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Please Love The Useless Me Episode 3


Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai 03 : Michiko is ready for her first date with Daichi as Ayumu gives her his “tough love” advise on what to do and what to avoid.

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Michiko is happy for her upcoming date with Daichi and prays everything goes okay with open windows, as Ayumu watches her from afar before he notices her yellow brief panties; the next day, he makes fun of her for the “terrifying” thing he saw when Michiko’s mom calls her and tells her to start her Buddhist nun train on the temple, something Michiko says she won’t have to do since she found herself a date.

Ayumu is surprised to find out about her origins especially since she’s such a meat lover and tells her to be careful about her date. Michiko replies she’s always “serious” about her dates, which means that she’s willing to support the man she likes in any way, while Ayumu doesn’t agree with that.

damwat0300005 damwat0300006 damwat0300007 damwat0300008

Kadoma tells Michiko not to do Nakajima’s work as that results in overtime while Daichi enters the office; Michiko waves to him to talk later, while Nakahima complains about all sort of stuff to Michiko while they’re having a pancake. They return late from their break and Kadoma scolds Nakajima who doesn’t seem to care at all.

Michiko goes to an underwear shop, and she’s surprised to find Akira there who turns to be the manager.

damwat0300009 damwat0300010 damwat0300011 damwat0300012

Akira is determined to help Michiko find something as she wants to help her achieve her “goal” while jokingly remarking that Ayumu liked thongs and used to look to the shop’s catalogue, something Michiko feels she doesn’t have to know.

The next morning, Michiko is ready for her date and informs Ayumu not to make dinner for her tonight. He notes that she’s probably lying and it’s just overwork again- Michiko is pissed at his remark and calls him out on his thong fetish something Ayumu doesn’t deny!

damwat0300013 damwat0300014 damwat0300015 damwat0300016

After her work is finished, Michiko meets Daichi and they dine together; he tells her he has been observing her for a while since she joined the office, and find her to be caring and goodhearted with others. He remarks her kindness might make her a great wife someday, something that surprises Michiko.

After their dinner, Daichi proposes they go to a bar together, but Michiko thinks he means something else, and doesn’t feel ready for that, saying she will head home for today.

damwat0300017 damwat0300018 damwat0300019 damwat0300020

Daichi walks her home but just as he’s ready to leave Ayumu arrives; Michiko says how unfortunate that timing is and explains to Daichi that Ayumu is her ex boss that has been helping her. After waving him goodbye, she tells Ayumu about how Daichi told her she could be a supportive kind of wife, while Ayumu finds that strange.

The next morning, the restaurant has only their regular customer, and Michiko say that if this goes on they might be in trouble.

damwat0300021 damwat0300022 damwat0300023 damwat0300024

Tama, remarks that this is how it usually is in the mornings, except the ones when the women that like Ayumu come to order; soon enough, some middle-aged women arrive and are happy to be around Ayumu who smiles warmly at them; Michiko says that Ayumu might be in his limit faking the smile, but Terii replies that he smiles from the heart because he wants the shop to be a relaxing place for everyone.

Later, Michiko talks to Ayumu, suggesting he makes something for the “younger audience”; something sweet, like a pancake and starts drawing out her idea.

damwat0300025 damwat0300026 damwat0300027 damwat0300028

The next day at work, Michiko has trouble again because of Nakajima but doesn’t want to tell her anything, much to Kadoma’s dislike- she returns at home after overworking again, while Ayumu has prepared already the sample for the pancake.

Michiko likes the taste but mentions how tired she is from the overtime again while Ayumu tells her, that her body won’t be able to handle that constant pressure.

damwat0300029 damwat0300030 damwat0300031 damwat0300032

Michiko doesn’t want to say anything to Nakajima as she will surely cry, and Ayumu orders her to stop slacking off- Michiko doesn’t understand why he’d say that as she’s the one working the hardest there, but he says that her lack of leadership and determination is not an example to follow and should make it clear to her co-workers that she won’t share their load.

The next morning at work, Daichi is seen getting rejected by a series of his co-workers while he doesn’t seem to mind, as some girls from work mention how he’s a womanizer.

Meanwhile Nakajima tells Michiko to slack off while Kodama isn’t there but Michiko tells her that he won’t follow her this time.

damwat0300054 damwat0300034 damwat0300035 damwat0300036

She monologues about how hard Ayumu has been working on his shop and then says that she won’t follow Nakajima anymore because she doesn’t want to work hard enough; it’s not because she might make mistakes but because she doesn’t want to do her job properly. If she decides to do that, she will help her again. Nakajima storms off but Kodama apologizes to  Michiko for having been hard on her, and invites her to meat at her favorite restaurant.

She asks Michiko if the guy that was working hard on his tearoom that was referring to previously, is her ex- boyfriend or something, since she sensed some affection, but Michiko quickly dismisses that. Later at work, Nakajima is working hard and Michiko tells her that if she wants some help, she should tell her- Nakajima thanks her for that.

While returning to home, Michiko sees Ayumu smiling around Haruko and wonders if he truly likes her, being so happy around her.

damwat0300037 damwat0300038 damwat0300039 damwat0300055

Michiko is surprised to find so many plants and flowers in the tearoom, and Ayumu says it’s because there had been a misplaced order at Haruko’s, he will keep them stored for a while. Michiko asks for a day off at Saturday for her date, and assures Ayumu it’s not overtime, as she stopped slacking off.

Ayumu tells her to be careful, to be wary of her own actions, since she’s “a premium idiot” that others take advantage of. Michiko doesn’t appreciate that remark, but Ayumu gives her flowers to decorate her room.

Later at night, Michiko sends a confirmation text to Daichi for their second date, while Ayumu thinks back to his past when his big brother was around, watering the plants and comparing them jokingly to Haruko.

damwat0300041 damwat0300042 damwat0300043 damwat0300044

Michiko meets Daichi on the theater, and she quickly reaches for her purse to pay for their drinks but thinks back to what Ayumu told her about being careful and stops; Daichi is amused by her gesture, and tells her they can pay together as they proceed to watch a romantic movie that makes him cry.

damwat0300045 damwat0300046 damwat0300047 damwat0300048

Later, he tells Michiko that romantic movies overwhelm him and Michiko agrees; the last movie she watched was horror however, since Ayumu made her watch it. Daichi asks what Ayumu is to her, and Michiko answers that it’s her guardian helping her on a tough period of her life.

He is relieved to hear that, as he was worried they had something more. He continues, by recounting the moment they met on the wedding ceremony and how he thought she was cute since then and liked her honestly. He asks a startled Michiko to continue dating with the possibility of marriage at some point.


Reflection Corner :


GOD I’D KILL TO EAT THIS, real life version of ambrosia!


So, previous episode I was confused with Ayumu and now I’m confused with Daichi; he was obviously a womanizer before but did he decide to settle because he really fell for Michiko? I mean, you don’t propose an idea of dating with marriage prospect if you’re a player, right? He genuinely seems like he’s interested in her and wants to get to know her, but there’s a “what if” considering his recent past.

damwat0300058 damwat0300059

Things are becoming clearer (a bit more anyways) about Ayumu- so he had a brother that possibly dated Haruko (or something along those lines) and he keeps helping her because they were near-family at some point. (in b4 I’m completely wrong because I haven’t read the manga yet lool) Was he always harboring a crush for her? Guess that remains to be seen.

damwat0300061 damwat0300062

I like his interactions with Michiko more and more- they do fight like kindergarten kids, (the fact that Michiko now hits back at his “insults” with her own is amusing to watch- “THONG FETISH GUY” lmao) but they also help each other; Michiko cares about the tearoom and tries to support Ayumu everyway she can, suggesting the pancake that came to fruition (and Ayumu thanked her for that!) and while he’s the epitome of “tough love”, he also cares about her and wants her to do well. His encouraging is sort of rough lol, but you can see that Michiko takes his words seriously and slowly tries to correct her weak points.


Akira remains my fave; she’s playful and likes to tease Michiko but she’s already like a big sis to her, trying to assist her every way she can.

Onwards to episode 4 then- Michiko keep wearing your underwear with pride, be it brief panties or thongs or whatever!


[disclaimer –  this post was written on a sunny day by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only +huge thanks to cecep_gorbacep@subscene!]

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