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Never Let Me Go / Watashi wo Hanasanaide Episode 2 Recap


Watashi wo Hanasanaide 02 : After the students find out the truth about their special mission, they wonder what it means to be free and if they can change their fate.

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Kyoko visits the hospital and enters a woman’s room who is happy to see her before she collapses on the floor, stating that after the latest surgery she’s been feeling worse. She asks Kyoko to bring her a bottle of water, as Kyoko sees her own old CD by the table. The woman asks her who does Kyoko thinks was the “culprit” back then, as Kyoko thinks back to the past.

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Tatsuko wants to know what is the meaning behind everything, controlling the kids and all that while Emiko tells her that the truth is exactly what she said to the students, and she needs to understand that this is how things work there. Back in the dormitory, after Emiko revealed the truth, the girls are discussing whether their organs being given away will cost their lives eventually, while Tomo wonders if he can climb up beyond the wall and if the demon outside is real, since the guardians have been going back and forth from the woods.

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The next morning,  Yamazaki announces in class, that it’s the day for the exhibition- Tatsuko is surprised to see the kids so happy, and the cook tells her that if their artwork is chosen they will be receiving coins to buy stuff, from “Madame”- the woman nobody knows about but is probably the sponsor of the Institute.

Kyoko finds Tomo who stares at the wall, wondering if they can climb it but she says that if guardians find out about that, he’d be in trouble. Tatsuko asks the boys to play football as Emiko looks from her office.

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The kids showcase their artwork, that includes a football player from Mimura (who learned about from Tatsuko,) a hand-sculpture from Miwa and a “fart” from Tomo- Yamazaki informs Emiko that Tatsuko has been teaching things to the kids that could possibly lead to them rebel one day, but she says she didn’t have a choice but hire her, since they were short on staff.

Tatsuko tells Tomo and the rest of the boys, about the life that professional footballers lead, and they’re excited about it, but they concede they could never be like that since they have a mission to complete; Tatsuko hugs them, and encourages them to change their future.

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Miwa wants her artwork to be chosen and has concerns about it but Kyoko assures her that this time it will happen. The next morning, Madame arrives to choose the best artworks, something that gives Tomo and the other boys the chance to acquire a ladder and climb beyond the wall.

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Kyoko’s artwork gets chosen again, unlike Miwa’s- however, Kyoko helps Miwa and gets the hand to show it to Madame, who gets startled at first, but accepts it in the end. On their way back, Kyoko wonders why Madame was taken aback when she saw them, while one of her friends praise her for her courage to showcase Miwa’s artwork to her directly.

Back in the school, rebel-girl (I will call her that because her name hasn’t been stated yet) gives Kyoko a toy-cockroach something that surprises Kyoko unpleasantly; she tells her that this is how Madame felt when she saw her and Miwa unexpectedly before, and sees everyone there like a cockroach- something that won’t harm you but scare you anyway.

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Mimura and Uchida run around the woods and reach the hills, staring at the sunset and think not to go back as that will spare them from the donations. At that time, Emiko arrives in a car, after previously checking where they were through a monitor screen.

Back in the class the teacher announces that Mimura and Uchida are wounded as Kyoko notices that Tomo is concerned about that. Later, Kyoko asks him if he knows what happened, and Tomo reveals that the both of them climbed outside the wall; he couldn’t however, as the ladder collapsed when he tries to step on it.

Kyoko returns to her room to find that the CD Tomo gave her is gone; Miwa says she will help her find it and since the cover image is of a woman smoking, they need to do it fast before the guardians find it.

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The students are called to the auditorium where Emiko announces that Mimura and Uchida’s whereabouts isnt’t clear since they escaped to the woods when they shouldn’t have done that, and they’re trying their best to find them.

Tatsuko speaks to Emiko, asking what truly happened and the Principal lets her know that both Mimura and Uchida were already submitted as donors for kids that needed immediate transplants. She tells her that Yoko has certain privileges since the students are all obedient and possess a high intellect, and if they start rebelling that will mean their lives will be shortened. She concludes that by controlling them they are actually protecting them.

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Uchida and Mimura’s shoes are found by the gate drenched in blood as the students look in horror, when rebel-girl tells Kyoko that they are manipulated and are not angels, but were created solely to provide their organs. Kyoko doesn’t want to hear that and runs to Tatsuko, asking her about the truth- Tatsuko replies that the truth is whatever Emiko principal told all of them, while trying to hold her tears back.

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A grown up Kyoko recounts that moment in the present, narrating that Tatsuko probably wanted to tell her about the truth back then but was reluctant as that would mean their happiness would fade away. The woman asks her who thinks stole the CD then, and Kyoko travels to the past again- back in the dormitory, Miwa gives Kyoko a new CD that got for her since she wants to see her happy after they couldn’t find the original CD, while Kyoko looks content as the rest of the girls follow Miwa outside praising her getting a CD for Kyoko with the help of an upper classman.

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In the present again, Kyoko addresses the woman by her name, Miwa- she tells Miwa that her, herself stole the CD while thinking that she doesn’t want to be mocked anymore by her, as Miwa is nothing to her now.

Reflection Corner :


Well,  things are getting clearer- so Miwa is a troublemaker, with jealousy and insecurity issues, that are mostly directed to Kyoko, as Kyoko is a little rainbow princess (I wanna pinch that kid’s cheeks!) who is inherently good-hearted and effortlessly caring towards others. Yeah Miwa, you found a great person to mess with, but guess what? It might have taken Kyoko decades (?) to be done with you, but apparently she is done with you now.


Ahh, Tatsuko-sensei, I can connect with you on such an emotional level; she is the teacher I had always wanted to be, (damn can I exchange my philosophy major with a kindergarten teaching degree!) teaching others about the importance of football (well football is a metaphor here, but w/e) and how that extends to be able to learn things about yourself, do what you love and live the life you want.

It was heart-wrenching watching her becoming “another brick in the wall” in Yoko institute, since the game is already lost from the get-go, but I hope she keeps on teaching (albeit, even with limits) important things to the students, so they can start constructing themselves on their own terms.


Rebel-girl has already figured out what Yoko stands for, and I’m looking forward to see how her grown-up self will behave, because if she has those thoughts as a kid, I can only imagine she will plan to bomb the place and gtfo there when she grows up loool.

The preview for the 3rd episode looks intriguing, with Miwa trying to seduce both Yamazaki and Tomo (Tomo you’re an idiot to fall for that, but you fell for that huh!), rebel girl getting into a cat-fight with her, so it will be interesting to see how the grown-up versions will have outgrown their kid-selves.

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I’m gonna be sad to see the kids go, as I think the actors did a splendid job but I’m ready for the older ones to start questioning and uncover the depravity of Yoko’s foundations. Is it too early to hope for an ending like The Island? I just want all of them to run away, burning down Yoko and flying altogether to watch Arsenal lifting the UCL trophy along with Tatsuko sensei! (yeaaaah, that’s not gonna happen, is it ; p )

Onwards to episode 3 then, and here’s hoping that rebel girl manages to land a slap to Miwa!

*I’m gonna leave this here and copy/paste what I said in that entry, just in case :

***Okay, first of all as I’ve mentioned here, I haven’t read the novel (I did finish Ishiguro’s ‘The Remains of the Day‘ though and it was wonderful) or seen the movie, so please don’t spoil me and forgive me if my ramblings/predictions about the series, are/will be way off (they probably will be lol). I’m planning to read the book after the series end, so yeah, RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH.

[disclaimer – this post was written by an awake-kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge credit to the wonderful united team of SFC @ LJ! ]

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