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5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made Episode 10 / Finale Recap | From Five to Nine

Amane tells Takane that he couldn’t beat him afterall, and the contractors won’t reply to his calls since he won’t become the chief priest. Takane isn’t interested in his words and his brother remarks he looks like a dead person.

Makoto gives Junko her resignation letter back and tells her he won’t accept it- at that moment, the ELA employers appear and welcome her back.

Junko’s family notices that Junko is upset about something and that baffles them since they even bought her favorite food; at that moment, Takane arrives and returns the spare key Junko gave him, thanking everyone for the time they spent together. The whole family is in disbelief that they broke up and Junko’s dad decides to go after Takane.

Junko’s dad tells a silent Takane that he missed the feeling of having someone with him in the bathhouse and he was glad that Takane kept him company. He apologizes for bringing up trivial things and leaves, while Takane remembers the times he had with Junko’s family. Nana says she can’t accept this and sends a text message to someone.

Nene’s text message has been sent to everyone at ELA, reading that she wants to make her sister and Takane make up again, and Arthur thinks about a plan for them to meet again, when Junko says that she would have liked for Takane to try on a lunchbox she made with all her effort.

The ELA crew accompanies a reluctant Junko to the temple and encourages her to go to Takane.

Junko sees Takane and Kaori together, and while she hesitates at first, she’s ready to give Takane the lunchbox when they meet face to face but he walks by her. She gives the lunchbox to Amane and leaves- Takane approaches Amane and takes the lunchbox along with a letter with him. He also tells Amane that he can stay there and not return to Kyoto, and he will be taking care of him, just like Junko taught him.

Junko tells Mishima that she has to move on but he has a different opinion; he says she can’t give up that early and gives her tickets for a museum since Takane likes that stuff. He tells her to be at the museum at 1pm and wishes her good luck.

Takane arrives as well, and is surprised to find Junko there, but before they have time for anything else, ELA crew dressed as huge animals round them and lead them to the perfect spot, as Arthur declares, after his research.

Junko doesn’t find museums that interesting, and Takane says he will teach her not to look down on them, explaining everything they come across the way. Junko still doesn’t find them any fascinating but she says she’s having fun because they’re there together-and that’s all she needs, to be by his side. She reminds Takane that is what he told her once but Takane appears indifferent to her words.

Junko hugs him from behind, and says she won’t let go- and that is another thing that he told her once but Takane claims he doesn’t remember that. He will now marry Kaori and his words make Junko break away from the hug and pretends to ask questions about the first dinosaur she sees in order to hide her sadness. The museum guard tells them that is closing time and Takane request that they’re given 5 more minutes.

Junko thanks Takane for asking for 5 more minutes and he says it was the least he could do, since this is the last time they meet; Junko tries with various suggestions to spend more time together but she realizes that won’t happen. She asks him to smile for her one last time, and when Takane can’t make a happy expression she says that is enough, and shouldn’t force himself anymore.

She recounts all the special moments they shared together and concludes that even though at times might have been weird a bit, she was happy that he seemed happy. She tells him goodbye smiling but leaves disheartened, as Takane whispers goodbye to her with an equal sad expression.

Her dad picks her up and Junko says that nothing came out of their meeting afterall; she was able to say goodbye with a smile on her face though, and admits that she loved Takane despite him being an odd person- he was very kind and that mattered the most.

Junko tells Makoto she wants to take the test for the job in NY, and he replies that if she passes she will have to leave soon. Junko agrees.

The Chief Priest apologizes to Takane about him being the one arranging the marriage setting originally, as he wanted him to have the experience of loving someone on his own. Takane replies that despite his marriage to Junko failing, he met a lot of people through her and all that will remain his memory. He does wish though, that falling in love wouldn’t be that hurtful when it doesn’t work in the end. After he leaves, the Chief Priest notices Junko’s letter to him.

It is revealed what Junko wrote in that letter, through a series of future events unfolding; she wanted to thank Takane for everything he did for her; for getting along with her family, for making the effort to like the things she liked. For always hugging her with all his might when she was upset and how she came to love where she is right now, despite her initial dream of going to NY. She would have wanted to spend all Christmas and New Years with him from now on.

The Chief Priest gives the letter to Grandma while Makoto tells Junko she passed the exam and gives her a plane ticket for NY but notices that her reaction is nearly apathetic.

Arthur tells Makoto about the appreciation letter Takane wrote to everyone at ELA and how he thanked everyone personally- a common point to every letter was how he talked about Junko. All the ELA members go to the Temple and show their appreciation letters to Takane, along with their support for him and Junko. Everyone, including Amane, Kaori and Grandma seem to be touched by this gesture.

Makoto explains all about it to Junko, and says that Takane still loves her; Junko thinks it’s too late since she’s leaving for NY the next day, and Makoto points out that it is because of that she has to see Takane while she can, and tell him again how she feels. He tells her that he was happy he fell in love with her, after his wife died, and now he wants her to be with the person she loves.

Kaori tells Takane that she is tired of coming second to his feelings for Junko and she will have to find someone that will return those feelings; she tells him goodbye as Takane thanks her.

Grandma visits Junko at ELA, and says that she read her letter; she admits the main reason she opposed so much to them, is because she reminded her of Takane’s mother who could never get used to the Temple’s customs and ended up leaving. When Takane’s father went to pick her up they had their accident and that stayed with her. She now realizes though, that she isn’t the same person as Takane’s mother and tells Junko that she will accept her as Takane’s wife, declaring that Takane is in the Temple right now and she should rush to his side; Junko picks her coat and runs through the streets while everyone else seems to be wrapping things up for themselves:

Arthur engages in a BL sketch for an excited Momoe who throws him flowers, and he tells her that he wants to keep having fun with her.

Hachiya gives Masako a marriage registration paper, so she can’t possibly claim he’s not serious anymore, as she laughs at the gesture.

Mishima is on his way out of the country, while Nene brings Yuki who has a new outfit and haircut to her house and her mom admits that their daughters only bring hot guys!

Amane plays rock scissors papers with the Elders in the temple and Makoto looks at his and his wife’s picture looking satisfied.

Junko finally arrives to the Temple and finds lights everywhere and a Christmas tree lit up.

She wanders around for a bit and Takane makes his appearance with a different attire from usual. He starts naming all the fossils Junko stopped to look at in the museum they went, and how remembers everything clearly; from what she wore, to what she said, to what her expression really was even if she tried to hide it.

He finally has the answer to what Junko once asked him, about why he loves her; it is because it’s her, Sakuraba Junko and nobody else. It’s because she met her, of all the things they did together and apologizes for making her cry. Junko says jokingly how she will be spending a lot of time being “discontent” with him and Takane says that is fine, as long as she’s there with him. In fact, he doesn’t mind it if she’s angry at him for the rest of their lives, and puts out a ring and proposes to her. Junko is a bit surprised at first, but happily accepts his proposal.

They’re ready to kiss when snow falls upon them, interrupting them but after both of them look at the view, they finally kiss in an ecstatic embrace.

The next morning, Junko has to leave for New York but is in a hurry because Takane insisted they should properly have their marriage registration before she departs and might be a bit late because he couldn’t find his family seal; Junko says that any seal from a one dollar store would be fine but Takane doesn’t know what that is and he wants Junko to teach him. Junko jokingly says that their marriage is impossible and bids him goodbye- Takane doesn’t like that word and goes on a monologue about it before Junko kisses him again and tell him to be quicker to reach the ward office in time.

Reflection Corner :


The last scene gave me LIFE. Takane and Junko bickering about every single thing, she shuts him up with a kiss,  he wants more, she wants to rush to the office in time, he keeps wanting more.. like this is it, THAT’S THE SHOW in that scene, hahaha.


So was that a kisses galore in the last minutes or what? For a second there, when they somehow managed NOT to kiss ’cause of the snow, (..the snow emerging as the possible last-blocker-kiss between them, unbelievable! THE SNOW) I was like, this is some quality trolling! But, it happened.


And it happened again:


And again:


Aaaaand again :


That was a very, very nice scene; I loved the lighting, the location, Takane on a suit (lol, actually my mom was passing through my room as I was watching and she remarked “That is a very handsome young man!” and I was like “Get in line mom!”) and Back Number’s song in the background (my second jam lately, after Okitegami’s N.1) wrapped up that scene quite decently!


I still don’t understand what the freaking conflict was, because okay yeah- Takane saved the temple, and “had” to break up with Junko cause of his Granny riding him in his case, but did he have to be so cruel last episode to announce that “decision” of his? It felt OC because if you cut Takane his blood’s shape will spell JUNKO and would never intentionally hurt her. At least it was addressed in the last episode, and he apologized for it, so w/e in a sense.

His reasoning for loving Junko was simple yet to the point; I mean “as to the point” as Takane can be, because it felt like his waterfall speech in the end, was in order, since he couldn’t speak much to her through the rest of the episode, lol.

Junko’s letter was really heartfelt; I liked that there was emphasis on everything Takane offered her and how she appreciated his efforts and his genuine (at times very odd!) outlook and sincere approach towards her and him loving her family as well.

Momoe throwing flowers at Arthur-Lucifer, lmao. “I want to keep having fun with you” was a great line, as expected from Arthur. Hachiya was probably joking with the marriage registration right? Masako seemed amused by him trying to prove her that he actually likes her, so all’s good there too.


Grandma, even very late, kind of admitted her wrong ways (VERY latex2) so I thought it was symbolic how she was the last one (as last obstacle) to encourage Junko to run to Takane, as Makoto’s speech to Junko before got through to her as well.


I actually liked Amane’s last scene playing with the Elders on the temple; he did come late in the game, and there are narrative underdevelopment issues when that happens, but him being slowly accepting of Takane and the others- I liked that and didn’t quite expect that I would care for Amane in the end at all lol. Guess that shows how “warm and happy” the finale oozes of!

Will there be a SP? I think I read somewhere it will be (or was that fans’ wishes?) and it sounds likely since the ratings were pretty decent. I await another episode of Junko teaching Takane what a one dollar store is and how he will make use of it to make more couple sets, hehe.


Satomi and Yamapi did a good job fleshening out their characters, and they had great chemistry together; they seemed to have fun working with each other, so that always translates on the screen and that was neat to see.


Like I’ve said before, 5 ji Kara isn’t something special or unique, but it is my cup of tea when I want to switch off and just enjoy and laugh along with the craziness of most of the characters. It helps that the main couple offers ridiculous amounts of laughter (Takane’s reasoning for many things is just brilliant!) and the side-characters follow that path with their own ludicrous shenanigans as well!

Onwards to that SP then? Yep, I’m not gonna bid farewell (..but not goodbye lol) to 5-ji Kara yet, I choose to believe there will be a SP soon! Bring it on!


disclaimer – this post was written by a kipzizz in-mood-for-holidays for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to nikattun

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  1. Jaseza
    December 21, 2015 at 5:23 am — Reply

    Thank you so much for the recap..😄😄😄 really love this drama.. hope to see SP.. 😊

    • December 21, 2015 at 9:36 am — Reply

      You’re very welcome! ; )
      (I certainly hope so too!)

  2. December 21, 2015 at 10:30 am — Reply

    Thanks for the recap, Kipzizz, you are awesome! And first thing first, damn that deep fried horse mackerel look so yummy! I am having a serious crave of some japanese fried food now. Second, it was so painful to watch all the efforts Junko and ELA team to get her and Takane back together, but with an ending full of kisses like that, I guess it is worthy 😀 I am on board with SP, an SP in New York now that’s even better! Last, is the letter is telling how much she loves him because the way he loves her had made her a better person. Wah! Am I looking too deep into it, now? But it is just AWESOME! Ooh and one more thing, one more, aishiteru Yamapi!!

    • December 21, 2015 at 10:37 am — Reply

      …and did I just left out Momoe-Arthur? They should have a spin-off together with Mishima, or just an SP will do it for me

    • December 21, 2015 at 10:46 am — Reply

      You’re welcome!
      The ELA gang was awesome this episode, with their collaboration and scheming!

      Both Takane and Junko changed each other; Takane with his genuine and honest outlook and Junko with her candid way of showing how to appreciate simple but important things, such as family and friends.

      Like I said I want a SP too, with Junko/Takane bickering about everything and Momoe/Arthur’s adventures on BL conventions lol

  3. December 22, 2015 at 10:58 pm — Reply

    is it like okitamy kyoko?

    • December 22, 2015 at 11:01 pm — Reply

      Huuum, not really.
      It is a hilarious drama though, once you get past the first couple episodes which are sorta bad, you will appreciate it, I think.

      (honestly, no show was like Okitegami for me this season, I absolutely adored it for many subjective reasons so yeah)

  4. Myra
    December 30, 2015 at 7:56 pm — Reply

    “Hachiya was probably joking with the marriage registration right? ”

    > Right !!? I was like, “get your high school diploma first!” LOL Anyway, I think it might mean that he wants to date her with marriage in perspective (3-4 years later)…or may just want to make her laugh and get close to him 😉

    As for Momoe and Arthur…I’m a bit disappointed. It was sooo short: no explanation on why she kept avoiding him for months, no insight on her growing feelings about him, nothing about her virginity or singleness…so they may start dating one day, or not. We didn’t get to see her matured side at the end nor her adult self as a woman “in love” for the first time. We just saw a man playing with a childish teenager…but I guess these 2 will need more time to get together.

    And Amane…I didn’t like how Takane and the rest of the temple ignored his bitter feelings. The last episode just showed us Amane coming to terms with his family on his own, like he was the only one at fault.

    And now Takane and Junko…awesome she’s going to NYC!! That’s what I was thinking…and the clingy red kimono girl finally left the temple!! Kanpai!! If she hadn’t, this ambiguous situation wouldn’t have stopped.

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