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Remember – War Of The Son Episode 15 Recap [I Told You About All Those Fears]

remwars0150001111(and away they did run.)

[disclaimer – this post was written by a very sleepy kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

remwars01500027 remwars01500025

Jin Woo asks Soo Beom why he’s there, as Soo Beom replies that he simply wanted to have a drink.

Gyu Man makes his escape successfully and bumps into Dong Ho at his home, ordering him to follow Soo Beom in the police station to make sure he’s not involved in anything. An angry Dong Ho declares that he will pay for his crimes really soon before he leaves.

remwars01500001 remwars01500002

Jin Woo follows Soo Beom after he’s released from the police station, and tells him that the scene tonight was probably similar to the one Jung Ah was murdered; Gyu Man called him to clean after his mess, and walked way free. Soo Beom pretends he knows nothing about that as he’s only Ilho’s secretary chief but Jin Woo continues, saying that he’s the most informed of Gyu Man’s wrongdoings and he will pay the price for Gyu Man’s sins.

remwars01500003 remwars01500004

In the law firm, Lawyer Song shows the footage he took from the cam pen, that has Gyu Man and Chul Joo talking about Jung Ah’s murder- he claims they should upload it to the internet but Lawyer Sa doesn’t think it’s a good idea as it could be covered up while Jin Woo and In Ah think of passing it to Prosecutor Tak as he’s the only one they can trust now.

remwars01500005 remwars01500006

Yeo Kyeong returns at home, to find a sleepy Gyu Man on the couch; she wakes him up and asks him how much longer will she be covering up his dirty deeds; Gyu Man notes that he has done many of them that needs cover up, something that prompts his sister to ask him if he indeed killed Jung Ah.

Gyu Man is taken aback a bit from her question, but reveals he did kill her; he yells he killed one worthless person and wonders why everyone is on his case about it, as Yeo Kyeong is in disbelief and then orders her to get out because he feels dizzy and wants to sleep again.

remwars01500008 remwars01500009

The next morning, Dong Ho packs up his things and is ready to leave Ilho, when he runs across Moo Seok who acts surprised he’s leaving; Dong Ho tells him that he might think it’s easy now, but soon enough he won’t have spare time since he will be busy cleaning all of Gyu Man’s messes.

remwars01500010 remwars01500011

Lawyer Song informs Jin Woo that Dong Ho quit Ilho and wonders if that means he might be on their side now, as Jin Woo is thoughtful.

Gyu Man is content to see Soo Beom out of the prison so soon, and says he will give him more money. Soo Beom remarks he didn’t do what he did for the money, but Gyu Man insists that it’s not true; he states that he lives like a dog for him, because he pays him as he proceeds to take out some money and give it to him, saying he needs to keep cleaning up after him.

remwars01500012 remwars01500013

He then orders Soo Beom to go visit Chul Joo while Soo Beom stares at the statue that Gyu Man has hidden the murder weapon.

Prosecutor Tak, tells Dong Ho that the evidence he has gathered against President Nam isn’t enough for a case against him, and they need something more solid.

remwars01500015 remwars01500016

Dong Ho reveals that his conclusive evidence lies in a confession in an old tape and he also has the witness to prove it.

Dong Ho’s witness, Mr Ha, is being led by Sung Ho to a safe place Dong Ho ordered, but a masked man is watching their hideout from afar.

remwars01500017 remwars01500018

Gyu Man visits Chul Joo, who isn’t happy that he was the only one to take the fall; Gyu Man jokes that this breaks his heart, as Chul Joo threatens him that he can confess his name to the detective who’s leading the case, in order to get a lighter sentence.

Gyu Man says he should go ahead with it, if he can handle the consequences- that is, his father’s company will be in huge debt if he does that.

remwars01500019 remwars01500020

Jin Woo visits Yeo Kyeong, and tells her that he was the one to give the tip for the party; that means he also knows she let her brother escape and has proof for that; since she’s unfit to be a prosecutor, he will be handling the evidence to her superior.

remwars01500021 remwars01500022

Prosecutor Tak watches the video, and is angry at Yeo Kyeong handling the case herself and let Gyu Man escape; Jin Woo says that one of his rich friends was arrested, and that will help him find a weakness related to Gyu Man and expose him sooner.

remwars01500023 remwars01500024

President Nam tells Yeo Kyeong he did well that she let her brother escape, but before she can say anything, she orders her to leave; he proceeds to slap Gyu Man, yelling at him how he spent his whole life building Ilho Group and now is in danger for it to collapse due to his nonsense.

Gyu Man promises his father that nothing will happen again, and Chul Joo won’t pose a threat to them as he managed to shut him up. Later, Yeo Kyeong reveals to her brother that it was Jin Woo who gave the tip for the party and set up everything.

remwars01500026 remwars01500028

In Ah waits for Jin Woo out in the cold, and when he arrives she claims she just wanted some fresh air- Jin Woo says they should head back, but when he’s reluctant to recall the direction, In Ah immediately grabs him to head to the right way. Jin Woo figures out she knows about his illness, and In Ah tells him that she has known for a while.

remwars01500029 remwars01500031

Jin Woo recalls how since he was very young, he could recall everything clearly; that meant that bad memories he wanted to forget, were so vivid in his mind, and that was torture for him. Even if he wanted to forget, he could not because his memory was always there to remind him- and now he’s actually losing all of it.

In Ah tells Jin Woo that he’s a very special person, and that him being ill doesn’t change anything- it is only a part of him.

remwars01500032 remwars01500033

She promises that even if he forgets, she will be the one to remember things in his stead, and she will help him with everything he needs. A touched Jin Woo hugs her, as they stay that way for a while.

remwars01500037 remwars01500038

Prosecutor Tak gathers the evidence Dong Ho gave him against Nam and the cam pen In Ah and Jin Woo passed to him, and he delivers them to President Nam, telling him he will also free Joo II soon. President Nam asks him to name his price, but Tak doesn’t want money, but his support to rank higher in the future. Moo Seok wants to know what Tak is scheming, but Tak answers him he only wants to fly higher, as the position makes the person.

remwars01500034 remwars01500035

Lawyer Song is surprised that Gyu Man hasn’t been arrested yet, after the evidence they gave to Prosecutor Tak, and Director Sa wonders if he betrayed them as well; In Ah can’t believe that as he was the one to help them with the slash fund but the fact that Gyu Man hasn’t been touched yet baffles all of them.

remwars01500039 remwars01500040

Dong Ho is angry at Tak for handing his reports to President Nam, as Tak orders him to get out since he doesn’t have time to chit chat with an attorney; Dong Ho mentions how wrong was to trust him, and how he failed to recognize his true face, something he was good at his whole life.

remwars01500041 remwars01500042

Jin Woo visits Chul Joo in the prison, and reveals to him that he was the one to set him up. Chul Joo is angry at himself for not figuring that out earlier when they met in the garage, as Jin Woo tells him how unfair it must feel, him being there while Gyu Man is out free.

He advises Chul Joo to reveal Gyu Man’s name to get his sentence reduced, as Chul Joo says he would do that if he didn’t have much to lose. Jin Woo offers to help him but Chul Joo doesn’t trust anyone right now.

remwars01500043 remwars01500044

Jin Woo tells him he should stay there by himself then, and is ready to leave when Chul Joo offers to give him an old story involving Gyu Man and an aspiring actress- a huge story as this would cover up his drug scandal, and with Jin Woo’s help he could get out of jail without Gyu Man knowing he ratted him out.

remwars01500045 remwars01500046

In Ah goes to find Ha Young, the woman Chul Joo talked about to Jin Woo; she works at some sort of cabaret and she tells In Ah that nobody would listen to her story back then.

In Ah tells her that Gyu Man can’t go unpunished but Ha Young thinks it’s too late now. In Ah says she should speak, since Gyu Man murdered a girl in a similar situation and gives her her law firm card to contact her when she’s ready.

remwars01500049 remwars01500050

Jin Woo and In Ah go through Ha Young’s case, who has taken Gyu Man to the court claiming he had raped her, while Moo Seok and Dong Ho managed to exonerate him, labeling Ha Young as a gold digger, citing that she had consensual sex with Gyu Man, and her allegations were fake.

remwars01500051 remwars01500052

Ha Young is with a customer and his behavior towards her, triggers her memory of Gyu Man dragging her around and ordering her to stay still and not resist him.

remwars01500054 remwars01500055

Joo II gets released and thanks President Nam, who tells him he should thank Prosecutor Tak instead- Moo Seok is still not convinced with Tak’s change of loyalty, remarking how he didn’t expect to put his work on the line like this.

remwars01500056 remwars01500057

Lawyer Song thinks they should contact Dong Ho, since he’s the only one directly involved with Ha Young’s case, and since he quit Ilho that might be their best chance; Director Sa and In Ah don’t agree with that as they don’t trust Dong Ho, while Jin Woo remains silent.

remwars01500058 remwars01500059

Dong Ho meets his old colleague, and tells her to help him take down President Nam; that way she can repay her debt to him from old times, and get known as the righteous prosecutor that dared to bring Nam in justice. She notes that since he’s asking her something like that, he must have conclusive evidence, as Dong Ho confirms that.

remwars01500060 remwars01500061

On his way back to his office, Dong Ho finds Joo II’s men ruining his office and orders them to get out; Joo II is not happy with the situation either, but he had warned him that something like this would happen- he tells Dong Ho he’s going to get himself killed if he doesn’t reveal Mr Ha’s location, but Dong Ho is negative.

remwars01500062 remwars01500063

Gyu Man tells Moo Seok to stop the plans of his company doing business with Chul Joo’s, and orders Joo II to take care of Jin Woo once and for all- he thinks for a while, before asking him to take care of another person too.

remwars01500064 remwars01500065

Dong Ho visits Jin Woo at the law firm, and lets him know that he plans on striking Ilho, and most particularly President Nam; he shows Jin Woo all the evidence he has gathered against him, as Jin Woo seems a bit reluctant at his words.

Jin Woo asks him if he remembers an old case of Gyu Man’s that involved an aspiring actress that indicted him for rape but the story got covered up- Dong Ho says he will pass everything to him involving that case, as that will help him land Gyu Man ont he court. Jin Woo asks if he can truts him, as Dong Ho tells him to trust his actions this time, rather than him.

remwars01500066 remwars01500067

At Dong Ho’s hideout, Sung Ho steps out to buy some instant noodles when the masked man that was watching Mr Ha all along, finds the chance to get in the house and take him away.

Dong Ho visits Joo II and wants to know where Mr Ha is, but Joo II tells him he has the wrong person; Dong Ho remarks that he knows when he’s lying, as Joo II says that his vision is failing. Dong Ho leaves, after making it clear they’re enemies now, while Joo II recounts his previous meeting with Gyu Man, who orders him to kill Dong Ho himself, as the second person he has to take care of.

remwars01500069 remwars01500070

Dong Ho pays a visit to President Nam’s house, demanding to know where Mr Ha is, and if he’s alive; Nam tells him that murdering someone isn’t something easy and reveals the person who took Mr Ha- Detective Bae.

Dong Ho is shocked to find out that he was helping Nam all along, as Bae tells him that him losing his badge a long time ago, he couldn’t provide for himself and had to settle. He tells Dong Ho he didn’t kill Mr Ha but sent him abroad, somewhere he can’t find him anymore.

remwars01500072 remwars01500073

Ha Young meets In Ah, and tells her that she’s ready to tell her story, but wonders if that will be heard, since nobody listened to her back when it happened; In Ah explains to her, that Gyu Man managed to manipulate the media and had insiders on the court that helped him get away, but this won’t happen this time.

remwars01500074 remwars01500075

Ha Young recounts exactly what happened with Gyu Man, as In Ah promises her to right the injustice she suffered; Ha Young gives her a card of the manager she had back then, that set her up with Gyu Man.

remwars01500076 remwars01500077

Dong Ho meets his colleague and discuss on what his plan should be; she tells him that getting Nam on the court on a tape is statistically impossible given his status, and Dong Ho thinks that maybe going after Gyu Man first would be wiser. He trusts Jin Woo to have gathered enough evidence to strike against Gyu Man, and eventually Nam would have to go down as well.

remwars01500078 remwars01500079

Jin Woo and In Ah meet Ha Young’s old manager, Kim Chan, and ask him how an aspiring actress ended up working on a cabaret; he says that this is common among their industry, looking for sponsors and all that, plus Ha Young always loved money. Before Jin Woo can question him again, the manager says he has to leave as he’s too busy.

remwars01500080 remwars01500081

Jin Woo visits Gwak in prison, and asks him if by any chance he knew of a manager named Kim Chan; Gwak recalls his name, and says that he was a manager of aspiring actresses, but he was basically selling girls to rich people.

remwars01500036 remwars01500037

Soo Beom wanders around Gyu Man’s office at night, thinking all the times Gyu Man humiliated him, when he decides to reach for the murder weapon, and visits  Judge Seok Gyu’s office.

remwars01500038 remwars01500039

He reveals to him the real murder weapon, and not the fabricated one that sent Jae Hyuk to jail, and confesses he covered up for Gyu Man, who was the murderer of Jung Ah. Seok Gyu says that he has to be punished as well, but his sentence will be reduced since he came forth, as Soo Beom says he trusts him to do his job right.

remwars01500040 remwars01500041

Prosecutor Chae and Dong Ho meet with Jin Woo and In Ah at the law firm, and Jin Woo gives them the file of all the evidence he has gathered against Gyu Man; Chae takes a look at them and notes they should be sufficient for an arrest warrant.

remwars01500042 remwars01500043

The next morning, she issues the warrant and arrests a surprised Gyu Man who thinks she’s joking; Moo Saeok warns her for what is about to happen to her after what she did.

remwars01500045 remwars01500046

In Ah and Jin Woo watch Gyu Man being taken away, as Jin Woo tells him the time has come to pay for his crimes; Gyu Man says he will be waiting to see that happen.

Reflection Corner :

First of all, after many episodes, we get to see Jin Woo’s beautiful relieved face :

remwars01500086 remwars01500034

You could tell how much at ease and lighter he felt after he shared his load (no pun intended!) with In Ah- you gotta unburden your burdens Jin Woo, that’s the only way bro!

Like a very wise woman once told, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” so it was great to see them bonding together in the face of the inevitable and In Ah promising she will stay with him, no matter what; two are stronger than one, afterall!

remwars01500082 remwars01500084

I thought she approached the situation in a very positive light, encouraging Jin Woo and letting him know that there’s a huge (huuuuge!) place in her heart reserved for him and they will fight together whatever comes their way. Darn, my pizza parlor couple came a long way, or what!

Apart from the subtle romance undertones, I NOW LIVE FOR THIS :


YAAAAAS! is what I yelled when that happened; honestly, I was like “…you kidding me?” with everyone and their mothers being bought off by President Nam (I have already stated you need to be high on the suspension of disbelief with this show buuuut!) and was surprised to see Tak succumbing to the darkness of corruption too (could he have a plan as well? if not, you suck dude and I was praising you for the last couple episodes!) and I was sure that Prosecutor Chae was gonna give them away in the end, but what a sight to behold!

remwars01500048 remwars01500049

There are still 5 episodes left, so there are gonna be bumps on the road, but Gyu Man getting arrested (even for a day!) and the thought of him being in jail, gives me butterflies in my stomach loool.

remwars01500050 remwars01500051

Thank you Soo Beom for coming through; it took you much longer than expected or than it should have, but a man has his limits and it was nice to see him accepting his punishment as well. Seok Gyu, you need to do your part now, don’t let us down.


Onwards to episode 16 then, looking forward to Gyu Man with a jail uniform!

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