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“Things happen in life.”


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Shi Woo and Soon Deok are on their way back to Moorim Institute and their motorcycle ride managed to deliver all the necessary beautiful vibes between them. In the meantime, Chi Ang couldn’t believe that Shi Woo had left without bidding him farewell and the nighttime wasn’t flowing pleasantly for him. He’s at Moorim Institute’s yard eagerly waiting for Shi Woo’s return. In one hand he will be pleasantly surprised witnessing him coming back, but seeing him together with Soon Deok won’t be the most pleasant experience!

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Beop Gong will be more direct towards Shi Woo concerning his traumatic memories. Keeping them on the inside is something that prevents him from moving on and being more effective in pretty much everything.


Moorim Institute will progress with a new training system concerning Chi Ang and Shi Woo who would stay forever in the beginner level concerning martial arts had they kept training on their own! Seon Ah will become Chi Ang’s mentor whereas at the same time Soon Deok will pave the way for Shi Woo!

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It’s not something that will make Chi Ang stand still since he would never like the idea of Shi Woo and his mermaid getting closer together! However, no matter how hard he tries to get closer to Soon Deok she always pushes him away!

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We’ll also witness one of Soon Deok’s fragile moments and Shi Woo will be there to soothe her emotional burden, but we have yet to find out the reason behind her devastation. Could it be related to her father who’s always trying to brighten his hardworking daughter’s life in any way he can even though he may put himself in danger at times?


A treasure is hidden somewhere inside Moorim Institute, but it’s not a common treasure, it will only strengthen the one who can get attached to it, if the wrong person finds it the outcome won’t be the desired one. The rest of the students, even though they were happy that Chi Ang and Shi Woo came back alive, haven’t necessarily accepted them to the fullest and the moment for their entrance ceremony has arrived.

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It’s going to be an event where Chi Ang and Shi Woo will have to surpass themselves in order to bring their skills to the surface and the one who’s going to enjoy the whole procedure the most is going to be the indigestible Yeob Jung who will be praying for their failure! Shi Woo and Chi Ang will have to follow the rest of the students’ hints and enter the restricted area in order to prove their worth.

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Shi Woo and Chi Ang have already proven that they can do wonders together and the fear of the unknown always transforms itself into strength through unity. Joining forces for one more time when it comes to the entrance ceremony will probably forge an even deeper bond between them and if everything goes well the other students will eventually accept them. I am looking forward to finding out more concerning the hidden treasure and what Chi Ang and Shi Woo will have to face inside the restricted area, but also what the reaction of Moo Song and the rest of the teachers will be once they find out that they have entered a place they shouldn’t have in the first place! Gladly enough, the 5th episode is less than 24 hours away!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
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