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Siren Episode # 7 Recap [No Kiss Gave me Release, They Call me The Unkind]

siren0701(no kiss gave me fulfillment, I’m simply the unkind.)

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Yuki wakes up tied in a basement wondering what happened; she tries to untie herself to no avail and then Kara arrives. Satomi is digging around Kara’s school, finding out she has the same age as Yuki; he asks for a photoalbum of the class she attended.

siren0703Yuki asks Kara if she’s okay, but quickly understands that it was her that hit her. Kara tells her she has nothing against her personally, but she’s gonna kill her anyway, but not before she realizes her whole plan; she injects her with an anesthetic drug.

Satomi sees Kara’s old picture and recalls Yuki telling him that Kara once told her she had cosmetic surgery, and thinks she might have lied about that too; he leaves the school after having taken her address of her old home.

siren0704Yuki wakes up in a “police” outift that Kara has dressed her to; she tells Kara that she won’t be able to escape and what is doing will be abnormal and Kara retaliates by trying to strangle her but stops midway through, thinking to herself she shouldn’t rush it yet. Yuki thinks she has to escape somehow and then recounts the times she didn’t listen to Satomi’s words about Kara.

siren0705Satomi goes back to Kara’s old house but doesn’t find anyone living there; he meets a neighbor of Kara’s, and asks her if she knows where Kara went after graduation, if she had any lovers or friends she remembers hanging out with them. The woman tells him she only remembers her being close with another girl.

Kara tells Yuki that she was probably raised lovingly and had a right upbringing and when she gets close to her, Yuki finds the chance to attack her; Kara is amused but quickly kicks her away. She tells her that the dress she’s wearing now, was from an old friend of hers; Yuki recognizes the name, as she recalls that it was the girl that apparently committed suicide after killing the woman of the man she had an affair with. She asks Kara how many people she has killed, and Kara tells her, it’s all the people that she was involved with in her investigation.

siren0706Yuki thinks back to all the times she should have connected the common points in the cases that somehow Kara was always present and scolds herself for being a careless cop.

Satomi goes to find Kara’s old friend, Sachi, but a neighbor tells him that everyone from that house has moved away; Satomi instead finds Yoshiko, a woman that attended the same class as Kara and asks her if she remembers everything about her. Yoshiko tells him that Kara often hang around with Sachi in Kamemi Bridge playing camp there.


Kara tortures Yuki by stabbing her enough to draw certain amount of blood in various parts of her body; Yuki thinks at this point she’s gonna die in her hands, but her father’s face flashes in her memory on how she should always face upwards. She figures out that Kara wants to get to know her first before she kills her and will do the same too. She asks her why she kills people and that it can’t be just from anger or fury, since she has a method not to get exposed.

siren0708Kara tells Yuki she obtains something after every person she kills, something that characterizes them; from her old boyfriend it was his kindness, from the woman in the cabaret it was her confidence and after she kills her it will be her sense of justice. Yuki asks her what it was that triggered her and Kara says it all started when she pushed her father from a bridge and that night she felt a particular euphoria, as if his soul was in her hands.

siren0709Satomi goes to the bridge to see if he can find out anything when Ai calls him telling him that Rena hasn’t come back; afterwards Yuki’s mom calls him, telling him that she can’t find Yuki. Satomi suspects that something is up and rushes to his car driving away.

Yuki tells Kara that delusion of hers won’t ever end and then bites her hand. Kara kicks her and tells her it’s a shame she did that, when she was planning to kill her beautifully. She then leaves her behind to go to work.


Satomi can’t find Yuki in her home or dorm, and despite being banned he runs to the police station; everyone tells him to leave but he manages to find out that Yuki left a sleepover notice in Saitama.

He goes to Kara’s cabaret and asks her why Rena isn’t around. Kara tells him that him looking for other women will hurt Yuki more and will eventually end up alone. Satomi asks her if she has talked with Yuki lately, but Kara says she hasn’t. He asks her if she had any old friend, named Sachi and she replies that she doesn’t know anyone with that name, thinking to herself she has to get rid of Satomi as well.

siren07011The police start to look for Yuki, as she’s absent without a notice and Satomi goes to Yuki’s father and asks him for help; he thinks that Yuki might have something happened to her investigating the old liquor case and Yuki’s father says he will help him and they will keep in contact.


Kara is boxing with the new girl who tells she has heard great things about her and would like to become like her; that picks Kara’s attention and tells her if she’s interested, she can teach her to become exactly like her.

Satomi sees Watari in the streets and follows him, listening to what he says about how a cop has been stalking his girlfriend; he figures out he might be talking about Kara and goes to find him in his apartment. Watari is reluctant to meet the “stalker” but thinks he has to face him now that Kara is not around. Satomi asks him about Kara but Watari dismisses everything he says about her. Satomi thinks he’s brainwashed by her and tells him to take care. After he leaves Watari’s apartment he realizes that his own place is perfectly visible through Watari’s windows.


Watari talks with Kara on the phone, and she tells him that Satomi in reality has tried to rape her and is really scared of him; Watari is infuriated and Kara says that if Satomi wasn’t around they would be really happy.

Rena is revealed to have been captured by Kara, who tells Yuki that Rena is Satomi’s cheating partner and she has to punish her. Yuki pleads with Kara not to hurt her.


Satomi gets a call from Yuki’s dorm about a parcel she has sent herself; before he’s ready to head to the dorm he gets hit by Watari with baseball bat and falls down the stairs. At the same time he’s carried to the hospital, Yuki thinks about him and hopes he will be the one to save her. Her thoughts are interrupted by an exhausted Tsukimoto entering the basement.

Reflection Corner :

(could very well be the alternative title of Siren!)

(could very well be the alternative title of Siren!)

First of all, my hat’s off to Nanao; she was very believable as the crazy, no remorseful killer but also pulled off successfully the pure craziness inside Kara’s head when she was amused by Yuki fighting back. It’s a thin line between coming across as a caricature figure in these kind of situations, but Nanao portrayed the “wow, she’s truly crazy” very well.


So, Kara has Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung aspirations huh? She sucks the soul and the traits of those she kills. Even though her backstory was sorta short, (I guess we will see more about her “friendship” with Sachi though) I felt it had the impact needed to understand her “motives” so I’m content with that. She somehow seems to sympathize (in a deranged way ofc!) with her VIPs preys (such as Yuki) as she was truly ready to kill Rena to “punish” her for being around Satomi.

Tsukimoto is alive? I didn’t expect that. He seemed ready to fall apart, I wonder why Kara hasn’t killed him yet. It has something to do with Yuki I suppose, but we’ll see.


I felt for Yuki this episode, apart from being tortured by Kara, she was also beating herself up for not having picked up the signs that Kara was somehow related to every latest case. The contrast in the end, with Satomi being carried into the hospital and Yuki hoping he will save her, showed how Kara broke them; one physically, the other mentally. Satomi seems to be seriously injured, so I’m not sure how much he will feature next episode. I hope Yuki will be the one to beat Kara in the end; I mean, I wouldn’t mind Kara getting away with it loool jk jk, she has to pay and it should be Yuki to face her ultimately, to redeem herself and restore her cop status and properly transfer to First Division.

Oh, the golden award of I AM A TOOL goes to


that scene was hilarious, I was screaming at my screen. Watari is such a tool, a few words from Kara and he’s at it. The “irony of the unsuspected” strikes again, Satomi was hit by the most unexpected person!

Last but not least, Kara’s maniacal laughs this episode; it’s getting closer to Uchiha territory and you know that, that is an achievement!


Onwards to episode 8 then!

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