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“It’s possible that you might get hurt a little bit.
It’s possible that it may be a bit difficult for you.
But still, i want to live with you; forever.”


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After the Xmas, Young Ho’s birthday and Young Ho’s return triple celebration the moment for a beautiful back-hug had arrived and Young Ho wouldn’t leave Joo Eun alone that night! They were staring at each another and Young Ho showed her the sticking plaster on his hand. It was something that made him feel stronger and internally, he was apologetic for making her wait for too long, but Joo Eun was also thankful for Young Ho appearing earlier than expected! Young Ho’s birthday wish was Joo Eun oriented since he wouldn’t like her to get sick. Joo Eun lost herself in his embrace and shortly after he kissed her forehead. Joo Eun invaded his lips gently and replied to his forehead kiss with yet another one! Our couple’s warm night had arrived and Joo Eun started approaching Young Ho in a menacing yet loving way!

bscap1286 bscap1277bscap1279 bscap1275

Young Ho wanted to make some changes, instead of a warm night it should be a sexy night and once Joo Eun gave him the okay Young Ho found himself on top of her! Young Ho has been seduced anew, but the seduction was mutual and right after a beautiful kiss Young Ho and Joo Eun found themselves under the blanket! Joo Eun would like to be able to see, but Young Ho would get distracted had there been light and our beloved couple’s erotic night began; under the blanket!

bscap0460 bscap0461bscap0463 bscap0469bscap0470bscap0471 bscap0472bscap0478bscap0479bscap0476

Joo Eun woke up in Young Ho’s arms and he reassured her that she shouldn’t worry about Ji Woong and Joon Sung since they’d be at Joon Sung’s mother’s place! The whole morning belonged to them and Joo Eun was happy that it wasn’t a dream!

bscap0491 bscap0499bscap0496 bscap0500

Joo Eun fell asleep anew and once she woke up she found Young Ho next to her obeying to her order to stay within her sight, but he wasn’t pleased with the fact that Joo Eun had turned her back on him! Since she was hungry, Young ho urged her to put on her clothes, otherwise it would turn into a comfortable and sexy morning!

bscap0509 bscap0508bscap0507 bscap0510

Breakfast time had arrived and Young Ho became aware of the fact that Joo Eun’s cholesterol level and thyroid gland were back to normal and that she didn’t have to take medication anymore! He was happy that she had gotten prettier and sexier (healthier) and the moment for Joo Eun’s speech while using Young Ho’s hand as a microphone had arrived! It felt as if she had won an award and she was glad that she emerged victorious after everything she had to go through! Daegu’s Venus was back, but she was also Young Ho’s Venus at that point and he acknowledged everything, including the hearts that were pouring out due to her Venus essence! Sticking together for the rest of the day until her meeting was the only option!

 bscap0523bscap0522 bscap0525 bscap0526bscap0528

Young Ho and Joo Eun were having fun watching TV and a kiss couldn’t be missing. While she was thinking that things would progress in a lovey way Young Ho had a different opinion and wanted to check if she could live up to the training expectations she had mentioned in her video message

bscap0539bscap0535bscap0536 bscap0538 bscap0542bscap0541 bscap0547 bscap0552bscap0553

The mission was accomplished and further training took place where Young Ho reassured her that his leg had been healed completely!

  bscap0559bscap0558bscap0556 bscap0563bscap0564

While Young Ho was drinking his vitamin Joo Eun couldn’t take her eyes off him, but once things started getting heated up her mother called her on the phone to inform her that she was in Seoul! Sticking together was no longer a part of their plans!

 bscap0571bscap0569bscap0565 bscap0575 bscap0576bscap0578 bscap0581 bscap0584bscap0582 bscap0587

Inside his car, Young Ho wanted Joo Eun to know that he intends to bring to life all the dates they missed within a year’s time! As for meeting Joo Eun’s mother, everything will happen when the timing feels right! Right before leaving, a dimple explosion brought a lovely heart attack underneath Young Ho’s chest and Joo Eun urged him to drive carefully!

 bscap0590 bscap0591bscap0592 bscap0596

Once she entered her apartment, Joo Eun had to go through some ahjumma grandeur since her mother thought that she had attended a wedding due to her clothing while she should be working on her own marriage! Soon enough, her mother became more direct and she wanted Joo Eun to introduce her the man that was making her laugh over the phone!


Young Ho’s grandmother was informed that Young Joon would enlist in the army and that Hye Ran was doing volunteer work. She also became aware of Joo Eun’s background and the first clouds started making their appearance!


Joo Eun was working on a physical/sexual abuse case and things weren’t flowing well, but soon enough the case started progressing due to a few videos. Soo Jin made clear that they’d have palpable proof after the video analysis would be over and they also had the culprit’s ex-girlfriend’s statement. Joo Eun rejected the settlement option and started leaning towards a straight forward punishment!


Joo Eun was glad for Soo Jin after witnessing her ring, but she could easily notice that she wasn’t feeling well. Soo Jin changed the subject immediately and congratulated Joo Eun for Young Ho’s return in her life! Joo Eun didn’t let it slide and urged Soo Jin to go to the hospital!


On her way out, Soo Jin kept hurting and she neither picked up Woo Shik’s phone call nor replied to his messages. Since the pain wouldn’t surrender she changed the hospital date in order to see the test’s results today.


Young Ho messaged Joo Eun to find out her location and she called him right away to inform him that she was heading back home. She found out that Young Ho had sent Ji Woong and Joon Sung to her apartment to chase away Joo Eun’s mother’s loneliness! They were so absorbed while playing they didn’t even pay attention to Joo Eun who was talking to them!

bscap0640 bscap0635bscap0642 bscap0644

Woo Shik was worried about Soo Jin and called her on the phone, but she reassured him that everything was fine and that she had to attend another meeting. Then he noticed her and followed her inside the hospital. Woo Shik made the assumption that he would become a father.

bscap0649 bscap0647bscap0648 bscap0653

Joo Eun had joined the game and the friendship between Joo Eun’s mother and Ji Woong had progressed to the extent where honorifics were no longer needed!

bscap0654 bscap0655bscap0657 bscap0658

Young Ho rang the bell and he had brought all the dishes they had ordered along with some flowers! Joo Eun couldn’t believe that Young Ho was there, but there was no turning back! Joo Eun warned him that her mother was wearing the clothes he had left at her apartment, but Young Ho was at the verge of a heart attack, so laughing and not leaving a good impression would never be an option! Joon Sung took Ji Woong with him and left after urging Joo Eun’s mother to not give a hard time to Young Ho!

 bscap0660bscap0659 bscap0664 bscap0665bscap0666 bscap0667

Young Ho introduced himself and as soon as Joo Eun’s mother found out that he intends to keep chatting and giggling with Joo Eun everything was fine! The flowers and the fact that he’s good at Go-Stop were a big plus too!


After a dimple explosion/lovey heart-attack combo and one of Young Ho’s forehead kisses the moment for him to leave had arrived!

bscap0681 bscap0683bscap0682 bscap0686

Woo Shik returned back home and brought some porridge for Soo Jin, he had also bought baby shoes, but Soo Jin informed him that she wasn’t pregnant. She told Woo Shik that she neither wanted to get married nor have a child since she wanted to work on her career. Once he witnessed that she had taken off her ring he started thinking that she was sick. Woo Shik was trying to approach her but Soo Jin was pushing him away and he let her get some rest. After he left Soo Jin couldn’t hold back her tears.

 bscap0692bscap0691bscap0697 bscap0702

She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, hence conception would be difficult. Her blood test wasn’t the finest and the doctor became aware that Soo Jin had been on a strict diet and that she had stopped her anti-depressant medication. The doctor urged her to remain hopeful since after a treatment procedure there could be a slight chance of getting pregnant, but hoping at that point wasn’t enough for Soo Jin. After leaving, Woo Shik kept recalling Soo Jin’s words.

bscap0700 bscap0707bscap0710

Even though Young Ho would like to unveil his erotic thoughts, he kept them on the inside after seeing her mother’s face and informed her that she looked a lot like her! Joo Eun was thankful towards Young Ho for his overall approach and being able to see him was the best thing that could ever happen to her! They will meet again tomorrow, as for a warm and comfortable night? It’s not an option since Joo Eun is going to visit Young Ho in his dreams! Joo Eun’s mother urged her daughter to keep giggling and fell asleep anew.

bscap0711 bscap0717bscap0718 bscap0720

Young Ho had to check her suitcase since he thought that Joo Eun had brought more things that were actually needed. Soon, he found out that she wanted to be both lovely and sexy! Young Ho informed her that it was going to be a one-day trip without sleeping over and the moment for Joo Eun to meet Young Ho’s mother had arrived.

 bscap0723 bscap0724bscap0725bscap0722

Even though she was worried about her pink scarf she would soon find out that it was the perfect accessory after witnessing the scarf at the memorial and everything started making perfect sense. Joo Eun introduced herself and reassured Young Ho’s mother that she doesn’t intend to leave his side as she wants to help him remain happy and sexy (healthy). She was thankful towards Young Ho’s mother for giving birth to a man like him and requested to be favored by her.

bscap0732 bscap0733bscap0730 bscap0734 bscap0741bscap0739 bscap0742 bscap0744bscap0743

Joo Eun received a message from Young Ho’s grandmother who wanted to meet her, but she kept it a secret from Young Ho. Joo Eun showed him her humble stone tower consisting only of their hearts! The moment for another date had arrived and since he hates being cold the most they should simply walk while holding hands no matter how long it would take!

bscap0745bscap0746 bscap0747 bscap0751bscap0752 bscap0753 bscap0756bscap0757 bscap0754 bscap0759bscap0760 bscap0758

Their walk was filled with Xmas/New Year vibes and selcas couldn’t be missing!

bscap0764 bscap0768bscap0769bscap0767 bscap0772bscap0773bscap0770 bscap0771bscap0774

Joo Eun was losing her mind in this ever-expanding happiness and her scarf had found its way around Young Ho’s neck as well!

bscap0779bscap0780 bscap0785

The overall mood was lovey and playful, but he couldn’t escape the task of writing down one thought on a heart-shaped paper! It was more difficult that he expected, but Joo Eun was amusing herself over Young Ho’s attitude! Soon enough Young Ho’s grandmother’s message started echoing anew in her mind, but once he appeared by her side she tried to chase away the clouds.

bscap0786 bscap0789bscap0790 bscap0798 bscap0801bscap0802 bscap0807

Joo Eun started unveiling her thoughts when it comes to a proposal ring and the fact that he met her mother, but the timing was more than right since Young Ho had already handed her over the ring. Young Ho started untying step by step the wool ball on her scarf until the ring made its appearance surprising Joo Eun to the fullest! Once she tried to take it in her hands Young Ho brought it close to him and spread his arms for one more of these renowned hugs!

bscap0813 bscap0814bscap0815 bscap0818 bscap0831bscap0830 bscap0839 bscap0846bscap0843 bscap0844

Young Ho warned her on the possibility of getting hurt a bit, but all he ever wanted was to live with her; forever. The emotional charge of the moment was immense and Young Ho put the ring on her finger declaring that’s she officially his! Their wishes were to have one another in their lives and another beautiful hug took place!

bscap0849 bscap0861bscap0864bscap0853 bscap0868bscap0866 bscap0865bscap0878bscap0876 bscap0872bscap0875bscap0882bscap0883

~ Thoughts ~


Does it really matter that Oh My Venus reached 8.4% and didn’t surpass the 10% barrier when it comes to ratings? Certainly not when you have Young Ho and Joo Eun brightening that special place existing somewhere between the retina of our eyes and our screen! Oh My Venus is as effortlessly awesome as the sweetness of life it brings forth with its main couple. When it comes to So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, chemistry reflects something deeper and through this drama it reached transcendent peaks.


We’re talking about one of the healthiest couples of dramaland and i’m not referring to their physical condition. The emotional intelligence surrounding Young Ho and Joo Eun is a constellation of its own and the communication between both characters, their mutual understanding, love and caring are out of this planet yet so earthly and natural!


The 15th episode was dedicated to our beloved couple and it possessed the grandeur of a full scale attack adorned with the most gracious feelings as it was preparing us for the last episode! Our couple treasured their first and long-awaited erotic night and the next morning Joo Eun was trying to figure out whether it was yet another dream or reality! Every time they kiss, every time they hug, every time they appear on screen together in whichever lessening distance between them i simply can’t get enough.


As long as it’s about Joo Eun and Young Ho my eyes zoom in towards their direction and suddenly the surrounding environment gets minimized to the size of a particle! Joo Eun simply can’ have Young Ho out of sight and Young Ho can only obey simply because he wants to be there for her! Chasing away the ghosts of one year’s absence is essential and they intend to live each and every moment to the fullest under their very own rules and regulations.


What’s truly remarkable is that the heat between them can reach volcanic heights anytime and it’s not a given, it’s a charisma! Anytime could be the right time for yet another erotic moment and anytime could be the right time where they could laugh their lungs out, talk about anything and simply be there for one another! There’s not a single chance this couple would ever run out of ideas, feelings, humor, sexual innuendos, it’s all about the sweetness of life after all! Young Ho and Joo Eun are a universe of their own, just the two of them!


The fact that Young Ho wanted to meet Joo Eun’s mother was of utter importance since it would make his feelings for Joo Eun more official, not more palpable since his feelings for her are everywhere! Her mother was craving to meet the man that was making her daughter smile over the phone and as soon as she could witness him she didn’t need to know anything else, just the fact that he was making Joo Eun happy and wanting to be there for her in any possible way were more than enough, they were everything!


Young Ho introducing Joo Eun to his mother was also of major importance as it was making the emotional puzzle between them even more complete. It was the moment when the incomplete and fully developed scarves met, making Joo Eun realize that Young Ho made her scarf himself. You have to love how considerate she was of the pink color while she would enter Young Ho’s mother’s memorial. The scarf that never reached completion and its faded color and the scarf that embraced Joo Eun’s neck with its lively color were reflecting Young Ho’s life before he met Joo Eun and after she became a part of his life.


The stone tower possessed its own dynamics, it doesn’t have to be as high as it can get and since the foundations are strong it won’t have to be afraid of collapsing over the first difficulty that would make its appearance. Their very own love’s structure is not afraid of earthquakes. Young Ho and Joo Eun have proven many times that obstacles are nothing compared to their mutual feelings. One year apart couldn’t affect everything they shared even in one another’s absence as both of them were remaining each other’s tower of strength.


Their long walk while holding hands was simply adorable and now we know why the scarf was so long! Two necks are better than one! Joo Eun’s reference to the very soul and essence of dates was simplistic and it was actually the dating quintessence! A sense of non-exaggerating and cute shyness accompanied by a sense of looking as if you were losing your mind in a good manner of speaking are all it takes to make a date unforgettable. That’s what they want, to make every second count in each other’s presence and they preserve it to the fullest! They’ve come a long way and walking like there’s no tomorrow is a more than blissful experience as long as they’re holding hands and creating bulletproof memories together.


The wishes on the heart-shaped papers were as minimalist as they could get, but they couldn’t be more meaningful when it comes to these star-crossed lovers. As long as they have one another in their lives nothing’s impossible, on the contrary. And what was that proposal scene?! It has to be one of the most precious ones! Throughout this year Young Ho was knitting his way towards her heart once and for all! Wool balls will never look the same to my eyes, they have become some sort of small altars! It was one of the most beautiful and florescent moments of Oh My Venus so far and their hug at the end of the episode was the most heart-soothing moment before the last storm that will make its appearance during the last episode!


A small parenthesis has to be Woo Shik and Soo Jin’s relationship which turned out quite cliche, especially now that both of them had matured as characters and were progressing their relationship in an emotionally meaningful way after having met their reflections in the mirror respectfully. Soo Jin being unable to get pregnant and pushing Woo Shik away in her hour of need was as cliche as it could get and Soo Jin didn’t deserve such a development as a character since she had already been through hell. However, her current health condition could be the outcome of her malnutrition in combination with the anti-depressants, i’m not saying that as a doctor since i’m not one and i will never be, just a “logical” assumption that the drama probably wanted to point out that extreme dieting and everything which derives from it could lead towards an unwelcome flow of events. I really hope that Soo Jin and Woo Shik will have the happy ending they deserve and the same applies, of course, to Young Ho and Joo Eun! The other cliche has to be Joo Eun’s forthcoming confrontation with Young Ho’s grandmother, but the feels will do the talking.


Young Ho’s proposal was a grand declaration of everlasting love. He made her aware of the dangers lying ahead, but she already knew since she chose to hide the fact that his grandmother had contacted her in order not to ruin the ongoing moments they were sharing after all this time. Having already Young Ho’s love carved on her heart and adorning her finger with a ring, Joo Eun had nothing to be afraid of while preparing herself for the final and most meaningful stand in order to preserve everything that mutually blossoms between them. I can’t believe that Oh My Venus is already reaching the end, but it’s just a glimpse of how pleasant and gracious this drama ride had been! I can only look forward to the drama’s swansong even though i am going to miss Oh My Venus; severely! Come forth, 16th episode, and i hope that everything you will present won’t shatter the whole journey, be the destination i want to reach!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article at KoreanEngSub, it doesn’t belong there.
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    I love the proposal scene as well. I squee so loud when the ring revealed in the wool ball. I swear So Ji Sub never been this sexy and charismatic in the other dramas.

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      Once he started untying the wool ball i start being like THERE HAS TO BE A RING, THERE HAS TO BE A RING! And tadah: feels were born! XD The whole thinking with the two scarves, one unfinished and one completed and the ring in there was super awesome and quite perfect for SUCH a couple! SJS owns here!

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    This episode for me was just nothing but smiles. Feel sorry for SJ but OTP kept me smiling through out the episode.

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      It’s an ep you can revisit anytime for all these feels and smiles! I can feel your apology towards SJ, because the OTP’s sweetness of life was too powerful! 😀

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