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Minami-kun no koibito:My little lover ep 9 – 8 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

as we wait for episode 10  of “My little lover”, let’s review what happened in the last two episodes.

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The story of the little girl with the mother issues was the main one, on episode 9. After Minami’s grandma was sent to the hospital, a little girl sharing the same room, finds Chiyomi and gets excited.

She has a little doll in her hands and being sad about her mother that doesn’t care about her, she keeps Chiyomi close to her. Minami gets upset since he lost the one inch princess and searches for her everywhere.

His grandmother helps him find her and Minami feels releived. Seems like now the tables are turned, Minami is becoming the stalker, watching Chiyomi while she sleeps, cute.

Mainwhile Chiyomi’s sister has been doing a research and she is now convinced for the impossible, that Chiyomi has come to the size of an one inch figurine. She finds Minami and Chiyomi on the roof of the hospital and that is where she confirms everything. She doesn’t take it bad and all together, help the little girl get closer with her mother.

Sayori has a talk with Minami, asking him about, who does his heart belong to. She wants to be rejected properly so she can move on. Minami finally says, what we have been waitting for many episodes now, that he loves Chiyomi and all this time he hadn’t realise it. On his way back to his princess, he witnesses his mother talking with an unkown guy. Sayori’s dad comes in to fight with the guy who is no other than Minami’s father, that abandoned his family for so long. Minami steps in and says that he is going to take care of his mother and grandmother and that his father is no needed in their lives.

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He picks up Chiyomi from the room and puts her carefully in his pocket.

2016-01-21 (44)2

Episode 9 warmed us up for the love confessions that were coming in episode 10. Chiyomi’s sister is worried about her parents asking the police for Chiyomi. Then at school there is bit of a fuss about Chiyomi’s blog. Minami hears about it and decides to read, what Chiyomi has been writing…

2016-01-27 (9).png

When he gets back home, he seems troubled and then a crazy Riku pays him a visit ready to destroy his room. They have a talk, Riku knows its not reasonable, but he is determined Chiyomi has become an one inch princess. He talks with Minami and asks him about his feelings, for the girl that he too loves. Minami confesses everything, knowing that Chiyomi is in the room hiding and that she can hear him. Chiyomi appears and Riku gets shocked.

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The lovely couple has to go on a trip, with the only hope that if they watch the surise together, then Chiyomi will come back to her normal size. There comes a weird/ridiculous/cute scene, where they sleep together and Minami almost kisses Chiyomi.

The episode ends when the sun rises and they share their love words.

Only one episode left and Chiyomi has not yet become a normal sized girl. In the preview it seems like, there will be some troubles till she reaches that level. Well at least we had Minami confessing, so let’s not complain.

what do you guys think?

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