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5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made Episode 9 Recap | From Five to Nine (We’re Drowning In The Ocean)

5ji09011(and it’s tearing my heart open.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

5ji0902Junko decides to resign from ELA and her friends don’t take the news so well, especially Momoe who thinks that she just had to leave now that they’ve become friend. Junko says that it might be just the power of love. Masako thinks of her kiss with Hachiya and how she wants to experience the same thing.

Later in her house, Junko tells her parents of her decision and how she wants to stay in Takane’s temple as the daughter in law; everyone’s excited but Takane asks Junko if she’s sure of her decision and she might want to reconsider it. Junko tells him that he’s sure and she wants to change his Grandma’s mind about her.

5ji0903Takane asks Junko’s father if he thinks it is alright for her to quit her job like this, and he says that, that is how always Junko has been; once she makes her something about it, she wants to see through it. He then tells Takane about Junko’s dream of going to New York because of an old movie they watched together once; he asks Takane that since she decided to marry him, to be good to her and Takane promises he will.

The following morning, Takane goes to the Temple and informs his Grandma of Amane’s plans to demolish it. Grandma replies that she knows that and she doesn’t plan to make Amane chief priest, but she won’t give Takane that role either; Takane tells her that Junko quit her job to stay in the Temple with him but his Grandma doesn’t want to hear anything else unless he marries Kaori.

5ji0904Junko asks Takane how it went with his Grandma and he says that she is still adamant not to accept their wedding; Junko is positive and wants to go to the Temple and talk together with her; she thinks that since they’re being sincere, she will have to accept them eventually.

5ji0905The next morning, things don’t go so well when Junko and Takane go to meet Grandma who throws them out; they meet Amane who ridicules Takane about his resolve and how he won’t be able to accomplish anything in the end.

Junko is fired up to get through to Grandma, and the next two days, both her and Takane stake out, outside the place where Grandma is having several meetings. Takane helps Junko to feel comfortable having bought every single thing that she might need, and in the end, Junko seems to finally get through Grandma who invites her to stay in the Temple.

5ji0906Junko’s first day is very tough, as Grandma assigns her to many different jobs, varying from taking care of the shopping, fabrics, meals, cleaning something that infuriates Takane who tells Junko that maybe it is better to elope afterall; Junko tells him that she wants him to become the chief priest and she will try to achieve it together. They’re ready to kiss but Kokoro interrupts them.


Amane is making plans to demolish the Temple from its roots; Arthur meets Momoe and has brought Mishima with him to clear the situation between them , but Momoe admits to liking Mishima only because she reminds him of a BL manga character she likes.

In the temple, Takane tells Junko she won’t have to do anything today since his Grandma is meeting the parishioners. Junko is relieved to hear that and Takane noticing how hard she tries, asks his Grandma later why she’s being so tough to Junko; his Grandma tells him that he will end up miserable if he stays with her.

5ji0908The next day, Junko visits ELA and since it’s been a while, everyone is happy to see her and greet her warmly; Junko goes to the class she used to teach and feels nostalgic. Makoto finds her, and tells her he has to return to New York but he was glad to see how well she’s doing. He encourages her to call him if she needs anything and they say their goodbyes.

After Makoto leaves the class, Arthur tells Junko the truth about how Makoto’s wife passed out and the only one that made him laugh after that, was her; he knows that he shouldn’t be saying something like this to a woman who is about to marry, but as a friend of Makoto’s he wants to clear the air between them and set thing straight.


Junko calls her parents who are in great spirit since they’re eating their favorite food and ask her how she is doing there; she tells them she’s doing fine but Takane hears her dejected voice. At the same time, Amane is seen to be leaving Junko’s house after thanking her family about the stories they said about her.

Junko cooks and asks Grandma to taste what she made; Grandma tells her she doesn’t want to calling her hopeless; Takane enters the kitchen and ask his Grandma why she keeps treating Junko so harshly to which she replies that she just can’t stand her, and simply hates her.


Takane apologizes to Junko on behalf of his Grandma, and tells her not to push herself hard anymore. Junko falls asleep while Takane prepares the bed, and he carries her holding her hand.

The next morning, Grandma is asking Takane to be in charge of the sutra chanting in her meeting with the parishioners and Junko asks to help; Grandma accepts but Takane tells Junko that she should be careful, since his Grandma accepting that easily, means she might be up to something.  Junko calls her mom to ask her to bring her a kimono, and her mom tells her she has one that belonged to her grandma.

5ji09012Things don’t go well in the meeting, as Junko is first ridiculed by Grandma for her kimono choice, then ending up spilling food to one of the attendant’s kimono, making everyone there mock her.


Takane helps Junko to clean the kimono, and she tells him to go back for the chantings since that’s very important; Takane tells her she is the most important to him and after Junko says she doesn’t want to be a burden, Takune assures her she would never be one since she’s the one who taught him how important it is to be with the person you love and treat others kindly.

Amane tells his Grandma she should thank him for saving the meeting with his chantings and should give him the highest position but she tells him that he’s not ready yet to become  a chief priest.


In ELA, Junko’s farewell speech is being prepared; Momoe is sad and Arthur comes around to tell her that what he said to her the other day wasn’t just playing around, but he did mean that he fell in love with her. Momoe freaks out and wonders if her heart being fast to hearing that means she’s in love.

Makoto calls Junko to ask her when there should be a good time to hold a farewell party for her but Junko says she doesn’t need one; Makoto tells her that a valuable member is leaving so it is needed, and after he figures out that she’s down, he tells her to remain just the way she is.


Junko is preparing her farewell speech that Takane is listening to from outside the door; she reads aloud how she is sad to leave ELA, because it was the place that made her feel like she had accomplished, even half part, her dream of going to New York and how she’s gonna miss everyone but she doesn’t regret her decision. As she reads the last part in a sad voice, Takane enters and tells her he will take her home to sleep tonight, since it was a tiring day for her.


The next morning, everyone is gathered around the temple as Amane is ready to demolish it; he tells Takane that it’s his fault, since he was being selfish wanting both Junko and the temple and that selfishness was the one that ruined him also when he was abandoned as a kid in the Kyoto temple by his Grandma. Takane tells him that he wasn’t abandoned but Amane replies that nobody visited him and that he was always alone. His life was destroyed and now he will be the one to destroy the beginning of it all, the temple.


Takane meets Junko in their first “date” place as Junko remarks; she tells him she has prepared lunch and this could feel like a real date this time, but Takane interrupts her, telling her that she’s not suited to be his wife as she failed in the temple duties and their worlds are different afterall. Junko believes he’s lying but Takane tells her he hates lies and he will be marrying Kaori soon and actually grew to hate her.


A disheartened Junko ends up walking around ELA, where she meets Makoto; he hugs her while Takane goes his own way inside the temple.

Reflection Corner :


I’m all level99 fired up right now too! Like ugh ugh ugh

Why did you have to lie like this Takane? And why would Junko fall for it, when everything up until this point was screaming the opposite of what he told her? Oh crap, that ending felt so, so rushed; ahh, I knew the last couple episodes were too good to be true without an avalanche of sheer noble stupidity hitting us!

Okay, so I get that Takane wants to protect the temple and Amane’s words got to him (who in theory might have been right, but only on paper!), and he saw how Junko was struggling with everything but still. What was the point of everything up until now then? Didn’t he reassure her in that specific scene that she is the most important to him? (btw, while that was a nice moment, when I saw the shirt I started laughing, I couldn’t take it seriously anymore lol)


Junko at least, had the guts to acknowledge that they are from different worlds but she is willing to make it work; she “sacrificed” (even if I didn’t agree with all of it, and Junko’s passive stance throughout everyone ridiculing her but I guess she is stubborn and optimistic) ELA that was precious to her to be together with Takane, but he took the lying way out (“I hate you”? Really? And Junko fell for it, OH BOY) instead of explaining his motives. It would have been much better and logical, considering how they were both opening to each other lately, (and this is why this whole ordeal makes my head explode! They’ve both come too far to have this setback!) to sit down, find a solution or separate like two mature people realizing they want/need different things from life. Ah, that was a huge setback indeed.


It’s sad that my favorite scene from this episode was Makoto trying to cheer up Junko with a few kind words when he figured out she was sad. TAKANE WHY DO YOU MAKE ME ROOT FOR MAKOTO AGAIN WHEN I DON’T WANT TO, WHY.

Wait, I said favorite scene? Well, second favorite because nothing can top this lmao :


One episode only to fix this mess? Ah, let’s see how this will be played out then. Onwards to episode 10 then and here’s hoping Kokoro make an adorable appearance like this again! Even if it is to kiss-block them again! (…srsly, this is a gag reel at this point!)


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disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

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  1. Myra
    December 13, 2015 at 10:04 pm — Reply

    I told you about Junko resigning from her job…I had already seen this ep.

    I guess she’ll go to New york to study something or for an internship, then go back to Japan after one month when she realizes –wiith the help of Arthur and Momoe– that Takane lied or something…and then she’ll realize that she doesn’t care much about New York and that Takane means everything to her…
    Or Takane would be like “I can’t live without Junko” and get depressed so the clingy red kimono girl will finally give in and get the F out of the temple. Grandma will pity him as she sees how serious he is about Junko and will have no other choice but to let him marry Junko. AND let her get her job back.

    • December 13, 2015 at 10:09 pm — Reply

      But that’s the point- does she need someone to realize that Takane LIED? His face was like I AM LYING RN; I am not sure why she stood there like a statue; maybe the harshness of the words got to her or something.

      I am not sure why Takane lied either, I mean he knew beforehand what he was getting himself into, when he got together with Junko and decided to step forward together. Maybe, in his mind right now that he saw the Temple ready to demolish, something snapped and impulsively told all those stupid lies but it was still a crappy moment.

      Anyways, hopefully the last episode will explain and fix all that.

    • December 14, 2015 at 7:26 pm — Reply

      This ^^ is more make sense. But let’s rewind a bit, Junko feeling is easily swayed. She just need to see one wedding picture of Makoto to give up on him. She was so adamant about Takane but, well, Takane is quite different since he is so persistent but still in the end, she fell for him. This whole drama is like She Is Just Not That Into You (which they took it as one of the manga’s chapter names) Junko also had this lifelong dream of New York, so maybe, she felt a little relieved somehow when Takane said I hate you

      • December 14, 2015 at 7:33 pm — Reply

        I think Junko’s feelings were a bit all over the place this episode; she had to give up a lifelong dream and then she threw herself so stubbornly to see through her mission of getting to Grandma even if it seemed quite hopeless; Obviously she was hurt by Takane’s words, but maybe you’re right that a part of her might have felt a bit of sense of relief, and that is why she let his words slide.

  2. December 14, 2015 at 7:30 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap, Kipzizz! I am now heading to any site with eps 9 just to watch that superseme-sama LOL how come she comes up with that name? Should I change my profilename into that now? 😀

    • December 14, 2015 at 7:35 pm — Reply

      Hahaha, that scene had me rofling, Momoe is laying all her crazy thoughts on the line and it’s hysterical to see!

      loool, maybe you should, that would be a legendary username! (and you’re welcome ; )

  3. December 16, 2015 at 5:15 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap, kipzizz 🙂 The monk premise for 5 ji kara 9 ji made is rather interesting (Amitabha🙏). Now that I’ve read about all the noble idiocies, though, I’m not sure whether it’s worth a look….

    But if you are to compare any 2015 J-drama you like to a magic spell, which drama and spell would they be? It’s a question I’ve been asking Asian drama bloggers. If you don’t mind, I’d like to quote your answer in a year-end special on my site. ^^

    • December 16, 2015 at 5:16 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome! ; )

      Huum, I’m sorry I’m a bit confused? Ah, do you mean what things I would change in any of the jdramas I’ve watched this year?

      • December 16, 2015 at 5:31 pm — Reply

        Time-traveling and coaxing producers to change dramas would make for an interesting question but I’d need to write a thesis if I were to answer it myself. 😛

        My question is really simple: Which J-drama you like reminds you of a _____ spell? Maybe the Harry Potter spell “Accio!” because it summons people no matter how busy they are. Or maybe “Abracadabra” because it uses a very common formula but is undoutedly successful. Ummm, is this clearer? Sorry for the confusion!

        • December 16, 2015 at 5:39 pm — Reply

          Ah okay, so like a word/phrase one uses in a drama that sends magic fireworks to my mind? Like a phrase that I could connect with magic or something like that?

          • December 16, 2015 at 5:45 pm

            A phrase that you could connect with magic will probably do.

          • December 16, 2015 at 5:52 pm

            Ah okay, I got it (sorry, I had two all nighter recaps in a row and I’m a bit dazy!) Any character from any jdrama this particular year then?

          • December 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

            Maybe you can answer it some other day if you’re busy or tired. I’ll take around two more weeks to publish the article anyway. =P

            Yup, any J-drama this particular year! Feel free to interpret the question any way you like. I don’t want to give any blogger too much stress or hassle.

          • December 16, 2015 at 6:00 pm

            Okay, I will sleep on it then and I will reply to you soon! ; )

          • December 16, 2015 at 6:01 pm


          • December 20, 2015 at 10:12 am

            Um, I thought about it and the only thing that comes to mind, is Age Harassment; it’s this year’s drama, where the main character, Emiri Yoshii (Emi Takei) after having had enough of all types of harassment she notices in the place she works, she goes on a speech at the end of each episode, where she addresses the perpetrator of whatever kind of harassment they caused, by a speech that begins with “Idiots, I’m gonna fight you tooth and nail!” They usually go away in the end after they’ve been lectured, so I’d associate Age Harassment with Depulso!
            Does that make sense, lol, I hope it does.

          • December 20, 2015 at 3:39 pm

            That’s cool! I want to try that myself. Thanks a lot! It’ll be great to help promote dramas like this. ^^

          • December 20, 2015 at 4:13 pm

            Ah, was my answer sufficient then? lol I was afraid I sort of missed the point, but I’m glad I didn’t! ; p

          • December 20, 2015 at 4:37 pm

            Yup, you’ve understood the question correctly. Thanks for the final recap too. I like the Christmassy stuff.

          • December 20, 2015 at 5:47 pm

            lol, I might have flanked classes at school but I always understood the questions…I just didn’t know the answers most of the time, hahaha

            You’re welcome!

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