Minami-kun no Koibito ~ My little lover ~ episodes 3-5 ~ review

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It’s late at night and it’s the only free time, I have. I want to give you some love. That is why, I’m gonna write some thoughts, on episodes 3, 4, 5 of “Minami-kun no Koibito”.


Chris hesitated…”Is this love?”…”If it is…” She doesn’t know yet, that asking herself that question itself. Is the beginning of love already …

“My little lover” keeps giving us, cute episodes filled with romance. Minami and Chiyomi on episode 3 are trying to figure out a way, so that she can come back to her normal size.

Chiyomi realises, while looking at the asleep Minami, that she has many feeling for him. She even updates the “fairy’s love story” on her blog. A well made part that, I kept repeating. 

They try everything, but doesn’t work. It seems like, when Minami expresses his love to Chiyomi, then she will be able to comeback to her size. They make it seem this way, in this episode. Like the bad thoughts she has, that Minami is cold to her, keeps her to the one inch princess fairytale.

In her romance more obstacles come, Sayori steps up her game and visits sick Minami. When she tries to kiss him, while he is asleep (Minami was mostly sleeping is this episode), he calls Chiyomi’s name.




On episode 4 Sayori, doesn’t seem devastated, from what she heard. More like it gave her, motivation to chase Minami. Sayori is the kind of second lead, that I don’t seem to like or dislike. It will depend on the next episodes, if I stay nuteral or take sides.

Anyway, she and Minami spend some time together, they talk about his father that left and find things in common. When she tries to kiss him, his heart goes dugun dugun (like they would say in korean dramas)  and poor Chiyomi who is in his pocket, can hear it. She stops the kiss by hitting him. How sad it to hear your crush’s heart, beating for someone else.




Not only that, he seems willing to talk with Sayori about personal things, but yells at Chiyomi , when she brings up the matter.


Chiyomi makes him, start again the sport he used to love, but stopped beacause it reminded him of his father.


On episode 5, Chiyomi is sad because Sayori and Minami are getting closer. Chiyomi I don’t know if it your fault. That is a question that girls ask themselves, but never get an answer. Sayori doens’t waste anytime and while she is flirting with Minami, a funny guy calling himslef her boyfriend appears. Minami defends Sayori. It seems like he is someone will get to know, in the next episodes.


While Sayori tries to convince Minami, that her feelings are soncere and that she has plans for their future, a message comes from Chiyomi comes. Apparently the burgelers from the neighberhood, has come into Minami’s house. Only it’s not the burgelers but his father’s girlfriend, that is a bit sasaeng and wants to make sure her husband has filled the divorce papers. Minami leaves Sayori wondering if they would make cute kids, to make sure Chiyomi is safe. His father has left when he arrives.


Next episode is going to be intresting, since Chiyomi’s best friend finds out she in not in the workshop in Tokyo and Chiyomi herself, seems to be enjoying staying with Minami…Monday is already here.



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    this is such a cute, fun show, thanks so much for the recaps! ^^

    • December 14, 2015 at 10:16 pm — Reply

      thank you ^______^ I wish I had more time, to post things properly, but it means so much to me, that you enjoy it!

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