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“While living life, sometimes you have to do things you’d never want to.
Not everything can be solved through brute force, after all.”


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I loved the third episode! If you were searching for feels, they were a part of it! Humor too? Of course! Nerve-shaking moments? Definitely! Madame Antoine grows stronger with every passing episode and i hope that  it will be tasting like good old wine by the time we will have to bid it farewell. Its multifaceted and intriguing nature have already proven that the potential is there, all that remains is for Madame Antoine to keep proving its worth by simply getting better and better!

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Uncovering just a slight part of Soo Hyun’s seductive plans was something Hye Rim could easily accomplish, but telling her that he liked her left its own imprint upon her thoughts despite the fact that he was as cold as an iceberg! She would like to examine Soo Hyun’s way of thinking to a wider extent since the secret admirer behind all these flower bouquets had been revealed, but the diary assignment didn’t have the desired outcome. An elementary school student’s diary would be more interesting and she was bound to find out that Soo Hyun never really loved anyone, so liking Hye Rim was a blatant lie!

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I like how Soo Hyun filters pretty much everything through the prism of psychology. He’s effective in pointing out the meaning behind a wide variety of behaviors, but he’s lost in translation when it comes to palpable humane interactions. Everything is being seen through his strict dedication to the experiment and the cold point of view of science despite the fact that it involves humans; directly. Even kabedon wasn’t left unchallenged by his microscope’s analysis as it was a form of straightforward trespassing of one’s personal space which encloses the limited amount of loved ones in one’s life. It’s a barrier he has to shatter in order to invade Hye Rim’s personal space; step by step and with surgical accuracy.

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Our new patient, Ju Ni suffering from histrionic personality disorder, couldn’t be missing from the recipe! She didn’t only make clear that her attention-seeking and the urge to be loved symptoms were there, she also made a rival that was preventing her from satisfying her cravings; Hye Rim! It’s a situation where everyone must forge boundaries she shouldn’t trespass, but with care since excessive restrictions would put her in deep water.

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Soo Hyun can’t approach Hye Rim the way a man naturally would. He’s solely based on psychology and behavioral stereotypes by trying to shatter her enigmatic silence and when nothing seems to work here’s a kabedon bringing their first date to life! Everything evolves around a push and pull technique. At first he excites her with the date he acquired by invading her personal space and then he maintains his distance by embedding a further investigation concerning Ju Ni’s background before exciting her anew with the dinner at the restaurant and making her feel safe at the garage while holding hands.

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We can’t separate a few characteristics of Ju Ni’s health issue from Soo Hyun’s internal world. In both cases, it was the absence of maternal love that made them who they are at the present. The difference is that Ju Ni is trying to acquire love to the utmost level by everyone and by any means necessary while Soo Hyun tries to abolish love to the utmost minimum; nonexistence. Hye Rim is the emotional profiler that keeps seeing through the cracks of the shell he forged throughout the years and she’s the only one who awakens his childhood trauma from its harmful slumber. The psychosomatic effect which was related to the amusement park and the ice-cream drip memories has already started making its appearance..

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While trying to figure out the real nature of his experiment, Hye Rim finds herself in a maelstrom she’s unaware of. On top of that, every time she opens up her heart to Soo Hyun she’s utterly sincere and he gathers all the necessary information he needs to start working on his next moves. Hye Rim can’t afford going through yet another heartbreak, it would blow her heart to smithereens, but it’s this dust Soo Hyun’s searching for to lead his experiment towards the one and only direction he wants to. However, the cautionary note that he should prevent himself from nurturing personal feelings for the “subject” of the experiment was a shy reference that something, somewhere in there, has started trying to crack the cement in order to bloom.

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While Hye Rim was losing herself in the aftereffect of her recent interactions with Soo Hyun a ghost from the past made a grandiose reappearance in her life. Even her ex-husband’s presence was enough to devastate her, but she wasn’t prepared for what would follow. Her daughter, Do Kyung, had decided to live with her father and his wife until she graduates and she unveiled her positive thoughts in the way her father’s wife was treating her.

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While Hye Rim was struggling on her own to make a living for her daughter’s well-being she lost the world underneath her feet. It was painful for her to read that she was holding back her daughter while everything she ever wanted to see her moving forward. The fact that Hye Rim respected her daughter’s wish while trying not to sound as if she was crying was heartrending, but it was also depicting her love towards Do Kyung.

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Soo Hyun had found out everything from Yoo Rim. The fact that he kept reminding himself that everything he was doing was for that godforsaken experiment’s sake along with the fact that he kept thinking of Hye Rim throughout his session with Ju Ni was proving to a wider extent that something was shyly changing within. Even though he was making fun of the existence of Soo Hyun the psychologist and Soo Hyun the person in the beginning, it had actually started turning to reality. And he was there for her in her hour of need witnessing a grand declaration of maternal love the moment Hye Rim set aside any personal feelings out of love for her daughter in front of the person she hated the most.

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Hye Rim eating and Soo Hyun observing and then Hye Rim eating over and over again with Soo Hyun staring at her from his observatory was definitely something! She may be cautious, but she’s also a hopeless romantic and it was omnipresent the moment she unveiled possible wishes Soo Hyun could fulfill just for her! Give Hye Rim some good romance and she’s always ready to devour it; with love!

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She has already started believing that Soo Hyun may actually be a nice person she’s gradually falling for and despite everything that happened with her ex-husband and her daughter she can’t hide that she’s happier than before at this point. She’s leaving her own dream as it feels like Soo Hyun, Ji Ho and Seung Chan have fallen for her! Love triangles are for losers, here comes the love quartet and the movie scene was beautiful. Regardless of Soo Hyun’s motives, it possessed a slight sense of sincerity on his behalf, but don’t get your hopes up, he’s still at the first phase of his humanization!

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Ji Ho’s on his own quest of defining the world of emotions and the first hints that Seung Chan’s conscience keeps telling him that everything going on is wrong have made their appearance. The more he gets to know Hye Rim the more he understands what a wonderful person she is and the vibes that he’s steadily falling for her charms and lively spirit are already here.

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The scene at the baseball field with Seung Chan was refreshing for Hye Rim and mind-awakening for Seung Chan and the ice-skating scene with our quirky trio consisting of Hye Rim, Ji Ho and Seung Chan was a blissful explosion. As for Mi Ran being jealous and trying to approach Seung Chan, but ending up sounding like his mother, was hilarious!


Push and pull; the ongoing presence and absence of candy and the thrill of the untouched fish spot’s exploration! Soo Hyun sets the game by steadily building its foundations before constructing the main core. Urging Hye Rim to clean the floor enraged her, but before the MRI scan he progressed with his candy offering! Heart-shaping her mind to specify Hye Rim’s emotional map will reveal more about how his plans should progress!

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Soo Hyun’s the most passionate emotionless person as he’s so ecstatic about the experiment’s procedure as a psychologist with diagnostic understanding, but with utter lack of emotional intelligence! In other words, he’s the best currently airing asshole and i can’t wait for the 4th episode!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
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