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Never Let Me Go / Watashi wo Hanasanaide Episode 3 Recap


Watashi wo Hanasanaide 03 : Kyoko recounts the events that took place before the Yoko Institute graduation, and how those completely changed the relationship between herself, Miwa and Tomo.

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Kyoko tells Miwa that it was her fault the CD was stolen, since she left it somewhere where anyone would have taken it; Miwa is surprised at her words, as she knows she’s the one that took it but before she can say anything else, Kyoko has to visit another donor.

Tama takes care of Tomo, and tells him that she will become donor soon, and her carer duties will end; she asks him if he wants a specific carer, since Kyoko is still one of them, while Tomo wonders if Kyoko will ever visit him. Kyoko tends to another donor and thinks how both donors’ and carers’ days are becoming worse and worse as time goes by- her days have already become bad though,  since Miwa decided to steal everything from her. She recounts the time when all of them graduated from Yoko Institute.

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Before the students are able to graduate, they have to form a group of 2-3 people and move to outside facilities such as cottages and mansions where they will learn how to “live together” as a trial period before they were to step to the outside world. Kyoko hadn’t decided who to join yet, as both Tama-chan and her friend asked her to move in together, since they wanted to part ways with Miwa. Tomo also wanted to be around Kyoko, asking her to pick a place where playing football is allowed, so they could be together.

Meanwhile Miwa asks Jiro-sensei where does he live, so she could find a way to get closer in his place; she tries to make a move on him but he isn’t interested. Later, Tama-chan and her friend ask Kyoko if she’s dating Tomo but Kyoko denies it; however she reveals that Tomo told her he would be okay with any place she would choose as Miwa is in a foul mood and orders them to stop talking as they’re noisy. Manami talks down to Miwa but Kyoko manages to calm things down.

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The next day, Kyoko comes across a place called “Nozomigasaki” as she looks a chart from the candidate cottages, and Emiko-sensei tells her that this place is close to the sea, and has the reputation of bringing back things that were once lost. Tomo and her joke around that they should go to that place and they could find the chopstick and the cd they respectively once lost. Meanwhile, Miwa is eager to see Jiro-sensei, but he isn’t in the class. She notices him from afar, walking together with another teacher, asking her to go out for drinks.

Kyoko asks Tomo if Tatsuko-sensei comes to the football practice anymore, as Tomo tells her that she has been absent lately; Kyoko notes that she has changed a lot since “that fence” day. Tomo wonders if becoming a pro football player would allow him to skip donations and encourages Miwa, to become a chef as she’s a very good cook. At that moment, Tatsuko-sensei enters the class, and reveals to the students that their dreams are useless- they were created solely to donate and that procedure will keep happening, until they die. The students listen shocked to her words, as she’s being taken away.

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Later at night, Manami says that what Tatsuko-sensei said, was obvious from the beginning- Miwa tells her to stop acting like she’s smarter than them, and Manami reveals that the perfume Miwa has been flaunting around that an outside guy got for her, was bought by no other by herself and tells her that showing off like this is stupid. Miwa tries to pick up a fight with her but Kyoko and the other girls manage to break them up. Kyoko defends Miwa, saying that she didn’t lie but she was hoping that what she said someday will become true. Manami understands Kyoko’s words, but concludes that it is futile to think like this.

The next day Emiko-sensei informs the students that Tatsuko-sensei is not in a right mental condition to teach, and she will give her place to a new teacher. Miwa recognizes the new teacher as the woman Jiro-sensei asked to go out together, and she later meets him in the class and tells him that she loves him and want to be with him- Jiro rejects her advances and tells her she only feels that because he’s someone from the outside world.

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As Tatsuko is taken away to leave, Tomo tries to approach her and keeps asking her questions about why she told him that the world is big and his dreams can become reality if that is not that case, as Tatsuko can only whisper that he lives in a different world than other people, before she leaves. He becomes angry when she leaves, kicking the dirt as he did when he was a kid, but Kyoko is there to comfort him and he calms down soon after, while Miwa watches the scene from afar.

Later at night, Miwa invites Tomo to come outside his room and confesses to him that she has always liked him; he is startled at that, and pushes her away; he apologizes about that but Miwa says that everyone hates her and nobody will go out with her since she’s “empty” with tears in her eyes. That reminds Tomo of how he used to be bullied called “empty” and he approaches Miwa, as both of them end up kissing.

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The next day, Kyoko is happy to see Tomo in the cafeteria but before she’s able to ask him about the cottage he will be staying, Miwa arrives and tells Kyoko that Tomo and her have started dating and they picked a place already; Kyoko is surprised but acts like she doesn’t mind, and she accepts Miwa’s invitation of staying together.

In the present, Tomo reveals to Tama-chan all that happened, saying he made a lot of mistakes concerning Kyoko as Tama-chan remarks that Miwa’s pressure might have been too much to handle. Still, she feels like Kyoko had liked him since then, but Tomo says that is impossible.

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The scene goes back to when the students graduated and were bidding their goodbyes to each other; Manami gave Kyoko a transmitter before she left, explaining that this was a tracking device to their shoes, so the institute could track down their every move. After everyone has left, Emiko-sensei found Manami’s shoe torn and angrily threw it away, wondering why they would disobey to her rules.

Miwa, Tomo and Kyoko arrived to their cottage and Kyoko narrates how that was the beginning of her miserable life there, and how she grew to envy, hate and forgive Miwa over and over again. She later receives a call  that Miwa has escaped her hospital room.


Reflection Corner :

So, Miwa :

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How could you do this to this precious angel?


She knows that Kyoko likes Tomo (duh, the whole football team knows, heck the whole institute does!) and she knows that Tomo likes Kyoko, but she decides to crap all this up, because her insecurity of being left alone overshadows everything else on her mind. She obviously planned for this to happen, as she was scared that Kyoko would “leave” her behind and follow Tomo (like Kyoko is that kind of person) but instead of sitting down and express her fears, she decides to manipulate Tomo and Kyoko so she fills her inner hole of loneliness, everyone else’s feelings be damned! I am frustrated by her character, but I don’t hate her or anything, I actually kind of feel sorry for her because she will have managed (and as we see in the present, she did screw it) to screw up a good relationship with a great friend, because she was scared to lose face.


Tomo, you….HOW DARE YOUR STRIKE KYOKO IN HER HEART AS A LIGHTNING ROD with your stupid smile and perfect face and then end up deserting her like this?! And don’t give me that crap you didn’t know that Kyoko liked you, the girl’s face lights up like an Xmas tree every time she sees you! I hope he grows a spine and goes after what he wants, before it’s too late.


Kyoko’s surprised-hurt face makes my heart shed tears- (that always happens with Ayase, Gakky, Ueto – my ultimate Japanese goddesses!) it’s like, she’s a pillar for support for both Tomo and Miwa, and to be “betrayed” like this must have hurt like a kick in the nuts! I wonder how much heartache she had to further endure in order to fortify her present-strong layer, because she’s really not taking any crap no more.

Poor Tatsuko-sensei, her heart was too big for the kids, and she eventually went crazy as her beliefs and her responsibilities couldn’t align. I expected her to blast through the stereo speakers “WE DON’T NEED NO EDUCAAATION” or something like this, but she went out in yelling glory, even if her words were downright pessimistic, it was the truth.


Manami got the Floyd message though, and she has had enough of the lies in the classroom, and took out the transmitters from her shoes- I hope she successfully escapes and lures others to follow her path. Heck, Kyoko could take a page from her book and do the same!

Onwards to episode 4 then, can’t wait to see the cottage chapter! (the intro theme is amazing btw, such a melancholic yet powerful track)

[disclaimer – this post was written by a tired kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to SFC @ LJ ]

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  1. February 9, 2016 at 11:46 pm — Reply

    I need to start watching this!! Also, agree with the Japanese goddesses part lol when I see Ueto cry kyaa it hurts

    • February 10, 2016 at 10:56 am — Reply

      It’s really good; quite melancholic but that’s how it’s supposed to be lool.
      Yaaas, Ueto is my goddess, Ayase is my queen, and Gakky is my princess! The holy 3! ; p

  2. February 15, 2016 at 2:49 pm — Reply

    This episode left me with a lot of ill feelings towards Miwa & Tomo for hurting Kyoko like that. Yes, even Haruma can’t redeem Tomo of what he did. Hmph.
    While I do understand the tone & the story intent, I really wish they add a bit of light hearted moments to give it a little balance. I didn’t even have the strength to see even 2 episodes back to back! It normally doesn’t happen for me, even for other darker intense thrillers. Or I must be getting old, hee. 😁

    • February 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm — Reply

      Thankfully episode 5 is lighter!

  3. February 15, 2016 at 3:22 pm — Reply

    Where are you guys catching it subbed in English? I finally caught it on dramago.

  4. Edel
    February 16, 2016 at 4:26 am — Reply

    Is episode 5 already out????

  5. March 3, 2016 at 11:28 am — Reply

    I feel so proud for Haruma because of this! His acting matured well and I think (or maybe I’m just biased) he can surpass Andrew Garfield’s Tommy in the Hollywood movie version 🙂

    • March 3, 2016 at 1:17 pm — Reply

      Haruma has been doing a very fine job. (I haven’t watched the movie so I can’t make comparisons though ; p)

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