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Fragile Episode 4


Fragile Ep 4 Synopsis : Hosoki has to deliver difficult news to a patient of hers, as her reason for joining Ob/Gyn is revealed.

Recap – Summary :

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Kishi finds Miyazaki studying hard, and tells her that she should go to a lecture series sponsored by Amino pharmaceuticals- he even mentions they always have the best buffet food there something that excites Miyazaki, who leaves to attend the series after Kishi says he will do her work for the day.

Meanwhile, Hosoki tends to Yasuda, a patient who might be needing a hysterectomy if a tumour she has turns out malignant. Yasuda is sad to hear that as she had always wanted to have more than a child since her parents passed away when she was young, leaving her a single child, as Hosoki tries to reassure her, stating that the results are being examined right now, and there’s a chance they won’t turn out bad.

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Miyazaki arrives at the lecture series, only to find out that Kishi was supposed to give a lecture there; at the last time, Nakaguma arrives to take Kishi’s place and give the lecture in his stead.

Miyazaki returns to the department and tells Kishi he should have told her why he sent her away, as Kishi replies that the delicious food she ate should make up for that; Hosoki asks Kishi if the results are out, but he replies that the diagnosis is very difficult at these situations. Hosoki later stands outside Yasuda’s room who is playing with her daughter Aya, overhearing their conversation.

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The next day, Kishi is still examining Yasuda’s tissues as Miyazaki is surprised he hasn’t figured it out yet; Morii tells her that it is difficult distinguishing the difference between LEGH and malignant adenomas, as Nakaguma enters the room and is angry at Kishi for letting him handle his matter in the lecture series.

Kishi asks about his opinion on Yasuda’s tissues, explaining he thinks that it is LEGH but would like for his diagnosis to be questioned; Nakaguma tells him that he can’t argue his diagnosis and later talks with Miyazaki, who didn’t expect for Kishi to consult someone else. Nakaguma says that his opinion wasn’t needed, as in the end a pathologist must bear his own burden, since that is the responsibility of the job.

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Hosoki asks Kishi if he made a conclusion and Kishi tells her that the tumour isn’t malignant and it must be LEGH but he can’t make a full diagnosis yet, because of Yasuda’s red blood cell count decrease that troubles him. He thinks Yasuda might be bleeding from somewhere else, and asks Hosoki to conduct an endoscopy on her stomach and colon.

The director chief of the hospital and Miyazaki drink with Hibako, and the chief asks her if their hospital’s reputation remains intact after Kishi’s shenanigans; Hibako says that Kishi’s move actually generated more interest. Morii is on his way to join them, when he meets two old acquaintances who mention it was a surprise that he quit med school so suddenly.

Later, Miyazaki says that she practically ran away from Neurology to become a pathologist, but she enjoys all the stuff she has been learning; Morii remarks that since she knows what she wants to do, that doesn’t count as running away. On his way home, Hibako tells Morii that if he needs anything, he should tell her but Morii says he doesn’t, really.

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The next day, Yasuda’s endoscopy turns out to be familial adenomatous polyposis- Kishi says that the polyps can develop into cancer and the only way to save her is remove her large intestine and uterus; Hosoki says she needs to tell all of that to Yasuda immediately and perform surgery as soon as possible, but Kishi argues that the patient needs time to digest all those changes she will have to experience in her body. Hosoki tells Kishi that she can’t afford to give her time since that might be dangerous and he’s not the one that has to face the patient, as she needs to find the best treatment for her soon.

Later, Morii tells Miyazaki that this is the first time he saw Hosoki and Kishi argue like this, while Hosoki thinks back to her old days, when her mentor doctor flat out told that a patient needed hysteroctomy, and how that affected her.

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The next day, she informs Yasuda of her condition, who’s shocked by the news and wonders if she should have given Aya birth, since that disease is hereditary; Hosoki advises her as a woman, and not a doctor, to go to her home for a couple days and treat Aya as she usually would, before she has the operation.

She informs the conference room of that decision, and while everyone thinks it was reckless to abandon treatment even for a little while, Kishi doesn’t object.

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Hosoki later reveals to Morii and Miyazaki that her mentor was harsh with a woman who needed hysterectomy, and that was when she decided to join Ob/Gyn. Kishi’s words were right in the end, as Miyazaki says that Kishi might have a soft spot for her- she wonders why Kishi originally joined Pathology, as Hosoki mentions that Kishi was a physician first, much to Morii and Miyazaki’s surprise.

The next day, Yasuda spends the day with her daughter, teaching her how to cook and eating together, and later decides to have the operation, thanking Hosoki for giving her the time to take that decision. Hosoki later finds Kishi eating on the hospital patio and thanks him by giving him a drink.

Miyazaki receives a large portion of food from her mother, and she shares it with everyone, except Kishi who states he will never eat this sort of stuff.


Reflection Corner :


So it seems I was mistaken again, and this wasn’t an episode focused on Morii (..yet again! lol)*

The focus was on Hosoda this time, who got enough screentime so I can start caring about her right now. (yeah, I will admit I hadn’t really warmed up to her until this episode.)


We got to see the reason she joined Ob/Gyn (she would make a good friend of Konotori!) and the way she handled the situation with Yasuda was admirable (aided by the almighty Kishi ofc!)

Getting to decide the best treatment for your patient is essential of course, but giving them time to process a big change that might come for them, is part of the best treatment, and it was nice to see the Fragile-team acknowledging that.


Kishi raising his “give time to the patient”-flag was a welcome surprise, and the fact he used to be a physician did come out of the blue, so now I’m intrigued to see why he switched departments; did he lose a patient due to a mistake or something? There’s got to be some past concerning that, right?

(Morii is like "yeah don't deny it and let's be the OT3 little house on the pathology prairie!"

(Morii is like “yeah don’t deny it and let’s be the OT3 little house on the pathology prairie!”

Miyazaki expressed once more her (borderline-romantic!) respect and how highly she regards Kishi, as Morii was amused by her clearing the situation that “this is not an amorous interest!”

*I’m positive 05 is a Morii episode so it’s probably gonna be revealed why he quit the med school and became Kishi’s assistant.

Onwards to episode 5 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for only + huge thanks to kurokouchi @ LJ !

p.s yurariiii, yurariiii, yurariii, yurariiii naaa, my NEW JAM!

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