Remember – War of The Son Episode 14 Recap [I’ve Got A Way To Work Things Out]

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In Ah returns to the law firm alone, and Director Sa wonders where Jin Woo is; In Ah tells her that Jin Woo is at his home and she found out about his condition. Director Sa confirms that Jin Woo is suffering from the same disease as his father did and didn’t tell her because he didn’t want In Ah to know. However,  In Ah says she can’t sit around and do nothing and wants to meet Jin Woo’s doctor.

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Jin Woo wakes up at his home surprised at his surroundings, and recalls what Gyu Man told him the previous day about the water truck incident.

Moo Seok informs President Nam about successfully removing Ilho from the negative headlines and President Nam is happy to hear that, as is Gyu Man, who compares Moo Seok to Dong Ho and how he’s much better than him.

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Jin Woo visits Dong Ho at his office and punches him declaring that he knew who he was from the beginning; Dong Ho kneels down apologetically and tells him that what happened to his family was an accident, and wasn’t intentional- he lost his own father at the accident too. Jin Woo doesn’t believe him and tells him they should have never met as he wouldn’t have pitied himself so much as he does now.

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Dong Ho informs him that he doesn’t know the whole truth and that President Nam had a play at his father’s death, and the accident happened because of him. He promises that just as he kneeled before him today, he will soon make Nam and his soon to kneel before them.

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Director Sa and In Ah visit Jin Woo’s doctor who tells them that Jin Woo’s condition usually doesn’t accelerate so fast, but with his case it is because of hyperthymesia that this happens- medicine may help him but in the worst case scenario, he could soon lose his memories and not being able to do much without someone on his side.

Sung Ho informs Dong Ho that Gyu Man asked Jin Woo to come to his office the other day and this is how Jin Woo found out about the truck incident.

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Dong Ho finds Gyu Man and asks him to stop prying on his past- Gyu Man answers that he has been digging around his father’s past as well and wants to know if he found anything good- Dong Ho is not in the mood to play games, and warns Gyu Man to stop what he’s doing, otherwise he will have to act differently. Gyu Man wonders if that is a threat, and Dong Ho tells him that this depends on him.

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In Ah visits her house and wants to talk to her father- she tells him that a friend of hers is sick and she recently found out about it, not knowing what she could possibly do. Her father advises her to keep treating that friend of hers normally, as it must be really hard for him; the illness is only a part of him, and she shouldn’t change her behavior towards him.

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In Ah returns to the law firm and Director Sa asks her not to tell Jin Woo she found out about his illness- Jin Woo enters at that moment, and In Ah pretends that the dinner was fine.

Jin Woo retreats to his hidden room, trying to remember his previous day but can’t seem to recall what happened after he asked In Ah out for dinner; he tells Director Sa he met Gyu Man the other day but can’t recall much else. She is worried about his condition, but he insists he can’t afford to think about that, until he puts Gyu Man on the trial stand.

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Judge Seok Gyu is digging around Jung Ah’s case and finds out that the murder weapon was a wine opener but Jae Hyuk’s fingerprints weren’t recovered from that, something that makes him more suspicious about the case.

Moo Seok visits Joo II in the prison, and lets him know that since he has been on other trials before, he might need to stay a bit more there, until they find a way to get him out.

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Seok Gyu dines with Gyu Man, and asks him if he thinks it is possible to kill a person with a wine opener- Gyu Man is startled a bit, but be he replies that he wouldn’t know as he hasn’t killed anyone. He then asks Seok Gyu, if he had a friend who murdered someone, what would he do about it. Seok Gyu answers that he would have to punish him as a judge, and as a true friend he wouldn’t cover his tracks, something that Gyu Man agrees with.

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Jin Woo’s next target is Gyu Man’s friend on the confession video, and asks Gwak to introduce him to one of the drug dealers he used to deal with, in hopes to be able to have access to the VIPs parties that drugs are being passed around. He meets with one of Gwak’s guys and he gets info on an upcoming party.

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In Ah talks with Prosecutor Tak and asks him if he was able to uncover anything about Jung Ah’s case- Tak states that Moo Seok did a good job cleaning that up and the investigation has come to a halt, when he receives a phone call from President Nam.

Meanwhile, Moo Seok informs Gyu Man about Jin Woo’s assets- he didn’t inherit anything significant and his salary isn’t anything special as an attorney.

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Gyu Man wonders how he can hurt him if he doesn’t have anything, and Moo Seok tells him that In Ah is a very close person to Jin Woo, and they work together now after she quit being a prosecutor for him; Guy Man remarks that even a girlfriend wouldn’t be so caring and agrees he needs to deal with her.

Lawyer Song is excited to announce to everyone at the law firm, that he got a case and he will be leading it all alone! Everyone congratulates him, and Jin Woo tells him he can help him if he needs anything.

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Prosecutor Tak meets with Moo Seok and President Nam who gets straight to the point, asking him to work for him in the future; Moo Seok remarks that since they both work for the law, they should just bet on someone that will give them the most benefits. Tak is amused at their words, and is disgusted at their behavior- he tells Nam that he doesn’t want any part of it, and notes that Moo Seok fits the hound role for Ilho before he storms off.

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Dong Ho meets Tak who jokingly tells him that he gave up a life of luxury to be eating the bowl he’s eating right now with him, and Dong Ho remarks that, that life would come back to haunt him anyway. He then tells him that he will gather info from a witness of the Seogwang explosion and hopefully that is enough to bring Ilho Group down- he asks Tak to join him, who easily accepts.

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Director Sa calls Jin Woo and tells him that Song is unsure of going into the court afterall- Jin Woo arrives, and tries to encourage him, saying he has to do what he didn’t do 4 years ago for his father since he believes his client is innocent.

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Lawyer Song stutters in the beginning, but he finally finds his pace and succesfully defends a woman who killed her husband who first tried to kill his disabled son- after trying to protect her child, Song argues that the woman’s instinct kicked in something that the Judge recognizes and revises her sentence from 10 years to 2. The woman thanks Song, as Jin Woo, Director Sa and In Ah look happily at him.

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Jin Woo monitors Gyu Man’s friend Chul Joo who talks with the drug supplier about his upcoming party- it’s the firm’s next target, and Jin Woo is positive they can grab him, since he knows where his VIP party will be held, as he also knows there will be drugs there and Dong Ho won’t be able to exonerate him as he did months ago.

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Chul Joo visits Gyu Man at his office, who asks him to play with stocks as he wants to milk a subsidiary of Ilho, before he throws it away. Chul Joo agrees but tells Gyu Man to come at his party, as he hasn’t attended any of them since he became president.

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On his way out, he meets Jin Woo who asks him if he remembers him from the last time they met on a bar- Chul Joo is not sure and asks him what he wants, as Jin Woo brings up Gyu Man’s confession video. That startles Chul Joo for a moment, but then tells him that he won’t side with him if that is what he’s going for. Jin Woo remarks he’s missing the point, before Chul Joo threatens he will kill him if he sees him again.

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Gyu Man asks Soo Beom to take care a girl problem Chul Joo has but Soo Beom refuses since he’s not his friend’s assistant; Gyu Man is surprised to hear that and proceeds to attack him grabbing him by the neck, as Soo Beom defends himself, reminding Gyu Man that he has his own pride but he’s holding back because it’s his friend.

He later meets with Sung Ho, questioning what would happen to him if he ran away from Gyu Man as he’s tired of doing his dirty work and Sung Ho advises him to talk to Dong Ho.

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President Nam calls for Dong Ho, and wonders why it’s hard to take a hold of him lately. Dong Ho replies that it is because of the many cases he has to take care of. Nam says it must have been hard for him to see Joo II in jail but Dong Ho trusts him to get him released soon; Nam remarks that this is up to him, and people shouldn’t be tied by their pasts since that gains them anything.

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Mr Ha gives Dong Ho an old tape that has Nam’s order to have Seogwang group president killed; he trusts Dong Ho with it, as it is the last evidence before the explosion.

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Moo Seok assures Nam that the Seogwang explosion was taken care of years ago, and they just need to silence Mr Ha for it to disappear completely.

Jin Woo calls Yeo Kyung’s colleague to tip him for the upcoming VIP party and after he tells her they need to check on it immediately.

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Soo Beom sneaks into Gyu Man’s office and checks to see if the wine opener is still hidden there when Gyu Man calls him because he wants to see him; he apologizes to him for being out of line and reminds him that he’s the only one he can trust, but he’s on edge because of Jin Woo lately. He tells him he’s sorry and gives him money to spend for himself and his mother.

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Dong Ho visits Joo II in jail, and tells him that things will get noisy quite soon; Joo II understands he will fight Nam and tries to prevent him from doing so, but Dong Ho is firm at his decision- he thanks him for everything before he leaves.

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Jin Woo prepares a plan to catch Gyu Man in the party- Song will be able to get into the party since the drug dealer can have a person with him, and he will carry a camera-pen to film Gyu Man.

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In Ah and Jin Woo will be guarding the back door in case Gyu Man tries to escape, while Director Sa will be the main contact to call the police if anything goes wrong.

Yeo Kyung is not happy that Prosecutor Tak didn’t give her the case as she was the one to receive the tip directly, but he tells her that there’s a special team for drug cases and shouldn’t complain.

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Moo Seok visits Joo II and tells him he will be released soon under one condition- to kill Dong Ho. Joo II says he can’t do that but Moo Seok advises him to think of himself as he will be left in the prison for decades if he doesn’t do that.

Meanwhile Dong Ho returns to his office, and gathers all the files he has against Ilho- after he suits up, he tells Sung Ho who remarks he hasn’t seen him in a black suit in ages, that there will be blood spilled soon.

rememb01400063 rememb01400064

Jin Woo, In Ah, Director Sa and Lawyer Song all gather to their positions as Song records Gyu Man with Chul Joo on a table across him; Chul Joo tells Gyu Man that Jin Woo visited him and kept talking about that old case something that enrages Gyu Man who kicks things away and orders for the music to stop. Chul Joo is furious with Gyu Man for ruining his party as Gyu Man laughs at his face calling him an illegitimate child.

rememb01400065 rememb01400066

At that time, the prosecutors arrive, under Yeo Kyung, who orders for everyone to be arrested- Gyu Man tries to run away, as Song follows him when he meets his sister along the way. He orders her to let him get away, which she reluctantly does so, as he drunkenly makes his way through to the exit route- he hides in a private room where Song loses him, and calls someone to help him.

rememb01400069 rememb01400070

Dong Ho visists Nam and gives him his resignation letter- he tells him that he can’t work under the man that was responsible for his father’s death, recounting what the Seogwang explosion caused. Nam mentions he’s sorry about his father, but he should follow his own life- Dong Ho says that he is his father’s son and that is his life.

rememb01400071 rememb01400072

Jin Woo waits in the garage when he sees Gyu Man getting into his car to drive away- he calls everyone to gather around to block him, and the police arrive at the place; when he gets out of the car, it is revealed to be Soo Beom instead who had switched with Gyu Man, who makes his escape with Soo Beom’s car, as Jin Woo and everyone else are left in disbelief.


Reflection Corner :

KNEEL BEFORE ZOD. (or Dong Ho, whichever comes first!)


Dong Ho back at his best; not being afraid to discard his pride and kneel down to apologize to Jin Woo (it was bound to happen, it needed to!) and then declaring his intentions of making the Ilho clowns kneel before them. That’s my boy! When he suited up (Barney Stinson anyone?! ; p) I was like, oh shiiiiz’s gonna go down! I was surprised a bit he revealed all his cards to President Nam, as he’s a formidable opponent, but now that everything’s out on the open, we’re in for some messy fight.


Jin Woo’s disease accelerating that fast is a bit…..well, we do need huge doses of suspension of disbelief but yeah, let’s just put that aside. (for the sake of our minds lol) Seeing him working with everyone again was nice though, and going through their (almost perfect but not quite) plan over and over again, just like old times.

rememb01400074 rememb01400075

In Ah asking her father for advise was nice to see, as she feels truly powerless and not being able to help Jin Woo; her father’s advice (wonderful pizza papa that one!) was simple yet to the point, as her treating him normally and being by his side, goes a very long way already.


Gyu Man’s question of “how can I hurt him if he doesn’t have any money?!” made me chuckle a bit, because this is the only way he knows how to deal with others- through money, buying and selling people, but since Jin Woo doesn’t have anything, he’s basically invincible; well, except In Ah. I was like “daaaamn, they found his kryptonite!” so this will probably feature (in an unpleasant way) in the next episodes.

Gyu Man did have a humane (..sort of) moment after so many episodes, apologizing to Soo Beom but you have to wonder if he was doing to protect his bases, or if he truly felt a sense of remorse for treating him consistently bad after everything he has done for him. I gotta give him credit for escaping in the end though, he did pull off a smart move there. (..sadly!)


Again, shutout to Prosecutor Tak who gave the middle finger without thinking it twice to Nam and his lackey! Love how he mocked them, and paid for the dinner he didn’t eat as they were both so immorally smelly for him to eat it, you go Tak!


But this epi’s special shutout belongs to Lawyer Song who fought his demons and took the leap, defending successfully his client- it was nice to see him look to his colleagues before he found his footing and he made his point loud and clear.

Little family on the law prairie, loool. Be careful Jin Woo, Song is coming to snatch your license! (and your style!)

(he's up all night to get lucky!)

(he’s up all night to get lucky!)

Onwards to episode 15 then and let the final battle begin!

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