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“Being 20 wasn’t any different from being 19 years old.
As always, it was hard and there was nothing.
But there was one miracle.
The miracle of us being together.
The miracle of being friends.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here.


Tae Oh contacted Song Yi and asked her to wait for him at the bus terminal. Ji Ahn helped Se Hyun at the elevator and informed her on how hard Tae Oh had worked about the seminar, but soon enough he found out that Tae Oh was absent without Se Hyun investing in further details.

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After taking their tickets Tae Oh and Song Yi went to eat before leaving and she informed him on the welcome amount of money she’d been saving throughout the years. She had already started making plans on receiving tutoring and finding a house for her, Song Ah and her mother, but it’s something she can’t accomplish for now. Her greatest dream is to be able to share happiness and a meal with her family instead of living apart like this very moment. Tae Oh was left speechless since he was taking into consideration the truth Song Yi was yet unaware of.

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Ji Ahn called him on the phone and Song yi urged Tae Oh to keep her forthcoming meeting with her mother a secret. Ji Ahn wanted to find a new job to buy a ring for Song Yi and asked Tae Oh to keep cleaning up the stairs on his own. Even though Song Yi wanted him to remain silent, Tae Oh informed Ji Ahn that he would leave with her in order for Song Yi to meet her mother.


Tae Oh informed Song Yi that he revealed everything simply because he’s her boyfriend who would do his best to help her. Ji Ahn had rejected her in the first place because he really liked her and needed some time to live up to his own dynamics towards Song Yi.

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Ga In was losing herself in the world of models and Choi Hoon informed her that she’s prettier than them! Ji Ahn arrived and informed them that Song Yi had found out her mother’s location. Ga In could easily understand why Song Yi went there with Tae Oh in Ji Ahn’s place since he had always been there for her after her father passed away. Even though Ji Ahn was definitely bothered about everything going on he was hiding it behind his smile. He informed Ga In and Choi Hoon that it’s going to be the same for them if they start dating and a fight related to her feelings about Tae Oh erupted!


Song Yi noticed her mother but Tae Oh prevented her from proceeding and tried to hide the truth from her eyes. Song Yi saw her mother with another man and her world started collapsing. She also became aware of the fact that Tae Oh knew about everything and followed her in order to be able to help her. She couldn’t hold back her tears and Tae Oh held her in his arms to soothe her tension. It’s a secret he had kept to himself and Song Yi urged him to stop covering her eyes even if things become darker.

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Song Yi wanted her mother to know that she found out the whole truth and she threw her cellphone at the house’s door. Her mother realized that it was her, but Song Yi informed Tae Oh that her mother won’t be able to reach her on the phone anymore.


Ji Ahn was drinking beers as he was losing himself in Tae Oh’s last words and tried to call him on the phone but he was unable to reach him. Se Hyun was out of her house and nighttime wasn’t flowing well for either.


Song Yi had fallen asleep but Tae Oh wasn’t sure because of her sleep talking habit! Tae Oh recalled the moment he had informed Song Yi that he would move out of his house since his father was getting remarried and Song Yi started talking him about Anna Karenina who had left her husband because she had an affair. She would never approve of such a woman, but she could understand her choices and acknowledged the fact that she hadn’t changed.

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At that point Song Yi had helped Tae Oh understand his father and he urged her to do the same in order for her not to hate her mother. Song Yi started sleep talking and she was happy that Tae Oh was there with her. He was the reason why she was able to sleep at ease. She was thankful for Tae Oh covering her eyes and he told her how much he hated seeing her cry. Song Yi urged him to close her eyes the next time in order for her to pretend that nothing happened.

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Ji Ahn messaged Tae Oh that even though Song Yi’s cellphone was turned off he won’t worry since she’s with his friend. Ji Ahn’s wish to buy Song Yi a ring and Se Hyun’s words before Tae Oh left echoed anew in his mind and Tae Oh acknowledged that he was pretending he didn’t know how he was feeling about Song Yi, but at this point he couldn’t deny it. Tae Oh’s tears came to the surface as his emotions couldn’t remain on the inside anymore.


Song Yi appeared at the library the next morning and she was apologetic, but she told Ji Ahn that everything went fine with her mother and that she had lost her phone! The seminar had almost reached the end and everyone was amazed by Tae Oh’s editing skills! Tae Oh announced that the curtains would fall with one of Suzuki Seijun’s films!

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Ji Ahn urged Song Yi to go with him the next time wherever she has to go and not with Tae Oh who had already told her the same thing. Song Yi emphasized on the fact that Tae Oh has been her friend for the last 15 years and this doesn’t change even though she’s dating Ji Ahn at this point, but he wanted her to start treating Tae Oh in the exact same way she’s treating Choi Hoon. However, the fact that her friendship with Tae Oh was deeper was disturbing Ji Ahn.


Tae Oh was thankful towards Se Hyun for postponing the seminar until his return. He started enjoying this subject because of Se Hyun in the first place. Since they started it together Se Hyun wanted to end it together and she repeated a line from the movie on the end’s greater importance over the impact of a beginning. She emphasized on the fact that just because one may like someone else it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy to keep liking that person, but if something like that happens it would feel like a miracle.


Se Hyun wanted to walk with Tae Oh and shortly after he saved her from a passing scooter! Their mood was playful with their hands forming animals in their very own shadow play and both of them were soothed as soon as they stopped by a bridge!

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Tae Oh returned Se Hyun back home and Tae Oh was about to confess his feelings for Song Yi, but Se Hyun could foresee that he had realized how he finally feels. They broke a record, it was the first time she had to walk for three and a half hours while holding hands before breaking up with someone. Tae Oh had been her first time in many aspects of a relationship from waiting for him outside of his classroom to folding hearts and being curious about his friends to their recent walking experience. Just like Tae Oh wanted to feel like being someone else, Se Hyun treasured this feeling and felt like she was someone else while being with him even though he was someone who didn’t even know his own heart! However, Se Hyun didn’t fulfill the crying part, she will keep it for whenever she meets a guy better than Tae Oh. Behind her door though she couldn’t prevent her tears from coming to the surface.

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Tae Oh returned back home and headed for the beers right away instead of the food Song Yi had prepared for dinner and shortly after he informed her that he had broken up with Se Hyun. He didn’t mention the reason why and he wanted to be all alone.


Tae Oh erupted on the rooftop because of the way he treated everyone and he noticed a few beers. It was the moment he found out that Ji Ahn had passed by the previous night.


He got informed by Choi Hoon that Ji Ahn wasn’t devastated then, on the contrary! Once Tae Oh found out that it’s Choi Hoon’s audition day he bought him some clothes in order for him to leave a good impression! Choi Hoon was already believing that he didn’t make it since the others were better than him and he was eager to do just anything! His honesty was rewarded!


Ga In was heading towards the model agency and she was curious to find out if she could move on with her life despite the fact that Choi Hoon was concerned. The concept of the agency is about young pregnant women and she decided to do it right away!


Tae Oh bought a cellphone for Song Yi and recognized that it was easier when he didn’t know that he really liked her. Tae Oh wanted Ga In to cut his hair. Tae Oh was concerned when it comes to liking a person and everything that follows, along with the greed for more, but Ga In was minimal on her approach, if she likes someone she simply likes him and that’s all. However, she didn’t enjoy listening to Tae Oh’s monologue about someone else since she likes him!

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Song Yi informed Ji Ahn that Tae Oh wasn’t at his finest after breaking up with Se Hyun and once Se Hyun appeared things got a bit more awkward. Song Yi wanted to talk to her, but Ji Ahn prevented her from proceeding and he put the blame on Tae Oh. Ji Ahn intends to talk about everything with Tae Oh during one of their renowned basketball matches.


Song Yi found the cellphone Tae Oh had bought for her and she started realizing that Tae Oh was feeling differently about her. Once he appeared she tried to ask him directly if he likes her and he couldn’t offer her an answer since she couldn’t present the question. Even if she wanted to know the whole truth Tae Oh couldn’t unveil anything since his heart was breaking apart and he couldn’t bear watching her cry. On top of that, he was taking Ji Ahn’s feelings into consideration and he wanted a direct question in order to give a direct answer.

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Tae Oh found Ji Ahn on the rooftop and it was basketball time. Ji Ahn was more aggressive this time. They ended up getting hurt and tension arose.

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After fighting Choi Hoon arrived and Ji Ahn left. This time it wasn’t about his father raising the rent, but Tae Oh couldn’t say anything. His fear of losing Song Yi and Ji Ahn was there, but Ga In informed everyone that she got the job in her own “pregnant” way! Choi Hoon thought that Tae Oh had left Ga In pregnant, but logic prevailed!

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Song Yi went to meet Ji Ahn who didn’t put the blame on her since none of them was aware of what was going on with Tae Oh’s feelings, not even Tae Oh himself. He asked her if she can break up with him and the answer could only be negative. Ji Ahn reassured her that nothing will happen in the future since Tae Oh didn’t say anything.


Ga In invited everyone to treat them and if even if Tae Oh didn’t want to go he eventually followed! There was a quirky post-fighting awkwardness in the air and Ga In took care of Tae Oh’s wounds. She was well aware that Tae Oh would never intend to win over Ji Ahn, it’s something that would go against his nature.

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Their rooftop picnic was at its peak, but nobody wanted to follow Choi Hoon’s toast! He informed everyone on their progress with Choi Hoon working on something similar to what he had in mind, Ga In becoming a part of a new work environment, Tae Oh finding something he likes and Ji Ahn and Song Yi being in love! Even though being 20 years old isn’t perfect, that’s where the magic derives from and Choi Hoon was curious about how everyone would be throughout the passing of years and if they’ll still be friends! Tae Oh and Ji Ahn renewed their friendship vows and all of them toasted to being 20 years old!

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Later on that night there was awkwardness in the air between Tae Oh and Song Yi. He closed her eyes and urged her to just listen to him. He told her that he never liked her and that he hated everything about her. Tae Oh put a proper closure to his own feelings and soon enough he bid farewell his friends in his own way in order to join the army. One after the other, his friends took an kept Tae Oh in their hearts in their own way.

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Afterwards he intends to do film studies and he informed Ji Ahn that his stepmother can’t do anything to Song Yi who will keep living at his apartment which belonged to Tae Oh’s mother. Tae Oh was glad that Ji Ahn was the one Song Yi liked and this is what he wanted him to tell her. Tae Oh took a picture of all of them together with him and once the bus started leaving Song Yi, Choi Hoon and Ga In joined Ji Ahn and said farewell to him.

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Tae Oh will definitely be missed from their daily activities and the empty space he left behind couldn’t go unnoticed. Song Yi wrote a letter she won’t probably send to Tae Oh, but she was thankful for him being her first love! She was grateful for Tae Oh having been a great friend of hers at the dawn of her 20s and this is what she was intending to write. Right before leaving, Tae Oh got off the bus and urged his friends to meet him anew when all of them will be 23 years old!

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~ Thoughts ~


All the beautiful journeys drop their curtains at some point and Because It’s the First Time’s swansong/destination was highly representative of everything we witnessed during the previous 7 episodes. I wish there were a few more episodes simply because the drama was way too addictive to let go at this point, but i shouldn’t be ungrateful.


Tae Oh and Song Yi had a one of a kind relationship that kept progressing throughout the years in a twofold way as it was being seen through two different prisms that exchanged points of view in the process. As we witnessed during the end of the 8th episode, Tae Oh was Song Yi’s first love, it’s a secret she will keep to herself since it’s bound to remain a letter without a recipient.


As years were passing by and while she was gradually leaning towards Ji Ahn her friendship with Tae Oh was forging a deeper bond and Song Yi started transforming herself in Tae Oh’s first love. Love has a sense of timing embedded in its abstract algorithm and Song Yi and Tae Oh had found themselves in a crossroad where her feelings started melting away while his own were blossoming in everyone’s unawareness, including himself.


Song Yi’s dream was to be together with her family and that’s why she was working hard to earn money that would fulfill her heartfelt wish. Tae Oh is someone who doesn’t keep secrets, but the ones which were bound to drown in silence because they would hurt his loved ones were remaining hidden deep within. He neither wanted to shatter her dreams in a blink of an eye nor he wanted to see her devastated in front of the truth she was unaware of.


He tried to hide the truth from her eyes but the disclosure was inevitable and Tae Oh couldn’t tell her that almost everyone in the neighborhood knew about it except for her. Throwing her cellphone at the house her mother was living in was a closure Song Yi needed at that point and it was pointing towards the fact that she was intending to cut ties with her. If i have a complaint about Song Yi’s background story is that we didn’t get to see her relationship with Song Ah to a slightly wider extent.


Song Yi’s most sincere moments are while sleep talking and that specific sleep talking session was a moment when Tae Oh could be a bit more honest with her. He has personal experience on how it feels to hate a parent, but Song Yi was by his side in times like these and Tae Oh could hold back his negative feelings towards his father for ostracizing his own son in order to live his life with his second wife. Tae Oh knew how Song Yi was feeling and he recalled the Anna Karenina story in order to prevent her from hating her mother in the long run. Even though she had told him that closing her eyes wasn’t something she wanted it was what she was craving for since she wasn’t prepared to face the truth as she was filled with dreams seconds before losing the world underneath her feet.


Tae Oh was finally embracing his own truth, his feelings were there and they were more alive than ever before. His nighttime realization brought tears to his eyes as he was well aware how much harm his own feelings could cause at the present. His tears were the extension of his unrequited emotions, but he wasn’t the only one passing the night in despair. Se Hyun was realizing the forthcoming end’s arrival while Ji Ahn was trying to hide his own discomfort behind his bright smile in front of Ga In and Choi Hoon, but his beers in solitude were reflecting how he was feeling.


After Song Yi came back, Ji Ahn was still under the influence of excessive jealousy, but he had also become aware that Tae Oh’s feelings were far from friendly towards Song Yi. Tae Oh had already told Song Yi to stop asking for his help every and he had urged her to start discussing everything that was bothering her with Ji Ahn whose feelings were pure about her. This is what Ji Ahn wanted as well, but jealousy wouldn’t let him acknowledge that Song Yi and Tae Oh’s friendship was deeper than her friendship with Choi Hoon for example. It was a stupid demand on his behalf, but it was understandable and his tension wouldn’t surrender before the completion of one of their renowned basketball matches where they would resolve everything.


Se Hyun maintained her maturity of character up to the very end of the drama, she didn’t only postpone the seminar in order for Tae Oh to be able to attend, she also wanted to unveil her very own truth up to the extent that was emotionally bearable in front of Tae Oh. The miracle had already started fading away. I loved the shadow play parallelism to their relationship which was an emotional hide and seek on Tae Oh’s behalf whereas Se Hyun was unveiling her heart throughout the episodes. Tae Oh didn’t have to say anything in front of her since Se Hyun was already aware of everything.


Tae Oh gave life to many seemingly simplistic yet powerful first times to Se Hyun and the fact that they walked hand in hand for many hours felt like she was trying to bring herself to the point when she would finally be able to bid Tae Oh farewell. Tae Oh’s words during that phone call when he was by the beach became Se Hyun’s own emotional world in their short-lived relationship and if Tae Oh didn’t feel like becoming someone else by her side, Se Hyun did. Her tears in silence, another first time for her when it comes to someone she liked, were highly representative of how difficult it was for her. I loved her character all along the way and it was sad seeing her heartbroken as the drama was gradually reaching the end. Tae Oh’s silence in front of Se Hyun’s monologue could only lead to an emotional eruption at the rooftop.


Tae Oh had already proven how caring he is towards his friends from always being there for Song Yi in multifaceted ways to always being concerned about Ji Ahn’s struggles and feelings and from pacing with Ga In’s flow before she accepted the truth that her father passed away to buying clothes for Choi Hoon in order to leave a good impression at his audition. His first emotional confrontation both with himself and Song Yi was unavoidable, especially after Song Yi started realizing what was going on. The emotional shock was immense and even at the thought of Tae Oh having feelings for her she couldn’t ask him directly and Tae Oh couldn’t offer a proper answer to an incomplete question either, especially since Ji Ahn was right in the middle.


Tae Oh and Ji Ahn could only resolve everything through basketball and Ji Ahn’s offensive approach was already a given since we had already witnessed it in the past. But like we had already witnessed Ji Ahn’s temper, Tae Oh wouldn’t try to emerge victorious neither in the basketball match nor while he was fighting with Ji Ahn. It’s a part of his considerate nature towards his friends and Ji Ahn more specifically in that occasion.


After Ji Ahn’s tension had subsided and Song Yi reassured him that breaking up would never be an option the rooftop company met anew. Everything they achieved throughout the drama’s journey was just a brave step ahead on the pathway of adulthood and all of them had realized that the magic of being 20 years old lies in the imperfection that surrounds that age.


While everyone else had their own problems Tae Oh had yet to find himself. During the 8th episode Tae Oh greeted himself, the one bidding farewell the past he couldn’t keep nurturing at the present in order for him to embrace the future. Tae Oh welcomed maturity with open arms by bringing emotional closure to his feelings for Song Yi. Tae Oh uttered lies, they were lies both of them needed at that point and he closed her eyes in order for Song Yi to pretend that it never happened.


Tae Oh had to leave behind his feelings in order to be able to remain Song Yi’s friend and Song Yi needed to know that he didn’t have deeper feelings for her in order to be able to keep him by her side as the precious friend he already was. Entering the army was a brave choice for Tae Oh, but he would have all the time he needed to chase away the shadows of his feelings and focus on his film studies afterwards since he had found something he liked. He also kept Song Yi safe from his stepmother’s ill-natured thoughts since the house he was living in belonged to his mother. The fact that Ji Ahn was the first one to see him off at the bus terminal was of utter importance, their friendship had left behind its problematic aspects and Tae Oh sealed their renewal by being glad that Ji Ahn was the one Song Yi likes. It would had been awesome if Se Hyun was there along with the rooftop company, but her absence was easy to understand since she needed to move on as well.


I loved the way everyone said farewell to Tae Oh the night he took an imaginary picture of his friends’ places. Quoting another drama without mentioning its title:

“The back view is nice,
Because you’re seeing the person off.
It gives you a warm and assuring feeling.”


At the end of the day, Because It’s the First Time was a captivating and heartfelt drama due to its cinematography’s certain warmth being accompanied by the natural acting and the pragmatic storyline. The narrative tone of the drama through which the characters could reveal their actual thoughts and feelings left its own impact as well in this journey of friendship and love. I would easily welcome a sequel after Tae Oh finishes his military service and see how the rooftop company will keep evolving when they’ll be 23 years old! Because It’s the First Time was a hidden yet sparkling gem of emotional beauty and realism through our characters’ daily lives and interactions at the dawn of their 20s.


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. December 3, 2015 at 8:07 pm — Reply

    A very positive take on one of the most disappointing Dramas of the year for me. For 3-4 episodes it promised something truly revolutionary in K Dramas, a look at a real “different” kind of first love, before chickening out and going back to the tired old old cliché of infants in love. ESPECIALLY sad for Jeong Yoo Jin! He She did really well with an interesting character only to have that character simply erased partway through the final episode. Literally erased, as if she’d never even been there AT ALL. Her role and her work in it was made absolutely pointless because in the end she was wiped out as irrelevant. If there WERE to be a sequel, I’d want it to be her coming back and taking bloody revenge on the incredibly odious Yoon Tae Oh.

    • December 3, 2015 at 11:40 pm — Reply

      I wasn’t disappointed with the drama, there were a few possible endings that wouldn’t disappoint me and this one was the most realistic. “Infants in first love” was hilarious! XD I loved Jeong Yoo Jin’s character and she did an awesome work on her character’s development, but since i liked the ending (even though i would prefer some other ending roads) i didn’t mind her becoming at the end a plot device for Tae Oh to end up the way he did, realizing his feelings and stepping back from something he couldn’t earn (Song Yi’s love) and something he couldn’t lose (Ji Ahn’s friendship) while finding something he liked. He remained considerate of his friends. Sadly, Se Hyun became a sacrificial lamb. It would had been great had Tae Oh tried to set aside his feelings for Song Yi and tried to work things out with Se Hyun, especially after making her fall for him.

      • December 4, 2015 at 12:27 am — Reply

        “It would had been great had Tae Oh tried to set aside his feelings for Song Yi and tried to work things out with Se Hyun, especially after making her fall for him.”

        EXACTLY – *THAT* would’ve been a realistic ending. His despicable behaviour toward her is why I despise the ending. She deserved MUCH better, and especially much better than to simply vanish from the story. But in the end, the writers just lacked the guts to do something different and caved to the sacred immutable trope of K Dramas. Bah, humbug!

  2. Sigh
    December 3, 2015 at 11:30 pm — Reply

    As though this may be the most realistic approach to this tangled relationship between the characters, I still would have liked to see song to end up with tae oh. The letter at the end just made things a bit more regrettable in a sense for me as a viewer.

    Still I liked this drama and am hoping for a sequel.

    • December 3, 2015 at 11:46 pm — Reply

      Yup, we had received these vibes from the beginning when Song Yi was already in love with Ji Ahn and after they got together it would had been difficult for Tae Oh to get the girl. I was shipping many couples throughout the drama, Tae Oh with Se Hyun, Tae Oh with Song Yi and Ji Ahn with Song Yi. I would have liked Tae Oh ending up with Se Hyun since he made her fall for him severely, but it would had been beautiful seeing his friendship with Song Yi becoming a relationship as well. Ji Ahn would have fallen from the Han river bridge though lol The letter at the end was a wonderful approach, it’s what Tae Oh used to be to her and what he became and the first one she would keep to herself forever, the second one was something to be deeply thankful for. We rarely see a second lead getting the girl and Ji Ahn won a medal! 😀 Maybe in Because It’s the Second (?) Time if there will ever be a sequel Tae Oh might end up with Song Yi or he will re-meet Se Hyun, etc, etc 😀

  3. bmore
    December 4, 2015 at 1:10 am — Reply

    The ending, for me, was painful/bittersweet. Tae Oh more than any of them grew up, and, in a way, away. But, perhaps, he had more growing up to do? I remember thinking, when they brought Se Hyun into the mix, that above all I did not want this group of friends to end up, at the end of the drama, going their separate paths as part of some ‘growing up’ type scenario. The fact that Se Hyun never melded with the group was always a bad sign to me. Additionally, the entire reasoning behind why Tae Oh pursued her always rang false to me. He never saw her as a friend, a partner. He never made any indication of wanting her included in his ‘real’ life, which was with his friends/family. He set her up to be this ideal of first love that he thought he needed to find…one that made his heart pound and caused him tears. One that was exciting and thrilling so it could be ‘remembered’. She was never a real person to him, just this ideal he formed in his head of what he thought his first love needed to be.

    For me, Se Hyun never ‘belonged’. And the writing was on the wall that a continuing relationship with her would eventually lead to Tae Oh’s withdrawal from the group if allowed to continue. They would always be a couple outside, because she did not belong! She projected a feeling of resentment and wanting to separate him from his friends…understandably…since her instincts told her from her first sight of Song Yi that any relationship with Tae Oh was doomed. His heart was clearly elsewhere.

    So the ending was painful. First love, when lost like this, for the good of one, but at the cost of such pain by the other, is one of the most difficult to deal with. Because neither of the people are wrong in the paths they have chosen and there are no bad guys involved. Just fate, karma, life. And 2 people (though really all of them) full of pain and tears that will have to remain buried forever. Never in their lives will these 2 be able to look at each other and not ‘know’. Life will go on and be lived, but inside, hidden away from friends, family, each other, themselves, those feelings will clench and hurt always. They will fade, but will come back to haunt and hurt and there will not be any of them in this group that won’t be aware of it on some level.

    I would love to see a revisit to these young people in maybe 5-10 years. It will never happen. It wasn’t popular enough and never happens in Kworld anyway. But it would be wonderful to see Tae Oh back from the army, living his life fully and busily and successfully in whatever career he will be working in. He will be the one always a bit removed from the others, yet the lynch pin that the others still revolve around…the one that gets called when it’s time to plan or do things as the other 4 try to include him in their lives….all the while knowing he is still outside and alone.

    I’d love to see their outside/family relationships developed more fully as they all have some pretty complex and painful relationships that need sorting out…or facing…or being left behind. I have no desire to see Tae Oh with Se Hyun…never felt anything in that relationship at all! Just me! He needs someone like Song Yi. Someone he can protect but who is also strong and will bully, yet support him…someone he has to battle to get!! And she needs to be someone the other 4 embrace as a family member too. Because the friendship these 5 people have is one that should not be destroyed since they are a family…one not formed from blood, but by mutual love and need and support for one another. If it is broken, there will always be a painful hole in all their lives. The other 4 will continue to feel the pain and separation and, to a great extent, the guilt over their happiness together at the cost of Tae Oh’s exclusion. It is not intentional…just a fact of life. They will be 4…he will be 1. He will continue to be ‘outside’ as those 4 live their lives together. For me, closure will not come until Tae Oh finds that ‘one’ that fits into his family and completes it… and him.

    • December 4, 2015 at 2:07 am — Reply

      I loved your analysis, paced perfectly well with the bittersweet ending! I liked Tae Oh’s choice to join the army, he needed time to think things through and inside the army he would have plenty of time to clean his mind in order to advance towards the future. He did one hell of a progress as a character and i think he was the most complex one. Always considerate of his friends and even though he didn’t have real life struggles on his shoulders they were becoming a part of him through his friends and he was always trying to help in any way he could. He didn’t lack money etc, but he was missing himself and knowing one’s self is essential. Tae Oh gave up his own feelings for the overall company’s well-being, otherwise it would had shattered to pieces. His friendship with Song Yi would get ruined, also his friendship with Yi Ahn, Choi Hoon and Ga In would take sides, Ga In probably Tae Oh’s because of her feelings for him, Choi Hoon, dunno. But it wouldn’t be the rooftop company anymore. Even when he was leaving, he was still considerate of Song Yi by taking care of her staying at his place without any problems. Lying at her for his feelings by also lying to himself must had been quite painful. But i think the company’s self-healing process worked well and the pathways had been set by the end of the drama, solely, but as a company too. They were missing Tae Oh because it wasn’t the company they knew up to that moment, it was the power of 5, but without him it was no longer the rooftop company even if they were moving in places they used to go as 5. I think the future for the company will be bright, but i loved your take both on Tae Oh and the others, both in possible painful terms and as a company. I also agree on your take on Se Hyun, we hadn’t seen her as a part of the company since she never was, it was her and Tae Oh, never Tae Oh and the guys/girls. He was forcing his way through into a new love, a brave new love with all the characteristics he was looking forward to, but his gradual realization of who he was and what his heart was feeling couldn’t permit any further progress. I was very sad for Se Hyun though because he made her fall for him step by step and once she received more palpable signs she let herself fall deeply. What Tae Oh wanted Se Hyun to be to him was reversed into Se Hyun feeling everything Tae Oh wanted to feel and it was heartbreaking. Even though it doesn’t look like we’ll have a sequel, hope dies last, right?! 😀

      • bmore
        December 4, 2015 at 2:34 am — Reply

        Completely with you on all you have said. Though, I just never connected with Se Hyun (as you can tell) like so many others did. I too think Tae Oh’s decision to go into the army now will be a good move for him. The reasons behind it are painful…his need to separate himself from everything in order to find a ‘quiet’ place to heal being paramount. I hope and believe he will heal there and take to his time in service with the enthusiasm and effort he seems to apply to other aspects of his life.

        “and even though he didn’t have real life struggles on his shoulders” This was something I saw coming up in comments and also remarks regarding Tae Oh’s supposed lack of maturity. So many seemed to think Tae Oh had an easier life without the difficulties the others had…because he had money to make the difference. Yet, as I saw and felt it, he is an abandoned child…shoved out by a father who valued his new young wife more than his son. A concept beyond understanding for me (again the overly empathetic mom in me)! Tae Oh was, if you will, looking for love in all the wrong places. Deprived of love and family at home, he found it in this group of equally abandoned children whose lives mirrored his in so many ways. He has the ‘fixer’ personality so many people develop when they are lonely and reaching out…needing to be needed. Because he had reached a point of comfort and familiarity in his new family, he looked for the passion and excitement of first love thinking that was what he needed to fill the ever empty spot abandoned children can never fill. Abandonment equaling either emotional or physical departures, which each of these young people have in their lives. Still regretting the short shrift given to the back stories/family dynamics of this group. But I think that was far too heavy for this type of drama to delve into, especially in the time given. I’m betting the original script might have been 20 episode or so if it would have been developed fully! And have been a much more difficult drama to watch.

        As ever, so glad to share our mutual enjoyment of a drama with you! This one seems to have been off the radar for most people. So glad I decided to watch!

        • December 6, 2015 at 10:48 pm — Reply

          BTW, i plan to start Awl very soon, i think it was you who fueled the urge to watch it!
          I personally liked Hye Sung’s character and felt for her in the end because Tae Oh was the one who made her fall for him step by step and the more she was falling the most she was sincerely letting her guard down in order to embrace something seemingly deeper with Tae Oh. His words cut her like cotton in the end and her tears in silence was a shattering sight. I could understand both her and Tae Oh, both of them were left heartbroken in the end, for different reasons.
          “Yet, as I saw and felt it, he is an abandoned child…shoved out by a father who valued his new young wife more than his son.” Highly agree. Even though he was seemingly carefree, he was way too concerned and often cornered by his friends’ problems. In one hand he was learning about common people’s problems through them, on the other hand he was trying to soothe his friends’ burden in any way he could often neglecting himself. The fact that he wasn’t talking about his own problems and was keeping them to himself was making it even tougher for him to move on, but his maturity of character kept progressing ep by ep and it was distinctive in very specific aspects. Acting cool throughout the episodes was his own defense mechanism to ease his own loneliness.
          “Tae Oh was, if you will, looking for love in all the wrong places. Deprived of love and family at home, he found it in this group of equally abandoned children whose lives mirrored his in so many ways. He has the ‘fixer’ personality so many people develop when they are lonely and reaching out…needing to be needed. Because he had reached a point of comfort and familiarity in his new family, he looked for the passion and excitement of first love thinking that was what he needed to fill the ever empty spot abandoned children can never fill. ” This was so true it hurts! XD
          Indeed, if we had to witness more of the rooftop company’s background including their families would definitely make it a 20-ep drama and i would definitely watch it! Even though half of the eps were around 40-45 minutes they had so much to say, almost every scene mattered and it possessed its own meaning! Now that i think about it there were hardly any filler scenes, the production team would keep the ep around 40-45 mins if they didn’t have anything else to say, but they would make it reach 50-55 mins if they had more to present. It shows that they valued this mini-drama and they didn’t want to make it just for the sake of it.
          Yush, our conversations are mini-reviews themselves and we can say anything we want to! 😀 I am glad too, out of pure curiosity i watched the first ep and i was like “here we are, drama gods make it be great!” Our radars work just fine! XD

  4. December 4, 2015 at 12:25 pm — Reply

    so do I want to watch it? Am I going to watch it? I feel like it’s one the dramas tjat I will end up watching on a day when I really really shouldn’t procrastinate and I’m going to marathon just to take myself into a procrastination guilty trip b/c I’m just complicated like that.

    • December 6, 2015 at 10:19 pm — Reply

      The good thing, among other goodies, is that it’s only 8 eps with every ep being around 45-55 minutes, only the last one is 1+ hour! This makes things a little bit less complicated i think XD Imagine it like a j-drama marathon!

  5. December 4, 2015 at 2:47 pm — Reply

    i thought this drama had much more realism in it than most. i dont regret se hyun and tae oh breaking up because tbh, thats life. it happens. tae oh was growing up and discovering who he is. people do have crushes that dont end up in either long term relationships and marraige. sorry stuart i disagree with you! haha 🙂
    i thought tae oh’s placing friendship over love was very unselfish. he obv is head over heels for her ntm they are quite close and have a deep relationship. walking away from that, especially at that age…would be extremely difficult.
    the ending leaft many questions and ambiguities to ponder. tho ji ahn and song yi have a relatively solid relationship, it is a very new one. song yi’s bond and shared understanding with tae oh wouldnt leave her mind; thats not human nature. and, she only just figured it out….anyone would be scared at a crossroads such is that. tae oh removing himself from the picture won’t change that for either of them.
    but, that’s also a very realistic scenario in this thing called life. we grow, we change, we second guess, we choose right; we choose wrong but we made our best guess at the time….its not a black & white thing, life.
    loved the series and tho minho did really well; surprisingly so (for me) actually. was impressed with most of the cast esp the three mains. thanks for the recap!! 🙂

    • December 6, 2015 at 10:29 pm — Reply

      Yup, it was as daily and realistic as it could get in many aspects! I wanted them to end up together in the end, it was sad seeing Se Hyun heartbroken, especially after Tae Oh gradually made her fall for him, but things like that happen.
      Tae Oh always preserved friendship over anything else, he was always there for his friends in multifaceted ways and depending on the occasion he was acting in a like-minded way. The lies he told Song Yi the moment he closed her eyes must have hurt him so much because he didn’t believe in what he was saying.
      Song Yi and Tae Oh’s relationship had so much stronger foundations than the newborn relationship between her and Ji Ahn, they can live long and prosper, they may not, it’s all a part of life.
      “Tae Oh removing himself from the picture won’t change that for either of them.” Definitely agree, his absence had already started haunting them and the rooftop company won’t be the same without him.
      “we grow, we change, we second guess, we choose right; we choose wrong but we made our best guess at the time….its not a black & white thing, life.” Highly agree, we’re not born with a right-decision-maker in our hearts and minds. Yup, Minho was unexpectedly really strong in this drama, i was really impressed! The fresh and young actors and actresses did a wonderful work in this drama and paced perfectly well with its vibes, only Cho Hye Jung wasn’t that strong, but it was her first attempt and she was interesting in her role. You’re very welcome and thanks a lot for the comment once again!!! 🙂

  6. December 4, 2015 at 2:49 pm — Reply

    sorry about the typos, i typed 100 miles a minute as in a hurry!

    • December 6, 2015 at 10:20 pm — Reply

      I will never forgive you and you know that i am lying! XD

  7. Yoram
    March 25, 2017 at 5:58 am — Reply

    Not sure this is a reply or my own. .
    Tae Oh and Song Yi practically grew up together, Tae Oh was always by Song Yi side, always there for her through all the hardships and pain in her life. It’s strange to me that of the two Song Yi would be the one to really fall in love with someone else. I would have thought it more realistic for both to end up together or if it’s a must that Tae Oh would be the one.

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