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Minami -kun no Koibito: My little lover ~ ep 6 ~ 7 ~ review

Hello my beloved Dramajjangers

2016-01-13 (56)

I missed you, that is why I have the need to express my love. Here I am again with my review for the latest two episodes of “My little lover”. It took a while for episode 7 to come out and many people were confused, to what happened to the drama. So lets catch up.

On episode 6 Sayori stepped up her game. Having her family troubles, se finds some peace at Minami’s house and his mother’s hug.

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Of course since Sayori, got the chance to get in the house, she must have thought “why don’t I grab the chance”. She tries to seduce Minami. Do I blame her for that? Actually not, Sayori although she is the bitchy type, she is not the kind of character I dislike. She likes Minami and she tries her best to get him.

2015-12-17 (18) 2015-12-17 (19)

Chiyomi on the other hand, as a typical girl, she has makes up her mind about what Minami feels. She thinks he likes Sayori back.

2015-12-17 (21) 2015-12-17 (22) 2015-12-17 (23) 2015-12-17 (24)

Sayori sneaking into Minami’s bedroom at night doesn’t help at all Chiyomi’s thoughts. I have to congratulate Minami for not giving in to Sayori. For a boy at his age that is an achievement. Anyway when Sayori gets rejected, she asks Minami if he has Chiyomi in his mind. He gets startled and directly answers on. Chiyomi witnesses the scene and ends up crying. Minami is confused about why is she crying and here he becomes once again a typical boy of his age, who doesn’t realise her feelings.

  2015-12-17 (34) 2015-12-17 (39)

2015-12-17 (40) 2015-12-17 (41)

2015-12-17 (51) 2015-12-17 (52) 2015-12-17 (54) 2015-12-17 (55)

Chiyomi writes on her blog, thinking she doesn’t belong with Minami… poor girl…

2015-12-17 (58) 2015-12-17 (59)

2015-12-17 (60)

Minami’s grandma finds Chiyomi and she is not surprised, not only because she is being weird lately because of her age. But because she is the one who was telling them the stories about the one inch princess. But not only this is revealed to grandma someone else is close to find out what’s going on. Chiyomi’s little sister realises the messages Chiyomi has been sending, are from Minami’s address.

2015-12-17 (85) 2015-12-17 (86)

2015-12-17 (87)

The episode is ending with an almost romantic scene, between Chiyomi and Minami…

 2015-12-17 (89) 2015-12-17 (91) 2015-12-17 (93) 2015-12-17 (94)

2015-12-17 (95)

Episode 7 is focused more on Chiyomi’s parent’s troubled wedding and how it has gotten worse since she left. Her mother talks to Minami’s grandma and Chiyomi witnesses the talk, feeling bad about the situation, she has got them in.

Chiyomi’s friends talk about how she is not at the workshop and her mother listens to their talk.

2016-01-13 (10) 2016-01-13 (11)

2016-01-13 (12)

Her little sister goes to find Minami and she blames Chiyomi for everything. She makes a shocking confession, that she likes him. Minami on the other hand keeps the secret about the one inch princess and he only says that Chiyomi has to take care of something and that he has to protect her. HE HAS TO PROTECT HER, finally Minami expresses some feelings. So far I think he is not even aware he likes Chiyomi.

2016-01-13 (22) 2016-01-13 (28) 2016-01-13 (31)2016-01-13 (29) 2016-01-13 (32) 2016-01-13 (33)

Chiyomi then makes a phone call and with her words, she helps her parents make up and get together again. Minami takes her secretly to their restaurant, so that she can be included to the family picture.

Chiyomi is starting to get her hopes up, about Minami. When they share a talk, like they usually do at night. But as she tries to cool down herself dancing at the balcony her little sister sees her.

What is going to happen next? Who knows. But I hope we get more romantic scenes between the main leads in the next episodes. I mean there are only 3 episodes left and why do I feel, I need more Minami and Chiyomi? That feeling became stronger on episode 7, but it’s understandable since it was focused on the parents.

What do you guys think?

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  1. January 17, 2016 at 9:24 pm — Reply

    It’s such a cute drama! I hope that we get more scenes with our OTP being sweet to each other. The parents story was fun but now it’s time for Minami and Chiyomi to figure things out. 😀

  2. January 18, 2016 at 3:37 am — Reply

    Yes, more Minami and Chiyomi please! That month long break was terrible. I love this little drama 🙂

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