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Fragile Episode 3


Fragile Ep 3 Synopsis :  Kishi clashes with Gastroenterology’s best doctor, Nakanishi, as they disagree on a patient’s diagnosis.

Summary – Recap :

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Kishi scolds another department for not following his orders, as Miyazaki watches from afar- she comments on how Kishi isn’t interested in being likeable and wonders if he could express his thoughts in a nicer manner.

Kishi gives Miyazaki a few frames for examination, and tells her that she will be making diagnoses on her own from now on, without him checking up her work, something that makes her anxious.

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Miyazaki later meets a patient with severe stomach pain, Yukiko Shirane; she’s a patient that is being treated by Dr. Nakanishi, who’s the ace of the Gastroenterology; he thinks that Shirane is suffering from Crohn’s disease but Kishi is still unsure, as he thinks that there’s more to investigate.

Nakanishi performs a second endoscopy examination, and he’s troubled that he can’t seem to find certain evidence- he tells Miyazaki that so many examinations are painful for Shirane too and costly, and he’s doing the best he can.

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Nakaguma invites Miyazaki out as she suspects she’s troubled, and Miyazaki explain the situation to him; Nakaguma says that Kishi wanting to be 100% sure of evidence before he gives his diagnosis, is something he probably picked up from him, but Miyazaki argues that Kishi would have turned out this way, with any mentor.

Meanwhile Morii, asks Miyazaki to accompany him, as he was asked out to meet someone, who is revealed to be a representative for a Pharmaceuticals company. While they’re out, a man collapses and Morii treats him immediately, like a physician would, explaining that he took CPR classes once.

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The next day, Nakanishi after having done three endoscopy examinations, ignores Kishi’s suggestion for doing a full body exam, and treats her for Crohn’s disease. Kishi isn’t happy to hear that, and tells Nakanishi that he didn’t approve of any of it; Nakanishi replies that he truly believes the woman is suffering from that disease, as Kishi ridicules that notion.

At that moment, Nakanishi receives a call that Shirane has been spitting blood, and Kishi proposes that it must be intestinal tuberculosis; he scolds Nakanishi that he let his pride get in the middle and couldn’t accept any other diagnosis than his, and that could have possibly cost the patient’s life.

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Miyazaki treats Shirane on time, and she later apologizes to Kishi for not having foreseen an outcome like this, as she was caught up in the patients’ feelings; Kishi replies that one doesn’t need to love patients in order to make a right diagnosis.

In the pathology Room, Hosoki and Nakaguma congratulate Miyazaki for treating Shirane, joking that she should return to her physician status; at that moment, Miyazaki receives a phone call from another department, and she has a dispute with them as they don’t want to make more exams as Pathology had suggested; she’s on her way to argue with them, as Hosoki remarks that her behavior resembles Kishi’s.


Reflection Corner :

To erase that 1% chance that it could be something else, a doctor must never settle for less.



And that is Nakaguma’s way, Kishi’s way, and now Miyazaki’s way! Because damn straight, when you’re dealing with lives, you have to be 1000000000% sure to be able to make a proper diagnosis.


Nakanishi’s point of view, wasn’t wrongful per se; he was right, that many examinations can take a toll on a patient’s body, and if the symptoms are enough to make a medical identification, a doctor shouldn’t waste time and do it; but, his belief that he’s the best at what he does, won’t just create the fact.


And that is what Kishi meant to illustrate- when he says that his “words are absolute” beside being a catchphrase (lol) he stands by it, because he works hard for it, to the point of examining every single parameter. And this is why he’s the best; he doesn’t settle, he always progresses and checks every single box of uncertainty.


The teacher becomes the student, and the student becomes the teacher- Miyazaki’s feisty attitude in the end was hilarious to see but it also goes to show how important is to have the right people beside you, that can affect you and influence you in a positive way.


Morii being able to perform CRP that good must mean something, right? Was he a physician once, and abandoned it for some reason we don’t know of yet? I thought it was #03 that we were gonna see more of that, but looks like it’s gonna be #04 instead.

Onwards to episode 4 then!

disclaimer : this post was written by kipzizz for only + huge thanks to kurokouchi @ LJ !


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