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“I think that a person’s heart is like a butterfly.
If you try to catch it by force, it will run away.”


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Moo Song noticed the grade book underneath his desk and it became more apparent among the teachers that the one who turned Moo Song’s office into a mess wasn’t after the key. All Moo Song’s waiting for is the culprit’s confession.


Shi Woo was inside the bell tower armory and he was recalling the recent Moo Song oriented events while trying to figure out who was behind the Moorim Institute incident. Soon Deok sat by his side and she was confused as well, but she informed Shi Woo that Yeob Jung’s dream is to become Moorim Association’s heir since he’s obsessed with power and always stares at the first position. He’s from the best Hong Kong martial arts family and knows Moorim Association’s background quite well.

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Yeob Jung asked Choi Ho if he knew anything about Chintamani, but he refused everything. Shi Woo thought that Yeob Jung could be the culprit, especially if he knows everything related to Chintamani. Yeob Jung countered his assumptions since he would never do such a thing. He wants to acquire the key with his worth by simply becoming Moorim Institute’s top student. Yeob Jung kept preserving his nerve-shaking attitude and informed Shi Woo that he shouldn’t bother too much about everything going on since he has no place in Moorim Institute.

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Seon Ah was losing herself in her own thoughts inside the kitchen and Shi Woo urged her to be more careful. Seon Ah laid emphasis on the falling lights and the wolf and how Shi Woo made them stand still for a while. She considers him the one who unlocked the seal and she was definitive about it even if it could be just a coincidence. She’d like to possess such a power since she would be able to take off Moo Song’s shoulders some of his burden. Shi Woo urged her to ask him directly when it comes to the truth. She recalled her conversation with her father and all she can do for now is to wait for him to reveal everything.

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Chi Ang was out of Soon Deok’s workplace and before returning to Moorim Institute he took her with him!


Yeob Jung pressured Choi Ho to reveal the whole truth since he had noticed all the guilty signs that night. Choi Ho kept denying everything and Yeob Jung punched him and urged him to confess the truth to Moo Song. Choi Ho erupted concerning Yeob Jung’s attitude towards him and how he was feeling all this time. Ss soon as everyone became aware of what he had done they urged him to visit Moo Song and tell the truth. Since Choi Ho didn’t intend to do so, Moo Song appeared inside the room and shortly after Choi Ho follow him inside his office.

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Choi Ho confessed that he couldn’t accept the fact that he wasn’t in the advanced class and he wanted to change this. Moo Song laid emphasis on the fact that the lower class isn’t inferior to the advanced one, but it gives all the necessary time for him to think things clearly. He was also the one who overheard Moo Song’s conversation with Shi Woo and Choi Ho was curious why he was thinking of Shi Woo as Moorim Institute’s heir. Moo Song simply urged him to return back home since he didn’t belong to Moorim Institute.


Chi Ang and Soon Deok went for some tea and he was thankful towards her for giving up everything in order to take care of him. Soon Deok was still apologetic and Chi Ang urged her to stop feeling that way, but she should also refrain from heading towards Shi Woo’s direction. He gave her a butterfly pendant that would fill her life with luck. Soon Deok couldn’t accept it and he wondered if she was being sorry again because of Shi Woo. Chi Ang indicated that his feelings were genuine and sincere and even if Soon Deok knew that he was telling the truth she couldn’t accept them.

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Chi Ang let her know that he doesn’t intend to give up on her, but he will prevent himself from acting in a childish way. He intends to become an amazing man and hand her over the butterfly pendant anew when the timing feels right. It’s something he has to do for himself in order to prevent all these feelings from lingering deep within. As for now, he doesn’t intend to keep overburdening since her life’s already tough and if he keeps chasing her around she will keep running away from him, like a butterfly.


Shi Woo recalled some of Chae Yoon’s Chintamani oriented words to his mother and his ear started ringing anew, but remembering his meeting with Chae Yoon was something that soothed his pain.


Luna murdered one of the drifters that had raided Chae Yoon’s house and Chae Yoon didn’t get the chance to meet him. He was pretty certain that the person who had murdered his wife was also behind the drifter’s death and Luna was eager to arrange a meeting with Moo Song in case Chae Yoon was referring to him. He’s not yet in the position for a face to face confrontation and he will have to wait a bit more.


Chi Ang returned to Moorim Institute and the students greeted him! He was already aware of what had happened and he was pretty certain that they would be able to convince Moo Song to change his decision.

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Choi Ho was getting ready to leave and Chi Ang urged him to apologize to Moo Song before doing anything else. Choi Ho informed them that the only person Moo Song favors as the future heir of Moorim Institute is Shi Woo.


Shi Woo kept urging Moo Song to give Choi Ho another chance like he did for him and Chi Ang in the past. He laid emphasis on Moo Song’s own words, that a betrayer could still be a colleague and a friend and he put the blame on Moo Song as well since Choi Ho betrayed them. Dae Ho, Yoo Di, Daniel and Sam supported Shi Woo’s attempt.

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Chi Ang would like Shi Woo to remain himself and he would do things his own way. Shi Woo considered him the coolest guy he had ever met and that he would never meet such a great friend again. Chi Ang reassured him that hadn’t he been such a decent guy he’d be having a hard time at that point. Shi Woo was thankful towards Chi Ang for coming back safe and both of them agreed to follow their own paths.

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Soon Deok and Seon Ah were informed by Yeob Jung that Choi Ho had already left.


Shi Woo knew how Choi Ho was feeling since he had kept his past a secret for a long time as well. He kept wondering whether his dreams were really dreams or memories, but he was almost certain that the past was awakening. However, he couldn’t possibly tell if it would be a blessing or a curse for someone to wield all the power the Chintamani possessed.


Soon Deok’s father was informed that the drifter had passed away while at the same time Chae Yoon was unsuccessfully trying to recover his memories, but he had in mind all the information he had received from the other drifter concerning the man who had saved Shi Woo and ended up losing his sight. Luna delivered all the information she had gathered to Wang Hao’s right hand man who started thinking that Soon Deok’s father may be close to one of Chae Yoon’s children.


Soon Deok’s father was searching around for his daughter, but he found out that she was lying about the school she was supposed to be attending. After he got enraged, Bang Deok eventually told him that Soon Deok was a Moorim Institute student and he collapsed.


Seon Ah was inside her room and once Soon Deok’s phone rang she wondered if something bad had happened.


Soon Deok and Shi Woo were at the bell tower armory and even though he didn’t know much about the path he had started walking upon, he was receiving familiar vibes. Soon Deok was accepted by a college, but she couldn’t attend her class because her family was poor. She was wandering in tears inside the forest and that’s where she met Seon Ah who had sneaked out of Moorim Institute. Once the magic seal opened she found herself at Moorim Institute and she started believing in fate. Shi Woo could only agree with her and he considered his meeting with Soon Deok a fated incident.


While Shi Woo was expressing his fears Chi Ang arrived and started eavesdropping their conversation. Since he couldn’t recall his past, Shi Woo was afraid of finding himself in situations he would be unable to tolerate. Soon Deok urged him to not worry about the past since he’s himself at the present and he asked her if she would be by his side no matter what. Soon Deok could only offer a positive answer and Shi Woo took her in his embrace.


Chi Ang couldn’t withstand the moment and left with Seon Ah running after him. He intends to pretend that he didn’t see anything and returned to his room where he kept recalling Yeob Jung and Choi Ho’s words along with his defeat from Shi Woo and his thoughts on the Chintamani. The moment he got rejected by Seon Ah played its own part in his intentions to never surrender.

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Soon Deok’s father wanted to know the whole truth about his daughter attending Moorim Institute and thought that Soon Deok had deceived him because he was blind. Soon Deok tried to convince him that Moorim Institute wasn’t as strange as he thought it would be and urged him to put his trust on her. He intended to get a loan in order for her to start attending college and demanded that she would quit being a student at Moorim Institute.

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Soon Deok informed him on everything he didn’t know, that she had thrown away the college acceptance letter because they couldn’t afford to pay for tuition and asked him to pretend he didn’t know anything about her attending Moorim Institute. She revealed how tough it was for her living day by day and she couldn’t afford to leave Moorim Institute behind since it was brightening her life, but he wouldn’t change his opinion. He didn’t reveal the reasons why he was overly negative about it and he intended to move with her as soon as possible.


Moo Song informed the rest of the teachers on his intentions to work on a Moorim Competition in a month’s time, but it would be different this time since it would let alumni and other members of Moorim Association to compete. Dae Ho was negative since the danger of Juk Poong members entering Moorim Institute’s protected grounds was immense, but Moo Song wanted to believe that the one who possesses the real power will emerge victorious and will put an end to this ongoing battle. Beop Gong found Moo Song’s idea quite intriguing and agreed right away.


The students became aware of the forthcoming competition. Seon Ah was worried about Soon Deok who wasn’t answering her phone, but Shi Woo wanted to believe that everything was fine and that she would return. Seon Ah was concerned about outsiders participating at the competition, but she could see that Moo Song was trying to find Moorim Association’s number one person. Shi Woo urged her to remain herself, work hard and prevent herself from worrying.

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Moo Song would like Dae Ho to help him form a special class in order for their students to prepare for the Moorim Competition and he already had someone in mind for the extra teacher’s position. Chi Ang kept practicing hard while Sang Man believed that the time to prove his worth had arrived! Yeob Jung shattered his dream with his renowned attitude and urged him to start practicing if he doesn’t want to ridicule himself!


Dae Ho informed the rest of the teachers that the students will have to choose their specialty this time and that’s how their proper skills will make it to the surface. Sam was still concerned about unlocking the seal, but Dae Ho had to leave in order to work on the task Moo Song assigned to him.

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Bang Deok was trying to convince Soon Deok’s father to not leave with his daughter, but she couldn’t accomplish anything. Once she started making assumptions on whether his opposition had something to do with him going blind or not he started shaking in fear and urged her to keep it a secret from Soon Deok who was losing herself in her own thoughts inside her room. Shi Woo went to the bell tower armory and it was feeling so empty without Soon Deok and he kept wondering if everything was fine. Chi Ang kept recalling Wang Hao’s right hand man’s words and the urge to grow stronger inside Moorim Institute was becoming a part of his thoughts.

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Seon Ah and Chi Ang were practicing and once Shi Woo appeared Chi Ang started ignoring him, but he couldn’t keep doing so once Shi Woo mentioned how worried he was about Soon Deok. Shi Woo wanted to know her address, but Chi Ang started competing against Shi Woo. Chi Ang warned Shi Woo to not partake in the competition since he intends to win by any means necessary crushing his opponents one after the other. The fight was fierce but Shi Woo put an end to it with his skills. Moo Song was witnessing the scene.

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Dae Ho met a Tae Kwon Do teacher who could had been Moorim Institute’s successor but had refused. He got informed that Moo Song needed his help.


Moo Song became aware that Chi Ang wanted to win at the competition at all costs because he wants to acquire something. Moo Song informed that he was like that back in the days, but everything he was craving for belonged to Chae Yoon, including the woman he loved and the Moorim Institute leading position. Chae Yoon was an obstacle he could never overcome and there were times he wanted him out of the picture, but after he disappeared Moo Song realized how immature he was and his friend’s absence had cost him a lot.


At the end of the day, he had lost more than he had won even though he had emerged victorious, but it wasn’t that important after his friend vanished. Since he can’t change the past, Moo Song’s trying to find a different way at the present, but Chi Ang pointed out that he doesn’t intend to give up because he doesn’t want to have any regrets in the future. All he wants is to become unbeatable. Shi Woo kept recalling Chi Ang’s menacing words while Soon Deok was losing herself in her own thoughts at home.


Seon Ah was playing the lullaby on the piano and Shi Woo was glad that she was doing so. Both of them weren’t at their finest, but the melody was helping them hang in there. He informed Seon Ah that he probably has the same memory imprinted on his mind, but he wasn’t certain if it was a memory related to his mother or not. One thing was certain, that melody helped him adjust to Moorim Institute faster than expected and Seon Ah was glad about it. She was curious if everything would be fine for all of them and Shi Woo was positive. He realized that his purpose in life was to find Chintamani and he intends to succeed no matter what since he was certain it was related to his past.

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The teachers were trying to find a new method concerning the competition and “the two vs two” option seemed quite intriguing since they would be able to grade them on teamwork as well. It will remain a secret for now and Moo Song will announce it on the day of the competition. There are many applications from International Moorim Association members and Beop Gong thought that it would be nice if the students’ families and other members would be able to attend the event. Moo Song will have to think about it a bit more.


Soon Deok hadn’t returned to Moorim Institute and Shi Woo asked Seon Ah to list Soon Deok’s specialty as Tae Kwon Do. Chi Ang wanted to find out Shi Woo’s specialty, but he wasn’t sure yet. Chi Ang was curious if Shi Woo cared more about Soon Deok rather than the competition itself and the answer was positive. Chi Ang didn’t intend to go to Soon Deok’s place since he wanted to get stronger. Shi Woo noticed that everyone had started practicing harder ever since the competition had been announced.

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Shi Woo was on his way to meet Soon Deok and Moo Song was already at it. They left together.


Seon Ah wasn’t in the mood to properly wash the dishes and she would like Chi Ang to be brighter towards Shi Woo as well, but it’s not something he can do since it’s already tough for him having to face Shi Woo at all costs. Chi Ang wanted Seon Ah to give him a private lesson and lend him the weights she puts around her arms.


Shi Woo remembered the place he met Soon Deok and Chi Ang. Back then, Shi Woo thought that the world had turned its back on him, but he had come to realize that he was the one to have turned his back on the world. He’s glad he’s there where he is at the present and Moo Song noticed that he had gained the confidence that would help him raise his popularity in the future. Shi Woo’s point of view on Moorim Institute has changed and the same applies to Moo Song’s opinion on Shi Woo who has realized that his health issue derives from the past he was running away from. Shi Woo confessed that Chintamani may be related to his past, but he will do his best to uncover everything.

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Chi Ang didn’t want to attend Moorim Institute at first, but at the present he feels as if it was fated to do so. He acknowledged his transformation and he thinks that he’s reached the point of no return.


Bang Deok greeted Moo Song and Shi Woo. Soon Deok was surprised to see both of them there, but her father collapsed once he heard Moo Song’s voice. The moment when he was running to save Shi Woo’s life was gradually coming to the surface.

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~ Thoughts ~

Nothing has changed since the 9th one and Moorim School’s 10th episode rated 3.4% anew. The 10th one was a rather insightful episode since it partially delivered all the necessary vibes that will lead us towards the last six episodes of the drama. Steadily, we get closer to the truth and the same applies to our characters who become more specific when it comes to their goals but without revealing too much since they keep discovering and redefining themselves.


Yeob Jung has the legacy of his family on his back, it doesn’t justify his attitude, but it sheds more light on his nerve-shaking personality. I have to acknowledge that he speaks the truth at times, but it hurts a bit more than it should since it walks hand in hand with his own bitterness. Choi Ho’s low self esteem and inferiority syndrome led him to the wrong decisions he kept making even when he had the chance to atone for his mistakes. He never really acknowledged his wrongdoings and he didn’t give answers when asked sincerely. Instead, he kept insulting on a personal level everyone who was trying to approach him, even Moo Song.


You have to love Shi Woo and Soon Deok’s bell tower armory moments, they are both adorable and insightful. Shi Woo and Soon Deok draw strength from one another in the most sincere way without feeling emotionally draining towards one another. On the contrary, it’s rejuvenating for both of them since their feelings are mutual and together they gather all the necessary strength to get through the darkness that lies ahead. The same applies to Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s interactions, but to a different level. They always encourage one another in their own way, the way siblings do and they aren’t even aware of it yet, but more specific signs have started making their appearance.


Chi Ang’s character remains nerve-shaking, but during this episode he was sincere towards himself and the people close to him to a wider extent. His self-awareness made him more specific and decisive, without this meaning that i agree with his point of view. He remains obsessed with Soon Deok and made a last attempt to earn her heart, but he lessened the amount of his possessive attitude and transformed it into the fuel that will be his companion in becoming Moorim Institute’s leading figure. I loved how he compared Soon Deok to a butterfly he kept chasing all along the way and eventually lost the chance to make her a part of his life.


Not that he stood a chance because it takes two to tango and Shi Woo and Soon Deok have already started dancing, but he realized a few things. It was also the first time he took Soon Deok and her life into consideration, something he was missing on his ongoing possessive and obsessive quest. Whether he succeeds in becoming the man he wants to be or not, he intends to give Soon Deok’s heart a last shot by offering the butterfly anew, but it won’t be to overburden her once again. It’s going to be a hit or miss attempt to gain the world or let go of his feelings once and for all.


Shi Woo has left behind his idol essence and he could see that it was his own negativity that wasn’t letting his life progress, something that has already started happening and will reach completion once he deals with the past once and for all. Shi Woo gradually receives more past related vibes, such as the words his father had told his mother before leaving the house, the lullaby he had started believing that it’s related to his mother and brings him comfort at the present and there’s a vibe that makes Chintamani connected to his past. Walking upon the Chintamani pathway he will gradually unlock all of these doors keeping his memories restrained, but he will also get to meet his father and put an end to his health issue.


What appeared as a dream is gradually transforming itself into a core of memories ready to explode once things become more specific. It had also been a long time since his health issue had started making its appearance, but it happened recently once Chae Yoon was nearby and it took place anew once he recalled his father’s words, but he soothed his pain by bringing forth his recent meeting with Chae Yoon. The pieces of the puzzle are there, some of them are a bit clearer, some others remain blurry, but once he’ll start placing them in the right places the picture will unveil the whole truth.


Moo Song and Shi Woo’s interactions are one of the most essential parts of the drama, but the conversation between Moo Song and Chi Ang was quite insightful as well. As a central figure, Moo Song gradually presents how he has evolved throughout the years in comparison to our main student figures’ characteristics and he makes the links between Seon Ah, Soon Deok, Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s intertwined lives more apparent. Shi Woo steadily transforms himself into a leading figure by paying attention to everything Moo Song wants to convey and without jumping to the wrong assumptions. He uses the wisdom he receives accordingly and it was more than apparent the moment he tried to convince Moo Song to accept Choi Ho back.


Moorim Institute feels like a home equivalent to Shi Woo and indeed, it was his father’s “home” and Moo Song feels like a paternal figure to a more spiritual level, something like an insightful and caring godfather. Moo Song is entranced by Shi Woo’s progress and realizations, it feels as if he was staring at a new Chae Yoon in the making and the more he sees through Shi Woo the more he roots for him to become Moorim Institute’s leading figure. Moo Song as a character is a nodal point as he sees himself and Chae Yoon in Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s relationship. The years have passed and Moo Song followed the pathway his friend would walk upon, but he wouldn’t like to see history repeating itself as Shi Woo appears to be the chosen one in love and internal strength while Chi Ang possesses physical strength, but lacks in insight while losing Soon Deok to Shi Woo.


Moo Song delivered all the necessary vibes to Chi Ang and let him know that the cost of the victory he was craving for wouldn’t outweigh the amount of defeat he would feel deep within. Moo Song realized it when it was too late and he doesn’t want Chi Ang to go through the same devastation since the celebration he’s craving to cherish won’t be there in case something goes very wrong. Chi Ang remained loyal to himself and he doesn’t intend to surrender no matter how openly Moo Song talked to him. He may not want to have any regrets in the future, but it’s only regrets he’s going to gain if everything flows the way it did in the past. Chi Ang’s too blinded to read through the lines and it’s the details that differentiate a leader from an ambitious and fueled by obsession “lunatic.”


I haven’t forgotten the reason why he’s doing it which is no other offering his mother a brighter and better life, but Chi Ang’s the one who appears to have forgotten about it as he’s thirsty for power to the extent of sacrificing friendship over a love that will never blossom. He’s well aware of his transformation, but once he made his decisions he can’t step back from the pathway he had started walking upon. However, we had our own fair share of bromance that wasn’t bound to last for too long throughout the episode. Shi Woo declared his friendship towards Chi Ang who acknowledged that it would had been difficult for him inside Moorim Institute without Shi Woo’s presence, but they will have to move on the way they already do; evolving by remaining true to themselves.


Chi Ang’s conversation with Soon Deok was the first and the last time he would take her into consideration and it was more than apparent the moment he turned his back on her during her absence, but Shi Woo was caring about her more than the competition itself. Chi Ang has already done that before and it doesn’t surprise me that he chose victory over the woman he’s supposed to “love,” at least he remains true to himself and the decisions he made no matter how nerve-shaking, one-dimensional and self-centered they appear to be. Shi Woo and Soon Deok’s mutual caring will do wonders and i hope Chi Ang won’t be there to stare at them from a far distance; devastated.


Soon Deok’ father’s fears are justified since he ended up blind, but i presume they’re based on false assumptions that play their own part in making Moo Song seem like a misunderstood figure. However, these fears don’t justify his inability to accept or at least understand his daughter’s happiness. If she hadn’t started attending Moorim Institute her life would be drowning in thick darkness far away from any form of school since she was unable to attend college in the first place. His decision to move devoured Soon Deok’s positive vibes as she would get separated from everything and everyone that were helping her find meaning in life one way or another. I hope that Moo Song and Shi Woo’s visit at Soon Deok’s place will make any misunderstanding fade away.


Moo Song’s competition feels like an indirect invitation to the wolves craving for the key parts, but there’s also the possibility of him doing it to bring Chae Yoon closer to him. Beop Gong could only agree since he could progress with his own plans now that outsiders would be able to attend the event, but i suppose that it was also the bait Moo Song wanted him to bite and he did. Judging from the preview, Soon Deok’s father thinks that the boy he had saved must had passed away and i am eager to find out more since Shi Woo will spend the night at Soon Deok’s place. Luna was nearby while Shi Woo and Moo Song were leaving and the blind man’s identity has been uncovered. You sense the danger, don’t you?


Chi Ang will be out of the building and Moo Song will ask him whom he’s waiting for; Soon Deok or Shi Woo? The answer could be both, but i think that his guilty conscience points towards Soon Deok’s direction! However, Chi Ang will fuel the tension between himself and Shi Woo even more, but Shi Woo will remain humble since he doesn’t want to harm Chi Ang who wants to see it to the very end no matter what. The Tae Kwon Do teacher’s presence will bring more quirky action in Moorim School’s flow and i can’t wait for the next week’s episodes!


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