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Siren Episode # 8 Recap [That’s When I Reach For My Revolver]

sir0801(that’s when it all gets blown away.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

sir0802After his fall, Satomi thinks of the time he met Yuki for the first time; he initially took a liking to her and met a few times before Satomi invited to his place. Yuki was surprised to see so many books there, and Satomi explained that he likes reading mystery novels.


They watched together a crime movie and both took guesses who the killer would end up being; Yuki lost the bet, she herself proposed, and when Satomi approached her to tell her not to do the push-ups she had proposed for the loser, she tripped him. On the way to her home, Yuki said she had to be more careful in her intuition if she was to be better, and Satomi tells her that he will protect her, before sharing their first kiss.


Yuki is surprised to see Tsukimoto alive and Kara tells her that Satomi is in the hospital and nobody will save her. Chibideka interrogates Watari, who tries to justify his actions by saying that he had to hurt the stalker; Chibideka tells him that if Satomi dies, he will be a murderer. In the police station, they try to connect the cases between Satomi and Watari and conclude they need to ask Satomi in detail about what happened with Kara in the hotel. The police chief visits Yuki’s parents asking them if Satomi was dating Yuki, and her father replies that they broke up. The chief informs them about Satomi being hurt and hospitalized and wonders about any possible lead concerning this case with Yuki’s disappearance.

sir0805Yuki asks Kara to tell her what happened after she killed her father; Kara says that after she killed her father, everyone in the school started saying how weird she was, killing small frogs and such and that maybe she was the one to kill her father. That made Kara think she didn’t do well, leaving “traces” like that behind her and she wouldn’t repeat the same mistake; she took a liking to a strange girl that was mysterious and alone, Kara Tachibana.


In the 2nd year of highschool, Tachibana’s parents died, and the impulse to become her and steal the identity came over her; after camping together, Kara drugged her drink and strangled her when she was passed out.

sir0807She left her old self to die, and adopted Kara Tachibana’s identity since nobody would look for her; after meeting Tsukimoto, she underwent surgeries to look exactly how Tachibana looked. She tells Yuki that things wil be ending quite soon.

sir0808Yuki’s parents receive a text message from Yuki, that Kara has sent, informing them she’s alright and she will be taking some time of. Meanwhile, Satomi regains his consciousness and rushes to find out where Yuki’s parcel was sent from; he finds out it was near Kawaguchi Lake and when he discovers that a month has passed since then, he passes out.


Chief and Chibideka inform Satomi about Yuki’s message and how they treat it as a runaway case since there’s no incident. Satomi is forced to tell them everything he has investigated about Kara and also admits in dating Yuki; he’s sure that Kara has been watching them from Watari’s apartment but since he had no evidence he never made his claims known.

In the police station, Chief is thinking what Satomi told him and orders Chibideka to interrogate Watari anew, in case they find something that might relate Yuki’s disappearance with Kara.

sir08010Chitose asks Kara about Satomi’s stalking case related to her, and Kara tels her that Satomi has been indeed stalking her, showing the photos she took from him and the memo she kept because she was scared.  She says she told Yuki, but since Satomi was her boyfriend he laughed it off; Chitose ask her if she has contacted Yuki lately, but Kara denies it. Later Kara is seen getting into a car where a mysterious person awaits her, informing them how everything went well.


Ai helps Satomi who wants to head to the souvenirs’ shop to find out anything relating to Yuki; before he exits the hospital, the doctor tells him that Maya has woken up. Satomi rushes there, but Maya has fallen asleep again. He asks the doctor if he can stay with her for a bit; he takes Maya’s hand and asks her if Kara was the one to attack her; in the sound of her name, Maya moves her fingers as to wave yes. Satomi approaches her and asks her again, and gets the reply that Kara is a killer.


Satomi realizes that Yuki might be dead already and hurries to find Watari who is with Chibideka at that moment; he manages to corner him and threatens him to tell him anything he knows about Kawaguchi Lake. Watari confesses he’s got a villa there; he informs Chibideka and quickly runs away with Ai heading to Watari’s villa.

Chibideka thinks about Satomi’s words and his suspicions rise higher, when he finds out that the insider’s phone was Rena’s who also went missing th day Yuki disappeared; he asks chief to do a research on Watari’s villa.

sir08013Ai and Satomi arrive at Watari’s villa; after searching around for a bit, Satomi realizes he has pressed on a booby trap, and tells Ai to run away quickly. After he avoids the trap, Kara appears behind him with a gun; Satomi tells her he won’t escape if she kills a police officer no matter how smart she might be- Satomi manages to turn around and kick her gun away and they end up fighting and falling down.


Kara mistakes Ai running for Rena and when she manages to grab the gun again she orders Satomi inside the villa; Ai is inside the villa too, trying to find Rena but hides when she sees Satomi and Kara approaching.

sir08015Kara checks in the bathroom and when she sees that Rena is still there, she tells Satomi to call Ai otherwise she will shoot Rena right there; Ai’s phone echoes from the house and Kara orders Satomi to open the little doors in the place Ai might be hiding. Satomi finds the chance when Kara looks away, to pick the taser from Ai and when he pretends to tie Ai he turns around and disables Kara.


He grabs Kara’s gun and orders Ai to take Rena and go to the car; he goes to the basement to find a dehydrated Yuki and gives her water, which brings her back to her senses; Satomi hugs her thankful for her being alive.

sir08017Satomi carries Yuki and they try to escape together but Kara is ready to hit them with a hatchet; Satomi covers Yuki with his body to take the hit for her but Yuki manages to grab the gun he had took from Kara before and shoots her. She and Satomi pass out later and the police arrive and find the villa on fire.

Reflection Corner :


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. That was an intense episode!

First of all, wait, what? So Kara (Sachi) usurped Kara’s (original) identity after killing her? Woah, I didn’t see that coming, but I gotta think if Kara (Sachi/original) is telling the truth at this point? I felt like I was watching Pretty Little Liars, and this was a moment where you think Kara is A, but it’s not A that is Kara, but rather Kara 2.0 and then A is A 2.0 and…wait, what?


I mean, I thought Kara was operating alone but what is this partner/boss/minion(?) here? It looks like a woman figure, so hmmm. CRAZY THEORY : Real Yuki is dead, Kara-Kara is the Kara in the car and the Kara-Kara that Yuki-Sachi shot in the end; the mysterious partner here is,  Kara-Sachi, that has Yuki’s face and this is why Tsukimoto was brought by Kara-Kara in the basement, to adopt Yuki’s features from up close. Of course, the Yuki that Satomi saved, is Kara-Sachi with her new face. Darn, should I write a book or what? HEY IF THIS IS HOW THE MANGA ENDS I SWEAR TO GOD I HAVEN’T READ IT   ; PPPP // I mean, it can’t possibly end like that right lmao


(what is this PLL crossover??!)

Oh Satomi, my heart breaks for you this episode; his mind was YUKIYUKIYUKI all the time and the flashback was so sweet, cute and honest; Satomi’s inner thoughts were a treat to see. What a smooth guy!


But yeah, Satomi dying and his first thought being Yuki, that’s some deep love right there. That scene where he lip-waters her, that was epic and so was his reaction when he realized that Yuki was alive. I felt like there was a lot of focus on Satomi’s love for Yuki this episode, to the point where it seemed (though one could argue that Yuki would react exactly as he did in this situation) that he loves her more than she does, and I’m afraid that they might counter that with Yuki sacrificing herself to save him in the finale, or something similar. Is there a happy ending in the manga, I’m tempted to know because if there’s sad ending, then that’s some cruel stuff right there and I’d like to know before hand to prepare emotionally! (I won’t check…most probably!)


The finale preview is puzzling, could Kara survive a straight shot in the chest? (btw, it was nice to see Yuki getting the shot-shot, it had to be her and I’m glad it was her) PoPo couple is in the hospital together but then Satomi is teary talking to Yuki on the phone…but you know what, after Okitegami Kyoko’s last preview making a complete fool of me (tomorrow I will be posting my rant about the latest Okitegami episode and you will get why I say this!) I said to myself DONT TRUST THE DARN PROMOS so yeah.

Onwards to episode 9 then, and here’s hoping for a great finale!


(oh PoPo couple, I have faith you shall kiss again under a bridge again!)

p.s anyone else got CloTi feelings from that scene? Because I did.


I don’t know if it is my excitement for FFVII remake coming soon (..relatively lol) but Satomi’s promise about protecting Yuki and then being there for her in her most difficult moment gave me CloTi feels!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –



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  1. missmushroombanana
    December 14, 2015 at 8:31 am — Reply

    i loved this episode too, lots of action and excitement! i enjoyed the flashbacks to when yuki and satomi first met, the both of them were so cute! i wish there were more scenes of them together. i think the mysterious person in kara’s car is the girl from the boxing/gym place since she made a few appearance and kara hinted she would be helpful. looking forward to the finale!

    • December 14, 2015 at 8:34 am — Reply

      It was intense, yep.

      I love PoPo couple too and it was nice to see them, after many agonizing episodes, get some nice moments together, even from flashbacks; oh yeah, Kara wannabe 2.0 lol, I just am not sure how Kara manipulated her; “oh hey wanna kill some people, sounds fun right?!!!1” I guess we will see!

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