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“On a depressive day like this, nothing beats red.”


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We’re diving in the past, 10 years ago actually, when Mi Mo was still a glamorous young lady and she was always being enamored by the extravagance of things, a diamond for example should be big! However, Mi Mo at the present knows that the existence of a diamond ring is far from granting a happy marriage. Henceforth, the ring of a second marriage has to be different, one that won’t be affected by the passing of time and it has to be humble without any exaggerations. An immigrant wanted to sell her fake jewelry, but she was overly negative. However, he noticed that Mi Mo was wearing a fake ring whereas his were far better replicas!

bscap1136 bscap1137bscap1139 bscap1143 bscap1147bscap1149 bscap1152

Mi Mo kept wondering why that ring was on her finger and she started recalling! She had called Dong Mi to be present at the marriage registration, but she couldn’t. All Mi Mo needed at that point was Dong Mi’s social security number! Hae Joon arrived with flowers and once Soo Hyuk noticed him he was so ecstatic! He called Mi Mo out who came right away and introduced herself in her own drunken yet so cute way! Hae Joon couldn’t believe what was really going on, but he had to be the marriage registration’s witness since his friend needed him!

bscap1154 bscap1157bscap1158 bscap1161 bscap1162bscap1163 bscap1165 bscap1171bscap1172 bscap1173

Mi Mo was lost in her own vibrating world and then Soo Hyuk slid towards her asking her to marry him! If you haven’t learned it already, the answer was only one; absofuckinglutely! They were so happy and he held Mi Mo up high as everyone was cheering for them as if they had won the World Cup!

   bscap1183bscap1184 bscap1179 bscap1186bscap1187 bscap1185 bscap1191bscap1194


Make friends they said, it’s gonna be fun they said.

Neither Soo Hyuk nor Mi Mo could believe that they had gotten married and she took the ring off her finger! Hae Joo had left them all alone and they were feeling like a real couple at that point! After Mi Mo pushed Soo Hyuk  away the moment for their honeymoon in the streets of Seoul had arrived! Soo Hyuk was eager to punish the mean ocean, but all that mattered at that point was for him to buy her as many rings as she wanted from the street seller!

bscap1197bscap1198 bscap1203bscap1200bscap1202 bscap1208 bscap1206bscap1207 bscap1209 bscap1211bscap1212 bscap1214

The cow suit with the human breasts made Mi Mo even more curious about what had happened, but then she noticed the bra! At first she didn’t want to buy the breast-cow suit, she wanted a bra, but a 75A(!) one and soon enough their mood became bra-playful! The more Mi Mo was recalling the more she was losing her mind and she tried to find Soo Hyuk, but he wasn’t inside his apartment and she didn’t have his phone number either!

bscap1215 bscap1221bscap1219 bscap1222 bscap1226bscap1228 bscap1229 bscap1231bscap1232 bscap1233

Soo Hyuk was driving and he thought that Mi Mo had set him up! She made a phone call in order to find out if she could withdraw the marriage registration but she couldn’t do so since last night’s procedure was utterly legal according to the protocol and being drunk wasn’t among the marriage registration withdrawal options! All she could do was to visit a family court and progress with a divorce!


The elevator intersection between Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk didn’t happen! She found Soo Hyuk’s card in her car and she called him right away, but he had forgotten his phone in his car!

 bscap1247bscap1248 bscap1250

Soo Hyuk was inside the elevator but his body stasis and his hand reminded him of something embarrassing! He was curious if Mi Mo could handle him since he was a passionate lover, but it could only be positive for her! He was left speechless and he headed towards her apartment, but she was nowhere to be found!


Mi Mo was inside the elevator, but once a mother with her son arrived she enclosed herself in the breast-cow suit in order to hide the fake breasts! Soon enough Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk met and they could only scream at one another!

bscap1261bscap1263 bscap1262 bscap1268bscap1267

They started accusing one another concerning everything that happened! Soo Hyuk accused her that it was her plan all along the way, but Mi Mo informed him that he was the one who wanted to do something insane! Once he noticed her breast-cow suit he got scared even at the possibility of them having slept together and Mi Mo wasn’t sure either! However, she didn’t like getting dressed that way when things get kinky, but Soo Hyuk liked it and things got frightening again!

bscap1276bscap1270bscap1274 bscap1279 bscap1288bscap1290 bscap1291 bscap1293bscap1294

Both of them woke up separately and this started pointing towards the direction that nothing else happened between them! Soo Hyuk wanted to withdraw the marriage registration, but Mi Mo informed him that it wasn’t possible and since she was already divorced once she wanted him to confess that he was a “weirdo” even if he had to lie! Of course, he was negative!

bscap1295 bscap1298bscap1297 bscap1299

They went back and entered the building like determined super heroes! They asked the one in charge to withdraw the marriage registration! They kept complaining and he wasn’t pleased with their great mood swings! Last night he had urged them to wait until the next day, but Mi Mo didn’t want to surrender! They were causing a ruckus and they had even brought the witness they needed, but Hae Joon and the man in charge had managed to make them wait until today. The document was still inside Soo Hyuk’s jacket and the marriage wasn’t registered!

bscap1300bscap1301 bscap1302 bscap1304bscap1305 bscap1307bscap1312bscap1313bscap1311bscap1309bscap1310

Koo Yeon Mi (Kim Ji An), one of Hae Joon’s patients, had left a letter for him as a warning to the nurses that should stay away from him! It was the Song of Hae Joon and as expected she was praising him to the fullest and urged him to wait for her until she turns 20! It wouldn’t be impossible for Hae Joon to wait for her, but his ideal type of a woman is a pure one who has suffered a lot! His colleague thought that suffering and purity don’t walk hand in hand, but Hae Joon kept believing!

bscap1320 bscap1323bscap1324

So Hyuk and Mi Mo went out for a coffee and they were glad it was neither a divorce nor a breakup, but they were glad everything went fine even though it was a dynamic happening in the first place! All they have to do from now on is to keep a secret!

bscap1331 bscap1329bscap1327 bscap1333

Awkwardness was in the air and they parted ways! Mi Mo was walking around and the overall mood and weather brought back painful memories. She had broken up with her ex-husband at a café. Both of them were crying, but they were praying for one another’s happiness. Outside of the family court she recalled their divorce settlement and she started remembering their differences that piled up along the way and distanced them from one another. Back then, the house was feeling too empty without him and folding his t-shirt brought her to tears.

bscap1336bscap1337 bscap1339 bscap1348bscap1349 bscap1352

Da Jung called Mi Mo on the phone and she was pissed off, but she didn’t have to go to the office since it was the wedding of one of the couples she had matched!


Min Woo’s teacher called Soo Hyuk at school and she was so ecstatic with his looks she couldn’t refrain from touching him! She informed Soo Hyuk that it would be good for his son to attend an international middle school, but Soo Hyuk kept respecting his son’s opposing opinion! At some point she prevented her from touching him again!

bscap1367bscap1365bscap1366 bscap1369

Ae Ran and Dong Bae went to buy an iron, but her mood wasn’t the finest. Even though she didn’t like ironing Dong Bae reassured her that he would be the one to do it! Dong Bae kept checking the house equipment they had bought, but Ae Ran’s mood hadn’t changed at all. Dong Bae was nervous out of excitement and urged her to stop worrying since he would be by her side no matter what!

bscap1371bscap1370 bscap1372 bscap1375bscap1376

Mi Mo was coming out of the elevator and she was startled by Soo Hyuk! Once she started falling he saved her and things got awkward again!

bscap1378 bscap1379bscap1380 bscap1381 bscap1382bscap1383

Mi Mo met a friend who was working out and urged her to start doing the same for her own benefit! Dong Mi was diving anew in the matchmaking world and her colleague wasn’t helping her forget the fact that she had paid for that disastrous blind date! Of course, she sent a complaint to the dating company for everything she went through in order to make their services better!

bscap1388 bscap1392bscap1393 bscap1396

Mi Mo told everything to Da Jung and she was utterly surprised! The couple appeared and later on Mi Mo noticed someone familiar, her ex-husband. She thought of greeting him but she found out that he was with his fiancé and she managed to escape even though her ex-husband received the vibes of who she could be. She kept staring at him being happy and she couldn’t help it but recall that he had told her how unhappy by her side.

bscap1398bscap1397bscap1402 bscap1403bscap1404bscap1406 bscap1408bscap1407 bscap1412

She expressed all of the like-minded concerns to her friends along with how she was deceived by his lies! Da Jung informed them on her husband’s intentions to progress with the divorce at the court. It was almost 3000 days since Dong Mi last kissed a guy and she had started thinking that heaven would greet her as a virgin. Mi Mo kept talking about the past, but the real bomb fell when Ae Ran said that she would cancel the wedding even though breaking Dong Bae’s heart would be too painful.

bscap1424 bscap1425bscap1426 bscap1427

Mi Mo was pissed off with her client who wanted a woman with a natural voluptuous body. She started considering him a pervert who was seeking a woman to sleep with. However, while the client was talking she couldn’t take out of her mind her ex-husband and his fiancé and she erupted to the extent of offending the client for his weight! Da Jung urged Mi Mo to meet her ex-husband in order to find out the whole truth and she eventually agreed.

bscap1435bscap1431bscap1437 bscap1441bscap1440

Seung Jae (Kim Sa Kwon) eventually arrived at the café and they started talking about typical things, but she also informed him that she saw him with his fiancé whom he intends to marry soon. He was definitive on the fact that he was done with the past and Ppoppo, the dog he had with Mi Mo, would get adopted since his fiancé was allergic to dogs. Mi Mo wanted to know the reason why they broke up and he told her that her attitude had made him feel insignificant since she seemed to be doing alone just fine. However, his fiancée makes him feel valued and Mi Mo after laughing could finally erupt uttering how men kept hurting her all along the way. She wanted him to admit that he wanted a more beautiful woman and the moment of the real truth had arrived. He had broken up with her because she thought she was always right without taking others into consideration. Mi Mo regretted having met Seung Jae.

bscap1448 bscap1449bscap1450 bscap1451

Dong Bae and Ae Ran were in the rain where she apologized for being unable to spend a lifetime by his side because her heart was filled with too much passion. Dong Bae was erupting as she changed her decision right before the wedding and while everything had already been prepared. He asked her if he wasn’t enough for her passionate heart and he told her that it was too late to change her decision.

bscap1453bscap1456 bscap1454

Mi Mo took Ppoppo with her, but inside the building she found out that the woman who was working out earlier had passed away after a chicken bone got stuck in her throat. Mi Mo thought that if someone was with her she would still be alive. She felt dizzy imagined herself in a like-minded situation with her ex-husband and his fiancé being nearby. Chicken-o-phobia made its appearance and she prevented Ppoppo from eating chicken!

bscap1460bscap1457 bscap1467 bscap1466bscap1465

Dong Mi was watching The Notebook and while being overran by feels she called Da Jung on the phone to tell her that she needed to kiss someone, but Da Jung didn’t want to be the one even though they were in like-minded yet so different situations! However, living with a man sleeping in a different room wasn’t really comforting. Ae Ran was drinking alone while recalling Dong Bae’s words.

bscap1471 bscap1473bscap1474 bscap1477 bscap1479bscap1481

Mi Mo was having a bath and she was recalling her breakup, the “marriage registration” and Seung Jae’s words. She started diving in the bathtub but she felt dizzy. She asked Dong Mi to call her on the phone the next morning in case something were to happen to her, but Dong Mi didn’t take her seriously. Since the day was depressing she chose her red lingerie to pace with the mood!

 bscap1483bscap1488bscap1482 bscap1493bscap1494

Soo Hyuk informed his son that he intends to support his decision on anything he wants to do, but Min Woo wants to attend the international middle school. The meeting with the teacher was a blind date he arranged for his father! Min Woo kept supporting a forthcoming relationship, but all Soo Hyuk needed was his son and he didn’t intend to change his point of view no matter how differently Min Woo was thinking at the present. However, if he meets the right person things may change and he became playful uttering that he could even forget about his own son! Soo Hyuk recalled the elementary school days by staring at a picture of him and Mi Mo and their kiss popped up in his mind.

bscap1498bscap1496 bscap1501 bscap1503bscap1504

Dizziness was tormenting Mi Mo who fell on the floor, but she managed to call 119 and she was transferred to the hospital by ambulance. Of course, the doctor in charge of Mi Mo would be Hae Joon! She didn’t have the time to tell him that she was in lingerie and a humble revelation took place making things a bit awkward!

bscap1506bscap1512 bscap1514 bscap1518bscap1517 bscap1520 bscap1529bscap1528bscap1521

After examining her he informed her that she had otolithiasis and that she wouldn’t pass away! He put on her his medical gown and his colleague witnessed the moment. While he was taking off the eye-examining equipment everything was exactly like in her dream as the blurry man she had seen finally fad a face. Hae Joon kept treating her but while she was staring at him she was losing herself in the magic of the moment! She simply couldn’t take her eyes off him!

bscap1534bscap1531 bscap1535 bscap1539bscap1540  bscap1553 bscap1554bscap1553 bscap1560bscap1569bscap1568bscap1561 bscap1562bscap1579

Hae Joon informed Soo Hyuk that his “wife” was in the emergency room and he left for the hospital!


Mi Mo witnessed other patients with their loved ones while she was alone even though she had been through 11 relationships and she had gotten married once. Hae Joon’s colleague informed him that doctors take off their gown only when they’ve made a mistake and she was curious if he saw Mi Mo as a woman or a patient. Even though she would teat someone in his underwear as a patient and not as a man Hae Joon had to train himself a bit more on that aspect!

bscap1583 bscap1586bscap1585

Hae Joo informed Mi Mo that Soo Hyuk would be arriving soon and he gave her a beverage. He sat nearby and she couldn’t take her eyes off him making things a bit awkward for Hae Joon! She informed him that she feels butterflies in her stomach because of him. She was curious if he would think that she was crazy if she said that she had fallen for him. Getting married to Hae Joon because her new goal!

bscap1589bscap1590 bscap1602 bscap1604bscap1605 bscap1603 bscap1608bscap1607

~ Thoughts ~


One More Happy Ending’s second episode rated a bit better than its predecessor; 5.9%. Let’s hope that this is only the beginning of the drama’s valiant upward course! The second episode was divided in two parts. The first one was the pilot episode’s natural continuation as it was gradually explaining a drunken night’s blissful crescendo in the presence of fear until the sun could finally shine anew on the horizon! The second part wasn’t only introducing Hae Joon to a wider extent, it also unveiled a bit more concerning Mi Mo’s past while progressing all of our main characters’ side stories from the fellowship of our four Angels to Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon who made a powerful entrance in the second half of the episode!


Just like it was divided in two parts, the vibes the episode was delivering were pacing in a like-minded way. While we were sailing on oceans of laughter during the first half, the second half greeted us with the heavy feels that left behind their eloquent disguise during the pilot episode. However, the ending of the episode left us with a sense of sweetness between Hae Joon and Mi Mo that could get interpreted in various ways, but there was also a sense of uncertainty concerning Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo since the emotional camps started either becoming more distinctive or shyly unfolding their wings.


Even though everyone did a wonderful work and were highly representative of their roles, Jang Na Ra was having the upper hand when it comes to acting in the second episode. Layer by layer and in an inward but also outward course she managed to offer a multifaceted interpretation of all the intermediate steps from one edge to the other from emotional devastation to luminous butterflies and from hilarious danger unawareness to quirky uncertainty and abrupt realizations.


Mi Mo’s heart was like a window being either caressed or afflicted by the crosswinds. Jang Na Ra simply prove for one more time why she is such an incredible actress but an adorable and admirable woman at the same time. Her drunken presentation i had been missing since Mr. Back made its appearance during the first episode, but it was stronger during the second one and i can only be thankful for that. There were smiles and ironic laughter, but there were also tears, silent and echoing ones, along with the sense of fear in the wake of loneliness.


Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo are certainly so crazy together, they are a pleasure to my eyes and also to my lungs even though they struggle to find more oxygen due to the excessive outbursts of laughter! Neither a divorce nor a breakup, but a dynamic happening, now that’s a great “label!” But it was also a divorce and a breakup. The second one happened recently, the first one years ago, but the chaotic maelstrom of events made the past resurface to the extent of not only having a negative impact on Mi Mo’s emotional (and eventually physical) world, but also to the firm she worked so hard to make successful by Da Jung’s side. Da Jung may be able to maintain her rational way of thinking no matter how much heartache may be underneath the surface, but she always differentiates her work life from her personal life, unlike Mi Mo.


Seeing her ex-husband was a scar-awakening moment, but the bleeding began the moment she decided to take a brave step ahead in order to greet him. Then she noticed his fiance. Their meeting at the cafe was of major importance as Mi Mo needed an emotional closure when it comes to that part of the past and that closure could only come with the truth coming to the surface. Seung Jae kept proving that he was done with the past and he wasn’t intending to take his binoculars and look back, but Mi Mo managed to find out that Seung Jae had to depart from her life because he couldn’t stand her “always right” attitude.


When a relationship reaches the end usually both sides are at fault, not equally, but there are no absolute saints or sinners in the world of emotions (i am referring to relationships that don’t physical abuse, etc). If Mi Mo learned something out of this conversation was that she should stop victimizing herself on her own since it takes the harm she received from others to a wider extent, something that keeps her enchained in the dreadful past instead of moving on. Ppoppo was a wonderful bonus too, right?!


The rain was over-dramatization just for the sake of it though. It started raining the moment the truth was coming to the surface and Ae Ran with Dong Bae were also getting soaked by the rain while they could simply discuss everything in a quiet place and reach a conclusion or not! I can understand Dong Bae’s reaction even though telling her that it was too late to step back from the wedding sounded a bit forceful. I mean, a spear penetrated his heart while he had already lived a hundred years by Ae Ran’s side in his imagination! She realized how she was (not) feeling a bit late, but not too late though. It was better telling him before the wedding rather than getting married with her life turning into a meaningless hell despite the fact that Dong Bae would treat her like a princess.


I haven’t given up on either of them, we’re still at the very beginning of the drama and sometimes the “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” does wonders (often painful ones) and Ae Ran will probably realize in Dong Bae’s absence something deeper while at the same time Dong Bae could learn that it really wasn’t worth it and he will move on. These are assumptions of course, time shall tell. However, I still can’t understand the excuse of her heart being too boiling and that’s why she was calling off the wedding. Probably Ae Ran isn’t really good with words or she was leaning towards her excessive emotional uncertainty, but she definitely wasn’t ready for such a face to face emotional confrontation since she knew how much she’d hurt Dong Bae.


On a side note, Dong Mi kept remaining hilarious while steadily transforming herself into a saint whereas the divorce process was becoming more menacing in Da Jung’s life. Da Jung’s son is 8 years old and after the phone call with Dong Mi craving for a kiss reached the end Da Jung uttered that it had been 7 years already. My personal assumption is that Da Jung and Gun Hak hadn’t visited their love nest for last 7 years whereas Dong Mi hadn’t kissed anyone for a bit more than 8 years (almost 3000 days). There’s so much loneliness (especially making its appearance through our characters’ nighttime) in One More Happy Ending it makes me crave for that happy ending even more.


I was so glad it wasn’t a fatal or some sort of persistent illness, it would ruin a part of my drama journey while still being able to see the port! I have said it once again, i am not a doctor and i will never be, everything that has to do with my medical points of view is just an assumption based on the flow of events. As i said above, there’s too much loneliness in One More Happy Ending and it’s also a part of Mi Mo’s life. The sudden death of that woman who could have lived had someone been with her shocked Mi Mo who could even imagine herself in a like-minded situation. The overall psychosomatic effect probably let otolithiasis do the dizzy talking and her most recent fear came to life, being helpless and alone.


The blind date Soo Hyuk’s son arranged for his father was a beautiful aspect of the drama even though it didn’t blossom! Anyway, that teacher looked like a potential sasaeng willing to hunt down the good-looking paparazzi! You have to love how Soo Hyuk is willing to let his son make his own decisions without trying to overburden him. He remained faithful to his son’s decisions to not get married in the past, but his son grew up enough to witness the loneliness of his father and wanted to lend him a helping hand just like his father did countless times for him.


Soo Hyuk is dedicated to his son and i definitely want to know more about his past with his wife, could it be that she passed away after giving birth to Min Woo? We have yet to find out, but reminiscing the distant past through his picture alongside the teacher and Mi Mo, but also the recent one by recalling their kiss, had shyly started pointing towards the direction that the dynamic happening was already transmitting more eloquent vibes. Rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night was an extra hint, but the hospital possessed its own vibes after Hae Joon’s hilarious examination!


Alright, this was the moment that intrigued me the most. Was it really Hae Joon the blurry figure she saw in her dream? Or she was losing herself in a delusion in her own dizzy world at the hospital after having received proper treatment that got misinterpreted for deeper affection hence creating the magic of the moment that made her believe that Hae Joon was the one in her dream? Was it a forced mind trick while Mi Mo was craving to love and to be loved as the fear of being alone in her hour of need had subsided now that she had Hae Joon by her side? Or Mi Mo started nurturing genuine feelings for him? One thing is for certain, Mi Mo’s purity of character and the suffering she’s been through make her an ideal woman in Hae Joon’s eyes! I can only look forward to further character development, interactions and complications in the process when it comes to our leading sextet! After two recaps in a row and with only 3 hours of sleep i need some rest, but while sleeping i will try to pull the forthcoming Wednesday a bit closer, until then be well everyone!


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  1. Wannie
    January 22, 2016 at 9:51 am — Reply

    Oh I ship Mi mo and Soo Hyuk soo much~ i hope the drama doesn’t lose its momentum and turn bad midway

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:04 pm — Reply

      They are going to be my 2016 battleship, one good hell of an adorable couple and i hope everything will progress well for them together 😀 There’s always the chance of something going wrong, but let’s hope this is not going to be the case here! 🙂

  2. January 22, 2016 at 12:38 pm — Reply

    You be well :p I want to lecture you and be like “you need to rest, make sure you eat properly…blablabla”.

    Now, in regards to the show: I couldn’t believe how much I laughed in the first half. They were killing me with their drunken escapades. Really, really liking this drama. I find Nara’s character very unexpected. Maybe I just haven’t seen her in enough (3 dramas, 1 drama special), but she just surprises me. She looks so innocent but … I don’t know … There’s spunk and real effortless sexiness to her character. She’s doing a great job. They all are.

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:12 pm — Reply

      Or you can have Seo Ye Ji to whip me with her braids! 😀 And Nara to take care of my wounds! XD
      Yush!!! They are so crazy together completing one another in their whatever moments! So so so so so cute, but yes, even though she looks innocent she evokes her own sexy vibes through her character without even trying and we have to lover her for that as well among all the other many reasons! 😀

  3. January 22, 2016 at 5:02 pm — Reply

    Hae Joo and Dong Mi (even thought they haven’t met, Hae Joo basically described Dong Mi as his ideal)

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:18 pm — Reply

      Hae Joon and Dong Mi would be a very interesting couple and you made me curious on how they would progress together in case that happens! I can picture Hae Joon with either Mi Mo or Dong Mi for different painful reasons that would suit his ideal woman standards, but i will keep in mind the Dong Mi-Hae Joon thought since the main ship for me has to be Mi Mo-Soo Hyuk 😀

      • January 26, 2016 at 3:10 am — Reply

        I didn’t even think of that, Hae Joon ideal woman might be MiMo and my ultimate ships is MM and SH so, Hae Joon has got to go.

        • January 26, 2016 at 3:12 am — Reply

          I can only agree with that!! They had been an ultimate ship ever since Nara and Kyungho were announced as a part of the drama’s main cast!

      • January 26, 2016 at 3:12 am — Reply

        I know he is the second lead, but I still think he’ll match better with Dong Mi, even though she is not as crazy as Mi Mo I feel like she can help him out of his shell.

        • January 26, 2016 at 3:13 am — Reply

          And he can make the 3000 kiss-less days come to an end! 😀

  4. Charlene
    January 22, 2016 at 6:37 pm — Reply

    I finally found a new KDrama to watch. Haven’t had a drama give me the lols from a first episode in a while. So far loving it.

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:19 pm — Reply

      I’m so glad you’re loving OMHE, Charlene!! 🙂 The 1st episode stroke like thunder and i loved the second one too since it made things a bit more perplexed! 😀

  5. January 23, 2016 at 1:00 am — Reply

    […] Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

  6. January 23, 2016 at 1:06 am — Reply

    The end of episode 2 was VERY troubling for me. After nearly 2 full episodes of full on laughs and the building of a solid start to the OTP, the scenes in the hospital screamed “TRIANGLE”. I desperately hope not.
    As I see it, they can take this in one of two main directions:
    (A) play her “infatuation” for laughs, as a comedic mixup with the Doctor unaware and uninterested (side note, I think Yoo In Na’s character fits his description of the ideal woman). This would be in keeping with the tone of the start, a genuine romCOM. But based on far too many bitter experiences with K Dramas and their warped idea of what constitutes the “com” in “romcom”, I’m very afraid they’ll take option

    (B) Full clichéd triangle. This would mean the death of the humour and wit that marked the start, and be a tragedy. Of course, since the Korean notion of comedy seems builot aronud the idea that misery, bitterness, pain and endless tears are all utterly hilarious, the odds are depressingly good that’s where this will take us. The Yoona/LBS Drama started off as a wonderful romcom, until zombie Mum returned, and it all went downhill with personality transplants and the infamous handshake ending earning it the hashtag used by several on Twitter #OnceWasARomcom I’m very worried this could become the sequel.

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:39 pm — Reply

      The ending certainly screamed “triangle,” but i have faith or at least i hope that writer-nim will work properly on that factor and won’t let it go too far with Mi Mo preserving her delusion and the doctor considering her the ideal type of woman he’d been searching for. I have to agree that Dong Mi suits better the description, but at that point Mi Mo could have probably triggered that “ideal woman spotted” aspect (until he meets and gets to know Dong Mi better, i hope).
      But plan B is quite frightening and it will probably take place here as well (hopefully with a happy ending though), i am really curious of what will happen eventually and i hope that the rivers of tears won’t vanish the laughter factor. If there have to be many tears, they can be decent at least XD #OnceThereWasARomcom LOL!

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