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Remember – War of The Son : First Impressions Episodes 1-5 [Every Single Word I Say Fades Out]

rwars000011(I better pick it up before I let it slip away.)

Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) is a high schooler living together with his father, after his mother and brother passed away in a car accident; when his father gets wrongly accused of brutally murdering a young woman and subsequently sentenced, Jin Woo sets out to prove his innocence by becoming a lawyer, putting in use his excellent photographic memory.

disclaimer – this post was written by a very sleepy kipzizz on a truly cold winter’s night for dramajjang.co only

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I had high hopes for this drama as soon as I read the plot and saw the wonderful cast, and the first episodes lived up to my expectations. I’ve always liked courtroom dramas, because while they might be heavy at times, they can deal with the variety of human emotions and how those play out under duress and pressure in a more distinctive way than other-genre shows can; that is, if the series does it well, and Remember is doing a great job so far.

rwars00018 rwars00019

Son’s War is truly a befitting title, since Jin Woo is battling against a dark conspiracy against his father, who was targeted to take the fall for the real culprit, powerful Nam Gyu Man; along the way, he finds help from unconventional lawyer Park Dong Ho, and upright law student, Lee In Ah.

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Things don’t go as planned though (as it is revealed from the very first episode, since we take a dive into 4 years prior, from where the Pilot scene is set) and eventually Jin Woo sets out on a solo journey to exact justice for his father and punish the real criminal(s).

rwars00001 rwars00023

Yoo Seung Ho, lord, I could praise the guy F O R E V E R; he’s a natural, and he proves it once again with a stellar performance; his expression and eyes can leak million of different emotions at the same time, and he perfectly captures the desperation and despair of wanting to free his father. His determination and borderline-ruthless attitude after becoming a lawyer is as equal impressive, and can’t help but want him to strike down Gyu Man as soon as possible!

rwars00026 rwars00022

Gyu Man.. where do I start with him? He’s simply a character you absolutely hate to hate; he’s a loathsome, detestable man, with absolutely zero redeeming qualities. He’s prone to anger explosions for trivial stuff and always wants to get his way without caring of hurting (or killing in this case!) others in the process. Credit to Nam Gung Min for bringing out to life such a sickening character. Everytime he pops up all I can think of (and sing aloud yelling at my screen!) is Misfits’ song DIE DIE MY DARLING- he’s that nauseating! I can’t wait for the day Seung Ho pawns him!

rwars00006 rwars00014

Mr. Rainbow suits (flawless taste!), Dong Ho, is the eccentric, quirky lawyer that always wins his cases with his intelligence and quick thinking. He has a familiar connection to a local gangster that raised him up after his father died; he often uses somewhat dirty methods to get results, but his heart is (usually) in the right place. He wanted to help Seung Ho and his father, but ended up succumbing to the Gyu Man dark side, when that meant he was gonna help his gangster-“father” realize his dream and when it became evident he couldn’t win the case against such difficult opponents. He was my favorite character up until that episode, and while I understood why he did what he did (..in a way) it still sucked big time; unless he plans to bring down the whole organization from the inside, in which case Rainbow suits please do it!

rwars00007 rwars00029

Apart from Dong Ho, the only other person that wanted to help Seung Ho, was In Ah; her first run in with him wasn’t the smoothest (she accused him of stealing her purse!) but she was intrigued by his ability of precise memory and when she confirmed that his father was innocent, she became bent on aiding him any way she could; his father’s case became a catalyst for her becoming a prosecutor. To her credit, she remains the only one who still wants to support him despite Seung Ho singing his Fly Solo song at the moment.

rwars00018 rwars00015

I love the directing and cinematography- neat, clean shots with emphasis on close-ups when needed. It actually reminds me (the ED frozen shots!) of IHYV and Pinocchio a bit, which is a good thing because both of those series shone at that front.

rwars00016 rwars00025

The music is great as well, with already a couple memorable instrumental tracks, that decorate the scenes nicely, adding to the overall melancholic, somber tone.

rwars00012 rwars00013

Do the wicked never lose then? A Monte Cristo-mood Jin Woo is here to answer that and I’m looking forward to see how everything is gonna unfold. Onwards to episode 6 then!

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  1. seprienna
    December 27, 2015 at 4:00 pm — Reply

    definitely worth investing myself in watching drama,after watching the first 6 episode.its not always that we get all-stellar cast in a drama.

    • December 27, 2015 at 4:44 pm — Reply

      Yep, definitely worth it!

  2. December 27, 2015 at 8:58 pm — Reply

    […] Episodes 06  Episodes 01 to 05 […]

  3. marybethany
    March 18, 2016 at 4:56 pm — Reply

    By now, we knew, that ‘Remember’ itself is in itself the only Befitting title, because Remember or not to remember is the most cruel War.
    One Ring, to remember them all, one ring to find memories back, one ring to bring him home, in darkness bind both of them.
    In a speedy spiral turn of events, she could still noticed the torn necklaces ripped from his neck and fallen into the heap of egg slime as he was pummeled by eggs… And Jinwoo’s silent tears started a 4 years long of waiting for his return, then witnessing Jinwoo’s tidal waves defeats, fears, wasting and agonies.
    Guess it should be this moment onward, she has started to develop trust towards him, from trust followed compassion, and from compassion then aching deepened, which later aching transformed into genuine affection, namely ‘one true love’.
    IA: “This …. From outside earlier.” For her, this pendent doesn’t belong to a murderer’s son, but son of someone her dad will vowed to trust. The significant of the pendent originated as a wedding band of love from dad to mom, its was a precious memorial object that Jinwoo bore to remember mom… Now tore from him, but found by inah and returned to him… The Ring pendant which actually spin off the genesis of the fateful sentimental link between Jinwoo and Inah, later become the key-object to arouse dad’s memories, till by revelation the pendant became the covenant of the genuine depth of his heart given her. A testament between both of them to keep to remind both forever how precious she once was to him. A ring is more than a ring, its a witness, a seal, a vow.
    The ring which kept at the urn there, he retrieved out and gave it to Inah, which represent he gave his heart to Inah, the most precious memories to the most precious person. And one day at Edelweiss Park, she will used this to arouse his own memories.
    Sorry, I am back with Remember, I am just not the kind that say “what’s next” and wander of to awe at some Army boy romancing pretty Doc,… Yes, I did watched some flying dragons ended in tragic… It just me that I will stick with Remember for a loooong time, just like I stick with Healer for a super long time.
    Kipz, missed reading your stuff on a drama I loved.
    (have taken over Yoo Seungho soompi forum first page editor.though much underqualified.)

  4. marybethany
    March 18, 2016 at 5:00 pm — Reply

    wrote the above article, because, i remembered what you said about the ring pendant, the locket, the Heart in the Ring? link to ep20. i always remembered what you said, as i watched thru the whole drama a second time.
    congrat on the successful revamp of your ‘new’ blog.

    • March 18, 2016 at 5:13 pm — Reply

      It was a great drama, worth “remembering”! ; p
      It’s good that you stick to your series; obviously I, too, have my favorite dramas that I hold dear to my heart and Remember founds its place there too.

      I haven’t watched DoTS, I have no idea if it’s good or not; the ratings are pretty good from what I gather though but that doesn’t always reflect the quality of a drama so yeah.

      And thank you! Hopefully our drama-watches align again for another show in the future! ; )

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