s a genius, etc. Her parents were craving for Soo Hyun’s help, but he hadn’t worked with children before and he wasn’t good at getting close to them either. He couldn’t step back, but he would never proceed without Hye Rim! The thing is, So Dam chose Soo Hyun and declared that she would get married to him.

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Her father appears to had been a singer or something, her mother had won at a beauty contest in the past and So Dam’s sister, So Yul, had already started walking upon a like-minded pathway. Based on everything we’ve witnessed so far, there’s a sense of solitude in So Dam’s world as she separates herself from her family quite often while at the same time she seeks for their attention and succeeds in that in a wide variety of unorthodox ways that are either disturbing or dangerous by trying to sabotage their normality.

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The fact that she’s a clever child could also be seen the moment she realized that something was going on between Soo Hyun and Hye Rim and managed to forge a distance between them by pooping in her pants and being close to Soo Hyun. The lack of familial affection and further attention while So Yul was treasuring everything she was missing could be the reason behind So Dam’s condition, but we have yet to find out what’s really going on and it’s going to be quite challenging since Soo Hyun will be the figure in charge.

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The opening of the episode found our beloved couple on the sofa up to the early morning light as they spent the night talking and kissing with Hye Rim being in Soo Hyun’s embrace. They were reminiscing the recent past as both of them were eager to find out when they started having feelings for one another. Hye Rim’s memory was quite strong and she was utterly cute as she was scolding him in her own playful way for having acted differently from the way he was feeling towards her! A passionate kiss couldn’t be missing and the urge for them to be inseparable had already been born!

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Holding hands and Soo Hyun declaring that they were a couple during one of their walks made Hye Rim feel more secure and the vibes of remembrance kept progressing while eating at the restaurant where Hye Rim had cancelled his plan. However, Soo Hyun kept eliciting valuable information! He found out that Hye Rim had rejected Ji Ho and Seung Chan’s confessions, but the fact that Hye Rim’s approach on Seung Chan was an indirect one didn’t please him. Soo Hyun’s jealousy was all over the place and he urged her to reject his brother in a straight forward way! Up to an extent, the 9th episode was weighing up our main couple’s past and present through different parameters.

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Soo Hyun and Hye Rim had also started talking over the phone throughout the night and they were actually acting like a newborn couple with Hye Rim being more curious about his past and Soo Hyun answering to her questions and fulfilling her tasks! He even sang to her and even though his voice was like a cracking door trying to sound melodious it actually felt like a nightingale’s song to Hye Rim’s ears! She was being devoured by Soo Hyun’s world way too much and she had let her guard down, but her subconscious mind’s warnings appeared in her dreams as Hye Rim saw herself in the form of Marie Antoinette urging her to stay away from that hypocrite!

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Both Ji Ho and Seung Chan were feeling uneasy about everything going on since Hye Rim kept being deceived by Soo Hyun even though his humane side had already awakened up to an extent. Ji Ho unveiled a few of the experiment’s characteristics to Yoo Rim who tried to warn Hye Rim, but she wasn’t successful since her sister was too busy dripping honey over the phone while talking to Soo Hyun! Han Ye Seul’s grunting voice was utterly hilarious and i have to admit that i played that scene many times in order to keep listening to it! Seung Chan also tried to warn her, but Hye Rim kept interrupting him before completing his flow of thoughts. She followed Soo Hyun’s lead and informed Seung Chan that she had feelings for his brother and that she was intending to put her trust in him since he had proven that he experiment had reached the end.

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However, Soo Hyun still needed a last fMRI in order to complete the experiment and deceived Hye Rim anew. He simply made her appear as the one who wanted to do it in order to prove her feelings in the scientific and brain-oriented way he was longing for by chasing away the abhorrent 6%! His thoughts that he would trick Hye Rim for one last time may had been sincere at that point, but as we witnessed later on the experiment wouldn’t be over since everything we had seen so far was only its first phase. Ji Ho got 21%, Seung Chan 77% and Soo Hyun the bombastic 98% that enthroned the male subject A as the king of Hye Rim’s heart.

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That was the moment Seung Chan got informed on the second phase of the experiment and he was overly negative about it. He even tried to punch Soo Hyun who evaded his fist like a quirky maestro! After pointing out that it would be related to things real lovers do Soo Hyun managed to acquire a 3-day deadline before Seung Chan would reveal everything to Hye Rim. Seung Chan wouldn’t stand still and started plotting anew with Ji Ho. The first time it hadn’t worked, but this time they started working on a plan that would destroy all of the experiment’s records. However, Soo Hyun was one step ahead since everything was in his password-protected Cloud account and safe.


Soo Hyun taking Hye Rim to his friend’s vacation house on the third day of the deadline was a double combo since he could be with her as Soo Hyun, the man who’s falling for Hye Rim, but also as the experiment’s supervisor and one and only winning male subject A. Seung Chan was messaging Hye Rim, but Soo Hyun kept preventing her from reading them until she ran out of battery; the night belonged to them!

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It wasn’t only insightful when it comes to them, we also got to know more about Soo Hyun’s past and the reason behind his ongoing competitive attitude towards Seung Chan which isn’t only Hye Rim oriented. Even though Soo Hyun’s stepmother was good to him, she would always take Seung Chan’s side, something that left its own imprint on his mind and winning over his brother at pretty much everything feels essential at the present. However, when it comes to his biological mother who had abandoned him at the amusement park, i think that Soo Hyun lied the moment he said that he wasn’t thinking of her.

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I’m pretty certain there’s a sense of negativity deriving from his childhood and the years that followed, but the longing to see her again was there back in the days and it’s probably here at the present even though he denies it. In a manner of speaking, his birthday celebrations must had always been filled with an excessive sense of longing that was turning into disappointment at the end of the day and i hope that the drama will use that card.

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Their bed scene wasn’t only beautiful due to their passionate kiss and mutual declaration of love, it was also dangerous. Hye Rim was inside the lion’s den by the lion’s side feeling as if was losing herself in a dream while the nightmare was right beside her. The urge to love and feel loved was growing stronger and she was eager to love Soo Hyun enough to compensate him for all the lack of maternal love, something that was proving Hye Rim’s sincerity and depth of emotion in their purest form.

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Good things don’t last forever and last night’s bliss was temporary. All it required for Hye Rim’s newly forged yet utmost trust to be shattered was to charge her cellphone and read Seung Chan’s messages. Everything would change in a blink of an eye and she started progressing her own plan with Operation Balloon, but Soo Hyun’s safe’s password wasn’t his birthday. Just like Soo Hyun’s experiment had a second phase, the same applied to Hye Rim’s operation as well! Changing her cellphone password into Soo Hyun’s birthday because it’s “something lovers usually do” and making it look as if someone tried to break into his office she subconsciously made him change his safe’s password into Hye Rim’s birthday.

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Seung Chan’s interactions with Mi Ran were intriguing as both of them were talking about their unrequited feelings. Seung Chan’s one-sided love was openly staring at Hye Rim’s direction whereas Mi Ran was keeping her own feelings faceless for apparent reasons. It’s true that he was a part of the experiment in the first place, but the more he was getting to know Hye Rim the more he was falling for her. He can afford being hated by her, but he would be unable seeing getting hurt and he started being true to himself even at the cost of losing her once and for all. Mi Ran’s point of view on unrequited love could easily become the Gospel of second leads since it was presented as love’s purest form that can’t be measured while expecting nothing in return.


She finds happiness in Seung Chan’s very presence, she keeps listening to his concerns and advising him while fueling the delight that derives from her one-sided feelings. Judging from the preview, her health issue will deteriorate and i hope that the people around her will find out everything and they will try to convince her to receive treatment before it’s too late. Ji Ho was unable to reveal the whole truth to Hye Rim, so he informed Yoo Rim on everything that was going on all this time. He was feeling bad for partaking in the experiment and definitely not because he got rejected by Hye Rim. I enjoyed the water Yoo Rim threw on his face and things just got difficult for him since Hye Rim will erupt and that revelation is always bound to create some distance between him and Yoo Rim who was falling for him.

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While Soo Hyun was buying cotton candy for her, Hye Rim was opening his safe and hell was about to break loose. As i said in my midway review, he can’t have both the girl and the devoid of love experiment outcome he desires and Hye Rim’s own experiment is about to begin. The thin red line has been crossed and a new form of deception appears on the other side of the horizon. The hunted will become the hunter and i can only look forward to it!


It’s Soo Hyun hunting season!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
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  1. February 20, 2016 at 6:02 pm — Reply

    Okay, reading through your thoughts and recap reminded me that it really wasn’t a bad episode at all; it was actually quite good. Yet, while I was watching the episode, I was so utterly annoyed and let down by Sung Joon’s character. I must remember though, he has serious issues.

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  3. February 22, 2016 at 11:24 am — Reply

    that little girl totally has symptoms of being on the autism scale! i wonder if they will actually go there! here in the usa her pediatrician would have flagged this immediately if not the school or preschool. i wonder if its as culturally unknown in SK as the show lets on?
    enjoyed this one and its going to be lot of black ops from now on i think! haha 🙂

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