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“Do you think the fight involved only two of them?”


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Chi Ang and Shi Woo were imagining how a proper and majestic fight would be and what the reactions of everyone else would be while seeing them fighting, but it was far from reality! They were fighting like newborn squirrels over the tiniest peanut and Dae Ho along with Moo Song put an end to their competition!

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Both of them followed Moo Song into his office and he wanted them to acknowledge their wrongdoings, but Chi Ang thought that it was just a competition and he wanted Shi Woo to follow his explanatory lead, something he eventually did. Moo Song had a different opinion since Moorim Institute isn’t only about teaching martial arts, but martial arts is the vehicle to teach them basic discipline and a sense of virtue. He also informed them that the beginner class is once per week and differentiated a martial artist from a thug who fights without wisdom and persistence. He laid emphasis on the fact that Moorim Institute forges true human beings who embrace virtues instead of stacking up credentials, something that may not make them more competitive in the outside world, but it will help them stand against the world’s most vicious aspects.

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They may not be able to join the advanced martial arts class, but cleaning all of the school’s bathrooms and dorms will be their first assignment as absolute beginners! Sam paved the way for them and soon enough they started obeying the rules since there was no other option!

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Soon Deok and Seon Ah could easily notice that it would be their first time cleaning a bathroom and that their pride must have gotten hurt since they were treated as the total beginners they were! Bang Deok reassured Soon Deok over the phone that she would take care of father, so she shouldn’t have to worry about anything! Bang Deok thought that Bong San was buying makeup for her, but it was for Soon Deok and she was disappointed!

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Chi Ang and Shi Woo kept cleaning and it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but they were trying their best!

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Soon Deok was more than pleased that she could finally get some rest, but she was curious about Shi Woo’s presence at Moorim Institute since he was an idol of stardom status and that the scandal would subside soon enough. Seon Ah’s fangirl mode was awakened and she protected Shi Woo by stating that he may be having his own reasons!

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Bang Deok couldn’t get over the fact that Bong San didn’t buy anything for her despite being by his side all the time! She tried to negotiate in order to acquire a present but she wasn’t successful and she left him on his own since her feelings were hurt!


Sam reassured Dae Ho that Chi Ang and Shi Woo were working hard cleaning the bathroom, but the awkwardness between Yoo Di and Dae Ho hadn’t surrendered and Daniel could easily notice it!

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Chi Ang was pleased with his cleaning skills, but once he started talking to Shi Woo he didn’t receive a reply since he couldn’t hear him! Shi Woo’s ear started ringing again and Chi Ang was wondering if he couldn’t hear anything, but Shi Woo reassured him that everything was fine. Chi Ang kept recalling the moments inside the cooking class, but Shi Woo kept insisting that everything was fine.

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Soon Deok wanted to talk to Shi Woo who wasn’t overly positive, but soon enough she noticed that he had gotten hurt during the cooking class and asked him to follow her to Seoul to clear his name through the interview. Shi Woo thought that she was working on another plan, but she took care of everything by arranging their meeting in order to progress with the interview.

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One of Wang Hao’s men reassured Chi Ang’s mother that her son’s belongings had arrived at Moorim Institute, but as soon as she mentioned Wang Hao the conversation couldn’t progress any further!


Shi Woo overheard the students’ gossip about him and Chi Ang and he found out that Chi Ang was born out of wedlock being in some sort of exile in Korea.


Bong San was walking all alone but nobody would help him to enter the bus and soon enough he became a part of an accident with a motorbike. Soon Deok received a phone call while at the same time Chi Ang couldn’t wait to see his mermaid again even though he was pissed off at Shi Woo for leaving him all alone to keep up with the cleaning! He met Seon Ah and asked her about Soon Deok to find out that she had gone to Seoul.

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Shi Woo kept waiting for Soon Deok at the bridge, but she was nowhere to be found. Chi Ang noticed that Shi Woo wasn’t inside their room and he had already started thinking that he had left Moorim Institute once and for all! At least he could relax on the bed he liked in the first place!


Soon Deok arrived at the police station to find out that her father wasn’t hurt that much! Even though he lost his cellphone, he managed to keep her makeup presents as a reward for studying and working hard every day. Soon Deok was trying to prevent her tears from coming to the surface in order not to ruin her father’s heartfelt excitement, but she wasn’t successful. Even though the makeup wasn’t at its finest it was something precious to Soon Deok who hugged her father full of love.

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Shi Woo kept waiting for Soon Deok while Chi Ang was laying back on his bed. Bang Deok was watching the TV but she was overly concerned about Bong San! Soon Deok arrived and brought her some of her renowned potato rice cakes despite the fact that Bang Deok was pretending to had eaten! Soon Deok reassured her that her father loves her a lot even though he doesn’t express his feelings and Bang Deok invaded their house! Bang Deok kept complaining and Bong San started surrendering in a more palpable while Soon Deok was over-enjoying the moment until she noticed that she had forgotten about Shi Woo!

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He wasn’t pleased with the fact that she was too late and Soon Deok was apologetic. Shi Woo wanted her to follow him but she was way too exhausted but also too cute for Shi Woo to not comply to her request to bring her some water! Chi Ang was overly worried about his mother, but he couldn’t afford to call her on the phone and tell her that he had joined the beginners’ class. However, it’s something they have to go through together in their own way.

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Once Shi Woo returned back with water Soon Deok had already passed out on the bench and she was sleep-taking about her potato rice cakes! Eventually he took her in his arms and laid her back on her bed! He told Seon Ah to inform Soon Deok that they will progress with the interview plan once she wakes up. On his way out, Shi Woo recalled their two conversations inside Moorim Institute.


Shi Woo found Chi Ang on his bed and urged him to go to his own, but Chi Ang wasn’t pleased with the fact that Shi Woo was pressuring his mermaid. Chi Ang thought that Shi Woo was either ignoring him or something was wrong with his ears. Shi Woo acknowledged that he was a runaway idol and he referred to the fact that Chi Ang was born out of wedlock. Chi Ang started the fight by punching Shi Woo! The rest of the students were watching them fighting and Seon Ah was unable to do anything. Jenny and Shannon woke Soon Deok up and soon enough Dae Ho put an end to their fight!

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Chi Ang was apologetic in front of everyone and requested to stay in another room since he couldn’t get along with Shi Woo whose point of view was like-minded. Moo Song expelled both of them and ordered them to leave. Chi Ang reassured Moo Song that nothing like that would ever happen again, but his decision couldn’t change.


Seon Ah requested from her father to be more lenient on Shi Woo, but once he asked her if she would like to get expelled as well there was nothing more she could do. Soon Deok thought that she was at fault as well since she didn’t keep her promise to Shi Woo.

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The students couldn’t believe the sudden turn of events and Nadet had already sent his drone to keep an eye on Shi Woo and Chi Ang who kept standing at Mourim Institute’s main hall! Chi Ang couldn’t afford to leave and put all the blame on Shi Woo who wanted to leave anyway after his scandal would subside.


Both of them went to Moo Song with Chi Ang requesting for another chance while differentiating himself from Shi Woo who requested yet another chance for himself as well. Chi Ang fell on the floor as he wasn’t intending to leave on his own and Shi Woo kept asking for another chance.

bscap0578 bscap0579bscap0580

Moo Song showed them Moorim Peak, a mountain in the far distance. The one who will bring back a sign belonging to Moorim School will get another chance. Everyone kept acknowledging how dangerous that place was but Moo Song didn’t intend to change his decision. Chi Ang and Shi Woo had to leave right away and Chi Ang was with only one shoe, but he had no other option. Of course, Nadet sent his drone after them while Soon Deok and Seon Ah were overly worried!

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Chi Ang thought that changing clothes and wearing yet another shoe was essential since he was at disadvantage, but once they stared backwards they noticed that Mourim Institute had vanished from their sight.


Some of the students thought that it was a way too difficult task for beginners like Shi Woo and Chi Ang, but Yeob Jung who was the only one enjoying the sudden turn of events throught that Chi Ang and Shi Woo weren’t qualified to enter Moorim School in the first place. Seon Ah wanted to talk to him and she asked him if he was the one behind the cooking class incident. It was something he couldn’t deny, but he also made clear that he doesn’t like anything Moorim Institute stands for, all he wants is to acquire as much as he can in order to make a living in the future after he reaches the school’s top position and emerges victorious from the Moorim competition. He considered his classmates as losers and Seon Ah kept urging him to stop talking, but they had already overheard their conversation and he wasn’t apologetic either.

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Chi Ang needed some rest and wanted to find out why Shi Woo entered Moorim Institute since even if would get kicked out of Moebius he could easy work on a solo career or wait until another scandal would erupt. Chi Ang asked him to give him his shoes since leaving Moorim Institute would never be an option, but Shi Woo urged him to keep walking and Chi Ang accepted the silent challenge on who would stay and who would leave!


Yoo Di kept considering the Moorim Peak task quite impossible for two new students and Daniel followed her lead, but Dae Ho didn’t consider Moorim Peak a dangerous place and started pointing towards the students’ weaknesses. All Chi Ang and Shi Woo have to do is to bring back a flag Dae Ho himself left up there! Of course, another quarrel took place between Dae Ho and Yoo Di over a squirrel that had startled them back in the days, but Sam’s appearance brought some tranquility on the table!

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Beop Gong was opposed to Moo Song’s decision since in case something went wrong Moo Song and the school would be in danger. Moo Song’s task didn’t take place because he wanted to find out who unlocked the seal, but because he didn’t consider it a two-person mission in the first place. Chi Ang and Shi Woo have been Moorim Institute’s students from the very first second they appeared there.


Soon Deok was lost in her own thoughts and concerns and the same applied to Seon Ah. Yeob Jung’s harsh words had left their own impact on his classmates while the drone kept recording Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s course. In the meantime, Chi Ang’s mother kept wondering about her son.

bscap0639bscap0634bscap0635 bscap0640

Chi Ang and Shi Woo found themselves at the edge of a cliff. Shi Woo thought that they should follow another path, but Chi Ang managed to jump at the other side! Once he slipped Shi Woo had no other choice but to jump as well and using his own belt he tried to help Chi Ang. Things got more dangerous once Shi Woo’s ear started ringing anew, but he was able to bring back Chi Ang safe and sound. Chi Ang couldn’t understand what was going on, but soon enough he could easily notice that something was wrong with Shi Woo’s hearing even though he never received an answer.

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Soon Deok’s father was exercising and Bang Deok prepared breakfast for him while being unable to hide her happiness! Even though he acted hard to get Bang Deok managed to feed him!

bscap0664 bscap0666bscap0667

Dae Ho was training with Yoo Di, but she managed to beat him! He tried to get closer to her for a kiss, instead, both of them expressed their mutual concerns about Chi Ang and Shi Woo!

bscap0675bscap0672bscap0673 bscap0674

Chi Ang kept testing Shi Woo’s hearing, but his foot kept hurting. He tried to convince Shi Woo to change shoes with him, but he was unable to do so! Cards and money were useless there and after using his tie he formed an equivalent of a shoe! The students kept watching their course and they were worried about them. Soon enough Shi Woo found some water and both of them felt so refreshed! Once Shi Woo noticed a snake they ran away towards different directions and Nadet chose to follow Shi Woo.

bscap0681bscap0682 bscap0676bscap0688bscap0689

Both of them were shouting towards one another but it wouldn’t work.


The man at the hospital was still unconscious and we went back to the past to witness his family that had to ran away from their house. There was a boy with the mother and a girl with the father who had to bury some jewels at a place where nobody would find and he had already placed the seal around the house thinking that no one knew about that place. Moo Song was staring towards Moorim Peak and a flashback showed (probably) the mother falling on the floor after she was hit. Beop Gong was also staring out of the window.

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Shi Woo noticed a wolf and so did the students who got horrified, but soon enough the wolf took care of the drone and they lost sight of the scene. Shi Woo was overran by fear while Chi Ang noticed that something was very wrong. Seon Ah decided to run to Shi Woo’s aid even though she would have to skip her class. The wolf attacked Shi Woo but his pendant started shining.

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~ Thoughts ~


Judging by the way things progress, Moorim School will remain in the third place until the very end. The only thing that can change is to get better ratings, but its downwards course continued with the third episode reaching only 3.7% which is quite low and disheartening. The Korean audience appears to have turned its back while at the same time the global audience appears to be torn in two. I wonder what will happen to the drama itself if things continue this way and how it will affect the flow of the storyline and/or the number of episodes even though the story’s main core is still shaping up and there are many things to come to the surface.


The third one was the episode of realizations up to an extent when it comes to some of our characters, but also concerning the school’s point of view. Moorim Institute follows an enlightened path based on olden teachings while taking into consideration the present and how the world has changed, but without being necessarily affected by the later characteristic. Martial arts aren’t being taught to suppress those  inferior when it comes to technique and/or power, they are Moorim Institute’s vehicle that keeps the flame of unruffled discipline while preserving a wide variety of virtues.


While modern schools focus on grades and workplaces on credentials Moorim Institute focuses on each and every student as an individual on his/her way to becoming a better human being without neglecting the knowledge factor while at the same time it lays emphasis on solidarity and not uniformity. Even though it may appear as a school for outcasts in a manner of speaking, it embeds essential characteristics that have been lost along the way by setting aside any competitive vibes. Moo Song’s well aware that society is a very competitive place, but having prepared his students to stand against its worst characteristics, they can only aim for the best while remaining pure at heart to the extent each and everyone can.


That’s the reason why he “expelled” Chi Ang and Moo Song in the process since they couldn’t live up to the rules’ expectations, but he didn’t cease considering them his students since it was a task that would play its own educational part; the hard way. He was well aware that Chi Ang and Shi Woo would be unable to complete the mission solely or as a team and he didn’t only want to bring them closer together.


He also wanted to test the whole class’ reflexes when it comes to solidarity and team spirit after finding out that two of their classmates, albeit quite new in Moorim Institute, were in danger. Moorim Institute doesn’t progress the ill-natured form of seniority, everyone’s equal in the eyes of their teachers and it’s something the students must learn as well. That’s the reason why, i presume, both students and teachers come from many different cultural backgrounds making Moorim Institute something like a microcosm of the world.


Chi Ang and Shi Woo have come a long way together even though they’ve known each other for just a few days. Even though the tension between them hadn’t subsided they ended up becoming active members of the Moorim Institute community by cleaning the bathroom even though they were negative about it in the first place. No matter how hard Shi Woo tries to hide his health issue Chi Ang steadily completes the puzzle. One could easily notice Chi Ang’s silent fear of Shi Woo leaving him on his own at Moorim Institute despite the fact that Chi Ang would deny it anytime!


The truth Chi Ang and Shi Woo were trying to run away from kept coming to the surface as the tension between them was growing. If the truth hurts they should be prepared for pain and i’m not referring to the physical one that followed their verbal conflict after Shi Woo acknowledged that he was a runaway idol and Chi Ang hearing once again that he was born out of wedlock. While being unable to construct a world where both of them would be happy with Shi Woo restoring his career and his hearing and Chi Ang making his mother, but also himself, happier they are ready to erupt anytime. Focusing on the future they’re after while trying to forget the present they live in is an obstacle they have to surpass. However, they realized one thing, they don’t want to leave Moorim Institute even though they haven’t acclimated themselves in there. It’s the only way they can reach the future they are craving for and having gotten expelled rang a huge bell.


Not having to go back to Seoul prove how exhausted our hardworking Soon Deok was, but even though Seon Ah was fangirling in order to protect her favorite idol it was a mind-awakening moment for Soon Deok. She hadn’t taken into consideration any possible deeper reasons that could be explaining Shi Woo’s attitude and it played its own part in her wanting to help him. We also got to witness the love between Soon Deok and her father to a wider extent as her father acknowledges how hard she works and even though he found himself in an accident he tried to protect the presents he got for his daughter. Soon Deok could only break apart even at “what if” parameter of losing her father, but the fact that his love for her was powerful could chase away her tears. Her own present would be to bring her father and the quirky Bang Deok ahjumma closer together anew!


Soon Deok tried to live up to her promise’s expectations, but the fatigue that kept piling up prevented her. The moment Shi Woo noticed how exhausted she was and while taking into consideration their previous conversations, especially the first one that was revealing Soon Deok’s overburdened schedule, he started realizing that she wasn’t lying about anything.


Hating Yeob Jung is a must, even though he’s been at Moorim Institute for a while he doesn’t pace with its spirit and he doesn’t seem to have learned anything. He only cares about himself while degrading his classmates and he’s as competitive as one can be. Even though Chi Ang and Shi Woo have their own nerve-shaking moments when it comes to their attitude, they are far better than Yeob Jung who should never be at Moorim Institute! The good thing is that everyone found out the way he thinks about them, but all this negativity imposed a restless nighttime to everyone for a wide variety of reasons.


Moo Song’s task had already started doing wonders! Shi Woo’s concerns about Chi Ang wearing only one shoe were there, but Chi Ang trying to figure out whether Shi Woo could hear or not was omnipresent as well! Shi Woo would eventually save Chi Ang despite having to fight back his health issue and Chi Ang would understand that cards and money mean nothing in the wilderness where survival and solidarity are essential. The moment they parted ways and the fact that they were shouting towards one another was proving their mutual concerns but also the strength through unity they were missing at that point since they weren’t together. Moo Song’s plan progressed to a wider extent the moment Seon Ah decided to help Shi Woo without any further thinking.


We have yet to find out what powers Shi Woo’s pendant possesses. The background story related to the past made a small step ahead. Could the house the unconscious man at the hospital hid the seal be at Moorim Peak? Could it be related in any way to Dae Ho’s excursions at the mountain? The unconscious man’s wife appears to be Shi Woo’s mother, but there was also a girl, could it be Seon Ah who could be Shi Woo’s sister? And how is Moo Song related to the overall incident? What’s the role of Beop Gong in everything going on? Questions, questions!


Judging from the preview, Chi Ang and Shi Woo will get even closer while considering Moorim Institute as weird as life and right now they are at the process of learning from their mistakes. The only one who will follow Seon Ah is Soon Deok and if i am not mistaken, it was Beop Gong’s voice that made the other students feel uneasy for not helping with everything going on. Shi Woo will finally open up to Chi Ang and he will let him know of his health issue and the possibility of getting healed at Moorim Institute with Moo Song’s help. Even though only one will stay at Moorim Institute they will team up for at least one of them to make it instead of none of them succeeding! Soon Deok will take care of Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s wounds with Shi Woo’s face appearing quite jealous while witnessing the mermaid helping Chi Ang! The dangers on their way to Moorim Peak won’t subside, but helping one another is the only option! Alright, i am ready for the 4th episode, the many ships and bromance in the making along with the ongoing sense of mystery are waiting ahead!

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  1. January 19, 2016 at 3:10 am — Reply

    Even though I’m not watching (just reading your recaps), it’s quite disheartening to hear that the ratings are so low. When that happens, it can really mess with the intergrety of the story. If they start changing things hoping to get higher ratings, I hope it doesn’t mess with the flow. It would be sad if they alter the length. I don’t like it when the number of episodes change. When a show is extended, it tends to drag towards the end, and when a series gets cut short, it can really rush the story. I’m glad to hear their are some good ships and bromances in the drama. Seo Ye Ji is too adorable with her braids. She’s older than I thought she was. She looks super young and sweet. Thanks for the recap. I have a lot of Dramas coming up that I plan to watch, so I’m not prepared to add this to my list, but I am enjoying reading the recaps. How lucky it is for us that you never sleep :p

    • January 19, 2016 at 3:17 am — Reply

      “How lucky it is for us that you never sleep” loooooool XD I want to clone myself to become the dictator Kwon of the other Kwon and force him to do the recaps for me while i’ll be sleeping in Young Ho’s recuperation capsule from OMV! XD
      This is so true, extension => dragging and shortening => rushing :/ Yup, she’s not only more than adorable, she also looks younger and she does a good job in Moorim 😀 I will ship her with me forever XD Whip me with your braids Yejinaaaah lol Thanks for reading and for your words k-commando! XD Get ready for Nara-sweetness ;D

      • January 19, 2016 at 3:22 am — Reply

        “Whip me with your braids”? Hahahahaha weirdo… Jk.

        And yes! Nara sweetness coming our way. I’m very excited. I’ll have to check in with you Wednesday to make sure you are still breathing or haven’t fainted somewhere.

        • January 19, 2016 at 3:24 am — Reply

          XD Yejinah earned the privilege to whip me with those braids XD
          Haha, hopefully i will still be alive, but if a recap of the first ep won’t make its appearance will mean that something is wrong XD

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            Oh, you’ll find a way to write your recap no matter what, I’m sure of it. But you really do need a clone that you can boss around. I wish I had one too.

          • January 19, 2016 at 3:53 am

            I’ll even find the sweetness of life if i have to in order to complete the recap XD Definitely, a clone is essential for us, drama addicts!

  2. Radina
    January 19, 2016 at 8:44 am — Reply

    At the beginning of this episode, i though they really know how to fight…but because of some reason they agreed not to fight seriously.. (if you excel in matial art, you can feel the other competitor strengh just by stare to each other)
    Am I wrong?

    • January 20, 2016 at 3:21 am — Reply

      Hahaha, yes, i thought the same way! But we got trolled, it was all in their imagination and reality was far from all these skills! XD I think so too, being strong in martial arts makes you weigh the opponent’s strength i presume! Once the fight begins it becomes more apparent.

  3. January 19, 2016 at 1:16 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the very insightful recap. I’m not happy the ratings are so low. It’s a bit different from the typical teen dramas we’ve been having. I hope the writers don’t mess up with the story. I’ve been shipping Chi Ang. I so hope we don’t get a different love pairing.

    • January 20, 2016 at 3:23 am — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot as well! Yes, the ratings are quite low and it’s sad. Not following the norm as a teen drama appeared a con instead of a pro in this occasion. If the ratings won’t get better the drama will be messed up anyway, i think.. If the number of eps and the storyline’s flow won’t get affected, we can hope that it will remain decent. With which one do you ship Chi Ang with?

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