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“Your exterior should have been the only thing that changed.
Why did your personality have to become so twisted as well?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


After the kiss’ sweetness started fading away Joo Eun’s awkwardness came to the surface and she urged Young Ho to take off his clothes, meaning his jacket to get protected by the rain, but also to remain hidden underneath it inside his car on their way back home!

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She ran inside her room and You Bastard kept her company until the kiss popped up in her mind anew! She started getting ready for a second round, but it was Young Ho’s ghost manipulating her thoughts! On the other side of the bed, the one and only Young Ho arrived and ordered her to perform 50 sit-ups instead of fulfilling the kiss she was craving for!

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She managed to finish her task early in the morning and the perfume she used was way too much. Young ho was able to sense it all over the place! She weighed herself and they found out that she had gained 1.8 kilos in a single day! This could mean only 1 thing, more training, but she ended up in Young Ho’s arms and a sudden back-hug took place!

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Back at work, the victim’s mother was erupting because the rich culprit didn’t apologize and Joo Eun left with her. At the cafeteria Joo Eun urged her to postpone accepting the current settlement since eventually the rich side will surrender and offer even more money along with an apology after having being pressured a bit. Joo Eun apologized and the victim’s mother was thankful for hearing it from her mouth even though she had nothing to do with the overall case.

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Joo Eun definitely knew how injustice feels between the rich and the poor since her father had died in a work accident and the company didn’t take responsibility. Instead, they chose to resolve everything with money as the company’s “sincere” consideration. She called her mother on the phone and the store’s opening was postponed for a week’s time in order for Joo Eun to be present.


Joo Eun went to meet Soo Jin to remind her of the fact that they wanted to become great lawyers, but Soo Jin kept insisting that Joo Eun should use the appropriate honorifics and that she doesn’t intend to visit the past with her. Soo Jin wanted Joo Eun to convince the victim’s mother to accept the new settlement since the culprit will offer a public formal apology along with money. Soo Jin emphasized on the fact that she didn’t steal Woo Shik from Joo Eun, he approached her willingly and she thought that Joo Eun was acting this way because she wasn’t receiving love at that point. Joo Eun acknowledged that Soo Jin didn’t only change externally, but also on the inside since she wasn’t that way in the past. Soo Jin disagreed on having become immature and she chose simplicity for her occasion. It’s all about either receiving love or not. Joo Eun changed the sentence on either loving someone or not and she could easily understand that Soo Jin’s world wasn’t unaffected by the past.


The chairwoman was at her daughter’s memorial and Young Ho arrived as well to pay his respects towards his mother. His grandmother couldn’t avoid him at that point since he hugged her! After all the surgeries and rehabilitation Young Ho had to go through made him hate hospitals and since his mother’s not here anymore and his grandmother won’t be around for too long she wants him to fulfill her wish. Young Yo intends to build cancer and rehabilitation centers, something that could end up ruining the company. His grandmother was both apologetic and thankful towards him and while he was walking he came across his younger self’s memory when he was trying to walk back in the days.

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Joon Sung was training and once his personal trainer urged him to rest for a while. He wanted to continue practicing with Ji Woong until a nightmare appeared, Yi Jin! She couldn’t accept the fact that Joon Sung had rejected her twice!


Joon Sung told her that he didn’t reject her, he simply doesn’t have time to work on advertisements at that point and she started thinking that something was wrong! Joon Sung will work on the printed advertisements to say the least and he was apologetic, but she fell in his arms while in tears and she couldn’t believe that she couldn’t get closer to him despite being his fan!


While he was changing clothes, Joon Sung hid from Yi Jin’s ads and Ji Woong kept imitating the moment she started crying in Sung Joon’s arms!

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Once Ji Woong, Joon Sung and Young Ho came back home Joo Eun’s bag destroyed their nostrils because of a tangerine which kept decomposing in there for a year’s time! It’s a bag of utter importance for Joo Eun since this was the one she had when she won her first case and it keeps accompanying her during important cases!

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Soon enough the massage-memories appeared anew and Young Ho escaped! Then the kiss popped up anew and she kept wondering on whether Young Ho lost his memory or not since it seemed like she was the only one remembering what had happened!


Ji Woong urged Joo Eun to join him in aerobics and she eventually followed Ji Woong’s leprechaun dance! We didn’t get to listen to it in the drama, but… eh, Macarena!

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Inside his car Young Ho kept recalling Joo Eun’s thoughts on the sweet taste of life and that not everything is red or green. He visited his lonely place and kept recalling his grandmother’s words. He received a phone call from secretary Min and Young Ho informed him that he will follow his grandmother’s wish since he wouldn’t be able to avoid it.


Joo Eun was recalling her tough training and she started thinking that she must had been dreaming when it comes to the kiss! Since Joo Eun’s training was progressing well they will work on vanishing her abdominal fat!

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Young Ho gave her a new bag and prove to her that he recalls their last night’s kiss; awkwardness came back! However, Joo Eun mentioned Anna Sue and Young Ho informed her that they’re just friends making Joo Eun play with words! Young Ho wouldn’t have a problem kissing her again and the conversation progressed in their own renowned way! Young Ho wanted to inform her on something but he couldn’t do so at that point. However, she could easily notice that something was bothering him.

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The next morning Joon Sung and Ji Woong were afraid of her bag’s smell but Joo Eun reassured them that it was a new one! She noticed that Joon Sung had lost lots of weight, but it’s something he had to do. Once she made a reference to Young Ho’s absence Ji Woong made fun of her and put all the blame on her bag’s poop! Young Ho was more than glad witnessing her energetic voice!


Joo Eun received a phone call from Hyun Woo who wanted her to keep an eye on her son at a kindergarten event since her mother-in-law had been hospitalized. Since both parents had to be present Joo Eun called Joon Sung on the phone!

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Young Ho had become aware that she was worried about him and she informed him that she won the trial. She presented Ji Woong and Joon Sung as Min Joon’s uncles and soon enough Young Ho made another kiss reference. Joo Eun shut his mouth wither hand but Young Ho liberated it with his tongue! Ji Woong and Joon Sung worked on a martial arts demonstration! At some point Joon Sung was more passionate than he should, but they received the children’s praise even though they were concerned about how things would flow! Min Joon was more than happy!

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Joo Eun managed to convince Young Ho to follow them at a super hero miniature store and Min Joon was so excited! Young Ho informed her that he is as glamorous as Iron Man, more good-looking that Superman, but as secretive as Batman who became his friend! Joo Eun posed with Hulk making Young Ho and Min Joon leave!

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On their way back home, Young Ho was waiting for Joo Eun and Min Joon to wake up but Hyun Woo called her on the phone. Hyun Woo will stay by her mother-in-law’s side and Joo Eun will take care of Min Joon! Cramp made its appearance anew and Young Ho took care it! Joo Eun took Min Joon back home after being thankful towards Young Ho who urged her to sleep! He was so happy after their recent experiences, but it felt odd not being with her inside his house!

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Soo Jin invaded the world of chocolates and she was so excited, but once she recalled Joo Eun’s words her mood collapsed. She called a driver, but it was Woo Shik on the other side of the line who came to get her back home!

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Joo Eun sent a goodnight message to Young Ho and then another one since he didn’t reply back! Their conversation became spicy and he told her that everything he does is for her health! The promise she made with Ji Woong is that if she loses 5 more kilos before the first snow they will go camping altogether! Joo Eun informed him that she had always been thankful towards him starting from the moment she met him! Young Ho has a new nickname, Muscle Angel!


Woo Shik, Nam Chul and president Choi went golfing as planned! They intend to take under their wings all of the shareholders’ shares in order for director Choi to maintain his position while keeping an eye on Young Ho. Woo Shik was concerned about Hye Ran who was with her husband. Young Joon wanted to talk to his father, but they didn’t get to talk that much! Hye Ran was the one to inform him that everything was fine with his son.

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Joo Eun was over-excited in her office until Soo Jin ordered her to go to the Pantheon Convention room. Young Ho informed her that he would be late in order for her to progress with the training on her own. Being on the same side with Soo Jin wasn’t that pleasing but she was the ideal person to keep a secret on the forthcoming case. Secretary Min along with Young Ho as the Gahong Group’s medical branch director entered the room and everything started collapsing!

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Joo Eun left the room as everything started making sense and Young Ho followed her. He was apologetic while she was at loss for words. Young Ho urged her to calm down and take a deep breath, but she had started realizing that she was out of his league.

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~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus’ ratings may had fallen a bit during the 7th episode, but it maintained the second place in Monday-Tuesday’s drama schedule with 8.2%. One thing is for certain, Oh My Venus only gets better with every passing episode while balancing on a thing red line consisting of many threads: meaning, humor, feels, gradual progress, consistency, chemistry and focus on our main couple.


You Bastard isn’t only an abused stuffed animal facing Joo Eun’s wrath every time she wants to unleash all of the tension within, it’s also a great friend witnessing in silence her hallucinating loveliness! Young Ho appearing next to her in his renowned ghost aesthetic was nothing more than Joo Eun’s delusional craving for yet another kiss. She looked as if she was high on something illegal, such is the power of Young Ho’s kiss and while we’re addicted to this drama Joo Eun’s addiction keeps growing too, episode by episode!


Young Ho has conquered her heart’s castle and even though Joo Eun has achieved the same thing concerning Young Ho’s heart he remains more cryptic when it comes to his own feelings. Sadly enough, they pace hand in hand with his own concerns and the fact that he wasn’t openly sincere towards her about who he really is even though he kept giving her a few hints from time to time. His coaching attribute is really helpful when it comes to Young Ho keeping his real feelings on the inside and not being openly hearty in front of our lovely Joo Eun even though he’d want to. It’s a part of their own love game as it’s being filtered through their very unique communication tower.


Joo Eun may be working for the law firm which took the side of the rich culprit, but Joo Eun’s conscience and personal experience couldn’t leave the mother’s victim defenseless in this cruel world. During the 7th episode we had the chance to dive a bit deeper in our main couple’s past. Joo Eun’s father was one of these many victims that have been crushed by the system’s cogwheels and the company would never intend to take responsibility for his death. Only a petty approach and a paycheck would be enough for a faceless and profit-increasing company without respecting the deceased’s name and family. Something tells me that Joo Eun’s tears during that moment were the starting point for her wanting to become a lawyer who would face injustice. All they ever wanted was an apology as it possesses more power than money when it comes to the purity of human relations.


Soo Jin’s attitude may be self-centered, but she is directionless when it comes to herself. Her compass is broken pointing here and there with the past being an imaginary noose around her neck, the present being a great but meaningless display of power and the future even more uncertain. She emphasized on being loved and not receiving love, but everything begins the moment you start embracing and loving yourself.


Even now that she achieved everything she was craving for externally, internally she gets devoured by the lack of self-respect/confidence and an unquenchable thirst to show off while having nothing to present when it comes to depth and emotion simply because she never embraced herself who remains enchained and engulfed in fear inside a gloomy mirror. Covering her immaturity under the veil of simplicity was enough for Joo Eun to uncover everything with just a few words simply because Joo Eun never looked down on herself. Joo Eun has always loved the one she was and the one she became throughout the years, Soo Jin was never satisfied with herself and she bade farewell her overweight self without knowing what she really wanted in her life whereas Joo Eun does it because of her health issue and she remains the remarkable woman she had always been.


Loving someone or not passed like a bullet through Soo Jin’s heart and it didn’t mean only love for someone else, but also love for one’s self, something Soo Jin always lacked. While Soo Jin’s body lives at the present, her mind and heart are still enchained in the shadows of the past and not the past itself even though she denies it. And she’s not close with Woo Shik even though she wants to make Joo Eun believe otherwise. Talking to Woo Shik instead of a driver on the phone was pointing towards the direction that she had deleted his contact.


Despite looking like a vampire, the chairwoman is not as cold as she appeared to be, she deeply loves her grandson. At this point i have started believing that she was postponing her meeting with Young Ho in order not to make him a part of her dream in a blink of an eye since she knew that it wasn’t what he was looking for. Young Ho complied to the “if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain” saying and went to meet her at his mother’s memorial. It was an emotionally fortified scene witnessing Young Ho kneeling in front of his mother while he was unable to do so when she departed from this world. Young Ho has a hospital allergy, he avoids them as much as he can since he passed his childhood in there but we had already witnessed him visiting hospitals quite often because he truly cares about Joo Eun.


His moments in solitude are always desolate in their own way, it’s when he can be himself and he didn’t only witness his younger self’s memory trying to walk on the road he was walking at the present, he also visited his very own Gethsemane Garden. It’s the place where Jesus was arrested after Judas’ betrayal. Young Ho betrayed himself and headed towards the dream of his mother and grandmother in his very own equivalent of Gethsemane Garden. It possessed a sacrificial sense towards the woman he dearly loved but didn’t have the chance to treasure in his life as much as he wanted, his mother, and the woman he loves but he won’t be able to have in his life for too long, his grandmother. One could witness Young Ho’s twofold emotional world the moment he met his grandmother, he was both happy seeing her, his smile was pure, but when she couldn’t see him his face was darkening simply because he knew which pathway he would choose.


While Joo Eun was losing herself in her own silent yet blissful world wondering whether Young Ho recalls their kiss or not making her believe that it could had been a part of her wild imagination, she could actually read through the lines that his mood wasn’t the brightest one. He wanted to tell her something, i think that he wanted to reveal the whole truth since he had made his decision in order for her not to be unpleasantly surprised in the near or far future, but he couldn’t.


Young Ho never lived like a child, his life was filled with surgeries, rehabilitation, solitude and a blackened horizon which was turning into a lifeless gray. His enthusiasm the moment they entered the super hero miniature store was immense, it felt like he was seeing something like that for the first time and he was eager to discover as much as he could. Even though he had everything as a child when it comes to money, he never lived like a prince of a fairy tale like every child deserves to do so. I think that his question about where the princesses were was leaning towards that direction. But he did look like Batman and i couldn’t stop laughing, but also Joo Eun’s grimace and body position was resembling the one of Hulk!


The Super Man and Iron Man references were just a facade, Young Ho is Bruce Wayne and Batman all along the way! He had painful childhood and even though he only lost his mother, his father was never a paternal figure so it was as if he was growing up without parents. Just like Bruce Wayne is a caring figure, Young Ho is caring towards Joo Eun, Ji Woong and Joon Sung along with the fact that he wants to build cancer and rehabilitation centers . Even though he’s not a super hero he keeps everything on the inside, like Batman. And he has his own butler equivalent, secretary Min like Bruce Wayne had Alfred!


You have to love how they were missing one another! Even though Young Ho knew that Joo Eun would be at her friend’s house keeping an eye on Joon Min he couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t be at his place! But he wasn’t the only one missing her already, Joo Eun messaged him not only once, but twice after he didn’t reply instantly! And they were a bit more sincere towards one another before an earthquake would form a crack between them. Young Ho acknowledged that he was pressuring her all along the way, but it was always related to her health and Joo Eun was thankful towards him ever since she met him! I am so looking forward to their camping moments, all of them are going to be a crazy company and probably we’ll witness more love between Joo Eun and the Muscle Angel whose concerns were still there while bathing.


I am already shipping the emotionally restrained but hilarious Joon Sung with the effusive and eruptive Yi Jin! Something tells me that Joon Sung will unlock his emotional world once he faces his own past which holds the key to his own happiness. I am looking forward to it. Ji Woong was there once again to prove why he’s one of the drama’s pounding hearts on his own while impersonating Yi Jin and dancing like an Xmas leprechaun along with Joo Eun! Needless to say that i could smell that decomposed tangerine through Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Woong’s facial expressions! The martial arts demonstration was hilarious as well since both Joon Sung and Ji Woong were more passionate that they wanted to appear in front of the kids, but they earned their appreciation! Young Ho’s lines throughout the drama were one of a kind for one more time!


The moment Young Ho appeared inside the room time simply stood still between him and Joo Eun who couldn’t believe what had just happened. Judging from the preview of the 8th episode, Joo Eun will believe that Young Ho lied to her for one more time and there will be tension between them. Woo Shik and Hyun Woo’s ex-husband will start leaning towards Young Ho’s direction as the one and only John Kim and things will gradually become more dangerous for Young Ho. Soo Jin finally found out who was the man next to Joo Eun and she will make her own move. Young Ho feeling like being punished and holding his leg, could it mean his health issue will start resurfacing? However, no matter how many obstacles may be lying between them, Young Ho will want to progress his relationship with Joo Eun to find out a dead end or the light at the end of the tunnel together. Having already tasted just a glimpse of life sweetness by Joo Eun’s side was a strong enough reason! Alright, somebody bring the 8th episode right now!


  Despite their own concerns, backgrounds and the obstacles that may occur between them, if I could describe Young Ho and Joo Eun’s relationship then they would be a passionate Argentinian tango in the making.


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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  1. DSant
    December 8, 2015 at 2:42 am — Reply

    Again, Dramajjang, thanks for your wonderful recap it really helps to follow the story with more clarity.

    • December 8, 2015 at 3:09 am — Reply

      You are very welcome and thank you so much for your words!!! 🙂

  2. December 8, 2015 at 10:32 am — Reply

    I really like that Show doesn’t make the characters lie more than necessary. When Young Ho revealed himself as John Kim, he didn’t lie about his past and Joo Eun chose not to believe him b/c his story sounded like your typical K-drama twist. I must say, though. We’re only at episode 7. I’m really really curious to see what twists they will bring to keep the Show going at the same pace. I mean, is the fact that he’s rich and about to take over the CEO position of his company such a big obstacle? That’s why I’m anticipating the next twists!

  3. December 8, 2015 at 3:09 pm — Reply

    loved this episode! i hope show lets joo eun’s character be honest with herself as he didnt lie! he told her quite a few times he was from money ntm the fact he has a mansion all that gym kit, and expensive car and that hotel suite!
    the batman analogy is quite true, isnt it! perhaps writer-nim is poking fun as him/herself for the likeness lol….one thing i think that i really like about this show is that the characters are real, they dont seem to take themselves ott seriously even though Life Stuff is happening. refreshing in that context.
    that aside, loving it and this episode cracked me up. loved the whole joon sung & yi jin scenario and hope we get more of them. also, i was glad that joo eun replied to that much-argued over set of words by young ho at the end of ep 6 with, take off your clothes. quite dictatorial and a good counter to his you cant say no, i thought.
    thanks for the recap!! roll on tonights ep!! 🙂

  4. Myra
    December 8, 2015 at 10:42 pm — Reply

    I pity Soo Jin, I can’t hate her. She’s no good but she’s pityful. It’s easy for Joo Eun to tell her that she should love people and not just obsess over being loved, but usually you can only give what you have received…

    I haven’t finished watching this ep so thanks for the recap. I like this drama. Dunno about the main guy acting “cold but concerned” about Joo Eun, but I’d prefer him not say stuff like “your body is mine” lol They do look good together though, I like him so far.

    Someone here said the characters look real, and that’s true. I have the same impression.

  5. December 8, 2015 at 11:25 pm — Reply

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