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Remember – War of The Son Episode 11 Recap [Building Fences on The Wall]

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[disclaimer – this post was written by a very sleepy kipzizz for dramajjang.co only ]

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Jin Woo recounts the past four years with his dad and the ordeals they had to go through and promises his father that he will make those that made him suffer, pay.

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A month after his promise, he visits the doctor that falsely testified against his father, and lets him know that he gave evidence to the police about his illegal activities and he will stay in prison for a much longer time; the doctor is surprised to hear that as he did change his testimony in the end per Jin Woo’s request, but Jin Woo clarifies he only needed him till the trial; he now will pay for all the wrong things he did.

remembwar01100008 remembwar01100009

Jin Woo returns to his hidden room and he crosses off from his info-wall, the jail doctor as well; it’s revealed that the corrupted jail doctor will have to go to prison too, since Jin Woo gave Judge Seok evidence abou him receiving illegal money.

He then looks to track down officer Gwak through his phone records and follows him until he meets someone.

remembwar01100010 remembwar01100011

The next day, Dong Ho and Prosecutor Hong clash in the courtroom for a case but it’s later revealed that it was all staged. Dong Ho tells Prosecutor Hong that his perfect record is slowly being restored now that they work together and Prosecutor Hong agrees and is looking forward to working together again.

remembwar01100012 remembwar01100013

Gyu Man is being interviewed as the new Ilho President and appears to be calm and have a caring front- he remarks that he values everyone in Ilho since there wouldn’t be a Group without every single person’s effort that works under him.

After he’s done, he asks Soo Beom how the case Dong Ho handled went, and Soo Beom informs him that since he and Prosecutor Hong teamed up, every case involving Ilho gets resolved quickly. Gyu Man asks him to set him up for a night out with Judge Seok Gyu.

remembwar01100014 remembwar01100015

Dong Ho returns to his office but before he enters the building, he sees workers protesting outside.

He meets with Gyu Man, who asks how the case he was handling went, and Dong Ho informs him that he managed to save the money from the penalty they were supposed to pay- Gyu Man is content, but asks him if he still meets with Jin Woo.

remembwar01100016 remembwar01100017

Dong Ho laughs it off, reminding him all of all the things he has taken care of since he became President and how he should focus on the big things. After he leaves, Soo Beom wonders why he would ask him about Jin Woo out of the blue, and Gyu Man says that he can never trust him, after he tried to betray them once; he can never trust anyone, not even himself as a matter of fact.

remembwar01100018 remembwar01100019

In the pizza parlor, In Ah’s father asks his wife how can she still insist on not talking to In Ah; she tells him that it was In Ah who quit her job and moved out. Still, he remarks that it has been a month since they last talked but In Ah’s mother pretend she doesn’t listen to him.

Outside Ilho Group, one of the protesters comes through when he seems President Nam arrive, and tells him that his lightbulbs company had to close down because of an unfair lawsuit they filed against him. He begs him to drop it but President Nam ignores him; he scolds Gyu Man afterwards, that he shouldn’t do business with unreliable contractors.

remembwar01100020 remembwar01100022

Jin Woo sees In Ah’s mom standing outside the law firm and invites her in; she doesn’t want to, but gives him homemade kimchi to give to In Ah, without telling her that she was there.

remembwar01100023 remembwar01100024

In Ah eats the kimchi happily and notes that it tastes like her mother’s; Jin Woo is amused that she likes it so much but he reveals to her that her mother was looking for her and she is worried- she should go back home. In Ah replies that she wants to return to her home, but only after she’s able to proudly present herself as a proper attorney.

remembwar01100025 remembwar01100026

The son of the man who was harmed by Ilho’s lawsuit, is still outside the building protesting in silence and Dong Ho gives him Jin Woo’s card; he tells him to go to that firm since it’s the only lawyer that will take his case.

Prosecutor Hong orders Prosecutor Tak to suspend the indictment in one of the cases he’s on relating to Ilho, and Prosecutor Tak argues that he has everything set for that; Prosecutor Hong tells him that he should listen to his superior if he doesn’t want to end up like In Ah.

remembwar01100027 remembwar01100028

Dong Ho meets with the detective that once handled his father’s case for drinks, and the detective tells him that it’s bothering him he works for Ilho; Dong Ho is surprised to hear that his father talked to the detective once after President Nam tried to approach him in order to cover up for something.

The son of the lightbulbs company seeks Jin Woo, and while Director Sa informs him that he’s busy these days, the son insists on seeing him.

remembwar01100029 remembwar01100030

Jin Woo tracks down detective Gwak who has met with someone, and catches him by surprise; Jin Woo tells him to be careful as he can be betrayed too, but Gwak is amused that he still wants to go against Gyu Man when he has already lost two trials. Jin Woo announces that there will be good news, before he leaves- Gwak meets again with his contact and assures him he has nothing to worry about unaware that a camera records him.

remembwar01100032 remembwar01100031

Prosecutor Tak visits In Ah in the law firm, and tells her he looked into some of Prosecutor Hong’s cases; he found out that he was both in charge for Oh Jung Ah’s murder as well as to her father’s case that was concluded as suicide.

In Ah goes to the police station and asks for Oh Jung Ah’s father complete file, finding out that he had a will.

remembwar01100033 remembwar01100034

Detective Gwak goes through his investigation plan in front of the police higher up force, and how he concluded that the broker he was tracking down is innocent when Jin Woo breaks into the room, declaring he has a very crucial piece of info; Gwak tells him to get out but the Chief is curious to see what’s in the video. The video reveals the illegal exchange between Gwak and the broker, that Jin Woo managed to record. The chief is furious with Gwak while a team is investigating his office after a tip from Jin Woo. A frustrated Gwak calls Gyu Man.

remembwar01100035 remembwar01100036

In Ah visits Oh Jung’s family memorial and discovers a hand-written card next to Jung Ah’s picture from her father; she has the card and his will handwriting analyzed and the result is a no-match.

Gwak visits Gyu Man and asks him to clean his mess- Gyu Man wonders why he would do that, when he’s just a “rich spoiled boy with anger issues”, as Gwak has called him in the video that Jin Woo exposed. Gyu Man apologizes saying that he was drunk when he said that but Gyu Man is not having it- he forces him to bow and reminds him his place, and if he dares to threaten him he might just kill him.

remembwar01100037 remembwar01100038

Jin Woo wonders if Gwak is gonna be more surprised with Gyu Man abandoning him on top of the police laying him off too. In Ah remarks he brought this on himself and then informs Jin Woo about her findings concerning Oh Jung Ah’s father; she’s positive his will was forged and thinks she can start uncovering Prosecutor Hong’s connection to Ihlo.

Judge Seok Gyu meets with Prosecutor Hong and wants to know more about Jae Hyuk’s case that he was forced to abandon; his questions about the investigation startle Prosecutor Hong who makes it clear that everything was thorough and Jae Hyuk was the killer; the Judge isn’t convinced though.

remembwar01100039 remembwar01100040

Director Sa tells Jin Woo that he was requested by the son of a lights bulb company that’s in danger of closing down due to a lawsuit- Jin Woo tells her that he can’t waste time or attention to anything else at the moment, when the son enters the law firm and begs him to take on his case and save his father. Jin Woo brushes him away and tells him he’s taking time off but while driving he thinks of his own plea to Dong Ho once, and calls Lawyer Song to check on that case.

Meanwhile Gyu Man orders Prosecutor Hong to settle the lawsuit with the lightbulbs company soon and asks Seok Joo to send some of his guys to scare off the protesters, as well as a replacement for Gwak to do his dirty deeds.

remembwar01100041 remembwar01100042

Jin Woo decides to take the case of the Smile Light Bulb and the company president is surprised he’s such a young attorney; Jin Woo tells him he has nothing to be afraid of, as he will become his truth and they will win against Ilho.

Gyu Man tells Dong Ho that he had his doubts about him being loyal to him, but with the impending trial of the bulb company and with Jin Woo against them, now is the time to prove it; Dong Ho is amused at Gyu Man’s words and tells him that he always takes his trials very seriously and that is why he ends up winning.

On his way out, Gyu Man orders the new man that Seok Joo sent him, to follow closely Dong Ho.

remembwar01100043 remembwar01100044

Jin Woo is being shown around the Smile Bulbs company and the son tells him that this company was ran by his grandfather and his father carried on the same path- they have been selling bulbs for a decade to Ilho without any problem but the explosion that took place is being blamed on them and he’s sure that had nothing to do with the bulbs’ quality.

In Ah meets Jin Woo later and tells him she has been having a lot of cases lately and maybe that is because she was a prosecutor previously- Jin Woo invites her to go the law firm together but In Ah remarks he took the wrong turn, since the office is straight ahead. Jin Woo quickly brushes this aside to being distracted but In Ah looks concerned.

Jin Woo takes his pills as he checks on the Bulb case when he comes across an article that subsidiaries of Ilho are near bankruptcy while Dong Ho is having concerns about the explosion’s origins, checking his own files.

remembwar01100045 remembwar01100047

The next day, the court seizes the Bulb’s assets while Seok Joo orders his new man to keep monitoring Dong Ho and if he comes across anything suspicious, he should report to him first.

Jin Woo explains the situation to father and son, and tells them the only solution to get their property back is to win the case and collect damages from Ilho. He tells the father to eat as he needs to stay healthy for the upcoming battle.

remembwar01100049 remembwar01100050

Gyu Man is out for dinner with Judge Seok Gyu and complains about everyone protesting outside his offices- Soo Beom remarks that the lawsuits are lining up and Seok Gyu says that this could escalate to joint trial and he should learn how to co-exist with smaller companies. Gyu Man is not happy at the sound of that, asking Seok Gyu if he implies that this is his fault when Soo Beom tries to make the situation lighter- Gyu Man orders him to stay out of and Seok Gyu notes he shouldn’t act so impolite.

remembwar01100051 remembwar01100052

In Ah and Lawyer Song ask around about what could have caused the explosion and they get the confirmation that other components than those in the light bulb could have caused it.

Meanwhile Seok Joo’s men stand in front of the factory, claiming they have repossesed the property and the father and the son can’t get in; the father gets enraged and tries to strike them when he gets hit- his son protects him while he calls Jin Woo. Jin Woo arrives and quickly understands they’re henchmen, telling them to get lost as they’re violating the law in many ways.

remembwar01100055 remembwar01100056

He makes his way to the roof, where the father contemplates jumping despite his son’s plea; Jin Woo asks him not to do it, as he can’t leave his son behind. The father says that he can’t handle the unfair situation but Jin Woo remarks that he needs to be able to step on the court and tell the world his company did nothing wrong; killing himself would only leave his son behind, a son that begged him to take on his father’s case to save him. He needs to live on no matter what. The father takes a step backward and collapses, apologizing to his son who rushed to his side.

remembwar01100057 remembwar01100058

The father is taken to the hospital and the son thanks Jin Woo for his help- he considers dropping the case because he never knew the law could be so cruel to powerless people like him but Jin Woo assures him that they’re gonna win it.

He meets Dong Ho on his way out who asks him if the father is okay- he tells Jin Woo he won’t go easy on him the next day, and will play by the law one against one. Jin Woo mocks him upon hearing “by the law” since he has bended that repeatedly for Gyu Man. Dong Ho understands why Jin Woo doesn’t really believe in the law, but it is the only thing he can lean to ultimately.

remembwar01100060 remembwar01100061

The next day, Jin woo along with In Ah bump into Dong Ho and Gyu Man; Gyu Man mocks Jin Woo as he got his wish to see him on court but Jin Woo tells him that he will be soon seeing him in the defendant position.

Dong Ho tells Jin Woo to give it his best today and Jin Woo says that their dirty tricks won’t work on him anymore, as he’s prepared for everything.

remembwar01100064 remembwar01100065

The first witness is the one that submitted the accident report, filing it the faulty bulbs as the cause of the explosion of the microwave open of Ilho electronics; Dong Ho submits the report as evidence with no further questions.

In Ah steps first, and states that the accident happened while the microwave was open so any reason other than a faulty bulb could have caused the explosion- the witness agrees but says that after the investigation the reason was the faulty lightbulb. In Ah asks him where his mechanical repair shop is located, and when the witness get startled a bit she goes on to reveal that his shop is located within Ilho Electronics and he is a subcontractor of the company; Dong Ho objects but the Judge agrees with In Ah’s line of thinking as it becomes evident that there might be a bias opinion.

remembwar01100067 remembwar01100068

Dong Ho states that it might be like this, but the procedure was done within the law’s orders- Jin Woo says it is because exactly of how the law is structured, that the witness is unreliable- he can’t help but side with Ilho, since he’s working for them. Ilho never provided strong evidence of what caused the explosion and because of that a factory of 3 decades had to close down.

remembwar01100069 remembwar01100070

Jin Woo repeats Gyu Man’s line about how the subsidiaries of Ilho are part of the family, but everyone soon will find out that the only family of Ilho, is the Nam family themselves.

remembwar01100071 remembwar01100072

After the trial goes on a break, Gyu Man slaps Dong Ho as he exits the door, claiming his hand slipped while In Ah and Jin Woo stare at the scene surprised. He asks him if that upset him, while Dong Ho silently looks at him.

Reflection Corner :

Jin Woo 2.0 is on the house and is not taking any crap no more!


Love this new resolve of Jin Woo (it was about time!) and how he took the pain he suffered from the loss of his father, and transformed it into a new stronger resolve, focusing completely on his mission of exposing Ilho.


At the same time, he maintained his caring nature, taking the Smile Bulbs case (yes, it was related to Ilho but he might have gotten it anyway) and helping the son (Pinocchio bro!!) and the father keep their company; in a way, helping them was like helping his father and himself, something he never managed to successfully do.

The downside of course, is his illness crawling out slowly but surely; he has managed well until now, but time is never on his side, is it?


He was amused at In Ah’s fast hunger lol, so it’s a positive to see that he cherishes every moment before the inevitable (?) happens, but it still sucks to know that he will probably go down the same route his father did.

In Ah was concerned about his lack of concentration, so is it possible she has figured something out? I think it’s still a bit early for her to have a strong suspicion but nevertheless, her worry meter about Jin Woo is constantly pegged, so no surprise there.


Their combo was a great sight- two young, capable lawyers (well one of them is ex-prosecutor but whatever!) ripping the corruption walls apart. It almost seemed like Dong Ho was a tad proud of them in a way!


Gyu Man managed to contain his anger for far too long, (for Gyu Man, that is!) when In Ah and Jin Woo were taking him down in the courtroom; his reaction in slapping Dong Ho was expected-yet-unexpected because it took place in front of everyone but that’s what happens when Gyu Man loses his temper.

(you DO have a plan, ain't that right?!)

(you DO have a plan, ain’t that right?!)

Dong Ho’s face read “tired of your shit” but he didn’t really react which tells me (yes, that voice in my head NEVER shuts up!) “HE HAS GOT TO HAVE A PLAN RIGHT.” The detective that handled his father’s case revealed to him (we don’t know yet the extent of the reveal) that there was a connection between his father and President Nam, so there’s no freaking way that Dong Ho is gonna be the Ilho law lackey for much longer; his promise to Jin Woo+his father’s death having something to do with Ilho will lead him against them directly, sooner or later.

Onwards to episode 12 then and oh, I’m so buying the OST when it gets released; come on, that violin theme is a goosebumps trigger like NO OTHER!


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