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“Loving you, loving you!”


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Let’s be honest, alright? (Almost) everyone’s going to watch this drama for Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho. I started shipping them ever since their leading roles for One More Happy Ending were announced and I was there at the shipyard watching one of 2016’s greatest battleships in the making. I will also be there witnessing it roaming the oceans of dramaland and effortlessly occupying one of my heart’s most upbeat sections! You see, I kept it safe all this time just for these two (Jang Na Ra lives in another apartment of my heart on her own, she rented it for free) and from this Wednesday and on they are going to start filling it with precious drama memories!


Alright, the drama takes place in the dangerous world of marriage, divorce and remarriage! Running out of love, but also diving in its depths anew; the drama is going to be a journey in the vast sea of emotions with the last recipient, hopefully, being happiness! In one hand, we’ve got Angels, an idol girl group that disbanded, but its former members are following a different course in life at the present and they are still friends.


Jang Na Ra depicts Han Mi Mo, a divorcee who works at a remarriage consulting office offering advice to her clients with the hope that they will get remarried one day. She’s not alone in this business, she’s got Baek Da Jung (Yoo Da In) by her side! Hong Ae Ran (Seo In Young) works as an internet shopping mall representative and Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) is an elementary school teacher, but her single status walks hand in hand with loneliness!


On the other hand, we’ve got two friends, Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) who works as a reporter while being a single father at the same time and Goo Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) who’s a doctor, but still single! Soon enough, a handshake between the two parties will take place and our drama will start unveiling every character’s background, but also their steps in the ongoing present, solely and through interactions!


Reasons why I am going to watch:

Absofuckinglutely, the first and most important reason has to be Jang Na Ra, it’s a matter of life and death as you may have guessed. She’s one of my ultimate worships and in every dictionary in this world her name is the synonym of utter cuteness. If you don’t love her already then you are not my friend. Well, I am kidding, but if you love her here’s an Everest-sized thumbs up for you! Oh, I almost forgot, she’s a great actress too! She can be overly quirky and hilarious with her characteristic facial expressions and she can wholeheartedly bring to the surface heartrending but also hopeful and blissful emotions! Jang Na Ra is a great actress…


♦ …But Jung Kyung Ho is a great actor too! His overly dramatic aspects are renowned and he’s shown what he’s made of in dramas like Endless Love and Cruel City, but he can also be quite hilarious while evoking welcome amounts of laughter! I am highly looking forward to his character’s storyline as a single father and the way he will bring to life his role’s emotional demands, but also the humorous aspects we’ve already witnessed in the two teasers!


♥ Just like the aforementioned two consist of separate reasons to enter the world of One More Happy Ending, the ship itself couldn’t be missing as it embeds both of them in a steadily arriving universe of humor and feels and i can’t wait to find myself in the aura of their chemistry!


Don’t be afraid, noona! Everything’s going to be fine!

Yoo Da In. I’ve only seen her acting in Plus Nine Boys, a drama i dearly cherished. The way she was restraining her character’s feelings from coming to the surface, but being emotional when she had to, along with the tranquil beauty she evokes, made me eager to find out more about her in the world of One More Happy Ending!


Yoo In Na. I’ve only seen her in The Secret Message, but she was quite hilarious in the way she was depicting her character’s quirky nature and i can’t wait to see what she’s got to offer in One More Happy Ending as well! Being single and lonely far away from Angels‘ glamorous past is interesting enough!


Kwon Yool. I’ve only seen in The Admiral: Roaring Currents and i definitely want to witness more of his acting skills and the same applies to Seo In Young whom i will meet for the first time in a drama! A big plus has to be the presence of Kim Tae Hoon and the forthcoming guest appearance of Sandara Park!


♥ The humor and the feels (the feel-o-meter has already started working overtime). The teasers have already warned us that our lungs will start pounding like jackhammers from the amounts of laughter the drama will deliver, but it’s not going to be all that bright! Loneliness in modern societies and emotional separation leading to divorce, but also learning how to be fine with yourself until you’re ready to love again appear to be some of the drama’s storyline’s characteristics along with the fact that we’ll get to see single parenthood through the eyes of a working father. I am more than ready for this and i wish it was Wednesday already!

Go away, Charlie, these are Kwon’s Angels!


My heart’s on board, how about yours?


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
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avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
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  1. January 17, 2016 at 3:15 am — Reply

    Jang Nara is the epitome of cuteness. I’m absolutely going to watch this and my main reason for watching this is her.

    • January 17, 2016 at 3:20 am — Reply

      I will repeat myself here as well: *does push-ups on the ceiling out of happiness* XD Go go team Nara!!! *hits the gong, fires the canon, screams like a wolf under the moonlight, lights a cigarette* XD

      • January 17, 2016 at 3:21 am — Reply

        Lol. Oddly I can picture you doing all that which makes it even more humorous.

        • January 17, 2016 at 3:22 am — Reply

          XD While singing “now i’m feeling noonifiiiiied” 😀

          • January 17, 2016 at 3:25 am


  2. January 18, 2016 at 12:40 am — Reply

    Jang Na Ra 😍😍😍😍😍 my fav Korean actress that could sing and act 😍. I am definitely in for this! Can’t wait to watch the drama but after its ending as the agony of waiting for each episode will drive me insane 😉 thanks for sharing. Will be looking forward the recap

    • January 18, 2016 at 3:25 am — Reply

      She’s made of love in everything she does! :3 I can never get enough of Nara and this drama appears to be having everything we need 😀 There will be the impatience for each airing week and after it ends, if it is as great as we expect it, we’ll be left waiting for the next episode that will never come! XD You’re very welcome and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! 🙂

  3. January 21, 2016 at 10:09 pm — Reply

    Jang Nara is a complete establishment of korean drama on her own, just like Bae Yong Joon or Song Hye Kyo. They can just be. One hour drama featuring just one of them, alone, will be suffice to be in k-drama catalog, at least that is what I think. Jang Nara brought the Jang Hyuk out of Jang Hyuk. She is the Jun Ji Hyun of TV drama. Okay, enough about Jang Nara, Yoo In Na is the one that I am surprised of. This is the first time she appears ahjumma style. She had another leading drama, Queen In Hyun’s Man, and that was the awesome-st point of her career. Now she just floats back and forth from lead to second lead and now third lead(?) I am guessing she will get a makeover at the mid of the series and then lost herself, go back ahjumma style, confused, and then finally changed into somewhere in the middle. I will be waiting for the recaps!

    • January 23, 2016 at 8:59 pm — Reply

      Totally agree with your words in the beginning, there are some actors/actresses whose presence is enough to make you watch a drama. Their presence is an axiom that will make you at least enjoy their acting! “She is the Jun Ji Hyun of TV drama.” I loved this sentence” 😀 Haven’t watched Yoo Inna in that drama, but i’ve seen her acting in the recent The Secret Message and she was quite hilarious! I am curious about how her character will develop along the way as well, her hysterical moments make me laugh so much! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and let’s hope that OMHE will keep the drama rock n roll flowing!!!

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