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Remember – War Of The Son Episode 16 Recap [I’m Holding A Heart]

remwars016001011(here in my hand.)

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Dong Ho gives President Nam the tape of the Seogwang incident, saying he won’t need it anymore since he got his hostage; however, he mentions that all of his crimes will slowly catch up to him as Moo Seok informs Nam that Gyu Man was arrested. He managed to stop the media coverage for now, but they need to act quick as everything might be revealed depending on how the trial will go.

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In the law firm, Jin Woo says that Ilho will petition to the judge, so Gyu Man won’t be held a prisoner during the course of his trial. Lawyer Song is surprised the media hasn’t covered the case, as In Ah says that those kind of cases were common when she was prosecutor, as people with power and money prevented the press of covering such stories.  Jin Woo notes it was the same with Jung Ah’s case and they need to make the case known so the press will have to talk about it.

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President Nam visits his son, and tells him that Ilho is in risk of collapsing because of his reckless actions; Gyu Man apologizes, but says that he didn’t think that this story of his past would be any serious to cause him trouble.

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President Nam tells him that his actions are scrutinized from the public because of his position, and won’t let forgive his mishaps again because it’s his son.

He later orders Mook Seo to get Gyu Man out from there somehow, and is surprised to find out that it is Prosecutor Chae that is handling Gyu Man’s case, as she sided with them the last time.

remwars01600009 remwars01600010

Jin Woo talks to Dong Ho, about finding out that Gyu Man was a sponsor of that entertainment agency, as Dong Ho suggests he digs deeper on Kim Chan manager, as he will find more evidence.

Jin Woo makes it clear to Dong Ho that, discussing the case doesn’t mean he earned his trust and he may betray him like he did at the last time. Dong Ho tells him it’s fine if he does that, as that will make him even, and picks out the “contact” they signed a long time ago- Jin Woo doesn’t remember it as Dong Ho is confused by his reaction.

remwars01600011 remwars01600012

Soo Beom meets Kim Chan manager, and tells him to stay low as Jin Woo will be contacting him for the case; Kim Chan answers that this goes without saying, as Gyu Man helped him expand his agency.

Mook Seo visits Prosecutor Chae, and informs her he got Gyu Man’s case dropped for now, due to inconclusive evidence against him- Prosecutor Chae tells him that she won’t take any sides anymore, and she plans to follow through that case till the end.

remwars01600013 remwars01600014

Gyu Man goes to the jail hospital and wants IV nutrition, as the doctor scolds him to get up; Gyu Man asks him if he knows who he is, but the doctor doesn’t care about any of that, ordering him to get out.

remwars01600015 remwars01600016

Dong Ho visits the law firm, and asks In Ah if something is wrong with Jin Woo’s memory; he tells her not to lie to him, since his intuition is quite strong and feels there’s something there, but In Ah replies that Jin Woo is fatigued, and there’s nothing more to it.

remwars01600116 remwars01600117

On his way home, Dong Ho thinks to the moment he signed the “contract” with Jin Woo, and orders Sung Ho to check if Jin Woo has been seeing any doctors lately.

remwars01600017 remwars01600018

Jin Woo returns to the office and tells In Ah that Gyu Man might get released sooner than what was expected and needs to gather more evidence; In Ah tells him that Dong Ho was there earlier, asking about his memory, but she didn’t tell him anything. Jin Woo says that Dong Ho mustn’t know anything, until everything is taken care of.

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Jin Woo visits Chul Joo who is not happy that Gyu Man’s case didn’t get cover; Jin Woo asks him for more information for that to happen, and Chul Joo says that Gyu Man drugged Ha Young before he raped her, and that is the selling point of Kim Chan’s company; the guy that provided the drugs for his VIP party, is the same that supplies Kim Chan.

Jin Woo watches Kim Chan’s company and finds out all the shady things that take place there; only women join the “agency” and end up getting scammed having to sleep with men and being taped.

remwars01600021 remwars01600022

Seok Gyu gets the examination results for the wine opener, and it’s a match both for Jung Ah’s blood and Gyu Man’s fingertips.

He visits Gyu Man and reveals to him that he knows everything about the Jung Ah case, and he advises him to turn himself in, as it isn’t too late.

remwars01600023 remwars01600024

Gyu Man says that he would never confess, and even if he did what good would come out of it as “the witch” he murdered, will remain dead. Seok Gyu is surprised at his words, and says he didn’t know he would be such a low person.

remwars01600025 remwars01600026

Mook Seo informs President Nam that Gyu Man can’t be released before the trial is over due to his last involvement with the drug party, and President Nam calls for a meeting with some higher ups for the court; he asks them for help to have his son released and not be detained during the trial as Tak backs him up on his request.

Mook Seo is still suspicious of Tak and asks Mr Choi about Tak’s last developments. Choi tells him that Tak is the first in line to become chief prosecutor now and Mook Seo remarks that if his involvement with Ilho is fake, it will be revealed soon.

remwars01600027 remwars01600028

Ha Young meets with In Ah, and says how nice it is to meet someone like this, as she hasn’t had any time since she started working for simple stuff such as that; she hasn’t practiced her acting either and In Ah promises her that she will restore her life to what it was before soon.

remwars01600029 remwars01600030

Gyu Man’s case is being discussed, and Mook Seo says that he shouldn’t be detained for a case he was cleared in the past; Seok Gyu says that there’s new evidence about that case and proposes that Gyu Man is detained, as the Judge decides that Gyu Man isn’t a flight risk due to his clean record, and decides to release him till the trial.

remwars01600031 remwars01600032

Gyu Man is released, and bumps into the doctor that refused to give him IV nutrition; he humiliates him as he makes his exit.

He asks Soo Beom why he didn’t visit him more often when he was in prison, as Soo Beom replies that things got really busy when he got arrested, and his dad had to ask for help from a lot of people; Gyu Man knows that and will fix it, as he says he wants to visit Jin Woo.

remwars01600033 remwars01600034

He visits the law firm, and asks Jin Woo if he’s surprised to see him out so soon; Jin Woo says that he isn’t surprised at all, as he knew he would use all his dirty contacts to get out soon, but he can’t escape the trial. Gyu Man says they should “bet their lives” on the trial, as he will be winning it; Jin Woo warns him that he’s done for, and he will be the one to end him.

remwars01600035 remwars01600036

Kim Chan find Ha Young and tells her that she was silly to go for re-trial again, after he told her to live quietly. Ha Young answers that she will pay back his investment on her but threatens her that he will leak her tape if she testifies in the trial, and her life will be over.

President Nam tells Joo II he will need to increase his number of men, as he will be asking him to accomplish something big soon, and then gives him a gift.

remwars01600037 remwars01600038

Joo II visits Dong Ho’s office and apologizes to his father for coming too far, as President Nam wants Dong Ho dead; he wonders if he should be the one to do it, as Dong Ho enters. Joo II asks Dong Ho to drop the case he’s working with Jin Woo against Gyu Man, but Dong Ho tells him that this won’t happen. Joo II confesses that 4 years ago he forced him to join Ilho Group with him because he didn’t want to lose him like he lost his father something that enrages Dong Ho who orders him to get out and never see him again.

remwars01600039 remwars01600040

Lawyer Song follows Ha Young who gets in a taxi heading to a bus terminal with a small suitcase as General Prosecutor tells Prosecutor Chae not to be lenient against Gyu Man because he represent a large corporation; Prosecutor Chae says that won’t happen, and she will prepare well for the trial. She meets Prosecutor Tak on her way out, who tells her that he’s there because General Prosecutor wanted to play chess with him, something that surprises her a bit.

remwars01600041 remwars01600042

Joo II arrives with his men to the law firm and order them to scan the place for files related to Ilho and Gyu Man- In Ah listens to them thrashing the place, and remains hidden in Jin Woo’s hidden room.

remwars01600043 remwars01600044

She calls him to tell him what is going on there, and Jin Woo says he will be there soon, as Joo II doesn’t find any files and decides to leave, ordering his men to go after Kim Chan next.

remwars01600045 remwars01600046

Soo Beom asks Seok Gyu what he plans on doing with the murder weapon, as Seok Gyu says that President Nam’s influence is very strong and he needs to be really careful. He will need to give the weapon to the person that needs it the most, when they’re ready to expose Gyu Man.

remwars01600049 remwars01600050

Jin Woo arrives at the law firm, and finds In Ah at the hidden room; he asks her if she’s alright, and In Ah replies she isn’t hurt anywhere, but they need to act fast since Joo II would go to Kim Chan next.

remwars01600051 remwars01600052

Jin Woo calls Kim Chan and tells him that Gyu Man sent men to kill him, as Kim Chan laughs at that; Jin Woo warns him they don’t have time and if he doesn’t meet him soon, he will die.

remwars01600053 remwars01600054

Gyu Man is relaxing at his office, when Prosecutor Tak visits him to introduce himself properly; Gyu Man asks him to remove Prosecutor Chae from his case, but Tak notes he doesn’t have that authority yet.

remwars01600055 remwars01600056

After he leaves, Gyu Man tells Soo Beom that Tak doesn’t seem very influential and he needs to win the case no matter what.

Kim Chan meets with Jin Woo and gives him a flash stick with Gyu Man’s illegal activities- Jin Woo tells him he will have to pay for his sins too, and he needs to leave Ha Young alone.

remwars01600057 remwars01600058

He calls Gyu Man and tells him of all the videos he has of him and how he knows about his slush fund and how he kept giving money to Kim Chan’s company to satisfy his dirty needs before he hangs up to him- Gyu Man is infuriated that Jin Woo hung up on him while he was talking and smashes his glass as Soo Beom is terrified.

remwars01600062 remwars01600063

The next morning, In Ah is worried that Ha Young doesn’t pick up her phone, as Lawyer Song tells her that he has been tracking her at Jin Woo’s order; they both are ready to go to where Ha Young is located, as In Ah calls Jin Woo and tells him to wait to bring Ha Young back.

remwars01600064 remwars01600065

Gyu Man and Moo Seok come across Jin Woo and Dong Ho outside the courtroom and Gyu Man says that Jin Woo did manage to get him on court afterall, but now that he has Moo Seok by his side, he won’t lose the trial; Dong Ho says that he’s fated to be enemies with Moo Seok as Gyu Man remarks that he’s holding back against Dong Ho for old times’ sake but soon enough he’ll find out his plan against him.

remwars01600068 remwars01600069

In Ah finds Ha Young who says she’s too scared to testify in the trial, as she was threatened that her videos would leak and that would follow her through her whole life; In Ah says that she seized her videos and will make sure they will never see the light, and then asks her to trust her as she did the first time she came to the office.

remwars01600071 remwars01600072

The trial is ready to begin and everyone gathers, as Jin Woo looks at Gyu Man, thinking that this is the first step on clearing his father’s name.

remwars01600073 remwars01600074

In Ah arrive with Ha Young, who is the first witness on the trial; she testifies that her manager Kim Chan introduced her to Gyu Man; they ate at a Japanese restaurant and after only two drinks she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She woke up in a secret room in Chan’s office building.

remwars01600075 remwars01600077

Prosecutor Chae confirms Ha Young’s claims about the location and submits a video she acquired through Jin Woo and Lawyer Song, who had previously checked the videos of that day and found Gyu Man’s footage from back then.

remwars01600079 remwars01600080

The video shows Ha Young being carried unconscious from Kim Chan as Gyu Man follows; Moo Seok object saying that she was only drunk and they were trying to put her somewhere safe as Prosecutor Chae ridiculous that claim and submits the medical report that proves that the sex wasn’t consensual.

remwars01600081 remwars01600082

Prosecutor Chae continues with another evidence of Ilho Group’s investment in Kim Chan’s company, and reveals that this company laundered money for Ilho and did other heinous crimes as well. Moo Seok objects that the correlation is subjective and shouldn’t be taken seriously, as Gyu Man has invested in other agency companies as well.

remwars01600083 remwars01600084

The last shred of evidence is the video of the rape; it’s revealed that In Ah asked Prosecutor Chae not to reveal it in public as Jin Woo advised her to wait until the last moment to submit it so the Judge didn’t have any option but to accept it and review it in private.

remwars01600086  remwars01600088

The plan goes precisely as that, since the judge decides to accept the evidence despite being submitted in the last minute, as he ends the trial for today to review the evidence and decide about its authenticity.

Gyu Man and Moo Seok are disappointed at the outcome while Jin Woo and everyone else is happy.

remwars01600090 remwars01600091

Later in the law firm, Jin Woo finds In Ah who has fallen asleep exhausted and covers her with a blanket- he thanks her and then records himself addressing her, but nothing else is revealed.

remwars01600092 remwars01600093

Joo II thinks back to what President Nam told him about killing Dong Ho himself, since he can’t trust his men for something that important.

Dong Ho gets in the car and asks Joo II what is it that he wants, as Joo II tells him to drop the case since President Nam won’t leave him alone; Dong Ho doesn’t mind, but Joo II says he should settle down and keep a low profile.

remwars01600094 remwars01600095

He tells Dong Ho he will stop being Nam’s lapdog and he would like to see him married one day, taking his father’s place in the ceremony. He then tells Dong Ho to go home as it’s cold as Dong Ho leaves in  a more positive note than he arrived.

As Joo II is ready to leave, a masked man enters his car quickly and manages to stab him, leaving him to bleed.

remwars01600096 remwars01600097

Dong Ho quickly arrives at the hospital and sees Joo II in a critical condition; he apologizes to him, and tells Sung Ho that he will have to draw blood now that he’s come this far.

remwars01600106 remwars01600107

The next morning, Jin Woo waits for Dong Ho at his office, and asks him if it was President Nam that hurt Joo II. Dong Ho says that he will be the one to take care of that, and he should focus on winning the trial.

remwars01600109 remwars01600110

Detective Shik enters the office with an arrest warrant for Dong Ho, for attempting to murder Joo II; he arrests him as Dong Ho barely can hold his anger while Jin Woo is surprised at the scene.

Reflection Corner :


This was In Ah’s episode; she fought so hard for Ha Young, showing resilience and determination and now she can be proud to call herself a proper attorney!

I mean, it was a team effort (Lawyer Song and his detective ways!) but you could tell she went the extra mile to make sure Gyu Man would get what he deserved, and she would keep Ha Young’s dream of becoming an actress safe.

Jin Woo’s stare was like “my SUPERGIRL!”


Blanket couple makes its appearance again, how the tables have turned!

rwarscebfn00j001z rwarscebfn000791zz

remwars01600103 remwars01600104

I wonder why Jin Woo used the cam to record a message to In Ah though, like can’t you tell her right now Jin Woo, don’t you think it’s pretty freaking important to start telling her the things you want to tell, since your memory will go south soon?! Don’t give me a digital confession show, I won’t stand for it!

remwars01600099 remwars01600100

Joo II wasn’t gonna kill Dong Ho, I mean come on, like that is one thing you could count on for sure, even if it is “Remember”! I actually did expect him to take the bullet for Dong Ho, (even indirectly) and thought it was kind of nice how he started to act like his guardian again in the end, but sadly it was too little too late.

remwars01600101 remwars01600102

Besides that, how nice was it to see Jin Woo and Dong Ho like a team again; Jin Woo is now a proper, intelligent lawyer than can rival him and you can see how Dong Ho is actually proud of that; it was great to see the contract being brought up again, as it’s time to start honoring it! (Dong Ho quickly picking up that Jin Woo might have memory problems was a bit surprising but I guess it is Dong Ho!)

remwars01600114 remwars01600115


All hell is gonna break loose now (and actually, that could very well be the caption- tagline for Dong Ho’s expression above!) as Nam made his move, while Dong Ho blurted out the infamous line “OH YES, THERE WILL BE BLOOD.”

Onwards to episode 17 then, the war is on-going!


p.s  I keep living for this :

remwars01600060 remwars01600061

even though, I actually found funny the moment where Gyu Man was doing like some sort of yoga to calm his nerves while listen to Claire de Lune, lool.

[disclaimer – this post was written by a very-sleepy-kipzizz-again for dramajjang.co only]

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  1. February 5, 2016 at 5:58 am — Reply

    That “Clair de Lune” scene was fantastic. I nominate this line by NGM: “I’ve been told I have an anger management problem.” for understatement of the year.

    • February 5, 2016 at 10:49 am — Reply

      Haha, that whole scene was hilarious, yes!

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  3. February 7, 2016 at 4:18 pm — Reply

    Mars, you said “like can’t you tell her right now Jin Woo, don’t you think it’s pretty freaking important to start telling her the things you want to tell”. yeah right. nothing beats telling a girl face to face and gazed into her eyes. she wants to see your eyes when you confessed, Jinwoo.

    “Thank you.”
    Inah slept in her same clothes that she wore at the Court hearing earlier on, while still holding some documents, exhausted and fallen asleep. Like what you said Déjà vu ? when not long ago, someone fallen asleep overwhelmed, and that beloved one beside, looked on lost in the moment, in much gratitude for been trusted by the one fallen asleep. Awww…. that gaze of comfort, gratitude, and above all, love that has creep in and occupied a space, unknowingly at both cases, then and here. Beautiful scenes. (liked how you linked up the both scenes, the stolen looks of adoration, because knowing that the one slept will never get to see how lovingly she/he looks on.)
    Inah gazed at the sleeping Jinwoo back then, feeling thankful that he has comeback alive and still trusting her. Now, jinwoo gazed at the sleeping Inah, thanking her for trusting him and his dad when nobody does, but even more thankful that she came and refused to leave, knowing him that well and accepting even his sickness that whatever happens to him, she will see him at his true worth, and will continue to know him even more than himself, when he started to forget even himself. I can’t wait to know what he has recorded for her. Hopefully, Writernim don’t angst us to reveal the tape only at ep 20. I’ll be damned angry. I believed Inah deserved that piece of confession now, to hang on to the comfort that he has loved her for herself, not just a simple gratitude for what she has done. Sometimes we women, don’t just want a wordy-confession by mail, we want a face to face confession, to look into that deep sea eyes of feels. we don’t want someone to love us just because they are grateful to what big sacrifices we did, we wanted to be loved for who we are. Jinwoo needs to tell her just that, face to face, and of cause follows by some hugs and …… (leave it to your imaginations what else follows).

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    What is the title of the song was played when Joo Il is stabbed ?

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