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“No matter what you may know or what you might have heard,
Nothing changes, i am your father and you are my son.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Sweet Savage Family reached 7% in terms of ratings with its 7th episode and the drama’s ups and downs continue with this being the upwards part of the story after the 6th episode’s 6.5%. No matter how odd the ratings may appear when compared to the drama’s quality and consistent flow, Sweet Savage Family doesn’t intend to surrender. It remains sweet and savage, but most and above all familial to the fullest.


Albeit a family-oriented drama, Sweet Savage Family is couple-centered as it presents each and every individual’s world the way it’s being filtered through a twofold prism in combination with his/her other half and the way all couples interact with one another and how they are affected by the flow of events.


Now that Soo Min’s “kidnapping” has reached the end after Tae Soo’s sister-in-law brought her back from Seoul where they attended a concert the real struggle begins. After questioning the chairman’s dignity Tae Soo found himself in a difficult position. Gi Bum found the chance to convince the chairman to take precautionary measures since Tae Soo wouldn’t stand still in case something went very wrong. The chairman tightened the noose around Tae Soo’s neck by putting his house up for sale. Tae Soo would do just anything to protect his own family and the chairman is well aware of that. Using the house as an excuse he intends to use Tae Soo whose first mission was to keep Mr. Cho away from Gi Bum.

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The One Heart elections didn’t flow as expected since the chairman cancelled the procedure right before the last vote’s revelation that would determine the new chairwoman! He’s strictly against Do Kyung’s presence there and he would never acknowledge her as One Heart’s chairwoman. However, the last vote would favor Eun Ok and he actually prevented Do Kyung from finding herself in an even more awkward position! Eun Ok will be dealing with volunteer work and Do Kyung will take care of the holiday events alongside the marketing factor.

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Joo Ran found yet another chance to feel angered towards the chairman for humiliating her in front of the other members and she will use it accordingly in the future! She weaves her own web, but she’s not as strong as she appears to be since Gi Bum wasn’t pleased with the latest events. Her real name is Oh Sook Ja and Gi Bum is well aware of her past, we have yet to find out what he knows and keeps Joo Ran enchained in his quest to strengthen Do Kyung’s position and get back together with his family!


Sung Min had overheard his parents’ conversation and he found out that Tae Soo’s not his biological father. The arch shock made him seek some peace of mind through basketball while neglecting his meeting with Hyun Ji. Witnessing Tae Soo’s supportive attitude was making things even more complicated in his mind and the next morning Hyun Ji became aware that Sung Min wanted to do a paternity test, but she prevented him from proceeding since it wouldn’t help him to sort things out. Sung Min has found himself in the eye of the storm, he’s not allowed to follow his own dreams and he just found out that Tae Soo isn’t his biological father. What was creating an even deeper chasm between him and Eun Ok was the fact that she would never let him hang out with Hyun Ji whom Sung Min deeply treasures.

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Tae Soo’s always there to outweigh Sun Min’s tension with Eun Ok thanks to his caring approach and Sung Min started his indirect investigation. His doubts concerning Tae Soo’s attitude would get soothed for now as Tae Soo can only see him as his son and he proves it every time with love and sincerity. He’s not only protective towards Sung Min, he also wants to protect Eun Ok concerning this birth secret and something tells me that it derives from a traumatic event we have yet to find out.

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During the previous episode Gi Bum found himself in oceans of bliss even though the kiss massage didn’t reach completion! His condition had already started deteriorating and he thought that everything would progress as expected, but Do Kyung was no longer under the influence of wine! She neither needs flowers nor reassurance that everything will be fine, she wants actions on Gi Bum’s behalf, actions that would prove how much he cares about his family and that he’s no longer under the chairman’s influence.


The movie plan was heading towards the deepest pits of hell, but Jin Wook cleansed himself in fountains of pleasure with Joo Ran! Their mood was ruined and alcohol was running through their veins, but their common passion for Jan van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait brought them closer together, as close as they could get in a scandalous night’s crescendo! The next morning none of them could believe what had happened, but the fact that Jin Wook didn’t remember anything hurt Joo Ran’s pride! After everything fell back into place Jin Wook was visited by tremendous amounts of inspiration! He wasn’t the only one who got benefited by their one night stand, Joo Ran’s absence from the household made the chairman feel apologetic towards her and Joo Ran’s arch fear vanished as she had the upper hand anew!

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During the last ten minutes of the 7th episode many revelations took place. Tae Soo became aware of the fact that Sung Min had found out the truth. Sung Min also found out that Hyun Ji’s health wasn’t at its finest even though she reassured him that it wasn’t anything serious. Eun Ok also became aware that the chairman had put their house up for sale and once again she was waiting for Tae Soo out in the cold to make her feel at ease. Tae Soo also emphasized on the fact that he can only see Sung Min as his own son who should keep everything he knows as a secret from his mother. Tae Soo’s safe haven has to be the image on the wall, the little angel that keeps his family safe day by day as the future’s ongoing uncertainty appears dreadful.

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Gi Bum was entranced by Jin Wook’s script since it wasn’t only about action, it was also about love due to its Napoleon and Josephine romantic underlays! Tae Soo asking for Gi Bum’s help when it comes to his house was a big mistake since he directly unveiled his weaknesses in front of his major rival. At the end of the day, Tae Soo’s reassuring words didn’t have the impact he desired. Eun Ok was preparing something for the chairman probably because she knew that not everything had been resolved yet and later on she had to face Sung Min after she found out that he turned in a blank test paper. The more she keeps pressuring him the more Sung Min keeps boiling and the fact that she had been lying to him when it comes to his real father is something that multiplies the level of his denial. After urging her to let him sort things out the way he wants to and doubting her innocence as a mother Tae Soo brought an end to their conflict by hitting Sung Min.

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I don’t approve of Tae Soo’s reaction, but he will regret the crucial second of the impact because he loves Sung Min and I can understand that his family is at the verge of breaking apart due to the ongoing rough waves that keep hitting their shore. It’s a one step forward two steps back process as the flow of events is always ahead of them. If only both Eun Ok and Tae Soo could walk in Sung Min’s shoes to witness just a glimpse of how he feels at the present they would be able to find out that his adolescent heart is shattering to pieces. He feels deceived, pressured and helpless in front of reality’s mirror and his tears at the end of the episode were highly representative of what’s going on deep within. Tae Soo protecting Eun Ok from having to deal with the past in a direct way proves that a painful story could be lurking in the shadows, but it’s a story that must resurface since things turned out this way. Revealing the whole truth feels like the only way for all of them to chase away the clouds of the past once and for all.

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    I was ready to nominate Tae Soo for Kdrama Father of the year until he hit Sung Min. It was a jarring moment in a show that has adult characters that (for the most part) use some common sense in dealing with the teens.

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      Definitely agree, his approach was great on the overall matter, but that moment ruined Tae Soo’s holiness as a father! Tomorrow will watch the 8th episode, smells like feels!

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