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“Nothing is certain in life.
We could even stumble while walking.
In fear of becoming unhappy in the future
We shouldn’t choose to be unhappy at the present.
Don’t you think?”


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After the oneiric proposal, Young Ho took Joo Eun to Hyun Woo’s apartment. Joo Eun couldn’t take her eyes off the ring, but she had a different opinion when it comes to the main gift of the story! The scarf was more precious to her since one can buy a ring anywhere while not everyone can find a scarf knitted by Young Ho!

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The reason why Joo Eun wanted to visit Hyun Woo was because she wanted to show off. However, Young Ho was concerned about his father’s and grandmother’s overall reaction, but Joo Eun reassured him that everything was going to be fine simply because she was intending to live with him no matter what! Young Ho considered himself lucky enough to be the man who was dating Joo Eun and she completed his flow of thoughts with the pouring hearts out of his eyes! Young Ho couldn’t let her go, but he had to surrender!

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Joo Eun pretended that she had a headache and once Hyun Woo noticed the ring she lost her mind out of happiness! However, Joo Eun was afraid of her forthcoming meeting with Young Ho’s grandmother and Hyun Woo wasn’t really helpful with her hilarious attitude while impersonating Young Ho’s grandmother! Both of them trying to work on a possible conversation between Joo Eun and Young Ho’s grandmother wasn’t helpful either!

 bscap0553bscap0539bscap0538 bscap0552

Hyun Woo gave Joo Eun an outfit that would make her image more user-friendly when it comes to Young Ho’s grandmother! After complaining, Young Ho received Joo Eun’s “goodnight” while she was losing herself in her own thoughts.

bscap0555 bscap0557bscap0556

Joon Sung’s mother went to meet Joo Eun in order to thank her for everything she did and gave hair a pair of white gloves. Instead of proceeding differently, Joon Sung’s mother’s husband went to rehab and apologized for abusing her all this time. Joo Eun was glad seeing Joon Sung happy and his mother was relieved to have her son back. On top of that, she was adoring Yi Jin, but she wasn’t sure if she had any right to be enjoying all these precious moments. Joo Eun reassured her that she had every right to do so!


Woo Shik was visited by Young Ho who wanted to work on his business plans since he didn’t want to leave a bad impression on others! Woo Shik had to give up swimming because of many injuries and since he has experience on rehabilitation Young Ho wanted him to stand by his side in order for him to progress his rehab center plans! Young Ho put his trust on Woo Shik’s scars through personal experience in order for the rehab center to live up to its expectations when it comes to chronic battles with a wide variety of diseases. As for Nam Chul, time was passing by playing Korean chess, but Young Ho contacted him and urged him to come back at the company.

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Joo Eun went to meet Young Ho’s grandmother and she definitely needed to take a deep breath before entering the room! There was an awkward silence in the air and once the chairwoman picked up her bag Joo Eun thought that she would give her an envelope with a paycheck, so she had prepared her own envelope with her blood test in order for Young Ho’s grandmother to know that everything was fine with her health at that point. Joo Eun let Young Ho’s grandmother know that she would never leave Young Ho’s side no matter what, but all the chairwoman wanted to take out of her bag was her handkerchief! Young Ho’s grandmother liked everything except for Joo Eun’s outfit and Joo Eun could only be thankful! The chairwoman’s only condition was that she should receive an extravagant wedding gift! On her way back home a flashback scene made us aware of the fact that the chairwoman had witnessed Joo Eun’s loving outburst out of Young Ho’s hospital room.


Ji Woong informed Joon Sung on Yi Jin’s famous star award and the part of her speech which was referring to him! Ji Woong was more than happy and he was joyfully tormenting Joon Sung’s world!

bscap0603 bscap0604bscap0605

After the training was over, Yi Jin visited Joon Sung at the changing room and even though his mood wasn’t the brightest Yi Jin would never give up! She bought couple clocks with their pictures as their background and she presented them as handcuffs that would keep them in their lovely jail together! Yi Jin eventually erupted since she wasn’t receiving back even the slightest amount of love. She was disheartened, but Joon Sung’s speech concerning how differently she was treating her from others, something that was reflecting a lot when it comes to his overall attitude as a man, made her smile anew and he invaded her lips with his own!

 bscap0613bscap0610bscap0612 bscap0615bscap0618bscap0617bscap0624bscap0626bscap0629bscap0630 bscap0632bscap0634

Joo Eun wanted Young Ho to visit her and there he was! He found out that she had met his grandmother and while he was thinking that everything had went wrong Joo Eun took off her seemingly gloomy mask and informed him that his grandmother wanted an extravagant gift! Joo Eun became more menacing and tried to seduce Young Ho in order to work on the chairwoman’s great grandchild plans. She simply kept leaving Young Ho speechless!

 bscap0638 bscap0644bscap0650bscap0641 bscap0654bscap0656bscap0657bscap0659bscap0661bscap0669bscap0672bscap0671

He would think of her proposal once she’d receive would her fourth Jujitsu stripe and he started unveiling his love in a Jujitsu way!

 bscap0680bscap0679 bscap0681 bscap0682bscap0683 bscap0688bscap0692bscap0693bscap0690

Joo Eun wouldn’t give up, but Young Ho wanted her to get the fourth stripe first!

bscap0696 bscap0699bscap0698 bscap0701 bscap0704bscap0706bscap0707

Joo Eun arrived with a blue belt, but he didn’t have the time to check if it was an original one since they would visit his family the tomorrow and Joo Eun wanted to prepare her wedding gift! The moment for a hot and passionate night had arrived!

bscap0710 bscap0712bscap0716 bscap0726bscap0724bscap0725

Young Ho and Joo Eun arrived at the household, but they didn’t get to complete their bow since the chairwoman was following the lunar calendar and eating would be just fine! Things had already started getting awkward for Joo Eun and both Young Ho and secretary Min thought that she was overdoing it!

bscap0738 bscap0734bscap0732 bscap0740

Young Ho started treating Joo Eun’s indigestion, but the overall quiet ambiance was disturbing Joo Eun who had an idea Young Ho couldn’t prevent!

bscap0749 bscap0744bscap0745bscap0750

She wanted to sing in front of everyone and secretary Min put on the music! The lyrics were hilarious concerning the passing of decades and the unwillingness to die since there are so many things to do! At 90 years old Young Ho stopped the music, but his grandmother couldn’t stop laughing as she was happy Joo Eun was wishing her to live long! Even Young Ho’s father was laughing and the moment for their 2016 family selcas had arrived!

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Later on, Young Ho informed Joo Eun that she may had been weird, but making his family laugh the way they did was something that happens once in a lifetime! Joo Eun could easily notice that Young Ho was afraid of having children because of the osteosarcoma. Through his personal experience and while he was putting all the blame on his father back in the days, Young Ho could see things clearly at the present and he acknowledged that he didn’t have the courage to go through everything his father did in order for him to get treated. Joo Eun informed him that the chances of inheriting the disease were low, but even at the slightest possibility both the child and the parents would suffer and Young Ho wouldn’t like that.

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Joo Eun encouraged him and since nothing’s certain in life they should be happy living at the present. She unveiled all of her thoughts on parenthood and how brighter their world would be with a girl that would resemble Young Ho and a boy resembling Joo Eun! Young Ho admitted his defeat towards Joo Eun, as for having a daughter, a son or twins, Young Ho couldn’t help it but think that they could even have a soccer team!

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Soo Jin was alone and she couldn’t neglect the baby shoes and the ring’s presence as she was recalling Woo Shik’s proposal and the doctor’s diagnosis. Woo Shik was out of her apartment to find out that she had changed her password. He had met the doctor and he had found out the whole truth.


Young Ho went to meet his father at the hospital and he took off his hands Gahong Group’s analysis report. Young Ho took care of the analysis report and he knew what was going on with his father’s health since he’s his son. His father was thankful. Shortly after, Hye Ran arrived along with Young Joon and Young Ho wanted them to take care of his father. Young Ho would like Young Joon to start calling him “hyung” and their father urged Young Joon to major in medicine since he would like both of his sons to work at the health center.

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Young Ho was at Joo Eun’s apartment taking care of her mother’s hand and showed her how to ease the pain in the future! Joo Eun’s mother told him that it’s better to be with someone he knows while being sick since it eases the pain. Young Ho was thankful towards her for giving birth to Joo Eun, but also for letting him marry her!


Joo Eun was driving while a wide variety of Woo Shik oriented flashbacks were visiting her. Woo Shik was in a like-minded mood of reminiscence while driving his car. Soo Jin was all alone and Woo Shik arrived and warmed her with his coat. This would be the last time he would be apologetic towards her and after confessing his love he asked her to marry him. Soo Jin fell in his embrace with tears in her eyes and a beautiful walk couldn’t be missing!

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Young Ho and Joo Eun were jogging and she had already started feeling exhausted since she didn’t expect such excessive training, all she wanted was to be ready for tomorrow’s photo shoot! Young Ho reassured her that it would benefit her and soon enough the overall mood became more playful!


The moment for the photo shoot had arrived and Joo Eun stole the impressions with her dress and tiara! Young Ho thought that the bride should be wearing white, but Joo Eun informed him that there’s no such law that would force her to do so! Everyone was enjoying the photo shoot while at the same time they were trying to make secretary Min look more playful and lively!

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After an extended flashback summary we find ourselves in the future, it’s the summer of 2016! Joo Eun had arrived at the airport and Ji Woong who had enlisted in the army greeted her full of happiness after the necessary military report! Three months before their wedding Young ho had left to provide medical help in a flooded area because he can’t step back when it comes to people who are in danger.


Joon Sung and Young Ho were back, but Young Ho’s arch enthusiasm surrendered after he found out that she had gained some weight! Then she informed him that she was three months pregnant and the smile returned on his face! Ji Woong and Joon Sung would become uncles! But it wasn’t only one baby, Joo Eun would bring to life twins and this is the reason why she had started eating!

bscap0959 bscap0963bscap0964 bscap0965 bscap0974bscap0973 bscap0976

Young Ho couldn’t believe that she had gained 26 kilos and he would like to postpone the wedding until she would be able to fit the wedding gown, but what traumatized him the most was the absence of her dimple! However, now that he was back he would be able to make it appear anew through his own training process! Out of all these people with a variety of similar characteristics, they were able to meet and love one another to the fullest; mutually. Both of them would have one destination: “to outside of your world!”

bscap0984bscap0977bscap0979 bscap0991bscap0985bscap0994 bscap0992

Back in the days, Young Ho was on his wheelchair out of his house and Joo Eun happened to be passing by. She had put a sticking plaster on his gauze and she informed him that it wouldn’t hurt anymore if he believed in it! Joo Eun’s sudden appearance would brighten his face with a smile back then, but she would manage to do so again as we witnessed throughout the drama!

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~ Thoughts ~


Can you believe it? Oh My Venus dropped the curtains, already! It almost feels as if it started airing yesterday, but all the good things in life don’t last forever and it was indeed a wonderful journey! Oh My Venus’ 16th episode reached 8.7% in terms of ratings and found itself in the third place, but the ending was rewarding, hilarious, full of feels, sexual innuendos and the sweetness of life since it was an integral part of our beloved couple!


Now that Oh My Venus is over the drama withdrawal syndrome will be vicious and the realization that it’s truly over will visit me the following Monday. It will be palpable proof that there won’t be a new episode. If i want to be more honest, the withdrawal syndrome will have to do with our beloved couple mainly, one of the most natural and emotionally healthiest couples in dramaland. Even so, the drama itself had more pragmatic vibes in general that were making it even more intriguing despite its generic cliches when it comes to the characters’ painful background, Young Ho’s rich family, etc.


Throughout the episode we witnessed our couple’s concerns, blissful moments, erotic vibes, mutual love and sincerity to a wider extent, especially when it comes to Young Ho concerning the last parameter. Young Ho and Joo Eun always possessed a deeper sense of communication and it was always about the humble and little details that were making the seemingly insignificant difference glow with unparalleled amounts of radiance.


Joo Eun was more than happy after Young Ho’s proposal, which woman wouldn’t feel that way if the ring was coming from her loved one? However, it was the scarf that was making her heart’s tectonic plates pound with a sense of emotion that can’t be put into words. She was the only person in the world to own a scarf knitted by Young Ho in his darkest hour. It was a scarf that reached completion through pain, but it was his most heartfelt artifact forged in solitude but with utmost craving to see her again.


Joo Eun wanting to show off in front of Hyun Woo was the least important aspect, it was a part of the overall game, but what she really wanted was to share her happiness which was related to Young Ho’s proposal and her concerns about the forthcoming meeting with Young Ho’s grandmother. She desperately needed a friend to share her twofold world at that point, a world that was devouring her since the vibes were ominous given the chairwoman’s background. The good part of the story was that she was determined to stay by Young Ho’s side at all costs since their mutual path couldn’t get separated.


Even though the meeting with the chairwoman was lying ahead, Joo Eun was there to encourage Joon Sung’s mother once and for all since the remains of the past were still lingering in her world making her wonder if she deserved all that sudden outburst of happiness or not. She had every right to treasure the life she regained to the fullest and the moment to leave the past behind had arrived in order to move on.


Scars aren’t only the vehicle leading towards some of the greatest pieces of art, they are also each and every person’s handbook of life through personal experiences and the knowledge that derives them. Young Ho had his own scars, but he was keeping everything to himself, hence remaining stagnant until Joo Eun started unearthing everything hiding underneath the surface and playing her own part in his healing process. One’s knowledge always has something to do with the scars that left their own impact upon him/her in the past and the rehab center needed people who have personal experience on that factor since they would value its very soul and essence, including Woo Shik.


I have to admit that the chairwoman’s approach during the 16th episode was a wonderful plot twist as everything was leaning towards the cliche reaction of opposition until something happens and changes everything. It’s not like she was positive towards Young Ho’s relationship with Joo Eun up to a few episodes ago, but the fact that she had witnessed Joo Eun breaking apart with love outside of Young Ho’s hospital room was enough proof that her feelings were pure. Young Ho had gone through a lot and the chairwoman wouldn’t even dare to deprive him of something so deep in order to keep progressing her own plans. The most precious thing Joo Eun could bring with her during that meeting was her blood test proving that she was healthy. She may not had swollen rivers of bank accounts behind her, but her love for Young Ho along with her health were reigning supreme. Love conquers all, not every time, but in that occasion love did the talking. It was quite refreshing not witnessing ongoing face to face confrontations between the chairwoman and Joo Eun!


Ever since his mother became a part of his life, Joon Sung had started changing and becoming more lively. It’s not like he became the monarch of extroversion, he remained a gentle introvert, but now that his demons had surrendered he could finally open up his heart is his very own way. Yi Jin may had been a bit pushy all along the way, but it was the way her personality was formed and this is how she could reflect her feelings, in a direct and quirky way! Helping Joon Sung get out of his emotional cave was an achievement and both of them were rewarded with all these beautiful kisses! Sung Hoon’s acting shone in its own way throughout the drama and he was magnificent in presenting Joon Sung’s emotionally restrained yet chaotic world, step by step on his way to the glade he was craving for.


Even though Yi Jin was the female version of Ji Woong, she had a specific purpose in the drama and she lived up to my expectations. On the other hand, what about Ji Woong? All he ever wanted was to join the marine corps? And what about his mother who was being mentioned here and there? Ji Woong was a great laughter-evoking character with his own deep and emotional moments like when he arrived at the hospital after Young Ho’s accident, but we never got to know anything about him and how he became a part of Young Ho’s fellowship. He was a wonderful character and Henry was exceptional, but i wanted a bit more depth when it comes to Ji Woong’s background!


Young Ho and Joo Eun had their own brilliant moments of menacing seduction/training with both of them craving for more erotic nights which had transformed themselves into impending erotic moments anytime, anyplace! Joo Eun’s singing scene was hilarious and she didn’t only brighten Young Ho’s life throughout the drama, she also brought life inside the previously soundless and clinical household! Who would have imagined that the chairwoman and Young Ho’s father would laugh that much? I couldn’t stop laughing myself!


Young Ho and Joo Eun’s bedtime conversation after the household gathering and the selca airstrike was one of the most meaningful in Oh My Venus as it was completing our beloved couple’s puzzle in one of their most sincere moments concerning the shadows of the past and the fear of how they could affect the future. He could finally unveil all of his concerns towards Joo Eun, but he could also understand his father’s overall approach throughout the years. Young Ho’s condition was probably the reason why his father’s face was devoid of its smile. Seeing his son suffering for such a long time and being unable to do anything else to help him except for forcing him to follow the treatment schedule no matter what even at the cost of not attending his mother’s funeral left its own impact upon him as a figure.


This is the reason why Young Ho was thoughtful about having children, after realizing everything his father went through he knew that he would be unable to handle that much in case his child would inherit his illness. Once again, Joo Eun was there to enlighten Young Ho’s world by urging him to keep living at the present since it’s all that matters without this meaning that Young Ho’s point of view was groundless, on the contrary, but losing his present in front of a shapeless and still unborn future would be pointless. On a side note, at this rate and taking into consideration all these erotic vibes between them i am pretty certain that they will definitely form a soccer team!


The moment for Young Ho’s father to rest and properly receive treatment far away from Gahong Group’s responsibilities had arrived and Young Ho showed him the way by placing all these responsibilities on his own shoulders. Their conversation was minimal but meaningful and it was reflecting their mutual caring, especially now that Young ho had understood his father’s decisions. Hye Ran and Young Joon finally found their place by Young Ho’s father’s side and the shadows of the past had already started surrendering. Once again, Young Ho’s conjunctive spirit played its own part and released his father from the chains that were binding him and it was more than apparent now that he showed towards Young Joon that he was caring about him in a palpable way. Wanting both his children to work together as brothers in the same environment for a good cause was liberating.


Woo Shik didn’t give up Soo Jin, he had already received all the necessary vibes to conduct a deeper research and find out what was really going on. These two have come a long way, haven’t they? No matter how nerve-shaking they may had appeared during the first half of the drama they were nerve-shaking with a reason which was no other than their own emptiness when it comes to their background stories. They were the drama’s secret ship that set its own foundations by reinventing themselves by recalling who they used to be and finding anew everything they had lost in the process.


Soo Jin had mistreated herself and her current health issue is probably the outcome of extreme dieting in combination with antidepressants, but just like Joo Eun’s mother wisely said, the pain lessens as long as you’re by a loved one’s side once a health issue occurs. I am glad Woo Shik and Soo Jin ended up together, they deserved it along with us who believed in them since the drama’s early steps or started doing so in the process. Jung Gyu Woon was really good as Woo Shik, he has lots of experience in such roles, but this time his character’s development redemption were distinctive and acceptable. Yoo In Young was exceptional as Soo Jin, even when she was embittered she was reflecting a certain sweetness which was the lack of that sweetness while she was trying to find a place inside an artificial world far away from herself. Her moments in solitude were glimmering in the gloom.


Right before finding ourselves in the future, the photo shoot scene was a necessary blissful explosion! Young Ho went through multiple surprises! Joo Eun was pregnant? Hell yeah! But Joo Eun had regained weight! Wait, what? Twins? That’s even more awesome! But where was that explosive dimple that even if it was slightly visible it could still cause one of his renowned lovey heart attacks? As the personal trainer of her heart and her body, Young Ho will form her training schedule based on her current and changing condition and until she gives birth Joo Eun will find herself in a training yet considerate hell! The twins will embrace this world muscled! Overall, Oh My Venus dealt well with the overweight subject and it wasn’t lopsided as the drama focused on health issues without setting aside extreme dieting and its negative impact.


It’s true that out of all these people sharing secondary characteristics Joo Eun and Young Ho were able to find one another in the crossroads of life leading one another outside of their own worlds respectively while embracing one another’s universe and eventually forging their very own common path. Young Ho and Joo Eun have to be one of the most remarkable, memorable and adorable couples as they were more real than expected and their character development, solely and together, was far away from many drama cliches. If they would argue, it would be about one another’s well-being and not for whatever selfish reasons we find every day in dramaland. Young Ho and Joo Eun are a reason to fall in love and their chemistry outshines many drama couples in a blink of an eye (and Oh My Venus had a lot of winking). Albeit cliche when it comes to fate, the sticking plaster background and the way it kept being a part of their lives was intriguing even though used sticking plasters aren’t that healthy and they are unable to stick around forever!


The acting was one of the drama’s strongest points along with the cinematography which was adorning the scenes with the lighting tone they were craving for and was strengthening the characters’ internal world and interactions through a wide variety of closeups, angles and perspectives emphasizing on the distance between them without neglecting hand positioning. I referred to some of the actors and actresses throughout the previous paragraphs, but So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah were otherworldly natural and undeniably the drama’s highlight!


So Ji Sub’s effortless grandeur and imposing simplicity were transforming themselves into an expressive core detonating here and there silently or aloud, blissfully or in a devastating way depending on the circumstances. He brought to life all of Young Ho’s characteristics step by step through his character’s development with all the intermediate steps being highly distinctive as he was was maintaining his idiosyncrasy while enriching it all along the way. So Ji Sub was stellar bringing to life the art of seduction in its purest form and when it comes to his chemistry with Shin Min Ah, they are a match made in heaven!


Shin Min Ah was divine and i wish i was a humble particle living in that explosive dimple! Her emotionally charged moments were either drowning in silence or preserving their own heartrending tension in a masterful way. She possessed her own seductive aura which reached transcendent heights during the last episodes, but she also unveiled her hilariousness accompanied by her vibrant and lively aspects when it comes to Joo Eun’s multifaceted world! Her chemistry with So Ji Sub wouldn’t lessen even if the drama had to air for a hundred more episodes! There was chemistry everywhere, but Henry, Sung Hoon and Choi Jin Ho were the triple combo of chaos expanding itself to a wider extent every time they would interact with our beloved couple! And let’s not forget the irresistibly adorable Jo Eun Ji as the quirky Hyun Woo and Kwon Soon Joon as Min Joon and his bromance with uncle Young Ho!


Oh My Venus was a brilliant journey in the corridors of emotional intelligence depicting the difference between craving for and being in need of someone/something and between willingness and compulsion and the different impact self-discipline or the absence of it may leave on both of them. It addressed aspects of physical and mental health along with their psychosomatic intersection while laying emphasis on the necessity for a healthy mind and body. Oh My Venus may have ended, but the sweetness of life Young Ho and Joo Eun generated will never fade! When is the next preview coming out? Why are you taking me away?! And why am i wearing this straitjacket and who are these people in white gowns?!


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  1. bmore
    January 6, 2016 at 5:48 am — Reply

    Is there anyone who watched this who will not miss it, doesn’t already miss it, started missing it from the beginning? What a couple. I have always harbored a desire for these 2 in real life, so my disappointment at the announcement prior to this drama of her relationship with Woo Bin was a huge downer…I wanted that extra fantasy!! Did it make an ounce of difference? NO! The chemistry with these 2 is … indescribably perfect.

    Oh…as to our 2nd couple…I love both those actors a lot. Have wished to see him in more and bigger roles because he has tremendous versatility to play good or evil. I did not like them in this though. Could not root for them. Did not want to see them and wished they had disappeared early on. If they had maybe more time could have been spent developing the other characters…and I would have been much happier knowing more about our 2 boys and spending more time with them also.

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:59 pm — Reply

      “started missing it from the beginning” This proves the love and devotion towards the drama ^-^ It’s the sweetness of life effect that kept running through our veins throughout the drama! 😀 Nothing’s impossible when it comes to that chemistry, the fantasy can turn to life and hopefully it will, SJS and SMA are a match made in heaven and we’re the believers down on earth praying for a miacle! 😀
      As for the second couple, they were pissing me off in the first half of the drama, but the more the drama was letting us witness their broken mindset the more i started becoming fond of them, especially after they started finding themselves anew and stopped being irritating! I was more than pleased with Joon Sung’s story, but i DEFINITELY wanted a background concerning Ji Woong, Henry was exceptional in this role and laughed my lungs out, but a bit of background wouldn’t hurt at all! 😀

  2. mamei
    January 6, 2016 at 8:00 am — Reply

    Great recaps and after thoughts. I can still taste the sweeetness of life thanks to sjs and sma. I will miss OMV. Be a real couple pls. Just kidding😊

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:42 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words!! 🙂 The SJS and SMA sweetness of life can’t vanish overnight even if OMV ended, i really do hope they’ll become a real couple :3 That chemistry!!!

  3. lovesjs
    January 6, 2016 at 10:02 am — Reply

    I will dearly miss So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah together in a drama and I hope there will be a next time. Thank you Mr. Kwon Sang Seung for the recap and your thoughts. I’ve learned a lot more from it. Cheers!

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:45 pm — Reply

      I hope they will act in a drama together again and soon enough because the sweetness of life was too addictive! Becoming a real couple too would be daebak! 😀 You are very welcome and thank you so much for your words, they mean a lot 🙂 Gunbae! 😀

  4. January 6, 2016 at 12:55 pm — Reply

    so ganzi so so gaaanziiii

    so ji sub remains one of my ultimate biases so I will watch venus as soon as I find time (..probably in the summer) but I feel like I have already watched the series through your recaps loool

    just popped up to say GREAT EFFORT, it was worth it! you know what I’m talking about! ; p

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:47 pm — Reply

      So ganzi so so ganziii! This song is too addictive and hilarious, it should be a must for clubs! XD
      OMV will bring you the sweetness of life once you watch it, SMA and SJS must become a real couple or act in a drama again as soon as possible, both would be the perfect option!
      Gomawo, i definitely know what you’re talking about! XD

  5. January 6, 2016 at 7:27 pm — Reply

    Wonderful, swift recaps.

    I appreciate how you reviewed all of the characters’ outcomes not just your favorites.

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:41 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your words, they mean a lot and they are very appreciated! 🙂 I think OMV was quite masterful in keeping its secondary figures in the background and giving space to the main couple to breathe all along the way, but at the same time we were receiving enough information to find out what was going on with the secondary figures. I only wish that the writer had put more depth in Ji Woong’s background since Henry did an awesome work!

  6. January 6, 2016 at 9:58 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15  Episode 14    Episode 13  Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09  Episode 08   Episode 07     Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  7. Charlene
    January 7, 2016 at 2:04 am — Reply

    Love it loved it

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:37 pm — Reply

      I can only agree with you Charlene! OMV was the sweetness of life!

  8. Hanys
    January 7, 2016 at 3:05 am — Reply

    My heart hurts alot knowing thia drama comes to end. Such a good drama. Warm. Healthy. I learn a lot. I want to taste the sweetness of life longer… love the chemistry of jisub n mina.. i see another side of ji sub. Cute. Cool. Romantic.

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:37 pm — Reply

      I wasn’t ready to bid this drama farewell either, the feels and the chemistry were too strong! OMV will always be related to the sweetness of life and the drama presented its own messages too. It was the 5th drama i watched with SJS, but this time he was more romantic than usual and more straight forward when it comes to the erotic night we were looking forward to! 😀

  9. Newbie
    January 7, 2016 at 11:39 am — Reply

    This show was not perfect, there were a lot of things one could argue about, but it gave us one of the best couples in Kdrama and one of the best female characters.
    I came for the leads and didn’t get disappointed. The last ep could have been better, but they became victim of the live shoot system, so it’s easily forgiven.

    Lots of ppl tore this show to shreds, but OMV did so many things right I actively have to overlook in other dramas, I couldn’t be bothered.

    I will look back with fondness and love, the last months were great because we knew a new ep would air soon, and I’ll revisit Young Ho, Joo Eun and their kids again and again.

  10. somi
    January 7, 2016 at 3:08 pm — Reply

    Please come back so ji sub and shin min ah in another drama pliz pliz.we will miss both of you for your hillarious act.

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:35 pm — Reply

      Either in another drama or as a real couple! 😀 Or both! :3 Am i asking for too much? XD

  11. January 8, 2016 at 3:40 pm — Reply

    thank you for your recaps on this series!! super detailed and made the show much more fun, esp during the dark parts which caused some hemming & hawing on my end! it had a happy ending and im a big fan of those despite others finding them uncool, phooey on them 🙂
    i cant wait to see what you’re going to recap next! (after a well deserved break lol)

    • January 10, 2016 at 7:34 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for being an active chingu inside the recaps, it’s deeply appreciated! 🙂 I love happy endings, i also love sad ending but only when they are awesomely presented, not sad endings just for the sake of it with some sort of poetic vibes just to be there 😀 No rest for the wicked XD I guess i will watch Moorim School (2 young actresses i’m very fond of!) and One More Happy Ending (do i have to explain how much i love Nara? :3 + Paksa Adeul with Nara will be my 2016 battleship! It had already been ever since it was announced!)

  12. January 29, 2016 at 12:32 am — Reply

    Just rewatched entire series on Viki with complete subs and loved it all over again. Such deep thoughts for a simple romance and excellent light hand with the social commentary.

  13. Drama queen
    April 14, 2016 at 11:42 am — Reply

    I want a drama with solely Yi Jin and Joon Sung. They were prefect as a couple. How I wished that they were the main characters, I am sure that will be interesting! Talking about chemisty, I think all of the characters did their part really well. Oh my Venus is a good drama and I recommend it to all who have not watched. 😀

  14. Drama queen
    April 15, 2016 at 11:24 am — Reply

    I love Yi-Jin and Joon Sung. Hopefully, there will be a drama specially for the two of them. It is always amusing for a girl to chase after a guy. They match each other in in terms of personality and appearance. There were hints of Joon-Sung liking Yi Jin throughout this drama and at the end the sweet and deep kiss is expected. I am sure Joon-Sung wanted to express his love for her but was “restricted” and when he finally reveal all his feelings, I melted with Yi Jin.

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