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Golden Rec – One Million Stars Falling from the Sky Review [This World Is Only Gonna Break Your Heart]


Second stop of my Kimutaku re-marathon is One Million Stars Falling From The Sky; a suspenseful, mysterious drama written by the brilliant Kitagawa Eriko, who never fails to deliver a commanding-attention script, be it a simple story or a much more complex one; in this case, it is a mix of both.

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Detective Kanzo Dojima (Akashiya Sanma) investigates a case where a university female student supposedly killed herself jumping off a balcony but it’s revealed that this was a cover up, as she was actually murdered, and her room was arranged exactly the way it was to make it look like it was a suicide. Kanzo bumps into Ryo Katase (Kimura Takuya), a chef assistant, a few times and his gut is telling him that Ryo is somehow involved in that student’s case; to make things worse, Ryo seems to be interested in Kanzo’s younger sister, Yuko (Fukatsu Eri), who works for a magazine.


Okay, let me tell you something first and foremost- this drama is dark and obscure. It might make you feel uncomfortable and disturb you some, but it is highly engrossing and will absorb your insterest, filling you with why’s and whats (and a lot of wtfs too) and it’s gonna keep you guessing, right to the revelation near the end.


Ryo is a very puzzling character, and Kimutaku’s portrayal (do I really have to reiterate how great of an actor he is? I mean, it’s played out at this point lol)  has a touch of a eerie glow; you don’t want to root for him, but his uncanny ability to pull the strings but seemingly possessing a hidden vulnerable side, draw you into wanting to know more about him. His mysterious aura captivates women’s attention (very much believable, it is Kimutaku afterall haha, lawd I sound like a groupie lol) and magnetizes Yuko too (Fukatsu Eri does a great job, as expected of her, and the chemistry she has with Kimutaku is electrifying) who gets infatuated with him and can’t seem to fight an innate connection and understanding they have.


Kanzo (Akashiya’s depiction of  goofy but loyal brother along with his mannerisms will make you sympathize with him the most) thinks he is the only one to have figured out Ryo, and sets out on a mission to expose him, but finds it difficult as Ryo is someone that manages to use others (most notably his occasional girlfriend who’s obsessed with him, Yuki, played by Shibasaki Kou, who later ironically enough, forms a genuine friendship bond with Kanzo) and lure his way out of danger, picking the right strategy each time.


The cinematography complements the drama’s gloomy and moody atmosphere- it’s not colorful, it focuses on characters’ expressions when needed; it is exactly what it has to be in order to elevate the silent anguish the series oozes of.


The music is also low-key, with some instrumental pieces used to upraise emotional scenes and the devilish-theme (lol that’s what I call it- it’s Resolver by Ryo Yoshimata) used most frequently near the ending scenes of each episode, for the cliffhanger. The main theme is “Smile”, Costello’s version, which is very much befitting of the drama.

Like I said before, this drama is twisted and warped; it digs into the worst kind of human emotions, and how far can one go, if they feel they’ve lost everything and are indifferent to the world. Can real love change that, and how far would you stoop for the one you want to protect?


Nobody is what they seem at first, and the irony is, that sometimes the worst devils are created by the “good ones” themselves. A wrong decision can go a long way to affect lives, and this is what the drama is about- one wrong turn, and it might have screwed up the entirety of another’s life.

I recommend this to everyone looking for a well-written curious thriller, that is “emotionally gore” but also offers a tiny bit of hope that, as long as there are stars in the sky (you will get the title’s meaning after you’re done watching it) you just might get by.

Overall Grade : 8,43/10

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  1. November 30, 2015 at 9:17 pm — Reply

    I know I watched that one too. The friend who introduced me to j-dramas was a big kimura takuya fan, so he had recommended me pretty much all his discography. Off topic: I wonder which filters the Japanese drama makers use. Maybe it’s just me, but even dramas broadcast in 2015 may have a beautiful cinematography but there’s this 90’s vibe to them… it gives off this oldies yet sophisticated vibe?

    Anyway, I agree with this rec!

  2. December 12, 2015 at 11:44 pm — Reply

    Agree that Kimura did well here, but thought Fukatsu outshone him. Did not particularly care for Kanzo, while Ryo was interesting but more could have been done with his character. The story had the potential to be darker and Yuko’s actions towards the end were illogical, but overall still a pretty absorbing watch.

    • December 13, 2015 at 12:32 am — Reply

      Huum, I wouldn’t say Yuko’s actions were illogical that much; she did do…yeah I don’t wanna spoil it but you get it; I believe it was more of a bad timing, had Kanzo been there earlier they could have talked it out and she wouldn’t decide to..yeah that.

      Oh yeah Fukatsu is an amazing actress, and she did great in Sora Kara too; I would agree with you, that both leads were exceptional.

      I would also agreex2 with you that the story could be handled a bit better, hence I gave it less than 9 but it was still a very thrilling watch that got you wanting to know what happens more and more as epis progressed.

      • December 13, 2015 at 1:43 am — Reply

        Heh, we’ll agree to disagree on Yuko then. Anyway, how many of Kimura’s dramas have you finished now? Are you planning to watch all of them?

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