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“He may have grief that no one knows about.
He may have reasons that no one knows about.”


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Moo Song will probably be a bit disheartened by the latest “competition” between Shi Woo and Chi Ang and that’s why he laid emphasis on the fact that Moorim Institute isn’t only about martial arts. Judging from the finale of the second episode and the beginning of the preview, none of them would have to live up to their vow that the one who would lose would have to leave Moorim Institute since their fists will probably land on one another’s cheeks and the “competition” will most likely be a tie.


Cleaning up and doing the laundry would never be an option in Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s lives before they arrived at Mourim Institute, but no matter how much they will try to avoid their responsibilities they will find out at first hand that there is no exception to the rule. Chi Ang appears a bit brighter though, it could be the mermaid effect! One thing i like about Mourim School is that no matter one’s background, all the students appear equal inside Mourim Institute, at least according to the teachers. Why? Because the tension between Shi Woo and Chi Ang doesn’t intend to surrender and it doesn’t mean that they will be accepted by the majority of students in a blink of an eye since their attitude doesn’t pace with the Moorim Institute’s overall ambiance!


Choi Ho will inform Shannon, Jenny, Nadet, etc on the fact that Chi Ang was born out of wedlock and Shi Woo will overhear their conversation. Chi Ang will also witness that something’s not right with Shi Woo’s hearing. Of course, Shi Woo will deny everything since it’s not something he wants to talk about with just anyone. It’s as personal as it can get and as a idol/musician he has to protect his ears’ reputation at all costs before getting healed!

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All of us are aware that neither Chi And nor Shi Woo really wanted to be there and Moo Song will probably test them by letting them go at some point. Just like not everyone can enter Moorim Institute’s seal’s perimeter the same thing applies to leaving that place behind. The one who unlocked the seal during their entrance will also unlock the seal on their way back home.

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Even though his instinct and the peripheral information he’s gathered are pointing towards Shi Woo’s direction he can’t form an opinion based on assumptions, he wants to be certain on who unlocked the seal. However, i am curious about Yoo Di’s thoughts concerning the dangers Chi Ang and Shi Woo may face during Moo Song’s test.

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One thing is for certain, something will happen and Chi Ang’s life will be in danger at the edge of a cliff and Shi Woo will try to save him. It’s a moment when all the tension between them surrenders under the burden of the circumstances.


We listen to Seon Ah’s voice saying, probably to Soon Deok, that Chi Ang may be silently grieving without revealing everything he’s going through (it’s always related to his mother and we have yet to find out more about his past) while at the same time Shi Woo may be having his own reasons for behaving the way he does (it’s always related to losing his hearing, until he finds out more about his past). It’s about the state of each character’s mind and heart that could possibly explain their behavior at the present and Seon Ah has witnessed more things than Soon Deok when it comes to Shi Woo at this point.

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Seon Ah’s thoughts will probably be the ones to unlock Soon Deok’s own barrier and she will try to approach Shi Woo in order to help him with the interview that would clear his name. Being distant and not easy to approach are two of Shi Woo’s characteristics we’ve already witnessed. He really needs to start opening up to others, not everyone, but some people that have shown their interest in him, like Seon Ah who has already saved him twice and Soon Deok at this point who’s willing to comply to his request even though it appeared as a demand in the first place.

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However, it’s also something that will fuel the fire between Shi Woo and Chi Ang whose jealousy will reach higher peaks! He had already warned Shi Woo during the 2nd episode, but the further misunderstanding between them will lead to another fight that wouldn’t pace with Moorim Institute’s rules. Yeob Jung’s enthusiasm was immense since he can kill two birds with one stone without even throwing it! Dae Ho’s ultimate scream will interrupt the fight! By the way, Dae Ho and Yoo Di appear to be quite a hilarious couple and i am looking forward to their future quarrels and possible mellow moments!

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Moo Song will expel both of them, but the key part of the end of the preview has to be the change in the overall mood. Since they don’t intend to live up to Mourim Institute’s rules Moo Song has become stricter and more decisive while at the same time both Chi And and Shi Woo appear surprised. Suddenly, even though they wanted to leave Mourim Institute something has already started binding them to it. That reaction possesses a twofold interpretation since Chi Ang would be unable to help his mother and Shi Woo would lose the only chance to heal himself while at the same time they had started realizing that the rules exist to be obeyed and that they can’t do anything they want to without being unaffected by any consequences. Monday’s not that far away! Until then, be well everyone!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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